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Top 10 Best Duffle Bags For Travel

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So, keep reading, I’ve included a buyer guide for you to select the best possible product.

All of us like to travel. Traveling can give momentary peace from our monotonous life. It is our escape plane from all the pressures and stress that we go through in our daily life.

However, as much as we like traveling, there are some parts of it that some people may not like to do, for example packing luggage.

Going away on a vacation starts with ticket booking and the next step is luggage packing. While some may do it very efficiently, some people lack this talent.

Also, packing luggage properly not only requires organization skills but it also requires a good luggage carrying bag.

Before you start packing you have to decide what kind and size of bag you will require for a particular vacation, based on the length of your vacation.

In this article, we are going to talk about one particular luggage bag i.e. the duffle bags.

So, if you are planning to buy a duffle bag before you go on to your next vacation, here is a list of some of the best duffle bags that you will get online in India.

Our verdict:

Overall winnerAmerican Tourister Travel DuffleLightweight bag made using nylon has 61 liter capacity.Check out
Bag with the bigger capacityAmazonBasics Foldable Large Duffle BagIt has a capacity of 98L. Huge! Good for a week's tour.Check out
Best for womenkézitáska Travel DufflesThe design is well suited for Ladies. Has a glossy finish & light weight.Check out
Best for gymGear Cross Training Travel DuffelFor gym goer this is the most budget friendly option for you.Check out

Why Will You Choose A Duffle Bag Over Other Bags?

Top 10 Best Duffle Bags For Travel 1
Why Will You Choose A Duffle Bag Over Other Bags

Easy to carry with other bags –

duffle bags are a great option when you are traveling with two or more bags. If you are going on a short vacation maybe for a week or so, you can easily pack all your clothes and other accessories into your duffle bag and laptop and other small things into a backpack.

Even if you are traveling abroad and you have too many things with you, you can easily carry a duffle bag with you along with big trolley bags.

Good for road trips –

Firstly a duffle bag can hold a lot. So, if you are going on a road trip carrying only a duffle bag will be enough for you. Also, you have to be careful with it.

They are good at squeezing, so you can just shove it anywhere when the car is already packed with other’s luggage. Even if you throw it on top of other bags, you don’t have to worry about your bag.

Easy to pack –

For those who are not so good with folding all the clothes properly and then placing them one by one, above each other, this bag is for them. For those impatient people, you can just shove all the clothes inside it, zip it up and you are good to go.

Gives a professional vibe –

Sometimes you can manage to pull up a professional look with certain duffle bags. You cannot walk into a meeting wearing a backpack but with some professional-looking duffle bags, you can totally manage that.

Available at affordable prices –

If you are not looking for some duffle bags from luxury brands then you can easily find one within a low budget. You can get a good quality duffel bag within Rs. 2000.

Now that you have enough reasons to buy a duffle bag, let’s see what are the things that you need to consider while buying a duffle bag.

List of Top 10 Best Duffle Bags for Travel

Now we will check some of the best duffle bags available online in India.

BagsCapacity[Lt.]Dimension [cm]
Skybags Cardiff Travel Duffle [Blue]56.865 x 38 x 18
Skybags Cardiff Travel Duffle [Red]3955 x 29 x 29
American Tourister Travel Duffle6155 x 28 x 31
KILLER Travel Duffle3423 x 55 x 28
Clownfish Ambiance Unisex Travel Duffle2045 x 23 x 23
kézitáska Duffle Travel Bag2650 x 25 x 28
Gear Cross Training Travel Duffle2238 x 24 x 24
AUXTER duffle Bag2343 x 23 x 23
Aristocrat Volt Nxt Blue Travel Duffle63 x 33 x 35
AmazonBasics Foldable Large Duffle Bag9882.5 x 43.2 x 29.2

Skybags Cardiff Blue Travel Duffle

Top 10 Best Duffle Bags For Travel 2
Skybags Cardiff Polyester Blue Travel Duffle

Skybags does not require any introduction in the world of bags. It is one of the most popular brands for bags, be it school backpacks, or heavy trolley bags for carrying luggage. So, it is most logical to start the list with a Skybags product.

