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Top 9 Best Spy Cameras Available in India

With the advancement of technology, we have seen the birth of many new products and gadgets in the last few decades. The main aim of technology is to make things easy for us.

With this same motive, another innovative product is existing in the market for quite some time now.

Spy cameras which are basically hidden cameras are meant to make us feel safe in our surroundings.

Some of the most common reasons for using spy cameras are –

  • For home security, you can use these. If you are not at home the whole day then planting one of them at home will give you peace of mind and you can also check from time to time through your phone.
  • If you have a nanny or babysitter for looking after your kids then through these spy cameras you can keep an eye on them. Also, sitting at your office only you can check what your kids are doing at home.
  • Even if you have a pet at home, who stays alone when you leave for your work, spy cameras can help you to check whether they are safe or not.
  • You can also plant these at your office to make sure whether the employees are working properly or not. Also, these come in handy in case of any incidence of workplace misconduct. Then you can easily catch the culprit by checking these spy cameras.
  • If you have elderly parents at home or even if they are nursing home, you can use spy cameras for ensuring that they are safe and in good hands, because elder abuse is not a rare thing. We often heard about it at nursing homes or even at the hands of their caretakers at home.
  • If you are staying in an apartment which you share with others, then also you can plant spy cameras in your room if you feel like someone is stealing your things or something wrong is happening behind your back.

A Buying Guide For Spy Cameras

Some of the features that you should consider in a hidden camera are –

Top 9 Best Spy Cameras Available in India 1

Two Way Audio Facility

This will enable you to listen and also u can be heard on the other side. It is useful if you have children, pets, or elder people at home.


It is better to go for full-HD cameras with 1080P resolution. It will provide excellent images and will also work efficiently in low-light situations. Also, check the night vision capabilities of a camera.

Power Source

Most portable cameras operate on battery. However, its battery power should be capable of handling the length of the time for which it is needed to remain at work.

Motion Sensors

It is better to go for cameras with motion sensors. They will save battery power and storage space as it will work only when it detects motion and will keep on recording up to at least 2 minutes after the motion stops.

Smartphone Compatibility

Check that the camera is compatible with your phone so that you can check the status of your home or office anytime and from anywhere.

Storage Options

Some cameras which are compatible with a smartphone provide the option of downloading the recording directly from their app.

While there are some which have the micro SD card storage option and automatically record every second in that SD card.

Ergonomic Design

A hidden camera should have such a design that will fit naturally in any surroundings without drawing much attention to it. Otherwise, its purpose wl not be served.

Now let’s see some of the most interesting spy cameras available, that you can easily get online.

List of Spy Cameras available in India

Best Spy Cameras Available In India

Spy Pen Camera

Top 9 Best Spy Cameras Available in India 2

This one is an interesting spy camera. It is actually a pen camera where the camera remains hidden inside the body of the pen. There is also a mic for recording audio, a memory card slot for a micro SD card, and a USB port.

The camera has a resolution of 720 x 480 pixels and images and videos get saved in the AVI format.

There is a button at the top of the pen that can be used for clicking pictures and for starting or stopping video recording.

Also by clicking that button, you can switch from still camera mode to video mode.

By using the USB port, you can transfer all the media files from their storage to your computer or laptop. And this device can be charged through that USB port. 

This black and golden color pen looks very stylish and elegant. It can be very useful for journalists or investigators.

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Hidden HD Camera

Top 9 Best Spy Cameras Available in India 3

Whereas in the first the camera is within a pen here it is within a charger. You just need to plug the device into any power socket and it will start to work.

However, if unplugged it will stop working.

This device has a full HD camera with a 1920*1080 pixel resolution and has a 70-degree viewing angle with 30 frames per second. 

It has two separate video recording modes.

One is Motion Based Recording i.e. it will start to record as soon as it will detect any motion & the other one is Loop Recording i.e. it keeps on recording continuously and stores them in the SD card.

The camera can record multiple videos but each of 3 minutes duration.

It has a memory card slot that supports FAT32 format SD card with a maximum storage of 128 GB and there is also a USB port.

The USB port can be used for transferring media to a computer and it can also work as an OTG connector to a mobile phone.

The USB can also be connected to a power bank or for charging a phone.

Wifi Spy Camera For Home

Top 9 Best Spy Cameras Available in India 4

This mini spy camera delivers HD quality video with a 20 MP camera lens. It has a 100-degree wide-angle view with 30 fps along with an audio recording facility.

This device operates using wifi. So, you just need to connect its USB port to any device which can provide its power, and then it will start live streaming.

You can get the visual through its mobile app while both the mobile and the device are connected to the wifi.

It has motion detection sensors. Thus as soon as it detects any motion it will send a message to you automatically.

As soon as its SD card gets filled with its loop recording it automatically deletes the previous recordings. It supports an SD card of a maximum of 128 GB.

The wire in between the USB port and the mini camera is flexible and you can adjust it at any angle as per your requirement.

Wifi Mini Spy Camera For Home

Top 9 Best Spy Cameras Available in India 5

This one is a wearable camera that is portable so that you can carry it anywhere. You can just clip it in your pocket or collar.

This device works on a built-in 1100 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery and once fully charged the device can effectively record video for 6 hours straight.

