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AtmoPure by RisamPure Air Purifier Review

Today I’m going to review an air purifier device manufactured by RisamPure, and the name of the product is AtmoPure.

I’m writing this review after using this air purifier for more than two weeks, and I’ll share my overall experience with you all.

Nowadays air purifier devices are becoming necessary for people living in top urban & metro cities of India especially Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai, etc.

India has more than 5 cities on the list of the top 10 most polluted cities in the world currently and this is leading to diseases among the masses like lung cancer, asthma, and other respiratory diseases.

Also, a fact I’d like to share with you as I’m writing about air purifiers is that indoor air quality is the poorest when compared to outdoor air.

Thus, it gives us more reason to buy an air purifier for homes and offices to protect our loved ones and to breathe fresh pollution-free air.

My review methodology for this product is:

  • Built quality & design.
  • Installation
  • Functions and features
  • Filter
  • Performance

So, let us talk about AtmoPure.

Full Specification

Model NoKJ255F
No of Filter3
Filter TypeMedical Grade HEPA14
Filteration5 Stage Filtration Process
Coverage Area258 sq ft
Power29 watt
CADR200 m3/Hr
Child LockYes
Auto ModeYes
Filter Change AlertYes
Filter Life2 years
Extended WarrantyYes. Need to register on their website.
Full Specification of AtmoPure KJ255F

Built Quality & Design

AtmoPure by RisamPure Air Purifier Review 1

The first impression still maters, and I’d like to assure you that even though it is a comparatively new brand in the market, the built quality is top-notch. If compared to its peers like Philips, Mi, and Coway, it has the same kind of build quality.

I was truly surprised to see the perfect finish, excellent design, and looks of the product that too from a newcomer. See the product images below, it’ll validate my claim.

Now coming to the design part, they have done quite a good job, I personally liked the design very much. It has some close resemblance to Mi air purifier 3 body design, this one is just round in shape.

It is not too bulky nor too big (height) and can fit and blend well within the room interior perfectly.


Well, there is no rocket science in installing air purifiers, it is very easy. In the box, you’ll get items like the main unit, filter, adapter, and a manual.

AtmoPure by RisamPure Air Purifier Review 2

Take out the filter from the sealed pack, place it inside the purifier unit, insert the plug of the adapter and finally plug it into a socket. This is it! Installing the AtmoPure air purifier in two-three steps.

I’d give a 5/5 rating on easy to install.

Functions and features

One of the important things to look for while buying an air purifier is what kind of features and function it is providing. AtmoPure has all the required features that every air purifier in its price range has.

But on the same, it also missed out on some sophisticated smart features that we have been accustomed to overtime.

I’ll start by mentioning one by one the features of AtmoPure:

  1. Control Panel
  2. 360-degree air inlet
  3. Air outlet grill
  4. Air quality indicator
  5. Multi-functional filter

Control panel: Here you get to view and control the functioning of the device. Simple and easy to operate touch UI. I had no issues operating the device, and also the touch button’s feedback was good. Some of the features that are on the control panel are:

Child lock: Effective if you have kids at home, as this device is placed on the floor it is easily in reach of children, and they can tamper with the settings. So this is a handy feature for parents.

UV: UV turn off/on button

Anion: Turn off/on button

Fan speed settings: It has three fan speed settings that one can access by pressing the dedicating touch button.

Power ON/OFF button

Auto timer: The timer has pre-defined periods like 2hr,4hr,8hr, and 12hr.

Filter Reset Indicator: This helps to notify the user that it is time to replace the filter. Quite helpful.

360-degree air inlet: I liked this feature, some of its peers have 180-degree air inlets, AtmoPure can intake more air in less time and thus purify faster.

Air outlet grill: The fans are quite powerful to release the purified air back into the room. There are three-speed settings for the fan. The company recommends using set the fan at top speed for the first 30 minutes initially. In the first two speed settings, fan noise is quite unnoticeable.

Air quality indicator: It shows the real-time AQI on the display and indicated the quality of the air using a color index.

  • Blue – excellent
  • Green – Good
  • Orange – Moderate
  • Red – Poor

My take: They should’ve added this feature on the control panel too by displaying the present air quality in GOOD, EXCELLENT, MODERATE written format besides the AQI.

Multi-functional Filter: The filter consists of a three-part, a HEPA H14 filter, a KJ255F filter, and a pre-filter.

This is pretty much everything that is being offered by this device.

I feel they should have added some smart features like a mobile app for remote access, compatible with virtual assistants like Google & Alexa with this model.

Then this model shall complete head to head with the best-selling one from Philips, Coway & Mi.

200 CADR: The clean air delivery rate (CADR) of this model is 204, which seems less if compared with some mid-budget models but here is the catch AtmoPure serves 200 sq ft approx which is the average room size in India.

It is more crater to house owners whose bedroom or drawing room is below 200sq ft in carpet area.

While using in my room which is 16x14sq foot in dimension, AtmoPure on average purified the indoor air within 30 minutes [100 ug/m3 to under 7ug/m3]. Yes, I’m satisfied with the purification speed.


The most important part? The Filter. AtmoPure KJ255F is providing 3-stage filtration, just like other brands are providing currently.

AtmoPure by RisamPure Air Purifier Review 3
  • Pre-filter
  • HEPA Filter
  • Activated carbon Filter

One catch is that they are giving a medical-grade HEPA 14 filter. Currently, the best you can get, as far as I know.

Filter installation and changing it are bliss, it requires minimum effort, and anyone can do it.

Furthermore, one can clean the filter with a blower to increase the lifetime of the filter.

I spoke with RisamPure team, and they told me that generally, the lifetime of a filter is 2 years, but that entirely depends on usage and the air pollution in the city where you’re currently living.

What is the cost of AtmoPure Air Purifier Filter?

The filter cost for KJ 255F is 2500/- INR.

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The final part that we’ve been waiting for. As I said earlier, I have used this air purifier for more than 2 weeks now, my experience is satisfactory enough to recommend you this product for use at the home or in a small office space.

Note: This is not a paid review, purely non-biased based on my experience.

My room is about 224 sq. feet and this device can purify the indoor air in just 10-20 minutes, typically the AQI of my room stands between 40-60 only. 

And for AQI of 100 or more, it can effectively purify the air and odor within one hour, I tested it with the smoke of an agarbatti. (Pics below)

AtmoPure by RisamPure Air Purifier Review 4

Now if you asked me about the accuracy of the reading then I can’t vouch for it as I’m unable to compare it with another air purifier at this moment.

Can you use it at maximum fan speed while sleeping at night?

Well, you can the sound didn’t bother me that much, and at mid-setting that is not much of sound. The operation is smooth and silent.

How to optimally use it?

Well, try to use it at max speed for 1-2 hours, then set it to auto mode for the best experience.

So it’s a yes or no?

Yes, highly recommended. Though it misses out on some smart features, the performance overshadows those things. I was told by the RisamPure AtmoPure team that the price of this model will be in the 10,000-12,000INR range, making it a value for money choice.

AtmoPure by RisamPure

10,990 INR
AtmoPure by RisamPure

Air Purification




Easy to Install




Value for Money



  • 360 degree air inlet
  • High speed fans
  • UV-C and Anion filter mode
  • 5 stage filtration
  • Almost silent operation


  • No smart features like app control
  • No AQI Level Indicator on Control Panel
  • 200 m3/Hr CADR bit lower
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