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Top 8 Best Badminton Rackets in India Below Rs. 2000

Sports have an important place in our life. Indulging in sports not only keeps your body healthy and fit but is also good for your mental health. There are many indoor and outdoor sports. 

Badminton is one of the most popular sports worldwide which can be played both as indoor or outdoor games.

Though formal badminton games take place on indoor courts, we generally play it as an outdoor game in our yard or when we go to a picnic or vacation, etc.

Top 8 Best Badminton Rackets in India Below Rs. 2000 1

For playing badminton, the most important thing is the badminton racket. Whether you have the right kind of racket decides your level of performance in the game.

Choosing the racket that is ideal for you to play with in every way is therefore crucial.

Keep a few factors in mind as you select your badminton racket.

Any player needs a solid badminton racket, but it can be difficult to locate the ideal one, especially on a tight budget.

The top 8 badminton rackets in India under Rs. 2000 will be discussed in this post.

We have everything you need, from lightweight, strong rackets to ones made for power and accuracy.

These rackets will enable you to enhance your performance and fully enjoy playing badminton, regardless of your skill level.

Trivia: In the year 2017-18, Badminton was rated as the 4th most popular sport in India. Read the source.

Top 8 Badminton rackets in India [Chart]

ModelGrip TypeWeight[in grams]Our ratings
Silver Kid’s badminton racketG396-984.2/5
Yonex Nanoray Light 18iG4774.5/5
Yonex Gr 301G4904.0/5
Yonex GR 303G395 – 99.94.2/5
Li-Ning XP-90-IVG3904.2/5
Yonex ZR 100G3954.5/5
Yonex ZR 100 LIGHTG4854.2/5
Victor X-090 All-Round SeriesG3874.0/5

List of Best Badminton Rackets Available in India under Rs. 2000

Best Badminton Rackets Under 2000 in India

Now let’s see some of the best badminton rackets that are available online in India.

Aluminum Badminton Racquet for Kids

Top 8 Best Badminton Rackets in India Below Rs. 2000 2

Silver Sports is an Indian company that manufactures different kinds of rackets like badminton rackets, squash rackets, tennis rackets, and also shuttlecocks.

This set of Silver Sports’ badminton rackets has been made especially for the kids.

The body of the rackets is made up of aluminum whereas the shaft is made up of steel. The shafts are stiff.

These rackets have oval-shaped heads that weigh around 96 to 98gm and have a height of 19 inches.

These are strung rackets whose string tension is 18 – 20 lbs and grip size is G3.

Not many badminton rackets are available within this range, but this one here is one of the best that you will get under Rs. 500 for kids.


  • These can be mainly used for recreational purposes by children.


  • For a kid’s product, these rackets are a bit heavy.

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Yonex Nanoray Light 18i Badminton Racquet

Top 8 Best Badminton Rackets in India Below Rs. 2000 3

It is one of the best Yonex badminton rackets that you will get under Rs. 2000.

This is a graphite racket whose both frame and shaft are made up of carbon graphite.

The specialty of the racket is nanoscience technology. The shaft has been built with streamlined aerodynamic nanoscience technology which gives the shaft a stiff flex and unparalleled repulsion power.

With its Nanoray 68 Light technology, the players can deliver lightning-fast shots.

It has an isometric/square shape head, which provides a larger surface and it is a head-light balanced racket.

This pre-strung racket has a string tension of 30 lbs. Its weight is 5U and the grip size is G4 i.e. 3.5 inches.

Yonex Nanoray Light 18i is for adults and is suitable for advanced plays.


  • The graphite body makes the racket strong and ultra-lightweight. It weighs only 77 gms which ensures speedy shots and great mobility.
  • Its high string tension makes it more powerful and provides greater control to the player.


As such no complaints regarding the racket so far.

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Yonex Gr 301 Badminton Racquet 

Top 8 Best Badminton Rackets in India Below Rs. 2000 4

Yonex Gr 301 is mainly for the beginner’s level.

The frame of this racket is made up of aluminum, but the shaft is made with low-torsion steel. Its head is of isometric shape and the size is 95.3 sq/in.

The grip size is G4 i.e. 3.25 inches.

