20 Android Apps You should check Right Now: For Almost Anything!

20 Android Apps that can make your life easier

Android is a dynamic platform. Every year millions of apps are developed and each app claims to be better and different than others.

If you search for the high-ranking apps in a particular category, you’ll find thousands of options to choose from. In such case, choosing which apps are better and you should try is quite hectic and mind boggling.

But don’t worry.

Here in this post, we’ve come up with the list of 20 Android apps you should try right now.

We’ll discuss them one by one.

Let’s get started:

Android apps you should try right now



One thing which we all hate is to get interrupted while working on something very important. But don’t worry; this will not happen anymore with the new app called HoverChat installed on your device.

You can have a smooth conversation with your best friend while watching your favorite movie. Apart from this, you can also customize the app the way you want to.

Mighty Text

Mighty Text is a simple messaging app which ensures that you never miss a text and always remain aware and updated all the time.

Even if you don’t have access to your phone, you can see your text messages on your tablet or PC. What’s more exciting is that the app is also compatible with Gmail, which means you can also access it on the web as well.

The messenger is available on Play Store free of cost.



Cerberus is an efficient anti-theft app that comes handy in tracking stolen devices. Using the app, you can control the stolen device through the website or via a text message.

You can choose to remotely wipe all sensitive data from your device, lock it using a special code, activate an alarm and do much more.

This way you can ensure that your data is always safe and no one can use it for their personal gains, even if they have stolen your smartphone.



Typing in a small device is very difficult and irritating. You type something, but end up typing something else and in the process of correcting your mistakes, the whole conversation loses its charm and turns awkward.

So you always need a better keyboard option for your device, so that you can type with better speed and accuracy. One such wonderful app is Swype that allows you to type words by swiping over the keyboard.

This way you can type faster while making fewer mistakes.


If you always want to stay aware and updated and want to be the first to know about the things happening around you, this amazing app called Plague is definitely for you. It provides a quick way to share information with people.

The app works like a virus. Once the information is shared, it automatically spread from user to user. You can download the app from play store for free.

Link Bubble Browser

There are many people who spend endless hours on the web without any clue what they want to search, thus wasting their precious time and data.

If you are one of them, you can change all that with this wonder app called Link Bubble Browser.

When you click a link in the app, it will be loaded in a bubble in the background and you can keep browsing while the link loads. This will save a lot of your time and mobile data.


tTorrent is a wonderful peer-to-peer app that lets you quickly browse and download torrents online. The utility boasts all the latest features you will find inexpensive torrent download applications.

In simple words, it is a decent app if you frequently download torrents.

Notes and Lists:


BuyMeaPie is a small yet simple note making app that lets you create and manage lists on web or mobile and sync them across multiple devices.

Using the app, you can share your list with friends or family members and collaborate with them while shopping. This way you can buy all items and won’t skip anything important. Quite impressive!

Google keep

Do you often forget things and need notes for reminders? Well if you do, you can use this app called Google Keep. It lets you create notes to remind you later.

What’s more exciting is that you can also color-code your notes, take photos and use recorded voice messages.



If you are an art lover, then you might be interested in looking at some of the famous artworks of the world. In such case, this app called Muzei can prove handy.

It offers wallpapers for your home screen, which are the works of famous painters like Picasso and Leonardo-da-Vinci.

What more exciting about the utility is that you get a different masterpiece every day, which keeps the versatility going on and you never feel bored.


UCCW is a simple and efficient app that lets you design your own custom widgets for home screens. Here you get to choose from a variety of skins and you can decide what the widgets will display.

Using the app, you can create all types of widgets ranging from call, message, to photo gallery.


If you want to display all of your apps on the lock screen so that you can immediately access them while working, the app called Cover is there for you.

The utility lets you place all the apps you frequently use on the lock screen and allows you to quickly open them without actually unlocking your phone.

Light Flow

Light Flow is an amazing app that lets you enhance your smartphone’s LED to get custom notifications. Here, you get a special color for texts, phone calls, emails etc.

You can know when your phone’s battery is running down. The lite version of this wonderful utility is available on the PlayStore for free of cost. You can also choose the paid version for more features.


If you’re not satisfied with your phone’s automatic brightness settings and considering trying something new, this powerful app called Lux is a good option.

Using the utility, you can change brightness settings and customize it as per your need. This comes handy if you want more or less brightness depending on your surroundings.


Tasker is a simple annotation app that lets you customize your phone based on actions. Here, you can create customized actions for apps, time, various events, your location and much more.

You can even use the utility to create and sell apps.


The locale is a popular automation app that lets you customize the way your phone works based on different factors like your location, the person who is calling, battery life and much more.

Using the app, you can easily figure out who is calling you just by the way your phone rings. Pretty impressive!


Google’s Sky Map

Do you have that fascination for reading stars?

Well if you do, this impressive app from Google will definitely prove helpful. It will assist you to learn more about stars and astronomy.

Using the app is very simple, just point at the sky and it will tell you at what constellation you’ve pointed it. This way you can learn more about the constellations.

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Yahoo Weather

Yahoo weather is a simple weather forecasting app that keeps you updated about the day-to-day weather. Using the app, you can easily find out what tomorrow weather is going to be like and make plans accordingly.


Instagram is a social media app that lets you click and edit photographs and share them instantly with your friends and family on social networks.

Here you can follow other people and see what’s happening in their personal lives as well as sharing your own personal life with them. All thanks to its ease of use and amazing feature, the app is quite popular among users.

VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is an efficient media player application that lets you play videos in any file format. Using the utility you can watch different types of video on your device.

You can even stream online videos in the player. Apart from this, the interface of the app is pretty impressive and easy to handle.

Our list of 20 Android apps you to try out end here.

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