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7 Best GoPro Action Camera Alternatives To Choose From

All set for your adventure trip out there?

Wait, did you pack up your bags cautiously? Have you got yourself covered up for everything and also something to cover your adventure stunts, too?

Well, now you know what we are getting at!

All the sports and adventure lovers out there know their adventure kit might be incomplete without an action camera.

When it comes to action cameras, we have a hell of a lot of alternatives available in the market today. With GoPro completely owning the marketplace and standing out from the rest, people rarely get to know about the other models available in the market.

You can get an action camera at an affordable and pocket-friendly price, and that too a good action camera.

List of Best GoPro Action Camera Alternatives to Buy in India:

Here, we have a list of the best alternatives for a GoPro Action Camera that you’d surely want to buy!

1. Campark X30 Native 4K 60fps Action Camera

7 Best GoPro Action Camera Alternatives To Choose From 1

This action camera by Campark is just the thing for you if you are looking for a professional camera that can record all your adventures perfectly! The product highlights are stated below for your ready reference:

· Video Recording at 4K, 2.7K, 1080P, 720P.

· Flawless Image Capturing at 20MP, 16MP, 13MP, 8MP.

· Smart Electronic Image Stabilization Feature to provide steady photos and videos.

· Convenient touch screen for expedient operations.

· Well suited for your underwater adventures because of its waterproof casing that lets this action camera to dive at the most 131 feet.

· Equipped with rechargeable 1350 mAh double batteries.


· The camera has a wide lens that can be adjusted to capture the complete scenic view.

· The battery life of the camera is a plus point.

· EIS feature makes it ideal for difficult adventures where you have not got much stability, but your camera, for sure, has!


· It is not backed by any warranty.

· The camera in itself is not waterproof unless it is enclosed in its case.


Campark Electronics is an electronics manufacturing company delivering top-notch mini sports and action cameras since 2009.

This action camera by Campark is available at Amazon for just ₹8,490 and is for sure a suitable alternative for a GoPro Action Camera for it ensures professional video recording and high-quality pictures in different modes.

The EIS mode ingrained in this camera makes it even more appealing for you to have your adventures recorded without the tension of shaky images or unstable videos.

If we talk about the waterproof feature, almost every good action camera today comes with this feature and it is not an exception here.

The camera can be connected with other devices via Wi-Fi and also has an HDMI port. The camera also has time-lapse, slo-mo, and other different modes.

The camera has rechargeable dual batteries, which implies you can enjoy your sport without having to worry about battery loss. All n all it is a good option to consider.

Check this product on Amazon

2. DJI OSMO Action Camera

7 Best GoPro Action Camera Alternatives To Choose From 2

This dual-screen action camera by DJI Osmo is a good option to consider if you are looking out for an alternative to GoPro. It provides you incredible features at ₹20,899, which might cost you more than 30k if you buy a GoPro.

Here are some of the main features of this action camera:

· It has got a sturdy and durable body.

· The camera has combined Rocksteady and EIS technology to provide steady, stable, and clear shots.

· The combination of back and front screen is deadliest. You can frame yourself easily in any way possible on the front screen and you get the perfect display at the back screen.

· The SloMo mode works seamlessly. It can deliver up to 8 times slow motion with which you can capture every minute detail.

· The camera can go up to 11m deep into the water and can tolerate a maximum temperature of -10 degrees centigrade.

· 12MP Camera which shoots ultimate 4K videos.

· The average life of the battery is about 2.55 hours.


· The front display screen is a blessing for the active YouTubers or vloggers.

· The voice command feature works meticulously unlike other cameras where you might have to face troubles with this feature.

· The user interface of this camera is developed in a manner to provide ease of accessing the incredible features of this action camera.


· The camera is not overpriced, for the features it has to justify the price, but the accessories that you need to purchase with this camera are quite expensive like battery and the others.


This action camera by Osmo is believed to be one of the best alternatives to the Go Pro Camera. People who have used both the cameras do appreciate the beauty of this camera and how it is just like a GoPro camera only.

The video and image quality of the camera is unmatched, the ultra HD images capturing all the details exactly the way they are would leave you awestruck.

One other feature that works as an icing on the came for this superb action camera is its voice control technology. You can use voice commands to operate various functions on the camera.

The lens is designed in a way to support anti-glare capturing, which will make your footage crystal clear. 

Check this product on Amazon

3. AKASO V50X Native 4K 30fps WiFi Action Camera

7 Best GoPro Action Camera Alternatives To Choose From 3

This terrific Wi-Fi action camera by AKASO provides the user with high resolution, splendid shots with its wide adjustable angle that can go to a max of 170 degrees. The other important things that you need to know about this camera are listed below:

· The camera provides you the ease of a touch screen which is about 2 inches wide.

