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10 Best Handpicked Trimmers for Men in India

The new trend in town about Men’s personal care is growing & managing well-groomed and trimmed beards. This trend is going on for about the last 3 years.

You’ll find them trending all over the Internet all big websites are always sharing new beard styling tips.

The new habit of growing beards and sporting new beard styles like stubble, Vandyke, etc, among the youngsters is on the rise.

So, in this article, I am discussing in-depth about the top 10 best trimmers in India 2021.

If you want to sport new beards styles or be all groomed always you need the help of a trimmer.

I’ve read over 50+ articles, visited many online shopping sites, read what customers are saying about each product, and watched multiple Youtube videos before I settled for these best trimmers for men according to my survey.

Best trimmer for men in India

Did you know in India, Men’s personal grooming market is worth about 650million+ USD, and it is predicted to grow about 1.2 Billion dollars by 2024, read source here.

Before you proceed further I’d like to bring one thing to your notice is that the trimmers mentioned in this article are mostly above 1500INR price and one or two may be below it.

Now, why didn’t I choose from the budget category, simply because of “Quality”.

There are some good trimmers under 1000 in India but I need to do more research on them, that’s one topic I’ll cover later on. Let’s concentrate on these mid-priced models.

Now, let me be transparent about my selection process. Read them below.

My selection process:

Check out my selection process so that You can get an idea what type of trimmers I’m selecting for review.

Top brands

One of the first things that I did to narrow down my selection is to sort by top brands. Brands that have a good track record of providing the best products in this men’s grooming product category.

Easy to maintain

If the trimmer has to long last then it should be easy to maintain. Is the company providing maintenance kits like brush, lubricant oils etc, where they are applicable.

Long-lasting performance

You may not buy a trimmer for a limited period of use, it should last long enough. This is an essential commodity that we require every week or so.

I have selected the model that has the ability to provide long-lasting performance.

Customer reviews

Here is a vital selection criterion I may have not used all of the products that I have mentioned, but other people did.

So I took their view into account and narrowed down the models that said they have been using for a longer period of time.

Types of Trimmers

Be familiar with all the different types of Trimmers that are available in the market.

Beard Trimmer

10 Best Handpicked Trimmers for Men in India 1

Beard trimmer for trimming facial hairs.

Nose and Ear Trimmer

Panasonic ER417K Nose and Ear Hair Battery Operated

There are nostrils & hair inside the ear.

Hair Clipper

10 Best Handpicked Trimmers for Men in India 2

This is especially for professional by normal users can also use it for cutting hair at home.

Best trimmer brand in India as of 2021

Below are the names of the best beard trimmer brands in India by market share. Feel free to check them out.

Data has been collected from online e-commerce websites. It includes popular brands for both cord and cordless trimmers. Source.

  1. Philips
  2. Panasonic
  3. Braun
  4. Syska
  5. Nova
  6. Wahl

Compare best trimmers for men in India 2021

Product NameCharging Time [in hrs]Running Time [in minutes]Cord/CordlessLength Settings
Panasonic ER-207-WK-44B Trimmer8-1240Both2mm to 18mm
Philips BT1215/15 Trimmer860Cordless1mm to 7mm
SYSKA Ht750 Ultratrim Beard Trimmer1.590Both0.5mm to 10mm
Wahl 09854-624 Trimmer1180Cordless0.4mm to 12mm
Ustraa Chrome Beard Trimmer490-120Both2mm to 10mm
Carrera 623 Professional Beard Trimmer1.560Cordless0.8mm to 14mm
Braun MGK3020 Trimmer Kit1040Cordless0.5 to 21mm
Philips Norelco Oneblade Hybrid Electric Trimmer840Cordless1mm to 3mm
Beardo PR3058 Trimmer140Both.5mm to 10mm
Panasonic ER-GB30-A44B TrimmerN/AN/ACordless0.5mm to 18mm

Panasonic ER-207-WK-44B Men’s Beard & Hair Trimmer

10 Best Handpicked Trimmers for Men in India 3

Panasonic ER-207-wk-44b trimmers are one of those few products that have Japanese blade technology. This is a dual-purpose product i.e. beard & hair trimmer. The stainless steel blade will give you the ultimate trimming experience without any sorts of irritations.