This strung racket has a height of 26.8 inches and weighs 90gm. Its beam width is 20 mm.

The package comes with a racket cover.

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Yonex GR 303 Badminton Racquet

Top 8 Best Badminton Rackets in India Below Rs. 2000 5

Here is another one from Yonex. This one is fit for the intermediate level.

The body of the racket is made up of aluminum and has an isometric head.

This strung racket has a string tension of 22 to 26 lbs.

It weighs around 95gm and has a G3 grip i.e. 3.5 inches.

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Li-Ning XP-90-IV Badminton Racquet

Top 8 Best Badminton Rackets in India Below Rs. 2000 6

This Li-Ning XP-90-IV racket comes in a mixture of white and silver colors. This one is also one of the best badminton rackets for beginners in India.

The racket has an oval-shaped head, which is made up of aluminum. The aluminum makes it more shock absorbent and improves its bounce strength.

The shaft is made up of dura aluminum, which is a mixture of aluminum and ferrum. This material makes it lightweight and improves the mobility of the racket.

Due to the dura aluminum, the amplitude reduces and prevents injury.

The shaft has medium flexibility which makes the racket sturdy. This strung racket has a string tension of 18 to 20 lbs.

It weighs around 90 grams and has a grip size of 3.25 inches.

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Yonex ZR 100 Badminton Racquet

Top 8 Best Badminton Rackets in India Below Rs. 2000 7

Yonex ZR is a “Made in India” product, which is suitable for both beginners and intermediate-level players.

The frame is made up of aluminum, while the shaft of the racket is made up of low-torsion steel.

This pre-strung racket has an isotropic-shaped head.

This racket is suitable for adults, not for kids. 

Its grip size is G3 i.e. 3.5 inches and the weight is U, it weighs 95gm. The height of the racket is 27 inches.

These rackets are available with full covers.

Yonex ZR 100 LIGHT Badminton Racquet

Top 8 Best Badminton Rackets in India Below Rs. 2000 8

Yonex ZR 100 LIGHT is one of the best badminton rackets for beginners.

This is a lightweight racket, weighing around 85gm only. Its height is 26 inches (0.66 m) and the head has a beam width of 10 mm.

The frame and the shaft are made up of aluminum.

The racket has an isometric-shaped head.

Its grip size is G4 i.e. 3.5 inches.

A full cover for the racket is also being provided.

Victor X-090 All-Round Series Badminton Racquet

Top 8 Best Badminton Rackets in India Below Rs. 2000 9

The last one on the list is Victor X-090. This racket is perfect for intermediate-level players and it is for adults.

It’s a graphite racket whose frame is made up of granite and the shaft is of granite and resin.

The racket is not very heavy. It falls under the 3U weight category and weighs around 87gm and the height is 26 inches. Its grip size is G3.

The head of the racket is of isometric shape and the width of its beam is 10 mm and its size is 53 sq/in.

It is a flexible, even balanced badminton racket, in which the aero diamond technology has been used.

The racket is pre-strung and the string tension is 33 lbs.

Selection criteria for the best badminton racket under Rs. 2000 in India

When selecting the best badminton racket under Rs. 2000, here are some criteria that we strictly followed:

  • Weight: To move fast and easily on the court, look for a racket that is lightweight and maneuverable.
  • Balance: A well-balanced racket allows you to hit strong shots without sacrificing accuracy or control.
  • String Tension: The power and control of your shots are influenced by the tension of the racket strings. To fit your playing style, look for a racket that has adjustable string tension.
  • Racket grip: To minimize slipping while playing, the grip should be secure and comfortable.
  • Durability: Choose a racket constructed of premium materials that can survive a beating and endure for a very long period.
  • Brand Reputation: Consider the reputation of the brand, its customer service, and the availability of spare parts.
  • Player level: Consider your skill level and style of play when choosing a racket that matches your needs and level of expertise.

How to choose the BEST BADMINTON RACKET for You – Buying guide for Beginners.

Top 8 Best Badminton Rackets in India Below Rs. 2000 10


Choose an oval-shaped or a square-shaped racket head. An oval racket has more concentrated power whereas a square racket has more surface area.

