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Multiplex-Like Sound Effect: 11 Best Soundbars under 10k INR for TV in India, 2021

Best Soundbars under Rs 10000 for Multiplex Like Sound

Everyone craves a good audio experience while listening to their favorite music, or watching their favorite shows, or favorite movies. It is not always possible for everyone to get a theater-like experience when it comes to this. But yes, the next best thing to home theaters is a soundbar. With the help of a soundbar, … Read more

Best Curved Monitors in India of 2021

Best Curved Monitors in India

In this world of growing digitalization, the need for a good monitor has become a dire necessity for everyone. Almost all kinds of jobs need a good monitor. From gaming to graphic designing, to managing spreadsheets, everything can be done hassle-free if you have a good monitor. Prolonged staring into a monitor screen can cause … Read more

Best Low Light Cameras of 2021

Best Low Light DSLR Cameras in India

The lockdown and quarantine have been hard for many people around the world and people have been practicing new hobbies to spend their time and get out of boredom. Photography is one of those hobbies that many people have developed or have become fond of over the years. Well, this article is not only for … Read more

The Best Laptop for Students in India

Best Laptop for Students in India

With digitization conquering the world today, it is needless to mention what role the laptops and PCs have to play in the whole scenario. This remarkable revolution is definitely not a new phenomenon, but has become all the more important at this point of time when almost everything is being done online, be it the … Read more

Best AIR PURIFIERS in India: Purify the air around you

Best AIR PURIFIERS in India: Purify the air around you 1

If you’re reading this article then you might have an idea about air purifiers but before we begin I’d like to provide some in-depth information about this topic to help you make the right decision while choosing the best air purifier for your home. Let’s dive in the details. With the blessings of technological advancements … Read more