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Top Video Editing Apps For YouTube and Instagram Reels

Gaining popularity through social media platforms such as YouTube and Instagram has become frequent practice these days.

For these, you need video content and to make your video content popular; you need good editing.

Editing is difficult but with the help of proper video editing apps and software, you can edit your social media video content properly. Keep reading to find out more about video editing apps.

Advantages of Using Video Editing Apps

Top Video Editing Apps For YouTube and Instagram Reels 1

1. Video editing software can be time saving as it makes the entire process of creating and editing a video very much easier.

Nowadays, as I’ve mentioned earlier, making and editing videos for social media has become very popular.

Be it YouTube, or Instagram, or any other social platform, videos, and reels have become a big part of it.

So yes, to up your social media game and post good quality video content, video editing software will come in handy.

2. Video marketing is a huge part of the economy nowadays. Video content creation and stuff like that help a person earn a lot.

So yes, when you can create content, you can find out a way to earn through them too.

But for that, you need video editing apps, because if they do not put together your content and smooth, they will not attract an audience.

The more audience you attract, the more the economy will increase.

3. You can learn a new skill with the help of video editing apps.

Nowadays, video editing does count as an exceptional skill. It is one of the most coveted skills these days.

With the increase in social media content and marketing, people find the need to hire a video editor more often than ever. 

4. Video editing skills can make someone lead to increase their market.

Be it a business or content creation, with the help of eye-catching videos, you can increase your followers if you are a social media influencer.

Also, you can increase or improve your sales by converting them in to customers if you are a business owner.

Video editing software is the key to making eye-catching videos and increasing your business area.

Disadvantages of Using Video Editing Apps

Top Video Editing Apps For YouTube and Instagram Reels 2

1. Sometimes, for some first-timers and novices, video editing can become confusing when using a good video editing software because of all the specifications and variety of functions and features.

2. Another problem with video editing software is that if you are using an android device with limited space, it will take up a lot of your free space.

This might cause trouble with your device later if it is too crowded.

3. Certain apps have specific bugs due to which they do not work properly.

This can become a huge inconvenience in the case of video editing and hence, choose your apps very carefully.

4. Another problem is that, to make a good impression in this world and to have a stable earning, you cannot just depend on your video editing software and skills.

You need to take out time from your video editing and pursue other areas and skills.

5. Sometimes, when you are an amateur video editor, you might not want to spend loads of money nevertheless, end up with decent video editing which is not possible to find in all software without payment.

You might not get access to the best features of video editing software without paying.

Who is this article for?

Top Video Editing Apps For YouTube and Instagram Reels 3

There are social media video content creators these days.

Also, there are many people out there thinking of starting a social media career, but for that, having video editing skills is necessary.

I have specially written this article for these kinds of people I have just mentioned

In this article, I have talked about the advantages and disadvantages of video editing and the software for video editing.

Further here, I am going to discuss five such apps that will help you with editing your videos for YouTube Shorts or Instagram Reels.

Top Five Video Editing Apps For YouTube and Instagram Reels

Best Video Editing Apps For YouTube and Instagram Reels

Below are the best video editing apps for YouTube, YouTube Shorts, MX Takatak, Josh, IGTV and Instagram Reels. This list includes both desktop software and smartphone apps.

Choose as per your convenience.

InShot Video Editor

Top Video Editing Apps For YouTube and Instagram Reels 4

InShot is a video editing app from the Chinese android developer named InShot Inc.

InShot is one of the most popular video editing apps for android.

A lot of users frequently use it to easily edit videos for their YouTube, YouTube Shorts, TikTok, Josh, MX Takatak or Instagram Reels.

It is really easy to use and most of the features are free to use.

From transition effects to filters to multiple music clips, you can add anything to your video and merge several clips to make your video perfect.


Top Video Editing Apps For YouTube and Instagram Reels 5

Wondershare Filmora or what is popularly known as FilmoraGo is another very popular video editing app.

This app is available both for PC and Android devices. It provides the user with a variety of powerful editing tools.

With its unique and varied features, it can make anyone a great video editor.

With various effects and filters and other professional features, we can list Filmora as one of the best video editing apps for YouTube and Instagram Reels.

Adobe Premiere Rush

Top Video Editing Apps For YouTube and Instagram Reels 6

Developed by Adobe Inc., Adobe Premiere Rush is an innovative video editing program.

It is an all-in-one video editor with modern features.

Because of its modern video editing features, it is fun and easy to use and helps editors design and edit a video quickly.

It is available for both mobile and PC.

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Top Video Editing Apps For YouTube and Instagram Reels 7

Kinemaster is another one of the popular video editing apps for android. It is widely used among everybody to edit videos for Instagram Reels and YouTube beginners can use this app too.

It is really easy to use and has a variety of features to make a good video editor.

Once you learn to use all the features, you will create great, eye-catching videos with the help of Kinemaster.

You can use multiple video clips, multiple music clips, and several transition effects and filters to put together a good video.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Top Video Editing Apps For YouTube and Instagram Reels 8

Adobe Premiere Pro, developed by Adobe Inc., is a timeline-based video editing software application.

This was published as a part of the Adobe Creative Cloud licensing program.

The application was first launched in 2003, Adobe Premiere, first launched in 1991, is the predecessor of Adobe Premiere Pro. It is one of the best professional video editing apps.

This is so professional that it has been used to edit feature films such as Deadpool, Gone Girl, Terminator.

Other than that, celebrity tours were also edited with the help of Adobe Premiere Pro.

So if you are more on the professional side of editing, Adobe Premiere Pro is the best app for you to use.

With the use of this software, you will be able to create the most professionally edited YouTube, Facebook & IGTV videos.

What are the steps to edit a video?

There are several steps to edit a video which also sometimes depends on the video editing app you are using.

But other than that there are a few basic steps you need to follow to make sure that your video is perfectly edited in the end.

These steps include – 

  • First, you need to assemble all of your clips.
  • Second, you need to arrange all the clips in the order they will play in.
  • Third, do the changes and transitions and create a rough cut.
  • Fourth, you need to polish it further and then what you will get will be the first cut.
  • Last, after all these steps are covered, you will do the final editing and Voilà! You have your perfectly edited video.

Some commonly asked questions:

How long does the video editing process take?

Sometimes, video editing is pretty easy, but sometimes it can be tough. The better the editing is, the tougher it is to make.

So yes, there is not any particular time limit when it comes to editing a video. The more complex and meticulous your editing gets, the more time it takes. The more professional the editing is, the more time it is going to take to edit it.

Which is the best video editing app for reels?

There are several fantastic apps that you can use to make and edit a reel. Some of the best out of them are InShot, Kinemaster, Filmora and more.

For more details regarding this, refer to the previous subheading of this article.

What is the current top video editing app for PC?

To date, in all reviews and surveys, Adobe Premiere Pro has been listed as the top video editing app for PC.

Of course, it has in-app payments to get access to all features, but even the payment is worth it.

For all professional video editors out there, Adobe Premiere Pro should always be your first choice.

What is the current best video editing app for Mobile?

For the best video editing apps for android, there are several options for you. Some top ones include FilmoraGo, InShot, Kinemaster and many more. For More details about video editing apps, refer to this article.

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In conclusion, I would like to say that there is no shortage of video editing apps for your YouTube and Instagram reels.

Some apps are easy to use but some of them are more professional. But every application and software have their unique features and editing tools.

For beginners, android apps like InShot and Kinemaster, or Filmora may be, would be the best choices.

All of them contain good editing tools that help you edit a video properly and perfectly.

Once you know the basics of video editing, you can move on to more professional apps like Adobe Premiere Pro.

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