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5 Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaners in India [Pick by Geeky Team]

Hassle-free cleaning is still a dream for many households.

We are all tired of those endless dust particles that surround every nook and corner of our house. In such a scenario, vacuum cleaners come to the rescue.

Because they will provide you with effortless and unproblematic cleaning and that too in a very less period. And when we talk about cordless vacuum cleaners, that surely is the icing on the cake for those who would not want to reach every spot of the house seamlessly and just wipe that adamant particle of dirt off.

Hence, cordless vacuum cleaners are a perfect match for your ‘Swachh Home’ mission. People have misconceptions that they cannot get a good cordless vacuum cleaner within their budget.

So, here is a list of the best cordless vacuum cleaners compiled for those who are confused about what to look for while buying a vacuum cleaner and how to select the one which is best and also within the budget.

5 Best Cordless/Stick Vacuum Cleaners in India [Handpicked by our team]

5 Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaners in India [Pick by Geeky Team] 1

BLACK+DECKER BSV2020G Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Best forHard Floor, Carpet
Running time55 minutes
Wattage/Voltage20 Volts
Key feature3X Cleaning System
BLACK DECKER BSV2020G 20V Li-ion, 40 AW Power Series Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner with Floorhead LEDs

This cordless vacuum cleaner by Black & Decker is a high-performance tool with 40AW Suction Power and a runtime of 58 minutes. It takes about just 5 hours to get fully charged up and then ensures the user a power packed cleaning.

The battery can also be removed when you need to charge the tool. This vacuum cleaner can be operated on multiple surfaces and is ideal for both household and commercial uses.

The inbuilt filter and cleaner make it an apt choice as it gives it immense suction power.

This stick vacuum cleaner has an acute forehead angle, V- shaped bristle and anti-tangle brush bar which warrants comprehensive cleaning all over the place.

A unique feature of this vacuum cleaner is its three speed control for cleaning hard floors, carpets, mats and rugs. The vacuum cleaner can easily be converted into hand vacuum so that it can be used conveniently to clean small spaces. The front facing trash can enables expedient emptying of the filth.

1-year warranty is available with this vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner is extremely light with just 2.7 kg and that’s what makes it all the more preferable.

The dust bowl has enough capacity for all round cleaning of your home without having to empty it time and again.

This product is easily available at Amazon and that too at a price of ₹15,448.

Also, consider the following points:

Why should you buy this product?

· Ideal for both domestic and industrial uses.

· Ensures deep cleaning.

· Amazing runtime.

What we didn’t liked about this product

· Battery drains faster.

Eureka Stylus Lightweight Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Best forCarpet
Running time45 minutes
Wattage/Voltage380 Watts
Key featurePowerful BLDC Motor
Eureka Stylus Lightweight Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, 350W Powerful BLDC Motor for Multi-Flooring Deep Clean LED Headlights, Convenient Stick and Handheld Vac

This stick vacuum is a complete hit with 350W highly efficient and powerful BLDC Motor. This vacuum cleaner is a bit costly as compared to the others we have mentioned above, but it is totally worth it.

What makes it different from others is its unique design with a stylus designed around to increase suction which will give you an immaculate space.

It has three cleaning modes, which can be switched easily as per the user’s requirement. It has a runtime of about 45 minutes. The vacuum weighs around 6.4 pounds; so it is definitely very easy to use and can be carried around conveniently.

One plus point is its dust cap is fitted in the front; this helps to lay the vacuum completely flat to reach under the difficult places.

And the vacuum also lights up your way with its LED headlights that will show up the dust particles that you might otherwise have missed.

This product is available at Amazon for ₹45,953.

Also, consider the following points:

Why should you buy this product?

· Multi flooring deep cleaning.

· LED headlights help to locate minute dust particles.

What we didn’t liked about this product

· Expensive

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Dyson V7 Animal Cord-Free Vacuum

Best forCarpet
Running time30 minutes
Wattage/Voltage350 Watts
Key feature2 Tier Radial cyclones technology
Dyson V7 Animal Cord-Free Vacuum

This vacuum cleaner by Dyson comes in a package containing a combination tool, crevice tool, mini motorized tool and mini soft dusting brush. It can generate a suction up to 100 AW, which is tad bit less, but overall, the other features make it a good choice.