This dark blue duffle bag comes with a pair of wheels, so you do not have to carry it if not needed.

However, it also has adjustable straps so that you can carry it across your shoulders or back, if needed, as on rough roads dragging wheeled luggage bags is not convenient.

This duffle bag which is made up of polyester has a capacity of 56.8 liters, weighs 2498 grams and its dimension is 65 cm x 38 cm x 18 cm (L x W x H). It has a butterfly lock system.

There are one large main compartment and two other small zipped pockets at the sides, which are suitable or keeping small things. It can carry 17 to 18 kgs.

This durable duffle bag with its sturdy design and extra space is perfect for a week’s getaway. It is one of the best travel duffle bags with wheels.

However, the only problem is that there is no separate pocket for carrying laptops.

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Skybags Cardiff Red Travel Duffle

Top 10 Best Duffle Bags For Travel 3
Skybags Cardiff Polyester Red Travel Duffle

Here is another one from Skybags, but this is a traditional duffle bag. This one is kind of similar to the last one as they belong to the same series of Skybags.

This carry on duffle bag is available in both red and dark blue colors.

It is made up of polyester and has a capacity of 39 liters. It weighs around 2330 grams and has a dimension of  55 cm x 29 cm x 29 cm (L x  W x H).

Not only that, but it also has a butterfly lock system that takes care of luggage safety.

The bag has one major big compartment along with other small and medium-sized compartments on the three sides. These are good for keeping things in an organized manner.

The main compartment has a strong base for supporting the major weight. It can carry up to 12 to 15 kgs.

This duffle bag with its durable design and all those extra spaces is perfect for a weekend trip and with its adjustable straps, you can easily carry it over your shoulders.

However, it is not completely waterproof and not suitable for carrying laptops.

American Tourister Blue Travel Duffle

Top 10 Best Duffle Bags For Travel 4
American Tourister Nylon Blue Travel Duffle

American Tourister is another well-known company for bags. From small school bags to large luggage carrying bags it covers all.

This blue colored duffle bag is made up of nylon. It has a capacity of 61 liters and its dimension is 55 cm x 28 cm x 31 cm (LxWxH).

Apart from the big compartment in the middle, there are three other medium-sized compartments on the three other sides. Also, there is another zipped pocket inside the large compartment.

It’s U shaped opening of the main compartment provides complete access to things inside.

It has a twin grab handle with a padded flap surrounding it so that you don’t feel any discomfort while carrying it. Also, there is a large detachable and adjustable shoulder strap, so that you can carry it easily over your shoulders.

This stylish lightweight duffle bag with all its extra spaces from all the pockets is enough for a person’s one or two weeks long vacation.

It is one of the best duffle bags with the carry-on feature.

KILLER Travel Duffle

Top 10 Best Duffle Bags For Travel 5
KILLER Polyester Travel Duffle

Leather bags are always eye-catching, be it any kind of bags. Duffle leather bags are also not an exception to that.

This brown colored polyester duffle bag from Killer is made up of leather of superior quality. It weighs around 1.27 kg and its capacity is around 34 liters. The dimension is  9 inches x 21.5 inches x 11 inches (W x L x H).

It mainly has only one compartment and a small zipped pocket on one side. The zippers and fitting are of high-quality metal and there is a lining of PU coated polyester inside the bag, which makes it sturdy.

Apart from a pair of padded grab handles it also has a long adjustable shoulder strap. All these make it easier to carry around.

Overall, it is a durable leather bag with a premium look, which you can easily use for a small business trip.

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The Clownfish Ambiance Series Unisex Duffle Travel Bag

Top 10 Best Duffle Bags For Travel 6
The Clownfish Ambiance Series Unisex Synthetic Brown Duffle Travel Bag

Here is another leather duffle bag useful for traveling purposes.

This brown colored duffle bag is made up of high-quality Vegan leather which is also water-resistant. And for the inner lining, they have used superior quality polyester fabric. The metal fittings are also sturdy and durable.

The duffle bag has a capacity of 20 liters and weighs around 810 grams. It can carry up to 6 kgs and has a dimension of 45 cm x 23 cm x 23 cm (L x W x H).