· The EIS mode of this action camera is good and ensures clear and stable captures and footage.

· The wifi is inbuilt in the camera and it can also be connected to other devices, all thanks to its HDMI Port.

· Average battery life is up to 3 hours.

· It works well for a temperature range between -5 degrees centigrade to 45 degrees centigrade.

· The camera is waterproof up to 40 meters underwater.


· With just 540g, it is all handy and compact.

· The image quality is good.

· Time-lapse and slow-motion mode work just fine.


· The camera does not have a pause button, which could make you worried a bit!


You can now have so much more and that too just at ₹9,799. Not just the price is good, but all the features are great. The design of the camera is sturdy, and it does support you in your rough and tough adventures.

The camera can be controlled through a wireless remote control, which makes it easier to use. But remember, the remote control is not waterproof, so be very careful here! It comes with 2 batteries.

If you wish to have a voice control variant in this brand, you may go for V50 Elite.

Check this product on Amazon

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4. INSTA360 ONE R 360 Edition

7 Best GoPro Action Camera Alternatives To Choose From 4

Well, it looks like GoPro is not the only one giving us the best these days. Here we have got this masterpiece from Insta 360, that sure as hell is one of the best action cameras available out there. Some key highlights of this beauty are as below:

· Before going ahead, you should know this product is available at ₹37,046, but it is worth it!

· It has a 4K lens with a 5.7K panoramic video resolution.  

· There’s this thing called a scene detection algorithm which enables the user to get crisp and clear images in low light as well.

· One thing that makes this camera different from others is its invisible selfie stick feature. Wondering, what is that? You can very conveniently get difficult angles and perspectives from a third person’s point of view in an easy go mode.

· The camera has a dual-lens combined with 360 mod.

· Artificial Intelligence technology gets the user to record the best of the adventurous experiences.

· The camera is waterproof up to 16.4 feet underwater.


· Amazing and spectacular shooting with wide-angle, 4K video capture resolution.

· Lens cap and mounting bracket give additional protection to the camera.

· The camera weighs around just 340 g, which makes it easy to go and carry around for all your sports, whatever it may be!


· A tad bit expensive, but we believe it is worth the money!


This camera, for sure, is a great rival to a GoPro action camera. For what it’s worth, this gadget is not going to disappoint you for it’s got the best of the features. This camera comes with a mounting bracket which makes it go waterproof.

The 5.7 K video resolution gives the ultimate shots and great videos. “Rugged & Ready”, as they say, the camera complements the toughest of your adventures and is not tough on the users with an easy to access the user interface.

Lens Guard provides additional protection to your camera. It is a good option to consider if you are bored with your old Go pro camera and want to shift to something new and try some pretty cool features.

Try this product: Check it out on Amazon

5. SJCAM SJ4000 WiFi 12MP Full HD WiFi Sports Action Camera

7 Best GoPro Action Camera Alternatives To Choose From 5

Now this one is a cheaper alternative for those who do not want a lot of features but still want a good action camera that is smart enough to capture all their good, rolling times. Some of the product specifications that might help make you this decision are:

· The camera has a wide-angle lens with a 12 MP shooting sensor.

· The camera has an angle that is 170 degrees wide, with a short focal length.

· It can be charged with USB which you could just plug into a computer and it’s done.

· The camera weighs around 557g.


· With all the basic features of an action camera, it is a good choice, if you’re looking out for something cheap and best. You can get this product at Amazon for just ₹5,499.


· The camera is not waterproof, that is something you might be worried about!

· On average, the battery life of this camera is not up to the mark. Also, it requires just 1 battery.


This camera is a good option to consider when you are all up for those rocky adventures, because this thing is not going to support you underwater, my friend! Apart from this, it sure is a good purchase, especially for the beginners who do not want to get into any trouble by buying those expensive action cameras.

Look out for this action camera on Amazon India.

Click here to check on Amazon

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6. YI 4K Sports and Action Video Camera

7 Best GoPro Action Camera Alternatives To Choose From 6

This action camera fits well in your pocket, as they say, and also doesn’t hurt your pocket! Well, you know what we mean by this. When you can get an action camera this good at just ₹9,990; then you should not think twice. And what good we are talking about, it’s here for you:

· The camera combines the best of the technologies to provide the user with top-notch shoots.

· 2.19” touchscreen and an incredibly high resolution make your shooting experience even more fun.

· Low light at night or a bright sunny day, you don’t have to worry if you have this action cam by YI. It has an in-built cooling system to prevent overheating of the camera body.

· Automatic light sensing makes your task even easier. It’s done with the help of CMOS and an ISP processor.

