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Best Car Audio Systems In India [Car Stereo]

There is a famous saying “Sometimes the journey is more beautiful than the destination” and you all must have felt this once in your life.

While driving a car you explore nature’s beauty and culture’s beauty which makes your journey pleasing to your eyes but is your ride pleasing to your ears?

Well, if your car has a great music system then yes, but if it lacks a good stereo then maybe no. It’s a fact that music changes the mood like some magic.

It releases stress, it makes us happy, and it makes us groove. Whether you are driving alone or enjoying the drive with your group, a good car stereo makes the experience amazing and memorable. 

You cannot spend your hard-earned money on any available car stereo without analyzing its quality, but how do we know about the quality of a good car stereo?

Below you will find the solution to this problem. 

Things to look for in an audio system for a car: Buyer Guide

  1. Sound output: A good sound output means wattage above 150 watts and inbuilt speakers. 
  2. Size: No matter how good the music system is but if it doesn’t fit in your car then it’s a loss rather than profit. The size of the perfect music system depends upon the size of your car. 
  3. Connectivity: your car stereo should be compatible with Bluetooth, USB, SD card, and auxiliary. It should also have a hands-free calling feature so that you can attend your call without causing any inconvenience to you and other people on the road.  
  4. Installation: the installation should be easy and hassle-free. It is not necessary to install a music system yourself, you can get it installed by the experts too. 
  5. Budget: the budget matters before making any purchase. Your budget also depends on the features you want and the brand you select. For a good quality car stereo, you should have a budget above 1500 INR. 

Types of music stereo systems for cars available in India

Best Car Stereo Systems in India
Best Car Stereo Systems in India

Mainly there are two types of the car stereo:  

  • Single din car stereo: the din means the outer structure of the stereo, or we can simply say its size. A single din stereo is usually small which is about two inches tall and approx. 7 inches wide. 
  • Double din car stereo: on the other hand, double din car stereo is taller than single din car stereo, however, the width is the same in both.  

In this article, you will find the list of the top 7 best music systems for cars in India 2021, but before we move ahead to the list, let us introduce you to our selection procedure that contributed to this list.

Our Selection Procedure:

  • Comparison of features 
  • Comparison of customers’ reviews 
  • Research on brand’s reliability and demand 
  • Product’s pros and cons 
  • Comparison of size and design

Top 7 Best Car Stereo Systems in India:

Dulcet DC-D9000X Detachable single Din car stereo1190 INR 
iBell DXP700 Car stereo2,469 INR
Sony DSX-A11OU Car stereo,4518 INR
Pioneer MVH-S219BT4450 INR 
JXL 7-inch double din car stereo7999 INR
Dulcet DC-F90X single din music system2490 INR
ONIX OCS-04 car stereo1799 INR

  Note: There is a link to the product provided at the end of the description.

1. Dulcet DC-D9000X Detachable single Din car stereo 

Best Car Audio Systems In India [Car Stereo] 1
Dulcet DC-D9000X 220W Detachable Front Panel Universal Fit Single Din Mp3 Car Stereo

This powerful and detachable single din car stereo has an amazing sound output of 220 watts. It is compatible with smartphones, tablets, pendrive, and SD cards.

It has built-in 4 x 55 watts amplification, which gives great clarity of the sound that can make you groove on the rhythm.

There are dual USB ports that help you for multipurpose like charging the phone and playing songs via pendrive at once.

It has a 3.5 mm aux cable, and it supports Bluetooth too.

Another great feature of this music system is the built-in FM radio with 18 preset radio memory.  


  • Great illumination 
  • Good sound quality 
  • Compact 
  • Easy installation 


  • Less durable 

Price: 2,190 INR

2. ibell DXP700 Car stereo 

Best Car Audio Systems In India [Car Stereo] 2
iBELL DXP700 140W Car Stereo Media MP3 Music System

This 140 watts powerful car stereo is a remote-control music system. It is compatible with Bluetooth, USB, and auxiliary. It is compact and suits almost every car.

This music system is easy to use, and it has all the latest features. You can also enjoy FM radio in this.

This music system comes with a 2 years warranty. It has features like color LCD, night illumination. 


