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Airtel’s “Secure Internet” For XStream Fibre Users at Rs 99 – Learn More

As India just like rest of the world is go towards digitalization and because of this COVID-19 pandemic the process just got faster.

Currently we are working from home, kids taking classes online, there is zoom meeting and what not!

And as we are going towards this direct, the new threat of cybercrime is also rising at an alarming rate. Just last year we Indians faced 300 percent rise in cyberattacks, online blackmails, frauds, cyberbullying and harassment.

So Airtel decided to protect it’s XStream Fibre users from such cyberattacks, they launched their new “Secure Internet” service for its customers at a monthly subscription price of 99INR.

What is Airtel “Secure Internet”? And how to avail the service?

This service is to protect Airtle Xstream fiber users from viruses and malware that can compromise their digital wellbeing. It’ll continue to protect devices that are connected to their broadband service.

Like for children, their main aim is to protect them from malicious apps & websites. Also, parents can set the type of website their children can access like education & other useful websites and block them from accessing sites like adult, social and online gaming.

For adults, they can set their preferences like safety from scam website, fishing, malicious emails, secure payments and safe internet browsing.

How to opt for this service? Well, you have to enable it using the Airtel Thanks App.

Follow these steps:

Thanks App -> Thanks Page -> Tap on Secure Internet Card -> Tap on Manage.

You’ll get one month complementary free of cost, after than its 99INR per month.

There are four type of protect modules:

  • Virus Protection
  • Child Safe
  • Study Mode
  • Work Mode

Check out the Secure Internet Card on the Thanks App for more details if you’re an existing customer, or this page for more info.

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