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Top 5 Best Ergonomic Office Chairs in India For Long Hours

According to Merriam-Webster, Ergonomics is the science of the design of equipment, especially to reduce operator fatigue, discomfort, and injury.

An ergonomic chair, following this definition, will automatically mean a chair that is specially made so that the user may feel utmost comfort while using it.

An office chair is a type of chair that is designed for office use at a desk.

It is usually a chair with wheels for mobility and has a lever controlling the function of adjusting the height.

Top 5 Best Ergonomic Office Chairs in India For Long Hours 1

In the 1970s, ergonomics became an important consideration while building office chairs; as studies started to prove that the comfort and energy of the workers are directly related to work output.

Today, office chairs often have different specialized features such as adjustable seats, armrests, back supports, and adjustable heights to prevent repetitive stress injury and pain in the backbone associated with long work hours in the same position.

The need for ergonomic office chairs has significantly risen as it is no longer considered a luxury but a piece of basic furniture or equipment for office work.

Choosing something of such high importance must be a very confusing process and before investing in a good ergonomic office chair you must do some research as a buyer.

This article will help you understand the significance of this piece of furniture and tell you why is it necessary to buy only the best, and how to know which one will suit you the most.

So, if you are planning to buy a new ergonomic chair, or this is the first time you are hearing about it, and it seems interesting, this article is right for you.

Why Do You Need Ergonomic Office Chairs?

Read on to know which are the best ergonomic chairs for those long hours at your desk.

Top 5 Best Ergonomic Office Chairs in India For Long Hours 2

Posture Support

Long hours at work in front of the computer mainly consist of constant sitting postures without any active movements.

Chairs that lack basic ergonomics do not support your spine and back thus resulting in really bad posture. You tend to lean forward as the back height is improper.

Ergonomic chairs are the solution to this as their full- design support your entire height and enhance your posture.

Pain Reduction

Due to bad posture, lack of mobility, and absence of proper back support, most office workers suffer terrible lower back pain, neck pain, and frozen shoulders.

The introduction of an ergonomic chair to your office desk is a solution to this problem.

You can evade pain as ergonomic chairs promise better support, cushioned base, and a back.

The pain reduces as the body is not put under unnecessary stress and is relaxed.

Proper Blood Circulation

Sitting is the new smoking. This seems impossible, but studies have shown that just an hour of constant sitting can increase the risk of heart disease, poor blood circulation, and depression.

Though ergonomic chairs are not a direct solution to this problem, ergonomic chairs are made in a manner that raises your metabolic rate above the normal resting rate.   

Increased Productivity.

The work environment is directly proportionate to output. This is why office planning and decoration play such an important part.

An ergonomic chair is not only a piece of furniture, but it impacts the lives of the employees. Comfort and happiness result in visibly better productivity.

It is proved by science.


Chairs should be such that they can fit perfectly for one and all. Employees come in all shapes and sizes; thus, the chairs should be able to adjust themselves as per the needs of the person sitting on them.

To make the employee feel valued, their workspace should be tailor-made for them.

Ergonomic chairs come with adjustable levers that can be changed according to the needs of whoever sits on them.

Seat height, seat depth, adjustable armrests, back reclination, or the headrest length everything can be changed in these chairs.

Safe and Durable

Ergonomic chairs are designed in a way so that they do not cause any injury to the person who is using them. They are well-balanced and cushioned for optimum safety. These types of chairs benefit your health and see to it that you are relaxed while you work.

Ergonomic chairs are made for rough and long-time use. They are sturdy and durable and made for daily use. If they are not manhandled, they promise you a long life of their own. You won’t have to make recurrent purchases. It’s a long-term investment.

Verdict: The best ergonomic office chairs selected by our team

Our Top ChoicesWhy?Where to get them?
Top 5 Best Ergonomic Office Chairs in India For Long Hours 3Da URBAN Miller revolving Office ChairLeatherette chair with a double layer of cushion. Top choice for people whose budget is under 5000 INR.Amazon
Top 5 Best Ergonomic Office Chairs in India For Long Hours 4Green Soul Monster UltimateThis is an expensive chair that keeps up to its hype. Great executive office chair with premium finish & neck support.Amazon

5 best office chairs for work from home in India under Rs 15000

Product NameDimensions[LxBxH]Weigh SupportType
Apollo Chrome Base Office Chair25x26x48100 kgHigh back
Green Soul Seoul Office Chair86x 45x 47100 kgMid Back
Green Soul Monster Ultimate50x71x133120 kgHigh back
INNOWIN Jazz Mesh Office Chair70x63x43120 kgMid Back
Da URBAN Miller revolving Office Chair51x51x102100 kgMedium Back
Top 5 Best Ergonomic Office Chairs in India For Long Hours 5

What are the best ergonomic office chairs in India?