This trimmer is a cord/cordless variant, i.e. if you’re in a hurry you need not wait for it to be completely charged just plug the cord and start using it.

The ergonomic design helps in easy handling of the product.

As stated that it is also a cordless one the charging time is 12 hours but it gets fully charged in about 8 hours or so and you’ll get 40 minutes of running time but if used optimally it can last up to an hour.

This seems a little discouraging to me the charging time should have been under 10 hours for 40 minutes usage time.

One good thing about this product is that the blades are washable, this is a great advantage from the hygiene point of view.

Length settings: This particular model has a 2mm to 18mm beard trimming setting that can be achieved in 12 steps.

The company said in the product description that this is a lightweight trimmer & you can carry this trimmer while traveling.

But many users reported that it is actually very heavy and not suitable for carrying, weight is approx 572gm as reported by the seller on Amazon.


Japanese blade technology

Washable stainless steel blades

Charging time: 8-12 hours

Running: 40 minutes.

Length settings: 2mm to 18mm in 12 steps for more accuracy.


1) The product is highly durable

2) Less noise while using the trimmer

3) cutting hair & beard perfectly

4) easy to wash the blades after using


1) charge adapter is too heavy

2) only 1 comb attachment given(No extra comb attachments to cut hair)

My take

Well, this is an average job type of product, it can trim both beard & hair but the not separate comb is provided for trimming hair. The product itself is a bit heavy, being portable you can’t carry it yourself while traveling.

One piece of advice, don’t use it for trimming hair because it will affect the longevity of the blades

Click here to buy it from Amazon

Philips BT1215/15 USB cordless beard trimmer

10 Best Handpicked Trimmers for Men in India 4

Philips is one of the best trimmer brands in India. Their products are of high quality, long-lasting & often best selling.

And this item is no different than the others. Philips BT1215/15 USB cordless beard trimmer has the dura power technology like most of its higher ranger models.

The blades are made of stainless steel & are extra sharp and have a rounded edge which is the ideal blade type if you ask me, it decreases the chances of irritations & scratches while trimming.

This model comes with 4 beard combs that will help you to sport stubble.

But the features don’t end here, one of the coolest features is the charging, you can charge it by using a USB cable & an adapter. You can also charge it using your computer also. Is it cool?

But there is the downside also the company doesn’t provide the adapter with the product, you need to buy it separately or use others with the same voltage output ratings.

Length settings: Philips trimmers generally comes with 1mm, 3mm, 5mm & 7mm beard length settings.

But if you don’t use the comb then you’ll get a .5mm length trimmed beard which is close to shaving your beard. I use this more often than others, and on the goatee, I use 3mm or 5mm.

Battery: It takes approx 8 hours to fully charge & running time is 60 minutes, which is more than enough. And the 8 hours charging time is the ideal time frame.

There are LED light indicators for showing low battery & fully charged state.

DuraPower technology: You may see this mentioned on Philips trimmers, this technology helps to lower the friction on the blades so that the battery & motor don’t get overloaded while running for a long time.

It also includes a travel button which makes sure that your trimmer doesn’t start accidentally. And the blades are washable.


Stainless Steel blades with round edge.

Cordless use.

Charging time 8 hours

Running time 60 minutes

DuraPower technology.


USB charging

Running time

Charging time

Built quality


No adapter included, need to buy separately.

Blades may stuck on long beards

My Take

Philips BT1215/15 trimmer is one of the best trimmers for a clean shave in India as it provides up to .5mm trimming length which is excellent if you don’t like the usual beard shaving just like me.

Many users reported that the blade sharpness decreased after a few months of usage, this can be an issue. Overall, this trimmers is a value for money product.

Click here to buy from Amazon

SYSKA Ht750 Ultratrim Beard Trimmer for Men

10 Best Handpicked Trimmers for Men in India 5

Syska has taken over the electronics market in India with a storm, within a few years of entering the market their products are selling like crazy, I own two syska LED bulbs.

