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Best Fossils Watches Under 15000 [Men & Women]

Fossil watches have been blowing our minds since the 1980s with their extraordinary designs, stylish looks and stunning features. Be it men’s watches or women watches, Fossil delivers the designs that are best from the rest.

You invest your money in a Fossil watch, you surely are not going to regret your decision. Fossil has a range of premium quality watches that are highly priced and some models might even cost you a fortune.

When we talk about price here, you need to know Fossil is going to give you value for your money, because the watches not only just look mind-blowing, but they are high quality watches that will last long and will not give you any internment troubles.

So, in order to make sure you do not buy something not worth your money, we have compiled a list of the best fossil watches available in India under 15000 just for you.

Go through this list and get these latest fossil watches on amazon.in.

We have bifurcated the list into two parts: Best Fossil Watches for Women and Best Fossil Watches for Men.

Best Fossil Watches for Women Under 15000

Best Fossil Watches for Women Under 15000

 Fossil Jacqueline Analog Rose Gold Dial Women’s Watch

Best Fossils Watches Under 15000 [Men & Women] 1

This stainless steel rose gold watch by Fossil is just near to perfection with its classy and stylish looks. The analog display with a large sized pink dial adds to the beauty of this watch.

The watch is equipped with a quartz crystal.

This quartz crystal will oscillate when a current is applied to it which facilitates electronic movement which is far more better than the watches that support mechanical movements.

The watch is water resistant, and you can go underwater up to 50 meters without any worries. The watch is extremely lightweight weighing just 50 grams.

It is backed by a 2-year international warranty by the manufacturer. The watch bracelet is durable and will last long.

You can get this watch for ₹ 11,995.

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Fossil Stella Analog Rose Gold Dial Women’s Watch

Best Fossils Watches Under 15000 [Men & Women] 2

Fossil Stella Collection is quite popular because of its fine looks and quality.

The rose gold color which is greatly admired by women and the stainless steel body which is durable and sturdy makes you want it more.

The price of this watch is a cherry on the cake, because you are getting all these amazing features at just ₹ 5,695.

The case diameter is 38 millimeters and mounted with mineral glass. The quartz movement makes it an apt choice for the buyers.

This beauty by Fossil is also backed by a warranty of 2 years from the manufacturer. The watch is water resistant up to 50 meters. You can carry around this watch casually. 

Go check this product out:

Fossil Analog Watch

Best Fossils Watches Under 15000 [Men & Women] 3

Studded with crystals, this fossil watch with analog display is a perfect match for all your party outfits. It looks just attractive and aesthetic with its rose gold color.

The band is just 14 millimeters wide and the case diameter is 34 millimeters wide. It is water resistant up to 50 meters deep in water. It has also got a 2-year manufacturer warranty just like any other fossil watch. 

Grab this watch at just ₹6,495/-

Fossil Gen 4 Sloane stainless steel Touchscreen Women’s Smartwatch – FTW6050

Best Fossils Watches Under 15000 [Men & Women] 4

Ladies, go checkout this smartwatch from fossil available at ₹ 13,197 with all the amazing features and a touch screen giving you an amazing experience.

This smartwatch powered by Wear OS by Google can work both with the iPhone and Android phones. This is a well to go gadget for the busy bees; you can get all your notifications, alerts and other important smartphone apps in your watch only.

Furthermore, the watch keeps a track of your fitness activities, tracks your heart rate using Google fit. It also has GPS and also supports you on your swimming activities with its swim proof design.

Since it is powered by Google, all your activities like payment, music, travel are made easy with google apps. The battery life is also going to amaze you, for this smartwatch can be operated for 24 hours on an average on single charging.

It gets charged up to 80% in just an hour, so you are always set to go. A built-in microphone helps you access the Google Assistant easily.

The watch looks all classy and stylish and why not, after all it is a fossil watch!

 Go check this watch.

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Fossil Jacqueline Analog Blue Dial Women’s Watch – ES4094

Best Fossils Watches Under 15000 [Men & Women] 5

This blue color fossil watch with a stainless steel body looks extremely gracious. This one’s also from the most popular “Jacqueline” collection of the Fossil watches.

Although it has got the same features as the above watches: quartz movement, 2-year warranty, large dial with fine looks; what makes it different is its unique design and color. 

Grab this model for ₹ 10,995.

Best Fossil Watches for Men Under 15000

The Best Fossil Watches for Men Under 15000

Fossil Chronograph Men’s Watch

Best Fossils Watches Under 15000 [Men & Women] 6

This black beauty by Fossil is one hell of a classy model from the Fossil “Machine” Collection. The round case has a diameter of about 42 millimeters.

The watch is water resistant up to 50 meters. The chronograph display makes it more appealing. The watch weighs around 907 grams.

It is available for ₹10,995.

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Fossil Decker Chronograph Analog Black Dial Men’s Watch

Best Fossils Watches Under 15000 [Men & Women] 7

Fossil Decker Chronograph is sure to be a smart option to consider, if you want to invest in a good wristwatch. This one is available just at ₹7,995.

This watch with its unique design, the finest looks will leave you astounded. The dial material is composed of mineral which makes it scratch- resistant and durable. This watch will suit well with both formal and informal outfits.

The watch is water resistant up to 100 meters deep in water.

It also has a Fold-Over Clasp with Single Push Button Safety feature. 

Go get this product.

Fossil Nate Analog Black Dial Men’s Watch

Best Fossils Watches Under 15000 [Men & Women] 8

This fossil watch has got everything you need and is a complete style statement available at just ₹ 6,996. The watch has a chronograph display, and a leather strap which is of fine quality and will last long.

The watch has a 24-hour time display, stopwatch second hand and minute hand. It also has quartz movement which is obviously better. The brown band and black dial make a deadly combination.

The watch is water resistant up to 100 meters deep in water.

The product is backed by a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Go purchase this product.

Fossil Cuff Chronograph Men’s Watch

Best Fossils Watches Under 15000 [Men & Women] 9

This new model by Fossil is the ultimate class and looks just perfect. The black color makes it all classy and all the more appealing to the buyers.

The watch weighs around 300 grams, which makes it easy to put on all day long. It is perfect for a casual look and goes well with all your regular wears. The watch will last long and is a perfect companion for rough and tough days.

You can get this watch for ₹ 8,797.

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Fossil 44mm Townsman Analog Grey Dial Men’s Watch

Best Fossils Watches Under 15000 [Men & Women] 10

Available at just ₹ 7,645, these men’s watch is one of its kind with classiest and finest looks. This stainless steel band is 10 millimeters wide and the case has a diameter of 44 millimeters.

The silver color band and black dial makes the watch look even more aesthetic and appealing to the buyer. It can go 50 meters underwater and is backed by a 2-year warranty.

You can get this wristwatch for 7645INR.

Some FAQs

Are Fossil Watches worth the money?

Fossil Watches are surely worth the money because of their multi functionality, the finest quality, classy looks, long life. Trust me, you will never regret buying a fossil watch.

Is Fossil a good brand?

Fossil, without any fail, is the best brand available out there in the market today.

Are Fossil watches made in India?

Fossil has design studios in Biel, Switzerland close to Rolex as well as manufacturing facilities in China and distribution centers in Dallas, Germany, and Asia. (Source)
Fossil also has a wholly owned domestic subsidiary in India.


Almost all the Fossil watches under 15000 are equipped with the multi-functional features offered by Fossil and are class apart. The above list contains certain latest models and certain bestsellers from the old collections.

You can choose any of the above models and will definitely not regret your decision. Hope you find the above list helpful!

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