Oval shapes are more suitable for advanced players whereas square shapes are mainly for beginners.


The weight of a badminton racket is denoted by “U”. The smaller the number of “U” the heavier will be the racket.

  • 4U = 80 – 84 gm
  • 3U = 85 – 89 gm
  • 2U = 90 – 94 gm
  • U = 95 – 100 gm

Am ideal badminton rackets weigh between 80 to 100gm. For beginners, it is advisable to use lightweight rackets, preferably 4U or at the most 3U rackets.

Single players usually use 3U rackets for maintaining stability, however for doubles players generally use 4U rackets for quick strokes.

Lightweight rackets are much more speedy and also reduce the chance of injury.

Balance Point

Apart from weight, the balance point of a racket is also important. There are three types of balances.

  • Head – Heavy Balance: In these rackets, the weight is mainly concentrated on the head. These are helpful for powerful strokes.
  • Head – Light Balance: In this case, the rackets have their most weight towards the opposite side of the head. These give more control to the players, and they can swing it easily. These rackets are more useful when players are playing doubles.
  • Even Balance: In these rackets, the weight is evenly balanced in the whole body of the racket. These types of rackets are suitable for all kinds of play, especially beginners who should start with these.

String Tension

This varies from region to region as different temperatures affect the string tension differently. However, in most cases, 1 mm string tension is ideal for any player.

For beginners, 16 to 20 lbs of tension are suitable, whereas for professionals 19 to 29 lbs is required. Generally in the tropical region rackets with higher tension are required as the strings tend to expand in high temperatures.

Hand Grip Types

In terms of badminton grips, there are two major factors – type and size.

There are two types of hand grips – towel and synthetic.

  • Towel grips are soft and are good at absorbing sweat. But they need to be frequently replaced to avoid the accumulation of germs or bacteria due to the sweat.
  • On the other hand, synthetic grips are sleek and less messy but they are not so good at sweat absorption.

Hand Grip Sizes

There are six different types of grip sizes, from G1 to G6. As the number increases the grip size decreases.

The bigger the grip size, provides more arm power, whereas a smaller wrist size ensures more wrist power. However, most standard rackets are of G4 size. 

Body Material

Badminton rackets are made up of different types of materials. Like wood, aluminum graphite steel, carbon fiber, etc.

Steel and aluminum rackets are good for beginners, but professionals prefer graphite rackets as they are extremely light and aerodynamic.

Shaft Flexibility

The shaft of a racket can be either flexible or stiff. Flexible shafts are suitable for beginners so that they can practice more without exerting much pressure.

However, professionals mainly use rackets with stiff shafts.

Some Commonly Asked Questions

Which is the best badminton racket under 1500?

Victor X-090 All-Rounder is a pretty good racket under 1500. It is one of the best for intermediate-level players.

Which brand has the best badminton racket?

By far, Yonex seems to have some of the best badminton rackets available in the market. It has rackets for different price ranges and also for all levels of players.

The company has many rackets for beginners and intermediate levels, but Yonex Nanoray Light 18i is one of the best badminton rackets for advanced-level players.

Which Yonex racket is best for beginners?

Though Yonex has many different series of rackets for beginners, Yonex ZR 100 LIGHT seems to be the best among them. This lightweight badminton racket is perfect for beginners.

Which is better: Yonex GR 303 vs ZR 100?

Both the rackets seem to have the same specifications, in terms of weight and grip size. And both of them are suitable for beginners. There is not much difference between the two to compare.


Anybody who enjoys playing badminton must make the proper racquet selection. You can simply select a high-quality racket that meets your needs and budget by looking at the top 8 badminton rackets in India that are priced under Rs. 2000.

Our buying guide has got you covered whether you’re searching for a racket that gives power and precision or one that is lightweight and strong.

We hope that reading this article has benefited you in making an informed choice and that you are now prepared to improve your badminton skills and fully enjoy playing it.

The list above should have assisted you in making a decision if you are a sports fan who wants to start playing badminton or if you are already playing but want to switch up your racket.

It has rackets for every type of player and every price range.

So pick your choice and place the order, because in this lockdown a match of badminton in your yard with your family will surely be a refreshing event.

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