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13 Coolest Gaming Headphones under ₹5000 in India [PC & Mobile]

Gaming headsets are headphones with a mic attached, so making them easy to wear while playing a game or listening to music and record sound at the same time.

Right now, budget gaming headphones with mic under 5000 in India are gaining huge popularity due to online gaming platforms, devices like PlayStation & Xbox, etc.

Today, the trend is to live streaming gaming on sites like twitch.tv & youtube gaming.

The demand for both wired and wireless gaming headsets was never like this before. And now, Indian gamers are also live-streaming on sites like YouTube gaming and twitch, etc.

The best place to buy good gaming headphones in India is one where you can compare technical specifications, the only place to do so is on the Internet.

Today, I will mention the coolest gaming headsets both wired & wireless for PCs, PS4, Nintendo, Smartphones, and Xbox in India.

List of the best gaming headphones to buy online in India for PC, PS4, Xbox, Nintendo

13 Coolest Gaming Headphones under ₹5000 in India [PC & Mobile] 1HyperX Cloud Stinger Gaming HeadsetWinner. Top-notch performance & build quality.Check it out
13 Coolest Gaming Headphones under ₹5000 in India [PC & Mobile] 2ASUS TUF H3 Gaming HeadsetRunners-up. Comfortable on the ear with a good unidirectional mic.Check it out
13 Coolest Gaming Headphones under ₹5000 in India [PC & Mobile] 3JBL Quantum 100Best budget pc gaming headphone under 2500.Check it out

Check out the best in the market product that you can buy and upgrade your gaming experience.

Cosmic Byte G1500 7.1 Channel USB Headset for PC/PS4 with RGB LED Lights

13 Coolest Gaming Headphones under ₹5000 in India [PC & Mobile] 4

With this 7.1 channel gaming headset, you can literally hear the slightest sound even if you’re in noisy surrounding.

It has an Omnidirectional noise reduction and is designed with RGB lightning on each ear cup.

The left ear cup is with a volume controller and vibration control switch.
You’ll have no problem wearing it for a prolonged period of time. It is designed for that only.


  • Noise Reduction Sound Card & Vibration Mode
  • Omnidirectional noise reduction microphone with a flexible tube
  • More comfortable for long time wear.
  • Aluminum foil flat cable, comfortable hand feel, durable tensile effectively reduce the external resistance


Excellent sound for both gaming and watching movies.
Brass is great.
The overall quality and build are absolutely fantastic.


Vibration is annoying.
Sometimes PS4 support problem.

Cosmic Byte G1500 7.1 Channel USB Headset Reviews:

Comfortable to wear, excellent build quality and that brass are damn good.

Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars based on 62 customer reviews

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HyperX Cloud Stinger Gaming Headset

13 Coolest Gaming Headphones under ₹5000 in India [PC & Mobile] 5

My personal favorite. HyperX Cloud Stinger is the best gaming headset in India for gamers looking for lightweight comfort, and superior sound quality.

It has good quality foam, which is comfortable is you wear it for a long time. It is compatible with PC, Xbox One, PS4, Wii U, and mobile devices and has a single 3.5mm stereo plug.


  • Lightweight Comfort
  • 50mm Directional Drivers for Audio Precision
  • Swivel-to-Mute Noise-Cancellation Microphone
  • Multi-Platform Compatibility


The headset is very light
Sound quality for gaming is excellent


It can cause sweat in long duration

HyperX Cloud Stinger Gaming Headset Reviews:

In terms of sound quality, noise cancellation, and durability it is the best in this price segment.

Ratings: 4.3 out of 5 stars based on 2592 Customer Reviews. This model is also Amazon’s best choice for pc gaming headphones under Rs 5000 in India currently.

13 Coolest Gaming Headphones under ₹5000 in India [PC & Mobile] 6

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Kotion Each Over the Ear Headsets with Mic & LED – G2000 Edition

13 Coolest Gaming Headphones under ₹5000 in India [PC & Mobile] 7

Premium quality gaming headphones with mic from Kotion, which comes with some really cool features. The design itself is awesome and led lights on the ear cups are the icing on the cake.

Bighead? No problem.

Just adjust the size of the headphone according to the size of your head for the best experience.