I’m just telling you this to give you an overview of this brand, their products are well received by the masses.

Now coming back to this product, syska ht750 ultratrim beard trimmer for men is the flagship product of this company in this category. I really liked the design of this product.

It comes with a lot of useful features which I’ll describe later, but first, start with the build quality. The build quality of this product is average in comparison with other products in this price range.

The design is very ergonomic, easy to hold, and operate. You can use it with cord or cordless if charged. Blades are made from stainless steel and are quite sharp.

Length settings: 0.5mm – 10mm. You can use the length settings in 20 steps. You manage your beard in many ways using this setting.

Battery: Here is the favorite part. The company claims that this model has rapid charge technology that will fully charge the battery in just 1.5 hours.

If that is accurate then this is a time saver and can be used in a tight situation where you can spare just 40-60 minutes for charging.

Running time: With a 1.5 hour charging time, you’ll get 90 minutes of usage time. I think nobody can complain of more.

The blades are washable.


Stainless steel blades

Rapid charge technology

90 minutes of running time

Washable blades


Rapid charging technology

90 minutes of usage time

1.5 hours to full charge


Built quality cheap

No indicators for battery level

Charging adapter not provided

My take

This trimmer has both good & ugly sides. Where there is rapid charge technology but the battery backup is not that great but it does the job.

There is no way you can guess the charge left in the trimmers because no indicator is there.

This an average product that does the job, but at this price range that should have provided better-built quality.

Verdict – value for money product, you can’t get everything in one device.

Click here to buy from Amazon

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Wahl 09854-624 All in One Grooming Kit Trimmer

10 Best Handpicked Trimmers for Men in India 6

Wahl 09854-624 lithium-Ion all in one kit trimmers is the best professional trimmer in India under Rs 5000.

After digging for quite some time I found this trimmer to be one of the best all in one trimmer in India right now. Wahl is a USA based company expert in making men grooming devices.

Though I was really unaware of this brand, upon doing some research I found out that they are the first company that invented cordless beard trimmers.

I noticed that many people in India are actively searching for professional trimmers & all in one grooming kit and I think this model can be the end of their search.

This all in one professional grooming kit for men can be used for trimming of nostrils, beard, hair & brows.

If you’re wondering what’s so interesting about these particular trimmers, let me tell you, this is one of the few trimmers under 5000 with Li-on battery technology.

It provides you with the best in the market battery backup, real quick charging, and double the motor power than other devices.

Battery: As discussed earlier only one to have Li-on battery technology in this price range. You’ll get a battery backup of 3 hours, no other is providing this much running time as of now.

If you need a last-minute adjustment to your beard and no charge is left, no need to worry, here comes the rapid charge technology, one minute of charge will give three minutes of running time. That’s impressive!

Trimming length: The minimum trimming length is .4mm and the maximum is 12mm.

With this grooming kit, you’re getting 4 different types of heads like:

  • T-head
  • Trimmer blades
  • Dual shaver heads
  • Precision detailer

Each of the attachments including the blades is washable.


Ideal for hair, nostrils, brows, beard, stubble & body grooming.

It comes with multiple attachments

Lithium-Ion battery


Built quality

Professional all in one grooming kit

Precision detailer

Quick charge


No dialer for length settings, you need to use attachments given

My take

Two things that bother me are the absence of both trimmer length adjustment and no battery charge indicator.

You need to try out all the attachment combs before you settle for the desired length, that time consuming and irritating.

Overall it’s worth the price you’re paying, you’re getting so many features in one trimmer.

Click to Buy it from Amazon

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Ustraa Chrome Beard Trimmer

10 Best Handpicked Trimmers for Men in India 7

Ustraa Chrome beard trimmers are one of the stylish trimmers that you’ll find online. The design is way too awesome, it has an LCD display which shows the percentage of charge remaining in the trimmer.

The sleek design helps in the easy-grip which is important, the t-shaped blades are made from stainless steel but are coated with titanium.

That means the blades are gonna last long and the sharpness is going to stay for a longer period.