Some of the best ergonomic office chairs from top brands available in India are mentioned below with some details.

To check out their entire specifications visit the links provided, you will also get the buying options from the same link.

Apollo Chrome Base Office Chair

Top 5 Best Ergonomic Office Chairs in India For Long Hours 6

The dimensions of this office chair are 25x26x48 to 53 inches (LxWxH) and is a high-back plastic frame chair. The item’s weight is 15 kilograms and has the capacity to take 100 kg of weight.

The primary material is an ergonomic polymer with a countered mesh back. It has a strong plastic armrest, chrome-plated metal base, pneumatic 5-inch -seat height adjustments, and a 2-inch thick padded seat for day-long comfort.

This chair comes with a One-year warranty against breakage or manufacturing defects. This is a non-assembled do-it-yourself chair. Toolkit and assembly instruction is provided in the package.

Those long hours at the office won’t feel that long anymore, as this chair will allow you to breathe and work better with its all-around support.

Price: 5399/-

Who is it for?

This is a budget executive office chair for entrepreneurs or small business owners who are looking for a cost-effective solution.

Green Soul Seoul Mid Back Office Chair

Top 5 Best Ergonomic Office Chairs in India For Long Hours 7

This product is made in India and has dimensions of 86x 45x 47 centimeters (LxWxH) and is weighed 11 kilograms. The chair can take up to the maximum weight capacity of 90 kilograms.

This chair has a thick molded foam seat with breathable fabric and mesh. It has a Tilt Mode that allows increased relaxation as the lever when pushed outwards will recline the chair and even rock it.

The chair has an adjustable seating height and fiber armrests. The chair has a 360-degree swivel and 50 mm wheels.

The product comes with a one-year warranty and requires assembly by the purchaser. It is considered the best ergonomic chair in India under 5000.

Price: 3290/-

The comfort of your home will also be felt at your office as now you can relax while at work with the reclined chair mode. Get comfortable now.

Who is it for?

Cost-effective option for business owners or office management who’re looking to buy desk chairs for their employees.

Green Soul Monster Ultimate Multi-Functional Ergonomic Chair

Top 5 Best Ergonomic Office Chairs in India For Long Hours 8

This is a premium ergonomic chair with a dimension of 50x71x133 centimeters (LxWxH) and the item weight is 23 kilograms. This chair is suitable for anyone whose height is between 157 to 178 cm.

This chair is made with breathable Spandex fabric upholstery, which helps in air circulation, thus keeping the user cool for hours at a stretch.

The framework is metal and the cushioning is memory foam. It also has a head and neck pillow to provide extra support.

The rocking range is approximately 15 degrees and the adjustable backrest angle is 90-180 degrees and has dual caster 60 mm wheels.  It’s a self-assembly product but assembly service is available on request.

The product also has a 3-year warranty product. It is the best ergonomic office chair with a headrest and has an executive feel to it.

You cannot feel more comfortable while you are working at your home or at your office with this hair with its all-cushioned back and neck support.

It is the best ergonomic chair for neck and back pain that you will get your hands across.

Price: 18990/-

Who is it for?

This is an expensive executive office chair for business owners, entrepreneurs, gamers, and of course office bosses.

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INNOWIN Jazz Mid Back Mesh Office Chair

Top 5 Best Ergonomic Office Chairs in India For Long Hours 9

This chair with an ergonomic lumbar support has dimensions of 70x63x43 (LxWxH) centimeters. The product weight is 18 kilograms but can take up to 120 kilograms. The frame material is plastic covered with nylon mesh.

This is a heavy-duty, long-lasting chair with adjustable arms and a 360 degree swivel feature. It also has a single lock synchro-tilt mechanism with class 3 gas lift and pneumatic height adjustment. 

This chair is very easy to assemble at home on your own as you just need to connect the base to the seat without using any tools. It is packed in such a manner so that while delivery no damage is caused. This ergonomic chair is a bestseller due to its inexpensive nature even though it is very durable.

Do not worry about your workload as while on this chair you will feel like giving your best. One of the best computer chairs for long hours in India with excellent customer reviews is here for you.

