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Best Remote Control Toys for Kids in India

Other than the obvious reasoning of fun, playing with remote control toys can be beneficial to children for a multitude of reasons.

Particularly useful to keep children occupied and out of the way, toys have evolved from everyday objects around the house to plastic toys and now more advanced options that can be operated using a remote control.

These toys are interactive and can be stimulating for young children in a variety of ways. The toys are often modeled after vehicles, like cars, bikes, helicopters, boats, or even larger models like railroads and train sets.

Navigating how to use and control these toys can lead to an improvement in the child’s hand-eye coordination and subsequently their motor skills.

Since they do not require any special location or apparatus to use, they make great choices to keep kids engaged within their homes, without hurting themselves or losing their toys.

Another option for this that is getting increasingly popular is video games.

However, encouraging young children to use a screen and control may deny them the benefits of playing with toys with their friends and the fun of being able to touch and feel their toys.

It is important to push children to play responsibly and take care of their toys and for this purpose, remote control toys are great for kids that have some level of comprehension but are still young. 

Benefits of playing with remote control toys

  1. Development of spatial awareness
  2. Better motor-visual skill
  3. Increased dexterity
  4. Understanding care and responsibility
  5. Promotes creativity

Below is a list of the best remote-control toys for children available on the market. These vary across different models, categories, price ranges, and suitable ages and are reliable products that have great reviews.

7 Best remote-control toys that parents must buy for kids in India 2021

Remote control car

Chargebal Racing Car for Kids with Remote Control

Best Remote Control Toys for Kids in India 1

The WireScorts remote-controlled car is a compact but sturdy build car that can move seamlessly as per control. At about 7 inches wide, these cars have wondrous wheel rotation intended to make tricks like flips, drifts, and spins easy.

The easy-to-operate remote control makes it simple to move the toy at any desired angle – whether it is forward, backward, front left reverse, right reverse, upright, or other angles.

The car needs 2 AA batteries to function, and 3 rechargeable batteries and a charger are included with the car.

It comes in several colour combinations and is a great toy for children of any age, and can safely be used within the house given its small size.


  • Dimensions: 7 inches wide
  • Requires 2 AA batteries for operation


  • High-quality material and build at an affordable price
  • Large range of operation in remote
  • The control can be operated from long distance
  • Comes with rechargeable batteries and a charger


  • The back cover for the battery port is loose
  • The car doesn’t go exactly in a straight line.

Remote control bike

Rechargeable Remote Control Motorcycle with 360 Degree Movement

Best Remote Control Toys for Kids in India 2

This 3 channel remote control bike toy, is a great toy for children to play with and let their imagination run free.

This is important for their overall development and since the toy has a police officer on a motorcycle, they can make it a part of their cop games.

Pretending to be a police officer hot on the trail of a bad guy is a game most children indulge in and this toy will help bring their fantasy closer to real life.

The attached training wheels on the toy will help balance its movement and handle any bumps along the way.

It is made of high-quality and non-toxic plastic that provides long-lasting strength and shock resistance and is designed to withstand crashing into walls and endless hours of play. 

keeps it balanced to handle bumps and walls with ease.

Although it works best on a smooth surface, the toy can be played with both inside and outside the house, and the remote control is designed to be a child’s first RC toy.

It has only two buttons that can easily be understood and used. The toy comes with a battery and charger and requires 4 AA batteries for the vehicle and 2 AA batteries for the transmitter to work.


  • Dimensions: 8 inches long
  • Requires 4+2 AA batteries for operation


  • Safe and durable material meant for children
  • The remote control is designed for younger children as well
  • Performs 360-degree rotation
  • Can withstand bumps and crashes with visibly no damage


  • Not chargeable, batteries must be used
  • The remote control cannot be operated over a large range

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Remote control helicopter

Concept Remote Control Flying Helicopter with Unbreakable Blades Infrared Sensors

Best Remote Control Toys for Kids in India 3

This rechargeable 3 channel remote control helicopter has several great features. Its sturdy and durable build makes the blades unbreakable, even in case of accidental clashes.

Of the three channels, one controls the speed of the main rotor. The second channel controls the speed of the tail rotor that allows the helicopter to turn in any direction depending on the control.

The left side of the remote control is used to vary the speed as well as move the helicopter up and down (vertically). The left and right directional and horizontal control is done using the right side of the remote.

Designed for children using a remote control helicopter for the first time, the instructions are straightforward and easy to grasp.

The user is encouraged to start at low speeds to first gain control and progressively go up. The design is sleek and stylish, making it an attractive addition to your child’s toy collection.

The remote contains a USB charger that can be connected to the helicopter and used to charge it easily.


  • Dimensions: 8 inches long
  • Requires 6 AA batteries for operation


  • Long-lasting blades and body 
  • Remote control with multiple functions
  • Can move in various directions, including up and down
  • 3 channel remote control to avoid any lag in response


  • Remote is not chargeable, batteries must be used
  • It may be a risk inside the house if operated unsupervised by very young children

Remote control cars (for kids to ride in)

Battery Operated Ride on Jeep for Kids

Best Remote Control Toys for Kids in India 4

This battery-operated car/jeep lets children ride in it and really enjoy the toy as a mini real-life vehicle.

It is equipped with a USB as well as an Aux connection that lets the user play any music of their choice through a USB drive, or by connecting a phone or iPod through the aux cable.

The car has a 12V Battery and both sides are attached to 2 Motors each on the back tires.

