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Best online site to Buy Mobile Covers in India

Mobile phones have become a necessity these days.

Everywhere we go we can’t live without our phones for a long time.

With mobile phones being used so frequently, we ought to take care of them since they are fragile and can be easily damaged.

Mobile covers help a lot in keeping the phone safe and it is always recommended to have a phone cover so that your phone is always protected from scratches and hardware damage.

9 Best online shopping websites to buy mobile covers in India

Best online shopping websites to buy mobile covers in India

Apart from Amazon and Flipkart, there are many other websites as well through which you can order mobile covers. Some of them are:


DailyObjects is a really popular website and it does not need any introduction. You might have seen its advertisement on social media like Facebook and Instagram.

DailyObjects provides eye-catching and aesthetic phone covers. The phone covers are available for almost any mobile model and you can select the design for your mobile model from the same.

The cases provide good protection to your mobile and can protect your smartphone from an accidental drop.

The quality of the mobile case is really good. The phone cases are shockproof and are tested on drops, so you can rely on these cases with few drops on your phone.

The cases here are of premium quality and are a bit expensive compared to the prices which the other websites offer.

Link: https://www.dailyobjects.com/


While the other websites mentioned in the list provide other products as well apart from the mobile cover; this website is a dedicated website and only provides phone covers.

The main purpose of this website is to provide a mobile cover that will define your personality. This website has a huge range of amazing designs for all types of smartphones.

This website covers all types of ranges; from the premium range to the affordable range.

One of the most important features of the covers from this website is that it provides covers that are made of an anti-scratch matte finish.

The covers are well-defined and have precise side cutouts and raised front bezel for extra protection of the screen to avoid scratches.

The website provides free shipping and provides real-time tracking of the package.

Link: https://www.coverscart.com/


This website is a dedicated website for all the iPhone users out there. This website is known for providing minimal cases without any hassle.

The cases are light weighted and so do not add much weight to the overall phone.

Since they are thin, they are lightweight and so you cannot rely on them to protect them from the water drops. The case sure protects the back of the glass from scratches.

This website provides cases made up of leather and silicone as well.

Link: https://casedodo.com/


This is a very popular brand and does not need any introduction. This website is very popular amongst the youth.

Bewakoof provides a huge variety of patterns from floral prints to superhero patterns to some written quotes.

Bewakoof provides good quality cases on a budget. Even though this website provides thin cases; they are good in terms of design but are not completely shockproof.

This website provides delivery all over India and has a user-friendly interface. You’ll find good and trendy cases here at an affordable price like Rs 99.

I have personally used the mobile case for my phone from this website; it worked great for me 🙂

Link: https://www.bewakoof.com/


It is a young website and its targeted audience is the youth of the country. It provides out-of-the-box designs when it comes to mobile covers and t-shirts. Since this blog is about phone cases, let’s stick to the same.

The website covers mobile covers for all the brands ranging from Apple iPhone, Samsung, Google Pixel, Oppo, Vivo, and many more.

The website also provides customizable covers where you can send them your design and they’ll get it printed on the phone case as per your phone model.

Link: https://www.beyoung.in/


I came across this website via an advertisement on Instagram. It was a good discovery I would say. I have personally used its phone case. I am a pixel user and there are fewer websites that keep cases for Google Pixel phones.

I was glad that all the designs available on the website are available for pixel phones as well. This website offers a good variety of mobile covers at an affordable price like Rs 99.

The website has plastic cases and has categorized its designs into various categories like floral, abstract, motivational, superhero, and so on.

It provides free shipping if you buy 3 covers together and has other good deals as well as keeps ongoing. It’s a good discovery I would say.

Link: https://inkmesilly.com/

Stay Classy:

It is an amazing website when it comes to purchasing a good quality phone cover. All sorts of mobile covers are available here from slim cases to pop cases and 4D cases.

You can create your design as well on this site and they will provide the case for you on that design. You can even ask them to make changes to your design if you are not satisfied with the final product. The customer care service is amazing.

Personalized phone cases are available as well. A must-visit website to consider when you are looking for incredibly amazing phone cases.

Link: https://stayclassy.in/


Last but not the least, the amazing amazon. Amazon is the largest online shopping platform where everything is available. It has an amazing and large variety of phone covers as well. Amazon has also taken up the initiative of supporting local businesses.

And so the phone cases are available at an affordable price. It also has phone cases that are branded, for example, the original mobile case for the pixel is available here. The customer care service is amazing and it has easy returns and exchanges.

One-day delivery is also available here if you are a prime member. Needless to say, you can never be disappointed by Amazon.