  • Adjustable Headphones
  • Suppleness: Very Flexible Will Not Break.
  • Volume Controller
  • Foldable Mic


Great sound quality
Quite comfortable
Fine noise cancellation


The headphone is very heavy.
Uncomfortable for Long Time use

Kotion Each G2000 Reviews

It is tough to find good headphones under 1500, this one does the job satisfactorily. Though the noise cancelation totally sucks.

Ratings: 4.1 out of 5 stars out of 547 customer reviews.

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Redgear Dagger Professional Gaming Headphones with RGB LED Effect

13 Coolest Gaming Headphones under ₹5000 in India [PC & Mobile] 8

Redgear gaming products are top class let it be professional gaming headset for pc, mousepads, or even gamepads.

Amazing headset with great headband adjustment ability to prolong gaming hours. It also has a volume controller in the left ear cup.

It has an amazing braided cable which increases the durability of the wire.


  • 3 color RGB LED dazzle light
  • High sensitivity microphone delivers more accurate, clear and smooth voice
  • High-quality sound
  • In-Line Volume controller


Retractable Microphone
RGB LED Colors
High-quality sound
Braided cable


Lacks 7.1 surround sound.

Redgear Dagger Professional Gaming Headphone Reviews:

Well, it’s like you get what you paid for the thing. It is decent for gaming purposes.

If you’re looking for good gaming headphones for games like CS, Dota 2, Fortnite, Overwatch, PUBG, etc., then this is good enough.

Ratings: 4.4 out of 5 stars out of 34 customer reviews.

13 Coolest Gaming Headphones under ₹5000 in India [PC & Mobile] 6

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Cosmic Byte GS410 Headphones with Mic for PS4, Xbox One, Laptop, PC

13 Coolest Gaming Headphones under ₹5000 in India [PC & Mobile] 10

This one is specially designed for PC, Laptop gaming, and for PS4, PS3, and Xbox One. It can be a contender for good gaming headsets for ps4.


  • Primary kind of gaming headset, perfect for playing games, listening to music
  • Soft cushion head-pad and ear-pad, as well as adjustable length hinges, guarantee hours of gaming comfort
  • Flexible microphone for exact positioning and mic with great sensitivity at picking up sounds


Very comfortable to wear
Sound is good
The cord is extra-long


Mic problem
Bit heavy


Looking for the best budget gaming headset? Or Want to try out gaming headsets for pc before buying some expensive ones? Then this is it.

Buy without any hesitation. It’s good for casual gamers but not for pro gamers.

Ratings: 4.0 out of 5 stars out of 595 customer ratings

13 Coolest Gaming Headphones under ₹5000 in India [PC & Mobile] 6

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EKSA 7.1 Stereo Surround Sound Gaming Headset

13 Coolest Gaming Headphones under ₹5000 in India [PC & Mobile] 12

Hearing every minute sound/noise during a game is very important to stay ahead of the enemy and this is not possible if the headphone does not deliver clear & crisp sound.

For this reason EKSA 7.1 Stereo Surround Sound Gaming Headset can be a savior for you. The 7.1 surround sound helps you to listen to every little detail and makes your gaming experience even better.

This 7.1 stereo surround sound gaming headset is a little weight play game and the ear cushion sare quite comfortable for a long duration your ears will not pain. It also has unidirectional noise cancellation.


  • 7.1 Surround Sound
  • Noise-Cancelling Mic
  • 360° adjustable rotation
  • Designed for all-day comfort
  • Very lightweight

It is one of the top-rated & best-selling gaming headphones with a mic for pc & mobile. To know more about this product, click the link below:

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Special Mention:

Razer Kraken X Ultralight Gaming Headset

13 Coolest Gaming Headphones under ₹5000 in India [PC & Mobile] 13

Another great product. This gaming headset is compatible with pc, mobile, laptops, and ps4. So it can be used in a multi-gaming platform which every maybe be your favorite.

This is a premium-level gaming headset for professionals, having all the necessary features like 7.1 HD surround sound, noise cancellation, and ultra-lightweight for extra comfort.

40mm drivers to deliver crystal clear sound for the ultimate gaming experience.


  • 7.1 Surround Sound for Positional Audio
  • 40% lighter than other headsets
  • In-Headset Audio Controls
  • Durable Construction

This model weighs only 250g made for all-day gaming has passive noise cancellation, no need to worry about the noise coming from the surround.

