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Best Curved Monitors in India of 2022

In this world of growing digitalization, the need for a good monitor has become a dire necessity for everyone.

Almost all kinds of jobs need a good monitor.

From gaming to graphic designing, to managing spreadsheets, everything can be done hassle-free if you have a good monitor.

Prolonged staring into a monitor screen can cause strain in the eyes and this strain can, in turn, cause headaches and other health issues.

The invention of curved monitors has somewhat helped with the reduction of such issues.

Curved monitors have a curved screen instead of a flat one and cover more peripheral vision.

This has its advantages like eliminating distortions and putting less strain on one’s eyes altogether.

Now you might wonder, what are the cons of a curved monitor?

Well, keep reading this article to find out more about curved monitors, their pros and cons, and also how to choose a good curved monitor.

Also, learn about a few best models of curved monitors in India as of 2022.

Our topic 3 pics:

Best Curved Monitors in India of 2022 1Best overall for gaming & editing purpose.LG 49WL950G-W Monitor
Best Curved Monitors in India of 2022 2Best for hardcore gaming without frame drop.Acer Predator X35 1800R
Best Curved Monitors in India of 2022 3Best budget curved monitor with the best displayViewSonic VX3276-2K-MHD

Top Six Curved Monitors

Samsung Odyssey G7

Best Curved Monitors in India of 2022 4
SAMSUNG 27-inch Odyssey G7 – QHD 1000R Curved Gaming Monitor
Display typeLED
Screen Size49-inch
Refresh rate240Hz

The first product that we are going to talk about here is a product from the well-known brand Samsung. The product is the Samsung Odyssey G7.

We can list it as one of the best-curved monitors for gaming. Let us talk about its beautiful design first.

It has a wide 49-inch screen with a 1440p resolution.

They bordered the screen with a very thin black band flush. There is a tiny bezel that occupies the bottom edge.

The backside of the monitor has a white finish, which is really unique. The color accuracy is perfect and the gaming experience you get is unparalleled.


  • It has a large, wide-screened panel that is nothing short of luxurious.
  • The color’s performance is brilliant.
  • The brightness is exceptional.


  • It is really expensive.
  • There is an input lag that can be rectified.

Samsung CF396 Curved LED Monitor

Best Curved Monitors in India of 2022 5
Samsung Curved LED Backlit Computer Monitor
Display typeLED
Screen Size24-Inch
Refresh rate60Hz

Next on our list is another product from our beloved brand Samsung.

If you are looking for the best-curved gaming monitors on a budget, then this product from

Samsung is the perfect choice for you. This is a fairly compact and lightweight curved monitor.

There are four chunky bezels with a thickness of almost half an inch.

The support of this monitor is a V-shaped base.

It has a 1080P resolution and 16:9 aspect ratio of a widescreen. It is one of the best-curved monitors with a 24-inch screen.


  • The sRGB color coverage is really good.
  • Being a budget monitor, the brightness is fantastic.
  • It comes with a mini Joystick controller


  • The port selection is not wide.
  • The stand limits your tilt adjustments.
  • It just has a one-year warranty.

Note: This model is currently unavailable, instead check out this budget alternative – Samsung curved computer monitor [model number: LC27F390FHWXXL].

LG 49WL95C-W

Best Curved Monitors in India of 2022 6
LG 49WL950G 49-Inch Curved Ultrawide Dqhd IPS with HDR10
Display typeLED
Screen Size49-Inch
Refresh rate60Hz

Next on our list is a product from LG, the 49WL95C.

It is one of the best-curved monitors for home offices. This is a 49 inch, huge, curved screen with a sleek finish.

This 49-inch curved monitor will always be an excellent investment for you if you work on stuff like giant spreadsheets and monitoring market feeds.

With its enormous screen and great color display, this monitor will always be a wonderful choice for you. It is one of the best-curved monitors for work.


  • It has a huge 49-inch screen.
  • The USB-C port that comes with it can charge any device. Including laptops.
  • The color accuracy is great.
  • It can handle HDR content.
  • The speakers are powerful.