Price: 7800/-

Who is it for?

This can be one of the best office chairs for working from home in India. IT business owners, banks, and showroom owners can definitely check this out.

Da URBAN Miller Medium Back revolving Office Chair

Top 5 Best Ergonomic Office Chairs in India For Long Hours 10

If your budget is low, yet you want a cushioned chair, this one is for you. With a dimension of 51x51x102 cm and a weight of 15 kg, it can hold up to 100 kilograms of weight.

This is a leatherette chair with a double layer of cushion both at the back and seat. It also has a strong cushioned armrest for a comfortable paper job or typing.

The product has a chromium base with 5 smooth nylon caster wheels and pneumatic 5-inch -seat height adjustment for day-long comfort.

The product comes with a six months warranty against manufacturing defects or breakage.

A toolkit and assembly instructions come with the package, as this is a do-it-yourself unassembled chair.

One of the cheapest yet high-quality ergonomic executive office chairs available in the market that also takes care of your back issues as their cushioned layering makes you feel at each.

You should get the chair if you want that chief like to feel in your home office or at work.

Price: 4890/-

Who is it for?

This boss leather office chair will be a great choice for management employees like HR, front desk employees, and also for managers.

Buyer’s Guide for Ergonomic Chairs: How do I choose a good office chair?

Top 5 Best Ergonomic Office Chairs in India For Long Hours 11

When choosing an ergonomic office chair, it’s important to consider your individual needs and preferences. You may also want to try out a few different chairs before making a final decision.

There are certain factors and key elements you have to keep in mind and check before you choose the right chair for you.

If you want the best product for you, here are some things you should look out for-

Lumbar Support

Lumbar help and its customizability are basic models for an ergonomic seat.

This is the key essential distinction between an ordinary seat and an ergonomic seat.

The lumbar spine is the fundamental supporting structure that holds and settles the chest area, including the neck and the head.

It permits development, ensures the spinal line, and even controls leg development. Its inward bend assists with appropriating the heaviness of the head, which decreases the grouping of pressure.

The lumbar help in your seat will keep your ebb and flow right and assist you with retaliating and neck torment.

Seat Height

A decent ergonomic seat will let you change the seat tallness as indicated by your necessities. The accessible section for changes from 15 to 22 creeps off the floor.

This reach suits individuals that are 5 feet to 6.5 feet tall. To decrease weight on your lumbar area and knees, the right stance at the correct stature is the point at which your feet are level on the feet with your knees at a 90-degree point.

Seat Width

Every client has an alternate midsection and hip size. In any case, the standard seat size is between 17 to 20 inches wide.

This estimation is agreeable for general clients who have in any event 1 inch on one or the other side of their hips.

This is an agreeable space when the arms are on the rest without extending excessively far.

Seat Depth

Seat Depth is significant for the hip and back help so the client feels no pressure in their lower back and knees. The seat should be profound enough so that the rear of the individual leans against the back yet leaves a space between the finish of the seat and the client’s knees.

At any rate ¾ of the thighs need to fit in the seat. A seat slider is likewise an accommodating apparatus and clients should search for that in their ergonomic seats.

The best ergonomic office seat is the one with customizable seat profundity.


The backrest is one of the main pieces of the best ergonomic seats for the home office just as in the corporate world as it bolsters the significant part of the spine.

A common backrest should be between 12 and 19 inches wide and ought to advance powerful seating instead of a static stance. This builds blood stream and permits the body and to work better.

The backrest ought to permit its client to lean back to mitigate some weight from their lower back and the tension on lumbar plates should be diminished.

Material utilized

The seat paddings should be made with premium quality froth and ought to have adequate staffing. The texture of the seat should be breathable and effectively cleanable.

A work backrest is suggested as it keeps the client cool as the air can course through the openings and furthermore shape the entire back.


The armrests should be portable as the ideal tallness of armrests is from 7 crawls to 10 creeps over the seat stature. They ought to easily rest their elbows and lower arms while composing or composing.

Armrests should be expansive enough so the arms don’t tumble off or get tension on one explicit territory.

Movement and Stability

Ergonomic seats should have the option to move and pivot easily for simple access by the client.

They ought to likewise have 5 spokes for strength and have a substantial weight admission limit so they can easily convey the client with no dangers.

The wheels of the seat should be of a high caliber, so they don’t represent any danger or harm to either the individual or the ground it remains on.

Are ergonomic office chairs worth it?