  • Great sound quality 
  • Durable 
  • Decent price range
  • Easy to install 


  • Bluetooth connectivity could be better 

Price: 2,469 INR

3. Sony DSX-A110U car stereo 

Best Car Audio Systems In India [Car Stereo] 3
Sony DSX-A110U Car Stereo

Sony is a big name and one of the most trusted brands of various electronic products. From television and smartphones to cameras and music systems, Sony has covered all the trending gadgets.

This music system by Sony is an anti-shock music system. It is single din and the amazing feature of this car stereo includes a detachable face panel.

The sound output is 220 watts, which is powerful enough to give you a realistic music experience. It has an extra bass button for all music lovers.

It supports connectivity like USB and auxiliary. 


  • Durable 
  • Value for money 
  • Great sound output 
  • Easy to install 


  • No Bluetooth connectivity 

Price: 4,518 INR

4. Pioneer MVH-S219BT 

Best Car Audio Systems In India [Car Stereo] 4
Pioneer mvh-s219bt Car Stereo

The most attractive feature of this music system is voice control. It also has a feature like a hands-free calling.

In this car music system, you can turn off the display if you want to avoid the illumination, and you can also dim the illumination as per your comfort.

It is easy to use and has a compact size suitable for most cars.

It comes with a 2 years warranty. 


  • Easy installation 
  • Easy connectivity 
  • Sound Clarity and quality 
  • Inbuilt mic 


  • Without remote 

Price: 4,450 INR

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5. JXL 7-inch double din car stereo 

Best Car Audio Systems In India [Car Stereo] 5

This double din studio has 7 inches OLED HD display, it has a great design and amazing sound quality.

It has two USB ports, and it supports Bluetooth connectivity also.

You can also listen to your favorite playlist through Spotify, and you can use Google Maps in this music system.

It is one of the most affordable LED double din music systems.

It has 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of storage. The display is protected with Gorilla glass. In short, it not only has impressive sound but also amazing visuals.

Our recommendation for the best touch screen music system for cars in India.


  • Android car stereo 
  • OLED display 
  • Suitable for Multipurpose 
  • Value for money 


  • A bit wider for small cars 

Price: 7999 INR

6. Dulcet DC-F90X single din music system

Best Car Audio Systems In India [Car Stereo] 6
Dulcet DC-F90X 220W Single Din Mp3 Car Stereo with in-Built Smartphone Holder

This music system has 220 watts of sound output, and the connectivity technologies it supports are Bluetooth, auxiliary, USB, and SD card.

The inbuilt smartphone holder is that amazing feature that makes this music system unique and an ideal choice.

The other great feature of this music system is a multicolor backlit which has seven colors Choice to uplift your mood.

It has dual USB ports and built-in FM radio; it also has a 3.5 mm aux cable. 


  • Smartphone holder 
  • Sound Clarity 
  • Fast charging 


  • Mobile Phone Holder is not durable 

Price: 2,490 INR

7. Onix OCS-04 car stereo 

Best Car Audio Systems In India [Car Stereo] 7

The stylish design of this car stereo will enhance the interior of your car. It has a powerful sound output of 200 watts and great clarity of sound that makes the experience more thrilling.

It supports the feature of hands-free calling, and you can enjoy FM radio with 18 radio presets. It is a remote control and easy to use music system.

You can adjust the bass, treble, and fade as per your convenience. One more feature of this car stereo is that it is shock-resistant.

In short, this music system has quality output, easy connectivity, and multiple features that make it an ideal choice for your car. 


  • Impressive sound quality 
  • Multiple features 
  • Smooth connectivity 


  • Quality of remote is not good as per customers’ reviews 

Price: 1799 INR

Some frequently asked questions:

1. Single din or double din, which is better?

The choice also depends on your requirement. The difference is very little between the two, double din has a bigger display, and they are easy to use.

Single din is more economical, and they have a universal size that fits in most cars.

If you want better features, a better display, and a more convenient car stereo, than double din is a good choice.

2. What steps are required for the maintenance of the car music system?

1. Keep the liquid away from your car stereo 
2. Clean it from time to time  
3. Install it correctly 
4. Do not overuse it


In this list, there are two car stereos by the brand Dulcet, and this shows the popularity of this brand.

Pioneer and Sony are also old and reliable brands of the car music system.

Hope the important steps and buyer guide provided in this article help you in purchasing the best car music system that makes your journey as beautiful as or more beautiful than the destination.

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