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Best cricket games for Android Smartphones

Cricket craze in India-: The craze for cricket is visible in every part of our country. We Indians are not ordinary cricket fans, but hardcore cricket lovers.

Our love for cricket is not limited to stadiums and TV screens only. It has taken the form of Android games too.

There are unlimited cricket games available for download, some are paid and some are free, but not every cricket game is thrilling and enjoyable.

Several factors form together an amazing android cricket mobile game, but what are these factors? 

These factors are:

1. Storage capacity: Make sure your phone has enough storage to have a hassle-free gaming experience otherwise your phone can hang and also ruin your game. 

2. Popularity: The popularity of any Android game can be measured by its ratings and downloads on the Play Store. A widely popular cricket game with a good rating and more than 50 lakh downloads will not disappoint you. 

3. Data consumption: You should have sufficient data or good Wi-Fi connectivity to keep popular and amazing games on your phone. A slow or poor connection will not only spoil your gaming experience but your mood too. A game that gives incredible features without consuming too much data will be an ideal choice for Android smartphones.

4. Sound and visuals: The sound quality and visuals matter a lot while gaming. The lower quality of sound and visuals will make you easily bored with the game. 

5. Difficulty level: You will get quickly bored and will feel irritated if the game is too easy to play. The difficulty level of the game makes it more interesting. 

Keeping these factors in mind, here is the list of the top 10 best cricket games for Android with their summary and download link.

Top 10 best cricket games for android smartphones users:

GamesApp sizePlay store ratingTotal downloads
CSK battle of Chepauk 274.84 Mb4.4 stars1 crore+
World cricket championship 2423 Mb4.3 stars5 crores+
Sachin saga cricket championship181 Mb3.9 stars1 crore+
Smash cricket20 Mb4.8 stars50 lakhs+
WCC lite57 Mb4 stars1 crore+
Real cricket 20564 Mb4.2 stars1 crore+
World cricket battle 2 443 Mb1 crore+
Epic cricket222 Mb4.1 stars1 crore+
T20 cricket championship 3D69 Mb4 stars1 crore+
Cricket league61 Mb4.2 stars50 lakhs+

Summary of the 10 best cricket games for Android smartphones with their download link:

Battle of Chepauk 2

Battle of Chepauk 2, best cricket games for Android smartphones

In this game, you are the owner of the CSK team, you will give them a ranking for match.

There are 5 modes in this game which are super over, super matches, super multiplayer, super chase, super slog, and super card clashers.

There is a public mode in which you compete against a random player online. There is also a private mode, in which you can invite your friends to compete against you with the invitation link.

All five modes are exciting, but you may like the super chase mode the most as in this mode there are five challenges in each level and there are a total of 6 levels in this mode.

Every next level is more difficult than the prior one.

The names of these six levels are Cub class, the young lion, power player, super Pro, champion, and pride of Chepauk.

Super Card clashers mode is different from other modes, In this, you will play the cricket card game.

This game has more than 1 crore downloads on the Google play store. 

App size: 74.84 Mb

Google play store rating: 4.4 stars

Download link:


World cricket championship 2

World cricket championship 2 

World cricket championship 2 is a 3D Android cricket game.

You can choose your players; you can also customize banners to cheer your team, and you can also play the famous cricket shots like the helicopter shot and uppercut.

You can play it with your friends too, there are 150 bating animations, amazing graphics, 18 international teams, 10 domestic teams, and more than 40 stadiums.

In this game, you can play different cricket formats.

There is also the feature of professional commentary in both Hindi and English language. It has great sound output.

This cricket game has won “Game of the year” in the people’s choice award category by NASSCOM gaming forum awards 2015.

It was the best game in Google Play Store for three years, i.e., 2015, 2016, and 2017.

It has more than 5 crores downloads on Google Play Store. 

App size: 423 MB

Google play Store rating: 4.3 stars

Download link:


Sachin saga cricket championship

Sachin saga cricket championship

It is a multiplayer game where you play as Sachin Tendulkar, it is a 3D game with amazing and realistic visuals.

If you are a Sachin Tendulkar’s fan, then you are going to love this game. This game includes cricket formats such as one day, T20 World Cup, Premier League, etc.

You can also build your cricket team by collecting player cards and in this game, you will compete against the cricket teams of different nations.

This game is quite popular, it has been nominated as “The best mobile and tablet game” in 2017 awards at FICCI.

By playing this game, you will also get an opportunity to win Sachin signed merchandise and other rewards.

You can also get a chance to meet Sachin Tendulkar. You will relive the real cricket experiences of Sachin Tendulkar through this game, there are series mode, tournaments mode, quickplay mode, events mode, etc.

There is also a feature of subscribing to the VIP pass and with this facility, you will have access to the premium teams and an ad-free experience.

The subscription is paid, and you can either renew it yourself or you can also opt for auto-renewable. The Sachin saga cricket championship has more than 1 crore downloads on Google Play Store.

App size: 181 Mb

Google play Store rating: 3.9 stars

Download link:


Smash cricket

Smash cricket 

You can play smash cricket in both online and offline mode; this game also has 3D graphics. However, to play it with friends, you need an internet connection.