13 Coolest Gaming Headphones under ₹5000 in India [PC & Mobile] 6

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Note: If you don’t like this model then there is another alternative, you can check out this model Razer Kraken Multi-Platform Wired Gaming Headset instead. Customer ratings: 4.3/5 stars.

13 Coolest Gaming Headphones under ₹5000 in India [PC & Mobile] 15

Click to check it out.

boAt Immortal IM-200

13 Coolest Gaming Headphones under ₹5000 in India [PC & Mobile] 16

Boat is one of India’s most famous companies manufacturing music equipment and electronics. It is now a household name among the millennials of India.

I’m glad to review a made-in-India gaming headset by an Indian company.

And yes, boAt immortal im-200 doesn’t disappoint you at all.

Design & Comfort

So this is a wire pc gaming headphone by boat which has a very trendy design. The ear cups have RBG breathing LED lighting, precisely the boat logo on either side.

The ear cushions are made using soft memory foams which are trend to be softer and offer better comfort, wear them for 2-3 hours with less discomfort.

Sound & Mic

This one also has 7.1 virtual surround sound.

50mm audio drivers align with the option to customize both the audio & mic according to the game requirement.

This can be done by downloading boat labz software application from their website.

The mic is powered by ENx technology, apart from this the mic has a noise isolation feature. Easily communicate with your teammates.


This is a very standard product, you’ll find no discomfort while wearing it, but there are some issues with the mic that boat needs to rectify ASAP, otherwise is a value for money buys under 1500.

OneOdio A71D PC Headsets

13 Coolest Gaming Headphones under ₹5000 in India [PC & Mobile] 17

For the first time, I’m reviewing a product from this brand, after a little googling, found out that this is a German company mainly involved in the manufacture of audio devices and testing equipment.

OneOdio sells their product worldwide and has a quite good reputation regarding their products.

This OneOdio A71D Headset says it is made for pc gaming only but you can certainly connect other devices too without any issue.


The DJ-style ear cuffs are big and wide to give a noise isolation effect. The ear cushion & headband are made up of protein breathable leather which is soft and decompressing.

The sliders are made of stainless steel.

So the philosophy is clear, to make the headset as comfortable as possible so that the gamer can wear it for 3-4 hours straight.

Sound & Mic

This is my favorite part while reviewing any headphones, this headset has a 40 mm neodymium magnetic driver for an immersive sound experience while playing games. One good thing about the mic is that it’s detachable, using it to listen to music or watch movies without the mic.


You can go with this headset if you’re looking for a budget option under Rs 3000. It’ll not disappoint you.

Logitech G 331

13 Coolest Gaming Headphones under ₹5000 in India [PC & Mobile] 18

Review Logitech g331 just for the Logitech fanboys out there. We all know that this particular brand excels in making one of the best computer and gaming accessories in the World. But here is the catch, I found their music products like headsets to be mediocre [my view].

Logitech g311 is somewhat a good product.

Design & comfort

The best thing about this Logitech headset is the best, sleek & classy. Almost everyone can wear the ear cuff because it is moderately large. The earpads are leatherette, there is no mention of memory foam, they’re claiming it’s comfortable enough to wear for a long period of time.

The only con here is the cheap plastic body.

Sound & Mic

The quality of sound output is decent, some users reported that 3D audio is working well, that’s a plus point I’d say. Note: this one has a stereo speaker, not 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound.

The mic in this model is not detachable like the next model g233. The noise cancellation is mild, not good if the environment is too loud.


Logitech g331 has room for further improvement. The pros of this model are the design, and its mic, which catches the sound pretty well. Lack of surround sound will affect the immersion gaming experience. If your budget is around 3500, then you should check out this product.

JBL Quantum 100

13 Coolest Gaming Headphones under ₹5000 in India [PC & Mobile] 19

The most popular brand in headphones, JBL. The fact that so few JBL gaming headphones exist surprised me. It came to my attention while watching a YouTube gaming video.

You’d be surprised to know that so many cool features and sound technology are offered by JBL Quantaum 100 at its price segment.

  • JBL QuantunSound Signature
  • Spatial Surround Sound

Apart from these, there are:

  • Detachable mic
  • Memory foam ear cups
  • Advanced communication
  • SKYPE, Zoom & Discord certified
  • Mute button

JBL currently killing it with these features.

Design & Comfort

It boosts the typical JBL signature over-ear headphone design, the similar color texture used too.

