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Top 11 Best Age Appropriate Toys For Newborn & Infants

In this article, we are going to talk about some of the best age-appropriate toys which you can get for your newborn, infants & toddlers.

We always feel like the most important things for a newborn baby are to feed them properly at regular intervals, making them sleep, and changing their diapers whenever needed.

First-time parents may think that if they are doing these works properly, then they are doing the work of parenting in the right way. But it seems that is not the case.

Providing newborns and infants with proper toys and games are also of utmost importance. Along with food and sleep, their playtime also plays a very important role in their growth and development.

Best Age Appropriate Toys

They cannot kick on football nor can they solve high-level puzzles, but they can surely play with many small simple toys that are available which actually help in their physical growth as well as brain development.

So, if your baby is within 0 to 12 months and you are worried about what type of toys to buy for him or her, then this article is surely for you.

Generally, 0 to 2 months old are considered to be newborn babies whereas 2 months to 12 months are considered to be infants.

What Are The Different Types Of Toys Suitable For Newborn & Infants?

At this age, the senses of the babies are not well developed. So, mainly such toys should be given to them which will develop all their senses and will promote their interaction with others.

However, parents should be careful that these toys are soft, cuddly, without any sharp edges, and also chew-able as infants tend to put everything in their mouths.

Some of the toys that you can look for your newborns and infants are –

  • Musical mobiles for hanging above the cribs,
  • Teether and rattle sets,
  • Floor gym,
  • Activity mat,
  • Squeeze toys, 
  • Soft toys, etc.

How Are These Toys Beneficial For The Newborns And The Infants?

Playing with age-appropriate toys leads to the development of some of the skills in babies. Some of them are –

  • Build gripping power
  • Helps in tactile stimulation i.e. awakens the nerves below the skin to build touch sensation like understanding texture, temperature, etc.
  • Stimulates hearing power
  • Improves vision
  • Develops social skills, fine and gross motor skills
  • Helps in developing the power of recognizing different objects
  • Leads to the cognitive development of babies.

Now lets see some of these toys which you can easily get online.

List of Some Suitable Toys for Newborn & Infants i.e. 0 To 12 Months

Age Appropriate Toys For Newborn Babies i.e. 0 To 4 Months

Top 11 Best Age Appropriate Toys For Newborn & Infants 1

Baby Musical Bed Ring Crib Cot Mobile

Top 11 Best Age Appropriate Toys For Newborn & Infants 2

Musical mobiles are for newborns. They can be easily hung from the ceiling or at the top of the baby’s crib so that the baby can enjoy it.

This musical mobile can be controlled by remote and operates on batteries.

It has many small toys hanging from it and using the remote you can rotate the whole thing. In a dark room, it will give a starry night projection on the walls.

Also, it can deliver 108 different melodies, which can be changed using the buttons on the surface.

The pieces of music exercise the hearing ability of the babies and the reflection of stars and the moon on the walls works on the baby’s eyesight.

The whole thing is made up of non-toxic eco-friendly materials so that babies can also play with it while sitting inside the crib.

However, this particular mobile cannot be hung from the ceiling, only its stand can be attached to the crib railing.

Mixed Rattles for Babies & Toddlers

Top 11 Best Age Appropriate Toys For Newborn & Infants 3

Rattles are a very common type of toys for babies. Almost all the babies have a few rattles by the time they are 2 or 3 months old.

The eye-catching colors along with different interesting shapes and above all the sound that comes from these rattles draw the attention of the babies.

Here is a set of 10 rattles, each one with unique shapes and attractive bright colors. These are made up of non-toxic materials so that it is safe for the newborns to play with them and also, they do not have any sharp edges.

There are many benefits of giving these to the babies. They develop their grasping abilities along with hand-eye coordination and also leads to tactile stimulation.

Also, these rattles exercise their hearing abilities and help in building their ability to recognize different colors and shapes.

Easy Grasp Ring

Top 11 Best Age Appropriate Toys For Newborn & Infants 4

Linkable plastic ring toys are a great way to improve the gripping capabilities of babies of 2 to 3 months.

Here is a set of 6 lightweight linkable rings with bright eye-catching colors. These rings can also be separated from the frame and can be linked together in the form of a chain.

These easy to grasp ring coordinate fist movements and the bright colors develop eyesight.

Baby Activity Gym with Hanging Rattles & Teether

Top 11 Best Age Appropriate Toys For Newborn & Infants 5

Gym mats are another very interesting concept which benefits the newborns in various ways. The gym mats of babies generally have things hanging at the top, so that babies move their body and their head when they will hear the sound of things rattling from above.

Though it is kind of similar to musical mobiles, the difference is parents can carry these gym mats anywhere like if they are on an outdoor picnic or in similar other situations.

This baby gym mat from Playhood has soft bedding for the baby’s comfort, with jungle print surface. There 5 detachable hanging toys including four rattles and one teether. All these toys are washable.

During the tummy time as well as when the babies start to sit up these bright colors and textures help in developing their senses and also their gross motor skills as they try to kick the toys or try to reach them and grasp them.

Musical Keyboard Piano Mat with Baby Gym and Fitness Rack

Top 11 Best Age Appropriate Toys For Newborn & Infants 6

Here comes another gym mat but with additional features.