The vacuum cleaner’s head has a direct drive which enables the bristles to go deeper into the carpet to clean the dirt meticulously. It can also be converted easily into a handheld vacuum, so there is no problem in doing small chores. It’s perfect to clean the pet hair and other allergens.

The product is certified to be asthma and allergy free. It is equipped with special technology that captures microscopic dust easily. There are different power modes, among which max power mode provides higher suction for up to 6 minutes for deep cleaning.

The cleaning modes may be switched easily.

This vacuum cleaner ensures complete hygiene for the users with its hygienic dirt ejection mechanism that ejects the trapped dust and debris in just one go, and you do not have to touch it.

This product is available for ₹29,900.

Also, consider the following points:

Why should you buy this product?

· Captures microscopic dust easily.

· Convertible into handheld vacuum

What we didn’t liked about this product

· A tad bit expensive if we look at the features it has to offer, because there are not many.

Deerma VC20 Cordless Portable Handheld Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Best forHard Floor, Carpet
Running time30 minutes
Wattage/Voltage220 Volts
Key featureNoise Reduction Design
Deerma VC20 Cordless Portable Handheld Stick Vacuum Cleaner

This 1 kg (yeah, right, JUST 1 kg), upright, cordless vacuum cleaner has 3 different brush heads which are: Power Brush 2-in-1 Crevice Nozzle Brush Small Corner Brush.

The brush game of this vacuum cleaner becomes even stronger with the electric soft ground brush which has an independent motor drive and can brush 3000 times per minute.

This means you get to have deep cleaning without any troubles. The brush has slim and flexible bristles that will not scratch the floor or carpet, so you do not have to worry at all.

The vacuum cleaner provides a strong suction power of about 100 watt that enables deep cleaning.

The good thing is this filter can be reused as it is washable.

The battery of the vacuum cleaner has an Intelligent monitoring system that is designed to give users an ease of checking the status of the battery, for it gives the quick and real-time updates about battery usage and the need to extend the same.

You get up to 30 minutes of usage after charging it once.

This vacuum cleaner has full arrangement to provide you noiseless cleaning with its 19.5 mm multilayer sound-absorbing cotton, 360° wrapped motor sound source, microporous structure that absorbs and filters high-frequency noise, making the sound softer and not too harsh.

Buy this product online for ₹11,999.

Also, consider the following points:

Why should you buy this product?

·The light weight of this vacuum cleaner makes it an attractive option to buy.

·The 3 brushes are a solid reason to go for this product.

·The noiseless cleaning is yet another reason to consider Deerma Vacuum cleaner.

What we didn’t liked about this product

·The runtime of 30 minutes is a little less which is a factor to be pondered upon.

Taurus Robot Vacuum Cleaner Homeland Laser

Best forHard Floor, Carpet
Running time120 minutes
Key featureDirt Detect Technology
Taurus Robot Vacuum Cleaner Homeland Laser

“ALEXA, tell Taurus to clean the living room!” And ta-dah! Taurus does it!

Wasn’t that easy?

Taurus Robot Vacuum cleaner makes your job very easy with its superior technology. It works with smart memory and laser navigation technology.

Now what will happen here is the memory of this smart vacuum cleaner will recognize and store every corner of your house and then will provide automated cleaning without having to disturb you.

And that’s just not it, this smart vacuum cleaner provides you 10 cleaning modes including auto select room, perimeter, optimal power, restriction area, spot cleaning, etc.

Taurus is going to do all its work itself like an obedient kid. All you need is a smartphone with their app installed in it and control the working of the vacuum cleaner remotely.

It is compatible with both Alexa and Google Assistant. You can also control the vacuum with remote control. The robot or better call it your obedient kid will automatically return to its place where it gets charged once it has finished doing its work.

The vacuum cleaner looks elegant and is designed beautifully. It has a powerful motor to give astounding results. This gadget, not just vacuums, but also sweeps, vacuums, and mops the floor simultaneously.

It is available for ₹ 28,001/-

Also, consider the following points:

Why should you buy this product?

· It is smart and the most efficient of all.

· It works in 4 different ways.

· It is easy to use.

What we didn’t liked about this product

· It might not be able to provide a thorough cleaning.

