Rita Rana

My name is Rita Rana. I am pursuing my bachelor's degree in arts. I am an author and a bookworm. Besides reading and writing, I have a keen interest in musical instruments, arts and crafts.

Best Smart Kitchen Appliances in India

Best Smart Kitchen Appliances in India

Why do we avoid cooking? Most of us say that “I don’t like cooking” but saying this we are referring to the preparation before cooking and the work we have to do after cooking. We would love to cook someday in our life if you don’t have to do other kitchen chores. But this issue … Read more

Best Car Vacuum Cleaners in India

Best Car Vacuum Cleaner in India

You would not like to sit in a car that lacks hygiene. The dust-free and clean interior of the car brings good vibes and good health. To clean the exterior of the car you use a pressure washer, and for interior cleaning purposes, the most suitable product is handheld vacuum cleaners. A vacuum cleaner for … Read more

Best coffee tables in India

Best coffee tables in India

Coffee table, an essential for living room-: Everything in this world living or nonliving has a partner and the two complement each other. Your coffee time also gets better with the coffee table. A coffee table not only gives a great interior look to your home, but it has many other benefits too. Your living room … Read more

Best Gift Ideas for Female Employees

Gift Ideas for Female Employees

Gifting is not just a formality: It is no secret that almost everyone loves receiving gifts. The person at the receiving end may cherish all the gifts, but only one or few of them will be useful and heart-touching. That’s why there is a need to consider several factors before buying a gift for someone. As … Read more