The headband and the ear cushions are made using memory foam and are very lightweight.

Almost every user who is satisfied with the level of comfort this headphone provides can play games straight for hours wearing this headset.

Sound & mic

Sound is the USP of this device. Backed by JBL’s own QuantunSound Signature, along with spatial surround sound. This has the best sound output among its peers, helps you with the immersion gaming experience.

The mic does a decent job of canceling unwanted noise while talking with teammates. 

Some users also pointed out that voice clarity is also excellent.

JBL Quantum 100’s mic is certified by both discord and skype, which you won’t find in any of the other gaming headphones for pc, smartphones, Xbox, or even PS4 under 5000 INR.


JBL has done a splendid job with the sound and mic. There are no better gaming headphones under Rs 2500 in India right now.

Corsair HS50 PRO

13 Coolest Gaming Headphones under ₹5000 in India [PC & Mobile] 20

Corsair is the favorite computer hardware manufacturing brand for all gamers, from headphones, RGB gaming keywords to ram.

Corsair HS50 PRO is the budget alternative to HyperX cloud stinger, a similar kind of experience at a lesser cost.

Design & comfort

The design is very attractive, and the grayish-black texture gives it a premium look. The finishing of the headset is very perfectly done. The ear cup cushioning is of soft foam. They have used aluminum for the entire structure, not just for the sliders. So you can expect it to last longer than other headsets using plastic or stainless steel.

Sound & Mic

HS50 pro is equipped with 50 mm neodymium audio drivers that deliver crystal clear voice essential in playing multiplayer games.

The mic is also a detachable one, so can use it for both gaming & watching movies. The mic is unidirectional.


At Rs 2999 price is the go-to for gamers who prefer Corsair to Kraken or HyperX headphones.

ASUS TUF H3 Gaming Headset

13 Coolest Gaming Headphones under ₹5000 in India [PC & Mobile] 21

How about pairing your Asus gaming laptop with one of their premium gaming headsets?

Well this Asus TUF H3 gaming headphone is just as awesome as their TUF series gaming laptops.

This headphone is compatible with a variety of devices like:

  • Smartphone
  • Laptop
  • Desktop
  • Play station
  • Xbox


This headset has 50 mm Asus sound drivers that support the 7.1 channel surrounding sound technology, thus ensuring gamers a rich experience.

Design & Comfort

Well Asus Tuff H3 has excellent in this department by using protein leather for the ear cushions and making the ear cuffs airtight, which in turn gives the game a passive noise isolation effect.

The body frame is made using stainless steel that provides great durability in long-term use.

The weight of the headphone is kept below 300gms to make them lightweight and comfortable to wear for longer gaming sessions.

Also, there is fast cooling memory foam in the ear cushions, take a small break, and start again.


There is a unidirectional audio feature and built-in Rog Armory II software that assist in the customization of the equalizer as per the requirement of the gamer.


Can be your best mate for gaming, the 7.1 surround sound and 50 mm driver with fast cooling memory foam is a deal-breaker here.

Surely a worthy contender for the best gaming headphones in India under 5000.

Final Words

These gaming headsets are the ones that are either the best seller or best rated on Amazon India right now.

There are many good headsets with a microphone available online for pc, mobile, laptops, Xbox & PlayStation. If budget is not a problem then Razer Kraken X can be an excellent choice.

So, there is a chance I may have missed some from other sites. If so comment on the product name I’ll add to my list.

Now, buy the best gaming headphone under 5000 in India and experience the ultimate gaming atmosphere. 🙂

Some frequently asked questions:

Which is the best gaming headphone under 5000?

Razer Kraken X is my standalone recommendation for the best gaming headphone under 5000. 7.1 Surround Sound Capable on pc and is one of the lightest headsets out there.

What is the best and cheapest gaming headset?

Cosmic Byte GS410 Headphone in, my opinion, this best and cheapest gaming headset. This model comes with a mic and supports PS4, PS3, and Xbox One.

Which is the best headphone for pc gaming?

Razer Kraken X & HyperX Cloud Stinger are the best in class gaming headsets that you can buy online in India. They are good surround sound quality and Razer Kraken got 7.1 Surround Sound Capable.

What is the lightest gaming headset?

If you’re looking for the lightest gaming headset, then Razer Kraken X is the best choice. It is the Ultralight model that you can buy for under 5000 INR.

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