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Best Technology Books Every Tech Enthusiast Should Read

The book is our oldest friend. Though today’s internet has demoted the significance of reading books, still there are many book worms out there who prefer a book in their hand rather than sticking to their phone screen for reading ebooks. 

While reading fiction can give you immense pleasure, a book on a particular subject matter can also give you immense knowledge.

With the rapid evolution of science and technology, you must keep yourself updated and the only way to do that is to read a lot.

Best books on technology and society, tech books everyone should read

Every day new books are getting released and if you are a professional related to any particular field it is your responsibility to read new books and update yourself about any new invention or theory that is coming up. 

Among all other things, technology for one is always at such a transitional phase that if you do not keep a continuous tab on that you will certainly lose your way soon.

So here in this article, I will recommend some of the best books related to new technologies and innovations, which will help you to get a fresh perspective on the topic.

List of Best Technology Books of 2022 Everyone Should Read

The Future Is Faster than You Think

By Peter H. Diamandis & Steven Kotler

Best Technology Books Every Tech Enthusiast Should Read 1

This book is from two New York Times bestselling authors.

Peter H. Diamandis is the founder of over 20 high-tech companies, and has attended MIT and Harvard Medical School.

On the other hand, Steve Kotler is also an award-winning journalist and author of many other books.

With the way technology is accelerating the authors have provided a blueprint in their book on how our life will change in every aspect due to the rapid technological disruption in the next ten years.

With the outburst of AI, robotics, virtual reality, digital biology, and sensors along with 3D printing, blockchain, and global gigabit networks, every single thing around us will change.

Not only how the businesses or the governments but every bit of our life – transportation, education, health, food, entertainment, and finance will go through a massive change.

In short, the authors have shown us in their book that the future will change at a much faster rate in the next few decades than we can imagine today.

The Inevitable

By Kevin Kelly

Best Technology Books Every Tech Enthusiast Should Read 2

This is another book which talks about how our life will be completely under the influence of technology in the near future. And it is inevitable and there is no other way around it than to accept it. 

The book is divided into 12 different chapters and each chapter talks about how a technological force will shape our future.

From virtual reality to artificial intelligence everything will be embedded in our lives.

The book has provided an optimistic view of how accepting these revolutionary technologies will benefit our life and will help us to go with the flow and move forward with the wave of changes.

This book will act as a guide for those who want to know where their business or industry is heading, how they should operate, where to invest, and how to reach their customers in more efficient ways in the new emerging world.

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Competing in the Age of AI: Strategy & Leadership When Algorithms & Networks Run the World

By Marco Iansiti & Karim R. Lakhani 

Best Technology Books Every Tech Enthusiast Should Read 3

Those who among us have even a slight idea about the technology we know for a fact that artificial intelligence is the future.

Marco Iansiti and Karim R. Lakhani in their book have tried to make people understand how artificial intelligence works in very simple words so that even non-technical professionals can also understand.

It mainly concentrates on the impact of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

The book provides guidance on how an organization should operate to survive in the era of artificial intelligence.

The book imparts knowledge on –

  • the framework based on which a traditional firm can remodel its business operations,
  • how AI-driven firms are challenging the traditional firms and are reshaping competition and altering the whole economy,
  • the risks, opportunities, and challenges of an AI-driven firm, and

Another great benefit of the book is that it includes some studies on firms that use artificial intelligence so that the readers can understand the concepts and also find them interesting.

The Tech Whisperer: On Digital Transformation and the Technologies that Enable It

By Jaspreet Bindra

Best Technology Books Every Tech Enthusiast Should Read 4

Here is one from an Indian author. 

This book has talked about future technologies like artificial intelligence, blockchain, the Internet of Things (IoT), virtual reality, etc. in simple words and has also provided a guideline on how companies can adopt these emerging technologies and implement them.

If you want to keep pace with the rapid change in customer behavior and business environment getting adapted to these technologies is inevitable.

This book is mainly for business executives. It has shown how adopting these new world technologies will help the business leaders in moving toward a path of digital transformation and will lead to the future success of their organizations.