  • It only has a one-year warranty.
  • It is more on the expensive side.

Note: A great alternative to this: PHILIPS Brilliance 499P9H1/75 49-inch Curved SuperWide Dual QHD LCD Display. Click to view it on Amazon.

Dell S3220DGF

Best Curved Monitors in India of 2022 7
LG 49WL950G 49-Inch Curved Ultrawide Dqhd IPS with HDR10
Display typeLED
Screen Size31.5-Inches
Refresh rate165Hz

Coming to the fourth entry on our list is a product from Dell. Many of you have probably heard of this company already.

The product we are going to discuss here is the Dell S3220DGF. It is one of the best-curved monitors for designers.

With its high multimedia rating and high media creation rating, it comes under the list of best-curved monitors for video editors.

Other than that, this monitor is also popular for the great gaming experience it offers.

So it is basically a two-in-one curved monitor as you can use it for your work as well as for gaming.

If you are looking for the best-curved monitors for gaming and work, this might be the perfect choice for you.


  • The input lag is very low.
  • The refresh rate is 165Hz.
  • One of the best curved 1440p monitors.


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Acer Predator X35

Best Curved Monitors in India of 2022 8
Acer Predator X35 1800R Curved 35 Inch UltraWide QHD Gaming Monitor G-SYNC Ultimate
Display typeLED
Screen Size35-Inches
Refresh rate200Hz

The fifth entry on our list is the Acer Predator X35. This is one of the best gaming & video editing computer monitor you can get for yourself.

It is a 35-inch monitor with a 1800R radius of curvature. Its stand is perfect for gamers who prefer their keyboard to be at an odd angle.

Furthermore, it has designed accents on the back. It supports many kinds of ports, including HDMI, USB, and so on.

It also has a great, modern, and sleek, unique design that will accentuate the look of your room.


  • The gaming performance is truly unmatched.
  • It features galore.
  • It has the fastest refresh rate for an ultrawide monitor.


  • The color accuracy could be better.
  • It is really expensive.
  • It has some local dimming trails.

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View Sonic VP3481

Best Curved Monitors in India of 2022 9
ViewSonic VX3276-2K-MHD 32 Inch 2K Resolution 1440p IPS Panel Frameless Monitor
Display typeLCD
Screen Size32-Inches
Refresh rate75Hz

Coming to the sixth and last entry on our list is a product from View Sonic.

The VP3481 curved monitor is one of the best monitors for photo editing, graphic designing, as well as gaming.

With its multitasking features, it comes under the category of best-curved monitors for multitasking.

It has all the features that any curved monitor lover will crave.

With its great color quality, height, tilt, and swivel adjustments, it makes for a perfect curved monitor, whether it be for gaming, or graphic designing, or working.


  • The curved screen is extra wide.
  • It has trim bezels.
  • It has good and pleasing color accuracy.
  • It has a height, tilt, and swivel adjustment.
  • It has a 100Hz refresh rate with AMD-free sync.
  • It is pre-calibrated for various color spaces.


  • It has got button-based OSD controls.
  • The luminance and contrast ratio has been declared inadequate in some tests.

Curved Vs. Flat Monitors: Pros & Cons

Below I have listed some of the pros & cons of curved monitors with respect to flat monitors.

Advantages of a Curved Monitor

  • Curved monitors are made with such technology that they are more immersive. Their height, length, and breadth are designed in such a way that it makes these curved monitors more immersive. They do so by enhancing peripheral vision. Read more.
  • Curved monitors help with eliminating distortions. The larger a flat-screen is, the more distortion issues you would have to face. This distortion issue gets eliminated on a flat-screen. Even if you use huge, wide curved screen monitors, the distortion would not be an issue to you.
  • Studies show that curved monitors provide your eye with more comfort. The logic to this is similar to the distortion elimination logic. The curvature of the monitors makes it possible for your eyes to view everything at once.
  • Curved monitors cover a wider viewing field. The curved screen helps reflect the light from all the angles and into the viewer’s eyes. This is the reason curved monitors have a wider field of view than flat-screen monitors.