Buyer’s Guide: Tips for choosing the best cordless vacuum cleaners for home

One must consider the following factors while choosing the best vacuum cleaner:

1. Look out for your requirements

5 Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaners in India [Pick by Geeky Team] 2

There is a wide range of vacuum cleaners available suiting different requirements. There are handheld vacuums, stick vacuums & electric brooms, canister vacuums, wet-dry vacuums, upright vacuums, robot vacuums, interior care vacuums, car vacuums, vacuums for home & kitchen, vacuums for cars and motorbikes.

So, first of all, decide what is the purpose for which you need a vacuum cleaner, then select the one which is the best.

A detailed account of different types of vacuum cleaners available is as follows:

· HANDHELD VACUUMS: As the name suggests, it is a small-sized vacuum cleaner that can be easily held in one hand due to its small size and lightweight and can be used to clean small places like cars, motorbikes, pet hair, furnishings, and the like.

· STICK VACUUMS: These light-weight, easy to use devices are best suited to clean up the small particles of dirt & waste. They are extremely convenient, occupy minimal carrying space, and ensure fast cleaning.

· UPRIGHT VACUUMS: Upright Vacuums provide an easy to clean experience. They are designed to have a cleaning head, handle with the bag attached, and have a rotating brush roll that sweeps off the dirt in an efficient manner. They are equipped with amazing suction power that will make your cleaning experience perfect. Furthermore, they have sturdy, big, and heavy bodies.

· ROBOT VACUUMS: These are smart devices and won’t trouble you much because they can do most of the work themselves. Robotic Vacuums usually have less suction power and are ideal for light cleaning.

2. Battery Life

Needless to mention, for every electronic product, it is very important that it has a good battery life. The information related to batteries can be easily accessed online.

The battery must not take too much time to get charged, otherwise, it will become troublesome for you. Furthermore, you must ensure that it consumes lesser power and does not pile up your electricity bills.

So, there is this tip from our side: it is better to spend a few extra bucks, but you should never be compromising on quality.

3. Bagless or with the bag

Most people prefer bagged vacuums because they are more convenient to use and cause a little less mess. Bagless vacuums create a lot of mess and trouble for the users.

While the bagged vacuums contain the bag and all the dust gets contained in that. This makes the task of cleaning easier.

4. Suction Power

We won’t get into many technicalities over here. In simple language, you can relate suction with the maximum pressure difference that can be created by the vacuum and “HIGHER SUCTION = MORE POWERFUL VACUUM”.

Some of the modern vacuums come with adjustable suction power. This feature allows you to adjust the suction power according to your requirements.

If you want deep cleaning, then you can adjust the knob to high suction. You may preferably buy these vacuum cleaners.

5. Height & Weight of Vacuum Cleaner

5 Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaners in India [Pick by Geeky Team] 3

Generally, all the vacuums have an average height of 40’’. Some of the vacuum cleaners are equipped with a special feature of adjustable length.

This can help you reach the difficult places in your room and give you spick-and-span walls. But extra tall vacuums might also cause problems with storage.

Choose wisely, here!

An ideal vacuum should be light weighing, otherwise, you will have numerous issues in cleaning. One must consider this factor while making a buying decision.

6. Hush, Hush, Hush…oh vacuum, stop making noise!

5 Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaners in India [Pick by Geeky Team] 4

You do not want to be doing this all the time, so better choose a vacuum that creates no sound or least sound.

A vacuum creating noises could be so disturbing that one might feel like throwing this thing away. So, better be careful in this regard.

7. Price, Reviews, Discounts & other factors

You can get a good vacuum cleaner within the range of ₹3000 to ₹50000+. Of course, the higher the price, the more would be the available features.

This is a subjective decision and varies from person to person. You can easily get reviews from the original buyers at online shopping sites like Amazon.

Customer reviews offer a great deal of help and can affect the decision of a rational buyer. Discount offers are rarely available, so it is better not to put over-reliance on this factor.

Other factors like warranty could also be considered. Keeping in mind the above factors, go ahead with your purchase.

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There are many reasons to choose cordless vacuum cleaners; they are quite convenient to use and help you clean in the most efficient manner. You may choose from our list of the best stick vacuum cleaners in India. All these products are available on Amazon & Flipkart for delivery.

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