Also, there is a slot for inserting a portable battery then you can use it for 30 hours continuously.

It has a 90-degree rotating camera which is full HD with a resolution of 1080 pixels and a 130-degree wide-angle lens. The camera has motion detection sensors. It also has an audio recording facility.

There are three buttons on its body. One for the switch on or off, one for clicking still images, and the last one for loop recording of videos.

It also has a small auxiliary lamp that provides a viewing range of 3 feet. 

It supports up to a maximum of 64 GB SD card.

Wireless Panoramic Bulb IP Camera with Fisheye Vision

Top 9 Best Spy Cameras Available in India 6

Here is another very interesting hidden spy camera for remote home monitoring. In this case, the camera is planted inside a light bulb. This LED bulb contains a panoramic IP camera and it requires electricity for work.

This camera captures a 360 view with its automatic rotation and has a video recording system along with a two-way audio facility with its built-in speakers and microphone.

You just have to download its app on your phone or tablet and you will have full control of the camera along with the LED lights.

You can switch it on or off and can also change the LED light using the mobile application. It also has a playback option.

The device has motion-detecting sensors and will send an alert on your registered device as soon as it detects any motion.

With its IR night vision, it provides a clean image even in darkness.

Mi Full HD WiFi Smart Security Camera

Top 9 Best Spy Cameras Available in India 7

This one is a smart security camera that is compatible to work with Alexa. It is a full HD camera with 1080 pixels resolution and is equipped with a 130-degree ultra-wide-angle lens with a maximum of 20 fps.

Thus, there is very little chance of having a blind spot under this camera’s watch. It also has infrared night vision technology which can operate within a range of 10 meters.

The device has an intelligent AI motion detecting sensor, which reduces the chance of giving false alarms with its advanced features. And there is also the two-way voice communication system.

It stores recording in the micro SD card and NAS storage.

This wireless camera works by using the internet. So, wifi should be there all the time. 

Tp-Link Wireless WiFi Indoor Spy Cam with Two-Way Audio

Top 9 Best Spy Cameras Available in India 8

Here is another security camera with a kind of similar features to the previous one. 

It is a full HD IP camera with 1080 pixels resolution. The camera is equipped with infrared night vision which provides a clear image in the darkness up to a range of 30 feet.

The device has a motion detector and will send alarm notifications on your registered phone.

It also has a light and sound alarm system so that they can frighten away any unwanted visitors and can also make nearby people aware of the situation.

This one also facilitates the two-way voice communication system.

It supports micro SD cards for storage purposes up to a maximum limit of 128 GB, which is capable of storing footage of a maximum of 384 hours.

Hidden Spy Camera Power Bank 10000mAh

Top 9 Best Spy Cameras Available in India 9

Spy gadgets are really becoming very innovative day by day and this is one of the prime examples.

A power bank that functions as a power bank and also a Wi-Fi hidden camera for recording very crucial moments that can come in handy in the future.

The features do not end here, wait there’s more, this device also functions as a remote monitoring device, baby camera, nanny camera, etc. It has 4 IR LEDs that enable it to record videos even in complete darkness.

Another great feature is that it can detect movement if you want to know that someday enters your room/office or even home without your permission, it’ll click photos and send them to the user’s mobile as an alert.

Wrist Watch Camera

Top 9 Best Spy Cameras Available in India 10

A wristwatch with a built-in hidden camera for spying. Yes, that’s right! These gadgets are evolving at a rapid pace.

Who’d thought you’re recording videos with the help of the wristwatch that you’re wearing?

Man, no one will ever even notice your watch. The camera is well-hidden under the black color watch dial, not to be spotted by other people.

Once fully charged, the device can record uninterrupted videos for up to 90minutes. I think that will be enough for almost everybody.


These are some of the best spy cameras that you could find online.

Though you can use spy cameras for your own benefits like keeping an eye on your child or pets or any of your elderly relatives, it is important to understand that you should not misuse them by any chance.

It has been created for benefiting people not for harassing someone by invading their privacy. You should always be aware of that.

P.S. Don’t misuse this type of spy gadget to violate others’ privacy, for fair usage and other legal issues that are associated with Surveillance Laws in India, read this article.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best spy camera?

Some of the best ones are mentioned above in the list. Like a pen camera, a bulb camera, a camera in the charger, or the body camera.

What is the best mini spy camera to buy?

The mini body camera and the pen camera that has been mentioned above are a couple of the best mini spy cameras. They are portable and you can carry them anywhere you want.

Is Spy Camera illegal in India?

Though till now there are no such strict legal acts against the invasion of privacy, still using it with wrong motives of harassing someone can lead to punishments.

What are spy cameras?

Spy cameras are small tiny cameras invented with the aim that people can keep a watch on their home when or their office when they are not there so that they can secure their surroundings to some extent and in case of any mishap they can identify the culprit.

Do hidden cameras need WiFi?

Not all, but some hidden cameras need a wifi connection to operate.

How long do hidden cameras record?

Though, the time limit varies from camera to camera. However, battery-powered cameras can work till their battery lasts, while cameras that require Wi-Fi can work till there is a Wi-Fi connection.

Also, if a camera does not overwrite the previous recordings automatically, then it can record videos only till the time it will have storage space on its SD cards. Then they can again store recordings only after the memory is being cleared manually.

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