The body is all plastic as goes with other products too but here they have used ads grade plastic which is harder if accidentally falls from your hands it’ll not break or even develop any cracks.

Length settings: 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 7mm, 10 mm, you’ll get only 3 settings with the product for rest you need to buy accessories separately.

It is also one of the best trimmers for a clean shave in India provides 0mm trimming which is equal to having a clean shave. You’ll get 5 types of combs with this model.

Battery: Well here is another model that has a Li-on battery just like our smartphones. The Li-ion batteries are known to store charge for a longer period of time compared to other battery types.

Ustraa chrome beard trimmer has a 600mAh battery which when fully charged gives you a running time of 90-120 minutes. That’s massive!

It takes approximately 4hours to fully charge. This model also supports fast charging.

As this one is a cord/cordless variant you may not need to worry about charging that much. This one in my opinion should be one of the best beard trimmers for travel.

With all these great features and functions there is some concern though this device is not at all washable & the blades are getting heated within a few minutes of usage.

Another thing to worry about is that for more trim settings you have to buy the attachments separately.


T-shaped titanium coated blades

Lithium-ion battery

LCD battery life indicator

Up to 0 mm trim length


Sleek design

Battery Life

T-shaped titanium coated blades



My take

Seeing an Indian brand competing with the best in the world companies with a value for money products, nothing is happier than this.

This product is designed for youngsters who like to sport different beard styles. The Ustraa chrome trimmer is a worthy candidate in my list of top 10 best trimmers in India 2021.

Click here to buy it from Amazon

Carrera 623 Professional Beard Trimmer for Men

10 Best Handpicked Trimmers for Men in India 8

You will love this trimmer from Carrera, this probably the best trimmer for men’s beard under 5000 in India. This is a professional trimmer you can use for both purposes like trim beard & cut hair.

That’s not it, the products have many useful aspects like ergonomic design, small and sleek, non slippery.

It comes with many useful attachments, the hair clipper is the real deal-breaker you not only can cut hair but also cut to the exact length you want, precision cutting.

Unlike many brands that are providing multiple combs for length settings, Carrer 623 professional beard trimmer for men has one comb for all the length settings.

Then there is an LCD display that shows some vital pieces of information like battery charge percentage, length settings(this is a unique feature provided by this trimmer), and also if you have set travel lock then it will also show the travel lock status.

While reading customer’s views on this product on multiple forums, one thing that I found common in them is that everybody praised the sharpness of the blades.

Well then you need not worry about cutting hard beards or hairs it will cut them smoothly.

Length settings: The beard lengths are from .8mm, 1.2mm, 1.6mm, and 2.0mm respectively. The attachment combs have 4mm-14mm trim settings.

So you have the freedom of whatever beard length you want to keep long, short, or even stubble you can have it all!

Battery: Again lithium-Ion battery capacity 700mAh, full charging time is only about 90 minutes which will give you 60 minutes of running. It also supports fast charging technology.

The charging is done via USB cable for flexible charging. Yes, you can use your laptop or desktop for charging it too!


LCD display indicator

Multiple beard trim length settings with attachments.

Rounded blade edge

USB charging facility

90 minutes of power charging


LCD Display

Small & sleek design

Multiple attachments

Power charging

60 minutes of running time.


Too much sound & vibrations

No service centers in India.

My take

I have already covered all the aspects of this product in detail, it is slightly on the higher price range which many of you may be reluctant to buy but all I can say is that it’s one of the best trimmers for a hard beard in India.

You can also use it in saloons for cutting off side hairs. The only thing that concerns me about this product is that there is absolutely no customer support in India.

Click here to buy it from Amazon

Braun MGK3020-6-in-One Multi Grooming & Trimmer Kit

10 Best Handpicked Trimmers for Men in India 9

I hope many of you may know about this brand or saw online on Flipkart and Amazon. Braun is a USA based company specialized in making men’s grooming kits.

I have previously used a Braun’s trimmer which lasted for about 2 years, this displays the longevity & durability of their product.