Ergonomic office chairs are designed to provide proper support and comfort to people who spend long hours sitting at a desk. These chairs can help to reduce the risk of back pain, neck pain, and other musculoskeletal problems.

Ergonomic office chairs are worth a try, using them you can sit in a proper comfortable manner for a long period of time. Research shows that improper sitting posture hurts the back and people develop back pain from it.

So you can see why should you consider buying an ergonomic office over a normal chair.

7 Important tips on sitting properly on an office chair

Sitting properly on an office chair can help to reduce the risk of back pain, neck pain, and other musculoskeletal problems. Here are some tips on how to sit properly on an office chair:

  1. Keep your feet flat on the floor: Your feet should be flat on the floor, with your knees bent at a 90-degree angle. This will help to keep your spine in a neutral position and reduce stress on your lower back.
  2. Sit up straight: Sit up straight with your shoulders back and your chest out. This will help to keep your spine in a neutral position and reduce stress on your neck and shoulders.
  3. Adjust the chair to your body: Adjust the chair to your body by adjusting the height of the seat and the backrest. The seat should be at a height where your feet can rest flat on the floor, and the backrest should be at a height where it supports the natural curve of your lower back.
  4. Use the lumbar support: Use the lumbar support provided by the chair to help maintain the natural curve of your lower back.
  5. Adjust the armrests: Adjust the armrests so that your shoulders are relaxed, and your elbows are at a 90-degree angle.
  6. Take frequent breaks: Take frequent breaks from sitting to standing and walking around. This will help to reduce the risk of blood clots and keep your body moving and active.
  7. Keep your computer screen at eye level: Keep your computer screen at eye level, to reduce the strain on your neck and shoulders.

It’s important to remember that every person is unique and different, so it may take some time to find the right adjustments and positions that work for you. Also, when you are making any adjustments to your chair, you should be able to move around easily and should not feel constricted or confined in any way.

Some FAQs:

Why ergonomic chairs are important?

They are important for the overall health being of the user, minimizing pain and stress. They are for comfortable seating and greater productivity.

Which brand of office chairs is the best?

Your requirements being met are more important than any specific brand. You should choose an ergonomic chair tailored to your user. Some of the best products are listed above. Check them out to know more about your specifications.

What type of office chair is best for your back?

Cushioned or meshed back with proper lumbar and head support is best for your back. There are other requirements such as proper seat width and depth and backrest height. Your lower back and neck should be well supported by your chair.

What is the most comfortable office chair?

Ergonomic office chairs are designed to offer you the best experience full of comfort. Proper Cushioning and back support will make your chair more comfortable. Chairs with an armrest and headrest are strongly recommended for total relaxing seating.

Which is the best chair for work from home in India?

The best chair for work from home in India is an ergonomic office chair that provides proper support and comfort for long hours of sitting. Look for chairs with adjustable height, lumbar support, and armrests.

Are ergonomic chairs worth the money?

Ergonomic chairs are unquestionably worth the cost. Purchasing a high-quality ergonomic chair can help you avoid long-term health issues like back and neck pain and bad posture, which can end up costing you more money.

What is the best ergonomic office chair for sitting long hours?

The most ergonomic office chair for prolonged sitting depends on personal preferences, body shape, and financial constraints. Popular choices include the Secretlab Omega Series, Steelcase Leap Chair, and Herman Miller Aeron Chair.

How much should you pay for an ergonomic chair?

The brand, features, and quality of an ergonomic chair will all affect the pricing. The price of a high-quality ergonomic chair might range from 10,000 to 50,000 rupees or more.

How do I know if my ergonomic chair is good?

A decent ergonomic chair needs to offer lumbar support, adjustable height, armrests, and a cozy seat. Also, it ought to encourage proper posture and offer sufficient back, neck, and shoulder support.

Is an ergonomic chair the same as an orthopedic chair?

No, an orthopedic chair is not the same as an ergonomic chair. An orthopedic chair is made to support and align the spine for persons who have back problems or injuries, whereas an ergonomic chair is made to provide support and comfort for long periods of sitting.


These are some of the best Ergonomic Chairs available in the market that you can even get online.

Due to the pandemic, it has become next to impossible for people to physically go to stores to buy things.

So I have included the top ergonomic chairs for work from home in India, these are best-selling online. They belong to varied ranges so that you can choose the one that fits your budget.

As work from home is the new normal.

Buying that ergonomic chair for your desk at home is only fair. Give your body the best experience while at work.

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