· Average battery life after one session of fuelling in is about 2 hours.

· LCD touchscreen and the Gorilla Glass Retina Guard are the perfect add-ons that make it more attractive.

· Product is backed by a 1-year warranty.


· Image stabilization feature works meticulously.

· YI camera mobile app makes things easier, providing an easy, user-friendly interface.

· High-speed wifi provides seamless connectivity.


· You won’t get a service center in India. This might complicate things a bit.

· The camera does not support an external mic.


Available in different vibrant colors, this fancy camera has got all you need. The camera is water-resistant with a waterproof casing. This one is a strong competition to a GoPro cam which lets you have the most at a minimal cost. You should consider this one.

Click here to check it on Amazon

7. Fit Spark Eagle i6 PRO WiFi Action Camera

7 Best GoPro Action Camera Alternatives To Choose From 7

Alright, here’s to another leading camera by Fit spark, which delivers the best of the performance with its amazing image stabilization quality, which the company calls, “HYPERSMOOTH IMAGE STABILIZATION”. The highlights of this action camera are:

· 4K video resolution with IMX 386 CMOS Sensor for absolutely stunning videos and photos.

· The camera is compatible with an external mic, so you can easily create your vlogs while you travel around the world.

· It is waterproof up to 40 m underwater.

· Time Lapse and slow-motion mode of this camera will never let you miss any intriguing details.

· The camera supports wide-angle shots.

· 1050 mAh battery which can easily be removed and requires 2- 4 hours for charging.

· The camera supports Wi-Fi and HDMI connectivity.

· Extremely lightweight camera with just 63 g.


· The camera provides value for money at just ₹6,999.

· Video Quality is remarkable.


· Battery backup issues have been faced by a few users.


It sure is a good option to consider, if you do not want to spend huge bucks on a GoPro camera. It provides you with splendid video and image quality and much more at a reasonable price.

The package is accompanied by other accessories that you might need for your adventures and sports.

So, don’t miss out on the fun.

Check this product at Amazon.

But before going ahead, we suggest you have a look at our guide for the buyers for what all one should look at in an action camera.

Buyer’s Guide: Tips for choosing the right Action Camera

Video resolution of a camera, lens quality, and image quality are the obvious factors that you would have to look out for and that goes without saying! But apart from these main factors, other essential things cannot be ignored at all.

7 Best GoPro Action Camera Alternatives To Choose From 8

So, here you go, look out for the following before you make a purchasing decision:

1. BATTERY LIFE: Well, you do not want to lose out on the fun at an adventure, tour, sport, or the like, when you cannot record your favorite moment, because the battery of your camera was dead!

So, it is advisable to look out for a camera with a good battery, so that you are ready to rock n roll, always!

With so many features and operations simultaneously running on the camera, the battery tends to get drained up. So, you should carry an extra battery with you.

These accessories can be easily available online with the camera itself. On average, a good action camera can provide you with 2-3 hours of uninterrupted shooting and capture.

So, invest here accordingly!

2. PHYSICAL ATTRIBUTES: While out on a trip, it would be good if you have a good action camera that is durable, strong, sturdy, and waterproof.

You never know, what new adventure comes up on your way when you are out. So, you do not want your camera to break down because it is not strong enough to handle the atrocities of your rough and rugged adventure trip.

Waterproof action cameras are kinda necessary these days because even if you are not out on an underwater adventure, it could rain anytime, or water could spill anytime on your gadget!

Then there is another factor that you need to check is whether the camera has a touch screen and how the user interface it offers.

Furthermore, a small size would be a cherry on the cake for a good action camera, for it will be easy to carry around and can easily fit in your pocket.

3. CONNECTIVITY: By connectivity, we mean WiFi connectivity and other modes of connection with other devices like HDMI portability.

This is a mandatory feature, because how else are you going to share your photos with your family, friends or view your adventures on a big screen because a 2” screen is not enough for viewing those splendid moments.

Do check out that your action camera has Wi-Fi connectivity.

Some of the action cameras also come with wireless remote control that helps you operate your camera. Such accessories are available with cameras, you can check the details online before you go ahead.

Apart from the above factors, you can consider the price, image stabilization feature (almost all cameras have this feature at its best these days, customer reviews might help you out here), warranty, customer ratings, service quality by the manufacturer, and the like.

Closing Thougts:

This was our list of the best GoPro Alternatives available in India that are not too costly. You can try them, and you will surely not have to regret your decision.

GoPro Action Cameras may be good, but they are not the only available action camera to serve your purpose. We hope we have been able to bring out this thought clearly in our article.

So, happy buying, everyone, and also do not forget to capture every moment of your life!

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