In my article, I picked this particular product for two reasons 1. It is the best selling multi groom trimmer in India, 2. I want to suggest one of Braun’s products.

Braun MGK3020-6-in-one multi grooming & trimmer kit is one complete product that you can buy online. It can be used by professionals & also at home.

You’ll get accessories & attachments like hair clipper, beard combs, nose & ear trimmer attachments.

I’ll not drive into the nose & ear trimming aspects of this product.

It has stainless steel blades with a lifelong lasting promise from the company. The blades are very sharp and have the ability to cut the beards with precision.

Length settings: It has 4 combs that have trim settings from .5 to 21mm in 13 steps. More than enough for beard lovers but not that good for hair cutting.

Battery: It has a nickel-metal hydride battery [Ni-MH], that provides a running of about 40 minutes on a 10 hour long charging.

Here is a bit of a setback because other brands have charging time fewer than 8 hours and the backup is only 40 minutes.


All in one grooming and trimming kit

Long-lasting sharp blades

Nose & ear trimmer

Hair clipper

Fully washable body


Sharp blades

40 minutes of running time

13 step length settings

Ni-MH battery



Battery life

10 hours charging time

My take

This model has received mixed reviews from users all over the Internet. One of the major drawbacks is the battery life.

But other things are quite up to the mark. Performance is good, can do precision cutting of both hair & beard.

It’s useful to have an all in one multi grooming & trimmer kit at home, especially if you like to be cleanly trimmed always.

Click here to buy now from Amazon

Philips Norelco Oneblade Hybrid Electric Trimmer & Shaver

10 Best Handpicked Trimmers for Men in India 10

Philips Norelco Oneblade hybrid electric trimmer is the best electric trimmer in India. Another great product from the market leader. This model is quite expensive, many of us may not be able to afford it.

But this one is the best that you can buy right now, this not just an electric trimmer but also an electric shaver with a haircutter.

You can do all sorts of styling with this electric trimmer from Philips. You can shave it off, tight trim it or sport a stubble. It is all up to your imagination.

This trimmer is powered by Philips’ Oneblade shaving technology that involves a high-speed cutting blade that moves at 200X per second.

This technology is backed by a dual protection system so that you can cut or trim your hair and beard smoothly.

The head attachment is flexible so that it can move and adjust with the shape of your face to provide you with the ultimate experience.

The blades need to be replaced after 3-4 months of usage.

The body of the trimmers is designed ergonomically for better handling & ease of use. The blades are washable after use.

Length settings: This trimmer has 3 length settings of 1mm, 3mm, and 5mm that can be achieved through using 3 stubble combs provided with this model.

If you don’t use the combs, then you can tight trim your beard or completely shave it off.


Just like the Braun trimmer, this one is also powered by a Ni-MH battery. It takes around 8 hours to fully charge the device, and on a full charge, you’ll get about 40 minutes of running time.


Ergonomically designed

Motors powered by OneBlade technology

Blades are replaceable.

Contour Following


Good battery backup

Easy to use design

Contour Following

Sharp blades for trimming & shaving


8 hours charging time

No indicator for charging or battery status.

My Take

This is an absolute winner if you ask me. Its performance shadows its minor flaws. Probably the best electric trimmer to buy in India. It does all the job with perfection. If you’re willing to spend the right amount for the right product then this is it!

Click here to buy now from Amazon

Beardo PR3058 Trimmer

10 Best Handpicked Trimmers for Men in India 11

Another trimmer from an Indian startup company, Beardo PR3058 trimmer for men it also comes with a dock station to keep all the attachments & the trimmer itself.

I have very high expectations from Indian startup companies as they’re stepping up their R&D to meet the quality standard provided by big brands who dominate that particular product category.

It is also an all in one multi-grooming & beard trimming kit. You can trim your body hair, nose & ear with this trimmer. Things you’ll get are beard combs, ear & nose groomer, and foil shaver among other things.

I watched many multiple youtube videos to know more about this product, the things that I noticed about Beardo PR3058 trimmer is that it is a quality product which provides you precision trimming of your beard but not for shaving though.