Disadvantages of a Curved Monitor

  • The glare caused by curved screen monitors can unnerve at the beginning and would need some getting used to.
  • It could be a difficult feat to achieve mounting curved monitors on a wall. It is better to place curved monitors on a tabletop.
  • Sometimes, viewing can be difficult because of the angles of the curved screen.

There are certainly fewer disadvantages of a curved monitor over a flat monitor, so when it comes to curved monitors vs flat monitors, it is undoubtedly curved monitors that will take the top spot.

For more clarification read this research journal on Curved Versus Flat Monitors.

How to choose a curved monitor that meets your criteria?

Best Curved Monitors in India of 2022 10
How to choose a curved monitor that meets your criteria?
  • The first thing to keep in mind while buying a curved monitor is the curvature of the screen. There are three common measurements when it comes to curved monitors- 1800R, 3000R, and 4000R. The R refers to the curvature of the monitor. The bigger the R, the less the curvature of the monitor.
  • Keep in mind the resolution of curved monitors. There are 1440P curved monitors, there are 1080P curved monitors and so many more. The more the ‘P’, the better the resolution of the curved monitors.
  • The size of the monitor is also something that should be kept in mind. The larger the size of your monitor is, the better your viewing experience would be. 
  • Last but not the least, keep in mind your budget. Curved monitors are really expensive but you should keep in mind that the viewing experience you get from curved monitors is worth every penny you spend. But yes, there are also curved monitors available within a reasonable budget.

Our Selection Process

I have selected the products I wrote about through the following criteria:

  • I have kept the curvature of each monitor in mind, as more curvature offers more vision coverage.
  • I kept the stand and positioning of the monitors in mind.
  • My team also considered the color accuracy and brightness of each product.

Some commonly asked questions about curved monitors:

Now that we have covered the basics of a curved monitor and also got well acquainted with a few outstanding models of curved monitors, let us briefly answer some frequently asked questions about curved monitors.

Is a curved monitor bad for the eyes?

The answer to that would be a no. A curved monitor is not at all bad for the eyes a curved monitor is better for the eyes than a flat monitor. Using a curved monitor will put less strain on your eyes by causing less distortion and giving you a better view.

Is it better to have a curved monitor?

Yes, it is better to have a curved monitor. A curved monitor is comfortable on your eyes. They cause less strain and help one view everything at once. Flat monitors might cause a strain on the eye depending on their size.

Are there any curved IPS monitors?

There are no IPS curved monitors. The technology that IPS uses does not fit well with the technology of curved monitors, hence, there have been no curved IPS monitors to date.

Is a curved monitor good for Photoshop?

No, curved monitors are not the ideal monitors for Photoshop. The planar sensors on a camera will result in you getting distorted images if you use a curved monitor for Photoshop.

Is a curved monitor a gimmick?

Well, it is a matter of debate and it all depends on the user whether a curved monitor is a gimmick. Some might argue that curved monitors are not at all a gimmick, but some would argue to the contrary. But yes, I would say that curved monitors have their advantages which I have discussed previously in this article, hence, I would like to argue that curved monitors are not a gimmick.

Is a curved monitor good for excel?

Yes, curved monitors are not only good for excel but any kind of office work. Curved monitors, because of their design, cover much of your peripheral vision allowing you to divert yourself from distractions and focus solely on your work.


In conclusion, I would like to say that curved monitors are better than flat-screen monitors.

It might be a tad more on the expensive side but I have discussed budget curved monitors too.

In my opinion, Samsung has various types of curved screen monitors that will cater to your various needs.

Other than that there is the View Sonic curved monitor I discussed which has all kinds of features and is perfect for gaming, work, photo editing, and everything.

Other than the ones I have discussed, there are several other good curved monitors too. The buying guide will hopefully be a helpful guide to all those who wish to buy a curved monitor.

From best budget ultrawide curved monitors to best curved 1080p monitors, I have discussed all of it and hopefully, it will be a help to all the potential buyers of curved monitors.

Happy Buying!

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