Best Bike Helmets India 2018

Best Bike Helmets India 2018

Today, I’ll discuss Best helmets in India, that are very much effective as a safety gear for riding motorcycles.

Men especially the young generation is showing great interest in two-wheelers like Cruiser Bikes and Sports edition bikes.

Yes, me being of the younger generation I also have much love for motorbikes, to be honest, I am a bike lover.

But while riding this mean machines we need to be extra cautious about our own safety, we should wear protective bike gears.

We like riding a bike fast like people do in MotoGP, but remember they’re well equipped with motorcycle accessories like Helmet, Riding Jacket, Gloves, Armoured Pants or Knee Pads, Back Protector, Mouthguards etc.

Hope, you’re getting it, while riding bike wearing helmet is must among other things.
Okay, I’ll not bore you anymore. Let’s get to the point.

I am covering the best helmet brands in India like studds, vega, Aerostar, steel bird , LS2 etc., especially the economic price range that anyone can afford.

What is the ideal bike helmet?

how to choose the prfect bike helmet
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According to me, the one which is ISI certified, good build quality, tight fit, air should not come inside or else it will be noisy inside which is disturbing while riding, and Multilayer eps.

My Selection Process

  • ISI Certified
  • Multi-layer eps
  • High impact abs material shell
  • Visor Clear
  • Customer Ratings & Reviews

Helmets for Men

Vega Off-Road Full Face Helmet

vega off road full face helmet, best helmet india

Vega one of my favorite bike accessories brand, their products are always top rated.


  • ISI approved
  • Designed with CAD technology for best fit and comfort.
  • Vents with high capacity intakes
  • Full Face

Buy it from Amazon

Studds Marshall SUS_MOFH_MBLKL Open Face Helmet

Studds Marshall SUS_MOFH_MBLKL Open Face Helmet (Matt Black, L)

I’m currently using this studds helmet, this type of open face helmets are good for summer use as they don’t suffocate you because of the tropical climate.
The design is fair and it’s comfortable. One of the best helmets under 1000 in India.


  • ISI approved
  • Outer shell injected from special high impact grade of engineering thermoplastic.
  • Regulated density EPS concussion padding lined with specially treated anti-allergic velveteen

The helmet has spare visors which are available in clear, smoke tint, mirror and rainbow options. High-quality UV resistant Polyurethane paints used for aesthetic enhancement.

Buy it from Amazon

Steelbird 33242 Adonis

Steelbird 33242 Adonis Dashing Full Face Helmet

This full face helmet from Steelbird has good build quality. It has proper ventilation so you’ll not sweat during your journey. As it’s full face so you will not have any problem wearing it in the winter season.

Quick release chinstrap mechanism
Dynamic ventilation system
Regulated density EPS concussion padding

Buy it from Amazon

Vega Off-Road OR-D/V-SKT-DKS_M Sketch Full Face Graphic Helmet

Vega Off Road OR-D_V-SKT-DKS_M Sketch Full Face Graphic Helmet

Best helmets in India under 2000 and also the best selling on Amazon India. It is a specially designed helmet for off-road dirt bikes, the graphics are mind-blowing.
Any young rider will love this.


  • ISI approved
  • Available in medium (570 – 590 millimeters) size
  • Vents with high capacity intakes
  • Airflow from the front to the back which flushes heat and humidity out
  • UV clear finish

This has ratings of 4.3 from 400 customers.

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Helmet For Kids

Studds Troy Sporting SUS_TSH_MBLKL

Studds Troy Sporting Half Helmet for kids

This one can be a good helmets for kids riding with their parents. It is half face, excellent for ventillation.


It is not ISI approved.

Everything else.

Check it out on Amazon

Helmet for Ladies

Vega Verve

Vega Verve Open Face Helmet for ladies

This is an open face helmet for ladies. It is designed with a different shell for ladies. Good design with great comfort good for scooty.

Ratings: 4.3 out of 1004 customers.
Buy now from Amazon

Jmd Helmets Grand Open Face Pink Color Helmet

Jmd Helmets Grand Open Face Pink Color Helmet

I don’t know much about this JMD brand, that thing that I noticed is that they make low price helmets. If you’re looking for helmets for women under Rs 1000 then this is it.

Ratings: 4.5
Buy now from Amazon

Studds Marshall D1

Best Bike Helmets India 2018

Open face helmet for girls. It is suitable for girls aged 4-8 years. It has the same properties like quick release visor mechanism, duly silicon hard coated for scratch resistance properties, etc.

Ratings: 4.5 out of 12
Buy it from Amazon

Helmets for Sport Bikes

SMK MA271 Twister Logo Graphics Pinlock Fitted Full Face Helmet With Clear Visor

SMK MA271 Twister Logo Graphics Pinlock Fitted Full Face Helmet

Choosing the best helmet for sports bike is a tough job, the look needs to go on the bike, it should have some cool graphics etc. And this model matches all of the above criteria.


  • Available in L (590 millimeters) size
  • External shell aerodynamic, molded in EIRT (Energy Impact Resistant Thermoplastic)
  • Removable lower wind stop and nose guard
  • Ventilation all air-vents are adjustable, air-vents on the chin, an air-vent on the upper part of the shell, rear extractor

Ratings: 5 stars out of 11 customer ratings.
Buy it from Amazon

Ls2 Ranger Full Face Helmet

Ls2 Ranger Full Face Helmet for sports bike

If you’re a biker then you should know about the Ls2 helmets. they are in my list of top 10 helmet brands in india.


  • Full Face
  • Material: Hptt Composite
  • Quick And Easy Mounting Visor

Ratings: 4.6 star
Buy now from Amazon

LS2 Breaker Physics Blue Graphic Unisex-Adult Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet

LS2 Helmets Stream Axis Blue Graphic Unisex-Adult Full-Face-Helm

According to me, one of the best helmets under 10000 that you can buy online in India.

  • Aerodynamic shell made from our super light, super strong Kinetic Polymer Alloy (KPA)
  • Three shells for the smallest, lightest shell possibleWide eye port with quick release shield system
  • Dual-density EPS for the ultimate in protection
  • DOT approved quick release chinstrap systm

Ratings: 5 star
Buy Now from Amazon

Steelbird Sba 2 Streak

Best Bike Helmets India 2018

Full face helmet with extra visior and matt finish from studds. Build with high Impact ABS material shell having multi layer EPS (Thermocol) both high and low density.


  • Anti Scratch Coated Visor
  • Scratch Resistant Body
  • Italian Design
  • Wide Colour Range Available
  • Anti Refection Visior For Night Ride

I am in love the Italian design of this one just amazing.

Check it out on Amazon

Final Thoughts

For Helmet online shopping, that ones I have stated here no doubt are the best in business. Always go with the right fit & ISI approve model.

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Best Bike Helmets India 2018
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