Even non-technical persons can understand the book for its simplicity.

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Soonish: Ten Emerging Technologies That’ll Improve and/or Ruin Everything

By Dr. Kelly Weinersmith & Zach Weinersmith 

Best Technology Books Every Tech Enthusiast Should Read 5

This is a fun book delivered by the famous cartoon artist Zach Weinersmith and his wife Dr. Kelly Weinersmith.

Through their own thorough research and various interviews with the scientists who are working on the new age technologies.

The authors have looked into the factors that have led to the need for these technologies, how these will work, and what are the challenges standing in their way to becoming successful.

The book has talked about 10 such emerging technologies in different fields, on one hand from programmable matters to augmented reality, and on the other from space elevators to robotic construction, it covered all.

It has talked about not only the benefits but also the perils of these technologies.

Providing a glimpse into the future together with some wry sense of humor, this book is a perfect gift for any science lover.

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You Look Like a Thing and I Love You: How Artificial Intelligence Works and Why It’s Making the World a Weirder Place

By Janelle Shane

Best Technology Books Every Tech Enthusiast Should Read 6

The first thing that the readers have to say about this book is that it is both hilarious and at the same time an informative book on science and technology.

Janelle Shane is a scientist and an engineer, so with her first-hand knowledge of the field, she has tried to explain how artificial intelligence already exists around us.

From the autocorrect function on our phones to what posts we see on our social media feeds, artificial intelligence works everywhere. And in the near future, we will see its further impact of it on our everyday life.

However, the USP of this book is that the author has explained how artificial intelligence works and how sometimes it gets things wrong with the help of hilarious experiments, real-life examples, and cartoon illustrations.

Thus, the exploration of future science and technology and their impact on society in a funny manner has made the book a delight for the readers.

Designed for Digital: How to Architect Your Business for Sustained Success

By Jeanne W. Ross, Cynthia M. Beath & Martin Mocker

Best Technology Books Every Tech Enthusiast Should Read 7

This book aims at providing practical advice on how traditional companies can restructure themselves as digital companies.

The authors have used real examples of companies that are successful as digital companies at this stage like Amazon, Phillips, USAA, LEGO, and many other global companies.

The world economy is at a transitional phase where it is gradually becoming digitalized and the only constant thing in this digital economy is the rapid pace of change.

If business leaders cannot move forward with the wave of changes then their businesses will not survive.

So, this book provides in-depth knowledge of digital transformation, and most importantly how businesses should be redesigned so that people, processes, data, and technology are in total sync to deliver efficient and innovative customer solutions.

As it is the digital design that decides which business will remain effective in the long run and which will lose its place.

Best Technology Books Every Tech Enthusiast Should Read 8

The Four: The Hidden DNA of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google

By Scott Galloway

Best Technology Books Every Tech Enthusiast Should Read 9

This book talks about those four companies which are known to everyone, we all use them and we also depend on them.

They are the biggest players in the business world. And they are not restricted to any one place or a single country, they are present in every corner of the world.

These four companies are – Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google.

We are all curious about how they have reached the position where they are today. And Scott Galloway has provided this insightful book on all the questions that we have about these four companies.

The author has provided answers to some of the fundamental questions like

  • How they are so embedded in our lives that they have become impossible to avoid?
  • Why does the stock market be so lenient to them when they do not extend such courtesy to other companies?
  • Now that they have joined the race to become the world’s first trillion-dollar companies, do any other companies capable of challenging them?

Not only does the book provide answers to such questions but it also enlightens us about how we can apply the lessons learned from these companies to our own businesses and careers.


The books mentioned on this list mainly concentrate on emerging technologies that are going to evolve more in our future days and how they will impact our whole life and will change our lifestyles.

Many of these books will provide in-depth knowledge of machine learning, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, etc.

So, if you are interested in science and technologies then these books are definitely for you. Also, if you are a business person then reading these books will help you to reshape and secure your business in the future, while keeping up with the new technologies.

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