You can choose your team from over 40 real cricketers. In this game, you can play the World Cup 2015, Premier League, super series, champions Cup, and World Cup 2019.

There are 60 modes in this game.

A few more are going to be introduced to this game soon. The best part about this game is its graphics and sound quality.

This game has more than 50 lakh downloads on Google Play Store. This is the best offline cricket game for Android.

App size: 20 MB

Google Play Store rating: 4.8 stars

Download link: 


WCC lite

WCC lite 

You can opt for 9 different languages in this game and these languages are Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, and English.

The special feature of the World Cricket Championship lite game is its size and storage capacity, as this game can be played on a smartphone with even 512 MB of Ram.

You can also play this game against your friends.

There are cricket formats like quick play, tournaments like T20, ODI World Cup, test matches, etc.

This game also has a feature of spin the wheel in which you can get many rewards which are going to be helpful while playing this game.

You can build your team and give them the roles according to your choice; it is compatible with Android version 4.4 and above and this game has more than 1 crore downloads on Google Plus Play Store.

app size: 57 Mb

Google Play Store rating: 4 stars

Download link: 


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Real cricket 20

Best cricket games for Android Smartphones 1

This game will give you a realistic experience of cricket.

You can be a part of the best cricket matches of the past and finish the game in your way.

This game will give you the chance to relive the amazing cricket memories.

Any cricket lover would not like to miss this chance, you can play either 1vs1 or 2vs2 as this is a multiplayer game.

You can also save the highlights of your match and share them with your friends.

This game is a complete package of everything related to cricket, from formats and players to commentary and stadiums.

It has more than 1 crore downloads on Google Play Store. 

 App size: 564 Mb 

Google Play Store rating: 4.2 stars

Download link: 


World cricket battle 2

Best cricket games for Android Smartphones 2

It is an advanced 3D game, this game also can be played in multiplayer mode with friends or a random opponent from anywhere in the world, it has an autopay option too.

You will play the role of a franchise owner and make your cricket team.

The unique thing about this game is its career mode.

In this mode, you will have an opportunity to start your cricket career and grow from Street cricket matches to an international cricket journey, these stages of my career mode will give you a chance to live the life of the cricketer.

This game has some amazing features like a third umpire, weather changes, different camera modes, the player’s dressing room, etc.

This game has more than 1 crore plus downloads on Google Play Store.

App size: 443 Mb

Google play Store rating: 4 stars

Download link:


Epic cricket

Best cricket games for Android Smartphones 3

This game is Epic like its name, it has HD quality visuals, live commentary, all famous cricket teams, different formats of real cricket matches.

This game is made for passionate cricket lovers.

It covers all aspects of cricket games. It is one of the best free cricket games for Android.

There are more than one crore downloads of this game on the Google Play Store.  

App size: 222 Mb

Google play Store rating: 4.1 stars

Download link:


T20 cricket championship 3D

Best cricket games for Android Smartphones 4

This game has features like a live event, cricket matches, and tournament modes with great rewards, 3D graphics, amazing visuals, and audio.

You get Power-UPS like vampire batsman, fireball, superfast balling, spring bat, etc.

The game has more than 1 crore + downloads on Google Play Store.

App size: 69 Mb

Google Play Store rating: 4 stars

Download link: 


Cricket league

Best cricket games for Android Smartphones 5

In this game, you can even play a quick match of just two overs, so that you can play and finish this game in a short time also.

This is a free cricket game and, like other cricket games, it is also a multiplayer game.

You can build your team with your favorite players, and you can play this game with your friends.

You can play matches in the best places in the world like Mumbai, Dubai, Dhaka, Melbourne, London, etc.

There are many levels in this game that keep getting difficult with each unlock.

You can play this game even with 2G and 3G networks.

This game has more than 50 lakh downloads on Google Play Store.

App size: 61 Mb

Google play Store rating: 4.2 stars

Download link:


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Final Words:

All these cricket mobile games are free; however, they have in-app purchases for ad-free gaming. Hope this article helps the cricket lover and gamer inside you to find your next favorite game. 

Some frequently asked questions:  

1. Which is the most downloaded cricket game in the world? 

World cricket championship 2 is currently ruling as the most downloaded multiplayer cricket game for android mobile. This cricket mobile game has been downloaded over 5 crore times on Google Play Store.

2. Which cricket game is best in playstore?

Currently, there are few good cricket games available for both Apple and Android smartphone users to play with. Some of them are World cricket championship 2, Smash cricket, Real cricket 20 & CSK battle of Chepauk 2.

All of them are downloaded over 1 crore times and are rated over 4 stars on Google Play Store and Apple App Store respectively.

3. What are the best cricket games under 100 Mb?

The best cricket games for Android under 100 Mb are:

  • Battle of chepauk 2
  • Smash cricket
  • WCC lite
  • T20 cricket championship
  • Cricket league

4. What are the best cricket games for Android under 50 Mb?

The best cricket game under 50 Mb for android smartphones is Smash cricket. It is downloaded 1cr times to date.

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