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Best Virtual Reality Headsets in India for PC, iPhone, & Android [+Buyer Guide]

Virtual reality is the most popular system in the current world of entertainment. Today, I’ll walk you through the 15 best VR headsets to buy in India right now in 2022.

What is virtual reality?

Virtual reality, also known as “VR”, allows a person to interact with an artificial world.

Virtual reality as the name suggests it is virtual, not physical, a 3D environment that is ‘near-reality’. It gives me the experience of being in some other place or place that is completely different like those in sci-fi movies, these are called simulated environments created by computer technology.

It alters all of our major senses like vision, hearing, touch, and smell, the virtual reality devices are a gateway to the artificial world created by computers.

In easy terms, VR technology makes your senses experience the virtual environment or places as if you’re really there. Also, it makes it possible to interact with virtual elements.

For further reading on VR technology, refer to this article.

What are Virtual Reality headsets?

The most common virtual reality device that you’ll see in the market is the head-mounted display variant. Basically, they are the gateway to the virtual world for the people wearing them.

This device gives the user a computer-generated 3D environment. Virtual reality is now popular in the areas of education, industry, travel, film, and games.

By attaching your smartphones to VR headsets, you can explore the world of virtual reality.

It could be something like swimming in the ocean, an adventure ride on a roller coaster, being near wild animals, etc.

You can download various VR video apps from Appstore or Google play store for free.

VR devices are manufactured by different companies, each having a variety of features, specifications, and prices according to it.

Typically Virtual Headsets has the following tracking sensors:

  • Head Motion Tracking Sensors
  • Gyroscopes
  • Accelerometers
  • Magnetometers
  • Eye-tracking Sensors
  • Some Have Gaming Controllers

Top Virtual Reality Headset Brands in India

  • Oculus
  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • HTC
  • Lenovo
  • Samsung

Here in this article, I have chosen the Best VR headsets in India which are affordable and totally worth their price.

  • Standalone VR Headsets
  • VR headsets with controllers
  • VR Headset for Smartphones
  • VR Headsets for PC

15 Best Virtual Reality Headsets in India 2022

VR HeadsetRatingStore link
PS VR with Camera Bundle4/5Check out
TechGear Virtual Reality Headsets4/5Check out
Google Daydream View with Controller4.3/5Check out
Samsung Gear VR (SM-R322NZWA)4/5Check out
Samsung Gear VR With Controller4/5Check out
Lenovo Mirage Solo with Daydream3.9/5Check out
HTC Vive Cosmos3.9/5Check out
Oculus Go4.5/5Check out
HP Windows Mixed Reality Headset3.8/5Check out
Oculus Quest All-in-One VR Gaming System4.2/5Check out
Oculus Rift with Touch VR System4.3/5Check out
AuraVR PRO VR Glasses3.8/5Check out
Ocular Prime3.9/5Check out
IRUSU PLAY VR PLUS3.8/5Check out
Procus ONE3.8/5Check out

Let’s get into details.

PS VR with Camera Bundle

Best Virtual Reality Headsets in India for PC, iPhone, & Android [+Buyer Guide] 1

This is truly made for gaming, all you have to do is just plug & play. Sony PlayStation VR is one of the best VR headsets in the world.

Sony was among the world’s leading companies that were working on virtual reality technology.

PS VR comes with the camera bundle, you’re getting all the necessary attachments.

The HMD has a 5.7-inch big OLED 1080p resolution screen with an FoV of 100 degrees. 

The refresh rate is 120Hz which is really cool. To make the immersion experience even better it has 3D audio technology.

So you’re looking for some great VR gaming experience then PS VR can deliver that with a 6 axis motion sensing system i.e. 6DoF.


Refresh Rate120Hz, 90Hz.
Field of View100 degrees
Sensorsgyroscope, accelerometer
Screen Size5.7 inches
Suitable forGaming

TechGear Virtual Reality Headset for iPhone

Best Virtual Reality Headsets in India for PC, iPhone, & Android [+Buyer Guide] 2

TechGear VR box VR headset is specially made for iOS devices i.e. Apple iPhone. The design is very ergonomic. This headset has multiple features & applications.

It can be used for both:

  • Gaming
  • Entertainment

The build quality is very good & lightweight for comfort compared to others in this price segment, the HMD has a 1080p resolution large screen. The glass used in the lens is a monocle.

One of the things that makes me upset about this device is the absence of a controller, but don’t worry about the control type in this particular model being automatic.

So, if you’re looking for the best VR headset for iPhone in India, then consider buying this model.


Glass TypeMonocle
Display TypeCurved Mirror Based
Control TypeAutomatic Control
Suitable ForGaming, Entertainment
PlatformiOS devices
Screen Size5.5 inches

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Google Daydream View VR Headset with Controller

Best Virtual Reality Headsets in India for PC, iPhone, & Android [+Buyer Guide] 3

If you want a good VR headset with a controller under 10k INR in India from a trustable brand, then this is it, Google daydream View.