It has only one main compartment with two padded grab handles and an adjustable and detachable shoulder strap. Inside the main compartment, there are separate pockets for keeping small items.

overall it is a lightweight premium looking durable bag, with its rich brown color and elegant look it gives a professional vibe. you can easily take it for a short business tour.

Also, this product is made in India.

kézitáska Duffle Travel Bag for Women

Top 10 Best Duffle Bags For Travel 7
kézitáska Duffle Travel Water Resistant PU Leather Bag for Women

This has been chosen especially for the women.

This duffle bag is made up of PU leather which is water-resistant. There is a printed criss-cross design on the upper surface, which gives it a stylish look.

Mainly there is one large compartment and a medium-sized zipped pocket at the front.

It has a weight capacity of 7 to 8 kg and its dimension is 50 cm x 25 cm x 28 cm (L * W * H). It weighs only about 480 grams.

Along with a twin grab handles, it also has an adjustable shoulder strap

This duffle bag can be used as a cabin bag in flight and it is sufficient for a 2 to 3 days small trip.

Gear Cross Training Travel Duffle

Top 10 Best Duffle Bags For Travel 8
Gear Polyester Grey Travel Duffle

So far we have seen all solid colors but here is one with some mixed colors.

This duffle bag from Gear which is a mixture of different shades of grey and orange colors is made up of polyester. This bag is water-resistant and it is a traditional duffle bag without any wheels.

It mainly has one compartment with two small zipped pockets on two sides. The capacity of this bag is 22 liters and its dimension is 38 cm x 24 cm x 24 cm (L x W x H).

The grab handles are attached with a flap which is heavily padded and there is also an adjustable shoulder strap so that you can carry it easily.

This lightweight duffle bag comes with durable zippers, tough stitches, bar tacked load points, and are also tear-resistant.

You can easily use it as check-in luggage.

AUXTER duffle Bag for Men & Women

Top 10 Best Duffle Bags For Travel 9
AUXTER Duffel Bag Shoulder Bag for Men & Women

Here is another leather bag that can be used by both men and women.

It is made up of premium leatherette fabric and the inner material of the bag is soft polyester. Its capacity is 23 liters and the dimension is 43 cm x 23 cm x 23 cm (L x B x H).

It has only one main compartment with double zip closure. The zippers are made up of heavy-duty metal which also has an anti-rust coating and thus they are strong and durable.  

Along with a pair of carrying handles, it also has an adjustable shoulder strap which is 125 cm long and 3.8 cm wide.

It is a lightweight bag that is soft but also resistant to scratches.

This dark brown duffle bag is a “Made in India” product which you can easily use for a 2 days trip. It is a very low budget bag.

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Aristocrat Volt Nxt Blue Travel Duffle

Top 10 Best Duffle Bags For Travel 10
Aristocrat Volt Nxt Polyester Blue Travel Duffle

Here is another wheeled duffle bag. This one is from Aristocrat. The bag has a pair of wheels. With its sturdy handle and the wheels you can drag it anywhere,

One of its most unique features is that it expands. This blue color duffle bag is made up of polyester. It mainly has only one large compartment which has a U shaped opening for better access. There is also a zipped pocket at the front.

There is a pair of grab handles with a flap attached to it. It acts as a padding, which provides comfort while holding it. And there is also an adjustable shoulder strap.

Three are lugs at the bottom of the bag which provides stability and protects the lower surface of the bag.

This bag with a huge holding capacity weighs around 2.1 kg and has a dimension of 63 cm x 33 cm x 35 cm (L x W x H).

For a couple of weeks-long vacation, this smart-looking durable bag is enough.

AmazonBasics 98L Foldable Large Duffle Bag

Top 10 Best Duffle Bags For Travel 11
AmazonBasics 98 L Foldable Large Duffel Bag

The last one on the list is an Amazon product from AmazonBasics.

This duffle bag has a large rectangular shape which has a dimension of 82.5 x 43.2 x 29.2 cm (L x W x H). Its weight-bearing capacity is 22.67 kg, and it is completely made up of nylon.