This gym mat also has hanging toys. There are in total five toys hanging from above, among which four are animal toys and one is a large mirror.

The additional feature is the movable musical piano keyboard.

The bedding is made up of soft cloth materials with cartoon design so that the babies can sit, lie, or play on it comfortably.

The keyboard encourages the babies to kick as different types of sounds come out when they touch the keys.

Thus, it promotes leg movement. The keyboard also has two modes- the piano mode and the music mode and there is also a mode switch button.

Apart from the body movement it also stimulates the other senses of sight, touch, and hearing.

Duck Baby Bathing Toys

Top 11 Best Age Appropriate Toys For Newborn & Infants 7

By the time babies reach 3 or 4 months, the gripping capability of newborn babies develops to some extent. So at this stage, they can be provided with squeeze toys.

Here is a set of squeeze toys with three small lovely ducklings. This is a bathing toy set so that babies can enjoy playing with these while taking a bath.

These little ducklings can easily fit into the small hands of the babies and can further improve their grasping abilities.

These are made up of non-toxic rubber, thus are safe for babies.

Age Appropriate Toys For Infants i.e. 4 To 12 Months

Top 11 Best Age Appropriate Toys For Newborn & Infants 8

Fruit Teether & Food Nibbler for Baby

Top 11 Best Age Appropriate Toys For Newborn & Infants 9

Teethers are given to the infants to soothe the irritation of their gums before the teeth start to come out.

Infants start teething during their 4 to 6 months so around that time giving teether to the babies will help them.

This one is a 3 in 1 set of teether, rattle, and pacifier food holder.

The set contains two different types of teether. One is a fruit teether the tip of which is designed in various fruit shapes.

And the other one is a food nibbler. This one can also be used as a teether.

Inside the nibbler, any kind of baby food can be put through its micro holes, it will go inside the babies’ mouth when they will chew on it.

Both the teethers have multiple texture beads that massage the teething gums. Both are made up of silicone and have dust covers. The handle of the food nibbler also acts as a rattle.

These are free from BPA, latex, lead, petroleum, and phthalates and thus safe for babies.

Double-Sided Waterproof Baby Mat

Top 11 Best Age Appropriate Toys For Newborn & Infants 10

Once the baby starts crawling floor mats are important. Interesting colorful floor mats enhance the tummy time of the infants and encourage more body movement.

This one is a double-sided mat i.t. have pictures on both sides. Also, both sides are covered with a protective film to make it slip-resistant and there is an EPM foam in the middle that absorbs moisture.

Its soft cushiony surface guarantees a soft landing for rolling or tumbling. It is foldable and thus easy to carry.

This picturesque mat intrigues the babies’ exploring nature and so they like to move around the mat to see everything on it, this causes the movement of their muscles.

Fisher-Price Play & Crawl Hedgehog Mirror

Top 11 Best Age Appropriate Toys For Newborn & Infants 11

Here is another fun toy for the infants once they start crawling. This one is a crawl and chase toy.

This toy rolls on its two wheels and the colorful rattle beads inside those wheels make sounds while they roll. All this draws the attention of the babies and encourages them to crawl more to reach it.

There is also a mirror in the middle which improves babies’ focus on their face or other objects. And the bead bar and the roller encourages hand movement.

Discover & Play Soft Blocks Development Toy

Top 11 Best Age Appropriate Toys For Newborn & Infants 12

Soft block toys are suitable for infants once they are 6 or 7 months old. From these toys, they learn the cause and effect relationship.

This is a set of four soft block toys, each one with unique colors and pictures. These are lightweight and have soft handles or rings so that babies can hold them easily.

The contrasting colors along with different pictures of animals, numbers, and alphabets in each block develop the power of distinguishing and identifying different things of the babies.

As they grow a little older, infants love to stack the blocks up and knock them off.

LeapFrog Learn and Groove Musical Table

Top 11 Best Age Appropriate Toys For Newborn & Infants 13

This activity table is suitable for infants of 9 months and above.

Its top is the most interesting part with many buttons and instruments for having a vast musical experience.

There are also numbers, colors, and alphabets with which babies can get acquainted. 

If your baby is not being able to reach the tabletop, you can detach the top, and the baby can play with it.


These are some of the best toys for newborns and infants that you can find online. Each of them have some features which will contribute to your baby’s development.

It is very important to give attention to what kind of toys babies are playing with as they will shape up your baby’s future in some ways. Thinking that they are only toys and they don’t matter is only an act of carelessness.

So choose toys wisely.

Frequently Asked Questions

What toys should you have for a newborn?

Any kind of mobile should be there for a newborn. Musical mobiles and rattles are also suitable for them.

What toys should babies play with?

There are various toys available for newborn babies and infants. These usually depend on their age and what kind of toys are suitable for that age.

Like rattles and mobiles are important from the beginning. Them teether at the time of teething or floor mats during crawling, gym, and activity mats are also useful.

What toys can a 1-month-old play with?

For one-month-old musical mobiles, rattles, gm mats with hanging toys are perfect.

How many toys do newborns need?

The quantity of toys does not matter. Parents should look after what quality of toys they are giving to their newborns.
They should look for such toys which will lead to their physical development and also will develop their different senses.

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