Google has put a lot of effort over the years to perfect its virtual reality technology. You’ll find some great features in this particular device.

This is targeted to android smartphones not compatible with any iOS devices. Enjoy the high-quality immersion experience with Google daydream view.

It has 6 degrees of freedom that mean you can not only experience virtual reality but also interact with the elements like touching some virtual object or swimming in an ocean, etc.

Not all enjoy a wide range of VR apps & games from the Daydream app, also watch VR movies. The lightweight cotton fabric makes it an ideal headset to wear for long hours without any discomfort.

Also, it comes with a Bluetooth controller with a trackpad, thus making it even easier to operate.

In my opinion, this is one of the best virtual reality headsets in India under Rs 10,000 in 2022.


Suitable ForEntertainment
Compatible EyeBoth
ControlBluetooth controller with track pad
Compatible OSAndroid

Samsung Gear VR Virtual Reality Headset (SM-R322NZWA)

Best Virtual Reality Headsets in India for PC, iPhone, & Android [+Buyer Guide] 4

Another contender for the top 10 VR headsets in India but with a certain limitation that is Samsung Gear VR Virtual Reality Headset is only compatible with Samsung smartphones.

They should have made it accessible to other android smartphone brands, this is a setback for non-Samsung phone users.

But in terms of immersion experience it leaves no one behind, it has very low latency with head tracking.

It has a super AMOLED display for higher quality. The field of view, a.k.a. FoV is 96 degrees. This is the newest model, which is more lightweight than the previous gen.

So if you’re a Samsung loyalist then you can definitely check this one out.

This model has no controller, it has an in-built touchpad on the side of the HMD.


Display TypeSuper AMOLED
FoV96 degrees
Weight318 grams
SensorsAccelerometer, Gyro Sensor, Proximity Sensor
Suitable forEntertainment

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Samsung Gear VR With Controller

Best Virtual Reality Headsets in India for PC, iPhone, & Android [+Buyer Guide] 5

This is a premium VR headset from Samsung which is powered by Oculus. Samsung Gear VR is designed for comfort & fit so that while you go on virtual adventures, moving here and there, the device doesn’t come off.

Also, the weight distribution makes it good to wear for a longer time.

The controller makes it easy to navigate, play/pause movies, and games. Gear VR has both micro USB & USB type c compatibility so if your device doesn’t have type-c USB, no need to worry about it.

Samsung Gear VR is also compatible with larger screen smartphones like the Galaxy Note series, be sure to check out the list of devices it supports.

The app store has over 1000 apps and games apart from VR-ready movies. So, there is no shortage of entertainment for you.


Display TypeSuper AMOLED
FoV101 degrees
Weight345 grams
SensorsGyro Sensor, Proximity Sensor
Suitable forEntertainment & Gaming

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Lenovo Mirage Solo with Daydream

Best Virtual Reality Headsets in India for PC, iPhone, & Android [+Buyer Guide] 6

Lenovo Mirage Solo with Daydream was one of the anticipated Virtual Reality headsets as Lenovo was also among the few companies that are actively involved in the latest VR technology.

This is a standalone VR headset, as already discussed these devices do not require any external device like smartphones or pc.

Powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 Mobile VR Platform, it can easily process high-quality videos like 4k, imagine how you’d feel immersed in any 4k environment?

The list isn’t needed here it also has 3D audio with WorldSense technology that provides 6 degrees of freedom, it can track all of your bodily movements.

Designed to be ultra-lightweight for very long hours of the immersion experience.


Display5.5 inches
Display TypeQHD
ProcessorSnapdragon 835
DoF6 degrees of freedom
FoV110 degrees
Suitable forEntertainment & Gaming

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HTC Vive Cosmos

Best Virtual Reality Headsets in India for PC, iPhone, & Android [+Buyer Guide] 7

Along with Oculus, HTC VIVE is the leading premium & commercial VR headset manufacturer in the world right now.

HTC Vive has both business & consumer editions of its devices. The one we’re talking about is for consumers, HTC VIVE Cosmos.

This is a tethered virtual reality headset meaning you’ll need a VR-ready desktop or laptop to use it.

More the powerful a desktop/laptop you have, the more powerful will the immersion be.

HTC Vive cosmos has a very wide field of view of 110 degrees, not only that this model also has 6DoF, not only enjoys virtual reality but also interacts with it.

With this model get two controllers [left & right].

HTC Vive Cosmos is a very feature-packed tethered VR headset for pc to buy in India 2021.