The toy has a swing function and both front and reverse gears that choose the direction of the movement. The doors of the car open on both sides, and the direction can be controlled by a mobile app or remote control.

The remote control, as well as the app, have a 3-speed variation. It is suitable for children between the ages of 2 to 8 years and can carry a maximum weight of 35 KGs.

The car takes around 3-4 hours to charge to completion and can be operated for around 2 continuous hours. 


  • dimensions: 43 inches long
  • Requires 3-4 hours of charging for operation


  • Inbuilt music player and control system
  • Fully functional doors and gears
  • Direction and speed can be controlled by both remote as well as a mobile app
  • Easy to assemble, charge and operate


  • The steering does not allow for 360-degree rotation
  • A few of the bolts and washers are reported to be missing in some products, but can easily be replaced with spares
  • Slightly expensive

Remote control boat

Remote Control Rechargeable Fast RC Boat + Capsize Recovery Toy 

Best Remote Control Toys for Kids in India 5

This remote control boat has an infrared remote control that makes it easy to control the directions of the boat in forward, backward, right or left sides.

It is compact, but powerful and has double propellers to provide more stability and powerful sailing.

The remote control operates in 2.4 GHz and can handle more than one boat at the same time without interfering or crashing them against each other.

The water cooling device cools the running motor, decreases motor loss and as a result, prolongs its life. The design is waterproof and can be operated easily in the water, given the streamlined design to keep it buoyant and moving.

The engine will only start when some water is detected, this aids in protecting the engine from damage and prolonging its life.

When the boat is fully charged, the RC Speed Boat battery will last between 18-20 minutes. The boat is capable of making sharp turns since it has two propellers through a process known as vector pushing.

The remote control can operate from a maximum distance of 30 meters. The hull of the toy as well as its small size was intended to turn over on-demand if it flips over.

The capsize recovery feature enables the boat to flip back in place using the remote controller. This high-speed boat is made out of high-quality ABS plastic that will not easily break in case of an accidental collision. 


  • dimensions: 17.4 inches long
  • Requires charging for the operation of the boat and 2 AA battery for the transmitter


  • Vector pushing allows seamless operations along with turns
  • Twin-propellers give extra force
  • Made from high-quality material, the boat is durable and waterproof
  • Can be operated from a good distance
  • The same remote can operate more than one boat


  • Batteries are not included with the purchase
  • The charge does not last very long as compared to the charging time.
  • Slightly expensive

Remote control monster truck

Bay Big and off-road passion mad cross-country racing truck

Best Remote Control Toys for Kids in India 6

Advertised as a big, mean rock-climbing machine, this remote-controlled monster truck delivers what it promises.

It is equipped with a shock suspension system and rubber tires, to dominate any terrain it rides on including grass or sand or mud.

The build resembles a modified hummer-style monster truck and allows you to control every single move it makes with ease.

Not only it is great for outdoors and off-roading, but it is also a great option to play with inside the house – since collisions do not really affect it.

The material and design make the body extremely durable which is supported by the rugged and large front and rear bumpers.

The purchase of this remote control monster truck comes with a rechargeable battery for the truck, a charger and a transmitter.

The remote is an electric-powered, fully functional transmitter with a telescoping antenna.

The rubber tires have an intricate and detailed design to make them suitable for all grounds and increase friction and strength while on an upward slope. 


  • dimensions: 13 inches long
  • Requires 4 AA batteries for the truck and a charger for the transmitter


  • Very powerful and easy to operate, making it suitable for tough terrain.
  • It has flexible rubber tires as well as a good shock absorber.
  • Made from durable material, it does not get damaged on a collision
  • Can be operated from a good distance


  • An instruction manual is not included
  • The battery must be removed by using a small star-shaped screwdriver, which makes it hard for kids to access
  • Cannot be played with in small spaces

Remote control tank

Big Size Remote Control Shooting Mode Army Tank 

Best Remote Control Toys for Kids in India 7

Intricately designed, and painted this army battle tank closely resembles a real one.

Its simulation of sound and action makes it a great model not only for kids but also for adults looking for collector models.

The camouflage shell is attractive to look at and gives it a hyperrealistic feel.

The remote control is infrared powered and controls the battle tank to produce genuine firing sounds as well as an infrared light made to seem like a sensor.

The barrel attached to the tank can move up and down, as well as from left to right.

The missile gun can be made to move around for 360-degree rotation and will make for a great toy as part of a game, or in a battle between two such tanks between children.

Using the remote control is simple to understand and has features like Shooting Mode, Shotgun firing, Shell button as well as two levers to operate the tank.

The purchase involves rechargeable batteries and a USB charger need to power the tank as well as the transmitter. It moves smoothly over most surfaces and is a great pick for both indoor and outdoor games to keep children occupied.


  • dimensions: almost 24 inches wide
  • Requires 4.8 V battery for the tank and a charger for the transmitter


  • Includes sound and light effects that can also be accessed from the remote
  • Can move across any type of ground
  • Aesthetically pleasing and well designed
  • The turret atop the vehicle can be rotated for 360 degrees


  • AA batteries required for the remote are not included
  • The color cannot be chosen prior to purchase as the two options (yellow, gray) are shipped as per the availability of the seller
  • Insertion of batteries is hard as the cover is tight 


The specifications given above are subject to change with upcoming products in the market but will give you an idea of what to expect and look out for.

All the above options are great choices, the best remote control toys that every parent must buy for their kids in India.

In addition to kids, if you or any adult you know enjoys playing with these toys, they will make a great gift for any occasion!

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