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Android Auto is being retired by Google, and will be replaced by Assistant

In a statement, Google said, “For those who use the on-phone experience (Android Auto mobile app), they will be transitioned to Google Assistant driving mode.

Starting with Android 12, Google Assistant driving mode will be the built-in mobile driving experience. We have no further details to share at this time.”

The launch of Google’s next UI version, Android 12, shortly brought some unsettling news from the tech giant.

In a recent update, it stated that when Android twelve comes out, it would pull the plug on its separate software, ‘Android Auto.’

Android Auto is being retired by Google, and will be replaced by Assistant 1

According to TheVerge, no other than Google Assistant will replace Android Auto.

If you want a driving interface on your Android smartphone, you may use the Google Assistant driving mode shortly, which is accessible on Google Maps.

One advantage for individuals using Android Auto is that Google has assured that it would not change their experience.

This confirmed that some users saw a notification in the Android Auto for Phone Screens app saying the service is “only for vehicle screens now available” and that phone users are directed to Google Assistant driving mode as substitution.

This is a confirmation following a news outlet.

Reports have also indicated that the Android Auto for Phone Screens software now delivers a warning stating that it is incompatible with Android 12-pixel devices.

It was a long-foreseen plan to phase out Android Auto. It was a rather helpful tool when it was published, but eventually made the app more and more obsolete, and it lost its user base, especially from 2019 when Google started merging its different functions into Android 10 as system level fundamental features.

According to The Verge, Google was planning a new Google Assistant driving mode for these customers, but that software was postponed. It was actually announced in 2019, but was only launched last year.

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