Screen3.4 inches
SensorsG-sensor Gyroscope Eye Comfort Setting (IPD)
FoV110 degrees
Refresh rate90Hz

Oculus Go

Best Virtual Reality Headsets in India for PC, iPhone, & Android [+Buyer Guide] 8

Oculus is the leading company in the field of virtual reality technology. Many big companies like Samsung use their technology for making their VR devices.

This particular model, Oculus Go, is the lowest price VR headset from this brand. This is also a standalone VR headset type so the performance will be very satisfactory. 

Diving into the technical features you’re getting a quad fast switch LEd screen specially developed for improving visual clarity and reducing the screen-door effect.

The screen has to some extent anti-glare properties so that it doesn’t hurt the eyes that much.

There are speakers in-built with the headset, the audio technology they’re providing is integrated spatial audio. Oculus Go is the best virtual reality headset in India under 30k INR.


ScreenQuad fast Switching
Field of View96 degrees
SensorsAccelerometer Sensor, Gyro Sensor, Proximity Sensor
Storage32gb, 64gb

HP Windows Mixed Reality Headset

Best Virtual Reality Headsets in India for PC, iPhone, & Android [+Buyer Guide] 9

HP Windows Mixed Reality headset is a very promising device. Some of you may wonder,

What is Mixed Reality?

Well, mixed reality is achieved by merging reality with a virtual environment, a medium where physical & digital objects both co-exists.

They’re very much helpful for designing & military training purposes.

While searching for VR devices I came across this on Amazon India. Never imagined an MR headset will be priced under 30k INR. That’s insane.

HP windows mixed reality headset offers some of the premium features that you’ll only get in higher pierced models like 2160×2160 resolution with a field of view of about 114 degrees.

The headset has mics that support smart assistants and also has an in-built integrated spatial audio system. It also has a 3.5mm output jack for external headphones.

Apart from this, the best part according to me is that the headset adapts itself to the hardware of your computer and sets the resolution according to that.

The better the higher-end configuration you have the better resolution you’ll get.


Display Size2.89-inch
Refresh rate60Hz, 90Hz

Oculus Quest All-in-One VR Gaming System

Best Virtual Reality Headsets in India for PC, iPhone, & Android [+Buyer Guide] 10

A dedicated VR Gaming System. Oculus Quest is your answer to which VR system to buy for gaming.

It comes with two controllers for the ultimate immersion gaming experience. With wide-angle FoV and 6DoF, you get closer to the virtual world than ever.

You won’t need any special arrangement in your room in order to use and play, no such setup is required just plug and play in any room. By the way, Oculus controllers are award-winning.

Oculus Rift with Touch Virtual Reality System

Best Virtual Reality Headsets in India for PC, iPhone, & Android [+Buyer Guide] 11

This is not your regular VR system, Oculus Rift gives the opportunity to express virtual reality on an entirely different level with this touch virtual reality system.

You’ll need a good graphics card with 8Gb of ram and i5 5th generation and above processor for this device to run.

You can watch 4k movies & play VR gaming with ultra-low-latency tracking for a rich experience.

You’ll also get 6 free titles with this VR system. Oculus Rift is a great alternative for HTC Vive Cosmos. At the same price, you’re getting a total virtual reality system.

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4 Best VR Headset for Smartphones Under 3000

Below mention VR devices are the best for smartphone users who want to experience immersion in the virtual world. Check them out.

AuraVR PRO VR Headset Glasses

AuraVR PRO VR Headset Glasses is one of the best VR headsets in India under Rs 2000.

The lenses used in the product are advanced nano coated optical resin 42 mm lenses and 100-110 FoV.

AuraVR PRO VR Headset Glasses, AuraVR PRO VR Headset Glasses reviews

Lenses and screen distance can be increased or decreased for better focus. The built-in head strap is adjustable according to the head size.

In the long usage, it is common that your smartphone may get overheated, but the unique feature in this headset is AIR VENTS which keep your smartphone cool.

The headset is compatible with smartphones running with the minimum operating system as Android 4.1/iOS 5.

When you purchase AuraVR PRO VR headset you will get a Bluetooth remote controller for free.

When the VR headset is ON, you can control everything in the app and screen using this remote without removing the phone from the headset.

Apart from this remote can be used to play VR games on your smartphone.

But it is to be noted that remotely works better with Android-based smartphones only.

Best Virtual Reality Headsets in India for PC, iPhone, & Android [+Buyer Guide] 12

Ocular Prime Virtual Reality Glasses

Ocular prime VR headset is popular for its clear and high-quality lenses and highly comfortable use.

This device comes with high-quality in-built earphones which can give you an amazing 3D experience.

Ocular Prime Virtual Reality Glasses, Ocular Swift Fully Adjustable VR Virtual Reality Headset With 42 MM Lenses Glasses for Android/iOS Devices, best vr headsets to buy in India

The 42 MM lenses can give you an immersive experience of being in the environment of what you see on your smartphone.