It has a large roomy compartment in the middle whose volume is over 98 liters, along with two zipped medium-sized pockets on the two sides for keeping small items.

The loop handles are useful for lifting, whereas the shoulder strap is useful for carrying.

Overall, this lightweight durable bag gives a stylish look.

Buying guide for choosing the right duffle bags for travel

Top 10 Best Duffle Bags For Travel 12
Buying guide for choosing the right duffle bags for travel

Size – The first thing that you should check is the size of the bag. Based on the kind of vacation you are going, the requirement of space will differ. The usual measurement says that –

  • 30 to 50 liters for a weekend trip,
  • 50 to 75 liters for a 10 to 15 days trip, and
  • 70 to above 100 liters for a long vacation.

Types – There are two types of duffle bags – traditional and wheeled.

  • Wheeled – These are useful if you have to pack a bit of extra luggage. These have larger compartments with multiple side compartments. As they have a pair of wheels and a retractable handle so you don’t have to worry about carrying it. You can just drag it smoothly. These are good for longer trips or business tours when you have heavier luggage.
  • Traditional – These duffle bags come with handles, you have to carry these bags physically. However, some come with backpack belts which makes it easier to carry them. These are more popular as camping nags as they are strong, lightweight, and also budget-friendly.

Though personally I think it is better to go for one which will have both wheels and backpack belts. So, that you can carry it in any way as per your convenience in a particular situation.

Material – Duffle bags are usually made up of thick polyurethane. These are water-resistant and durable. Some of the other materials used are ballistic nylon and TPE. However, none of them are water-resistant.

Weight – It is one of the most important factors to consider especially if you are looking for a traditional duffle bag which you have to carry. Usually, a wheeled duffle bag is heavier than a traditional one of the same capacity.

However, heavier duffle bags are more durable than a lighter one. If you want a lightweight traditional bag then you may have to compromise a bit on the durability part.

The number of compartments – Though the size, type, and the number of compartments depends on the brands, most of the traditional duffle bags have only one large zippered compartment.

However, most of the wheeled ones come with multiple compartments of different sizes, which are handy for keeping smaller items.

Having different compartments helps in keeping a track of where you have kept what instead of rummaging through your whole luggage for finding one small thing.

Carrying options – Those duffle bags which do not have wheels, have two options of carrying them – backpack straps and shoulder straps.

  • Backpack straps – Many of the duffle bags come with backpack style straps. These are easier to carry on your back and the straps also have light padding for your comfort.
  • Shoulder straps – These are not as easy to carry as backpack straps. These can be good for a shorter distance but after that carrying them can be uncomfortable. Shoulder straps are good for small or medium-sized duffle bags when the luggage is light.

Zippers – The placement of the zippers is also important in a luggage bag. It affects how much you can put inside the bag and also how difficult it will be to zip it up when it is too full.

The presence of flaps on top of the zippers improves the stiffness of the zippers and the bag. Also, lockable zippers are preferable, so that you don’t have to worry about the safety of your luggage.

Overall these are the few points that you should mainly consider for a duffle bag.

Some commonly asked questions:

Are duffle bags good for traveling?

Yes, they are good for traveling. These are lightweight, easy to carry, and are perfect for a small vacation.

What are the best duffle bags?

Some of the best duffle bags have been mentioned above. You can always go for brands like Skybags, American Tourister, Aristocrat, Clownfish, etc.

What size duffle bag can you carry on a plane?

Although you should check the policy of the airline by which you will fly for the size of the bag that they allow, however, the most common measurement is 56 x 36 x 23 cms (L x W x H) maximum.


These are some of the best duffle bags that you will get online in India 2021. These bags are within a price range of Rs. 300 to Rs. 2000 and are mostly from established brands.

From a weekend trip to a small vacation of a couple of weeks, these bags are the best options, instead of carrying a big trolley suitcase for light luggage.

Though at this moment vacation seems to be a distant reality due to this pandemic but be positive that this fiasco will get over soon.

So, be ready with one of these so that you can pack your bag and can leave for your vacation as soon as you get the chance.

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