The body is durable but the attachments are made from average quality plastic some saying it feels a little bit cheap except that everything is of good quality.

Then there are the self-sharpening stainless steel blades that are quite sturdy and sharp enough to trim your beards smoothly.

I haven’t heard any of the youtube gadget reviewers whether the blades get heated up or not, so I can’t comment on that.

The blades are washable.

This is a cordless/corded variant so you can use it cordless or if no charge is there use it directly by plugging the cord.

No coming to trimmer length settings.

Trim setting: You can achieve up to 10mm trimming in 21 step length settings. One of the flaws is that the combs for length settings are not that accurate enough. You may find it difficult to style/shape your beard.

Battery: There is no compromise on battery, this model is powered by Lithium-Ion battery.

The charging time is only 60 minutes which is considerably fast in comparison with many other renowned brands in this product category.

The running time is 40 minutes, all of your styling or grooming can be done within these 40 minutes.

There is also a LED light indicator for showing battery & charging status.


Washable blades

Rapid charging

10mm beard trimming with 21 length settings

45 minutes running time on a single charge

Cord/Cordless use


Rapid Charging

45 minutes running time on 1hr charge

Self sharpening blade technology

.5mm trim


Length settings are not that precise

Attachment combs are not durable enough

My take

This value for money product that completes with most of the big brands. This is Beardo’s first try at making trimmer, they have made a decent product, there is room for improvement.

Many customers have reported that there is considerably less sound & vibration while using it. The design is also ergonomic, easy to use & maintain.

But they did one blunder and that is they didn’t provide manual instructions on how to use or detach the attachments.

Hence you can proudly term it as one of the best trimmers for men’s beards in India that is actually made in India.

Click here to buy from Flipkart

Panasonic ER-GB30-A44B Battery Operated Trimmer

10 Best Handpicked Trimmers for Men in India 12

So, finally, we’re down to the final product. I was previously confused between Mi Waterproof Beard Trimmer & this one.

But later settled for this product as this one beats the later in key functions, and also currently this Mi beard trimmer is only available on Mi official website with an increased price of 1399.

Now let us come back to Panasonic ER-GB30-A44B trimmer for men. This is the second Panasonic model that is mentioned in my article. 

Just like Panasonic Er-207-WK-44B trimmer this one also has the Japanese blade technology that ensures razor-sharp sturdy blades for smooth trimming & long-lasting.

The blades are T-shaped and are tilted at a 45-degree angle for precise cutting of beards.

I liked the trendy design of the trimmer and the color blue makes it even more attractive. The design is ergonomic too which means it is easy to hold and operate.

Mind it this is a dry and wet trimmer, you can use gel, foam or even water to shave your beards. This is a very useful feature, you won’t get this type of feature in most of the trimmers under 1500 in India.

Length settings: In this model, you’ll get quick-adjust dial having 2mm to 18mm settings in 9 steps. Also if you remove the beard comb then you can trim at .5mm length.

Battery: This is a battery-operated model, i.e, you need AAA batteries to operate this device. It consumes very less energy with one pair of batteries you can use for at least 7-9 times depending upon usage obviously.

As it is a dry and wet model you have the liberty to wash the whole body including the blades after extensive use.


Japanese Blade technology

Dry and wet operation

Battery operated

2mm to 18mm trim settings in 9 steps

Full body washable


Razor-sharp blades

Both dry & wet operation

.5mm trim

Easy to use



No good from trimming hair

Not very precise in trimming

My take

In opinion apart from Philips trimmers, Panasonic trimmers are the next best thing that you can buy under Rs 1500 in India.

The performance of the trimmers is very good except in certain length settings the precision is not there.

Battery operated makes it easier to carry for traveling. If you’re looking for a good trimmer for travel then you can opt for this product.

Panasonic ER-GB30-A44B trimmer is one of the best trimmers in India under Rs 1500 no doubt about that.

Buy it now from: Amazon || Flipkart

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In the End

If you want to look good by sporting a good beard style then this is the perfect solution for you.

I have handpicked all of the best cord & cordless trimmer for men in India that are simply amazing to use & easy to maintain.

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