Using the knob you can adjust the distance between the lens and your smartphone into your comfort.

Also, you don’t have to worry if your phone gets overheated because the device has ventilation holes for heat dissipation.

In the long use, the soft cushion in the headset can give you full comfort.

The Ocular Prime VR Glasses are compatible with most of the smartphones available in the market regardless of operating systems.

Best Virtual Reality Headsets in India for PC, iPhone, & Android [+Buyer Guide] 12


Let it be a horror movie or ride on a rolling caster or a virtual documentary or any VR game, IRUSU PLAY VR headset can give you a great virtual reality experience.

IRUSU PLAY VR Headset - vr headset with free Remote controler, best vr headset to buy in India 2018

The in-built touch buttons for controlling volume and answering phone calls and inbuilt media controller make this device very easy and flexible to use.

So you can control each and everything without removing the phone from the headset.

This headset is perfect for people with low myopia. Because you can adjust the distance between the pupil and the object.

So no more, need your glasses to experience virtual reality.

The device is compatible with all smartphone which has Gyroscope for 360 VR.

Best Virtual Reality Headsets in India for PC, iPhone, & Android [+Buyer Guide] 12

Procus ONE Virtual Reality Headset

Procus ONE Virtual Reality Headset 40MM Lenses, best vr headsets to buy online in India 2019

Procus, another big name in the virtual reality headset category. If you’re searching for the best VR headset in India under Rs 2500, then this is it.

This probably has one of the biggest lenses in this price category, it also has a viewing angle of 100 degrees which really great.

Procus One is reviewed by top YouTube tech reviewers like Technical Guruji.

It is compatible with both iOS & Android smartphones. And one cool thing is that it supports smartphone screens size up to 6 inches.

There is also an in-built touch button for a better gaming experience.

Procus is giving away VR game “Isolated” worth 500 INR free. Don’t miss it.

Best Virtual Reality Headsets in India for PC, iPhone, & Android [+Buyer Guide] 15

How to choose the perfect VR headset? – Buyer Guide

Virtual reality headset buying guide

There are a lot of technical factors to look at before you buy a VR headset like immersion, DoF, audio, controllers, and common features like weight & comfort.

First, you need to decide upon the type of VR headset you want to buy then narrow it down by the features & functions it is offering.

Factors to consider before buying a Virtual Reality Headset

Let me give you a basic concept of the above features & functions that you must check out before purchasing a VR headset.


It is the degree of VR experience the device can offer.


The degree of freedom [DoF] is the number of movements the user can experience while in VR mode. Most of them use either 3DoF or 6DoF. Refer to this article by Google for more info about DoF.


The more field of view the better VR experience that the device will render. Typically the VR brands provide 100-degree FoV but few brands provide up to 200 degrees field of view.


The headset show is able to perform the following tasks:

Head Tracking

Motion tracking

3D Audio

In a simulated environment, 3D audio makes the immersion become more effective and surreal.


VR headsets with controllers are necessary if you’re buying them for gaming.


The head-mounted device should be as light as possible for wearing it for a longer period of time. Heavy makes it uncomfortable after a few minutes of usage.


This is very important especially for smartphone VR headsets as they don’t support all smartphone screen sizes. The minimum is 4.5 inches, the maximum is 6.3 inches.

How do virtual reality headsets work?

Well, apart from all the sensor tracking, the video is fed into the head-mounted display, the video may be fed to one or both the lens. They create a stereoscopic 3D image by compiling 2D images. The lens reshapes and focuses the images differently for each eye.

Different types of VR headsets

Tethered VR headsets

They use the PC’s hardware and are connected using an HDMI cable.

Standalone VR headsets

They are all in one virtual reality headsets, that do not require any outside device. They have their own processor, battery, display, etc.

Smartphone HMD

These are the cheapest VR headsets type that you can buy, they need to be connected to a smartphone to work.

Application of Virtual Reality Technology?

It is right now being used for entertainment, gaming, architecture designs, military, and aviation to train pilots. Also in rehabilitation processes and in social sciences.

What’s the difference Between Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality and Augmented Reality?

Virtual Reality: Here an artificial environment is created by software and computer technology, people can immerse into those virtual 3D dimensions and can also interact with the objects.

Mixed Reality: It is the merging of both real-world objects and virtual world objects. In mixed reality, you can interact with both physical and digital objects.

Augmented Reality: Here, digital objects are directly created by your smartphone and are projected live. Like those animal filters on Instagram & Snapchat.


All the Virtual Reality headsets mentioned in this article are of premium quality and completely worth their price. Select the one that fits you the best, smartphone, standalone, or tethered VR headsets.

These headsets themselves can give you a great start on your immersion experience.

So grab the headset and start having fun with amazing VR movies and VR games.

Also, let me know your favorite VR headsets and your experience with virtual reality through the comment section

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