Link: https://www.amazon.in/


This website provides phone cases at just Rs 99 only. The interface is super easy to use. All you have to do is select your phone model and then the relevant designs available will be displayed. Select the case you liked the most and voila that is it, add to the cart, and place an order.

Link: https://zapvi.in/mobile-cover/

How to select a mobile case?

There are a variety of cases available and it’s on us which case we choose for our mobile cover to ensure maximum safety and a good look at the same time. The two major key factors which determine what kind of mobile case one should prefer are the design and material of the mobile case.

How to select a mobile case by Geeky Gadgets
  • Design: The mobile case should look beautiful along with its strength and its ability to protect the phone. Different kinds of designs available are:
    • Back Case: These cases protect the back and side of the phone. The screen has no protection. These cases are popular among people of all ages and are available in printed, transparent, and solid color variants.
    • Tough and Rugged Case: These cases provide a lot of protection from scratches and drops. Some cases protect against water and dust as well. These cases are made up of strong multiple layers of plastic which makes them durable and strong.
    • Flip Case: These cases look like a book and provide your phone with edge-to-edge and complete protection. It adds a lot of weight to your phone. These cases come with money and cardholders as well, thus serving a dual purpose of wallet as well.
    • Bumper Case: These cases provide protection only to the edges; exposing the screen and back of the phone. These cases are made up of shock-absorbent material protecting it from shock and drops. These cases are ideal for those who want to flaunt their mobile back color and save its edges simultaneously.
    • Pouch Cases: These cases are not particularly designed only to keep the phones in them. It’s more like a small wallet allowing you to keep your phone inside it therefore every time you want to use your phone you’ll have to take your phone out of the pouch case thus increasing the chance of you slipping your phone while you’re using it. These cases are made up of rubber and leather.
    • Battery Cases: These cases allow you to charge your phone since they contain a battery inside them. These cases are really heavy and are ideal for those whose mobile battery drains out frequently.
    • Phone Skins: These are for those who do not prefer using a phone case and are more into wanting their phone to look personalized and slim at the same time. They offer protection against scratches as well.
  • Material: The phone cases are made up of various materials. They are:
    • Rubber and Silicon: A lot of variety is available in this material. Their phone covers are soft, flexible, and affordable too. They offer a good grip.
    • Leather: Most of the flip cases are made up of leather. They are best for those who want to use their cover for a long period. They provide great grip and all the advantages we have with the flip phone cases.
    • Polycarbonate and TPU: Polycarbonate provides great protection from scratches while TPU cases are more soft and smooth. The amalgamation of polycarbonate and TPU is the best combination for the phone case.
    • Aluminum: These cases are really rare and are best for protecting from scratches.

Now that we know the different kinds of phone cases available, there are different factors that one should consider after picking on the phone case’s design and material. They are:

  • Thickness: Some cases make your phone look a lot thicker and bulky for example the flip cases make your phone look thicker and make it bulky whereas the standard cases do not add much thickness to your phone and protect from scratches and minor dents. Now it depends upon you how you use your phone. For example, if you are a sportsperson or someone with fieldwork, your phone requires maximum protection and so the thickness of the phone can be compromised.
  • Cut-outs: Some cases come with button protection as well while the others have a cut-out for the buttons and ports.
  • Storage pocket: Some mobile cases have storage pockets to store money, payment cards, etc as well. These cases are suitable for someone who does not prefer to carry their wallet every time.
  • Mount/ Stand: Cases are available which can be used as a stand and it’s ideal for those who have table work and can binge watch and do their work as well simultaneously.

Some frequently asked questions:

Which is the best site to buy phone covers?

Some of the good websites to buy phone covers are mentioned above. Some of the websites provide phone covers at a good price, while others provide customized phone covers. You can follow up on these best sites as per your requirement.

Where is the best place to buy phone cases in India?

Some of the good websites are mentioned above. Apart from that, there are a lot of local shops and streetside vendors which have phone covers at a really low price like that for Rs100.

Which type of mobile cover is best?

Mobile cases come in two materials, plastic and rubber. Both of them have their pros and cons. Plastic covers are better when it comes to durability, device protection, and style whereas rubber covers are better when it comes to being more shock absorbent and being eco friendly and avoiding plastic.

Is a rubber or plastic case better?

Mobile cases come in two materials, plastic and rubber. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Plastic covers are better when it comes to durability, device protection, and style whereas rubber covers are better when it comes to being more shock absorbent and being eco friendly and avoiding plastic.

Can we customize phone covers?

Yes, we can customize phone covers. There are a lot of websites that allow you to do so. You can send them the print you want in your phone case and then they’ll print the same for you on the phone case. Some of the websites are mentioned in this article as well for purchasing customized phone covers. Do check them out 🙂

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