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Guide to Celebrate Rakhi Virtually/Online With Siblings

Family always has a special place in our hearts, and nothing can ever replace it.

Amongst the family members, we have a love and hate relationship with our siblings.

They are always our scapegoats for bullying and teasing, but at the same time, they are our pillars of support and courage.

We can be our true, unfiltered selves without the worry of being judged.

Even though we fight and bully each other in private, they always have your back and support your decisions in public.

Because of the love and hate bonding that we have with our siblings, we do not prefer to express our love for one another. 

Luckily, the festivals such as Rakhi and Bhai Duj give us a rare opportunity to address our feelings and express them freely.

But due to the current situation of Covid-19, it has become a hassle to celebrate festivals.

But you need not worry anymore; Rakhi can be celebrated pompously as before online by express rakhi delivery service, and here is all you need to know about it.

How to Celebrate Rakshabandhan Online in 2022

Guide to Celebrate Rakhi Virtually/Online With Siblings 1

We wait with enthusiasm for a once-a-year festival like Rakhi.

We hope to meet with all our siblings and cousins to celebrate boisterously with joy and laughter.

As all the brothers and sisters meet, you can have happy life-last memories.

But with the present Covid-19 condition, which has been rampant for over two years, has made it difficult for everyone to meet in the same place. 

Not all siblings live in the same house, and some might be out of town living in various cities, and the ones who live in the same city cannot meet at times because of the lockdown.

Such hindrances cannot thwart our happiness. With the help of modern technology, you can still celebrate virtually. 

Select Gifts and Rakhi Online 

You might have siblings of different ages.

Some might be much younger and some older.

Kids at young are happy with any design of the Rakhi, and they greet you with a Colgate smile.

Guide to Celebrate Rakhi Virtually/Online With Siblings 2

But as they grow older, they start to develop choices and are not easy to please.

To help with such difficulties, there are innumerable amounts of Rakhis designs that are available online. The different kinds of Rakhis.

To name a few, there are:

Cartoon Rakhi

All children are obsessed with cartoons. They have their favorite cartoon character with whom they connect and admire.

You can buy rakhi for kids online, which have their favorite cartoon characters and gift them. You can be assured that the kids will love them.

Personalized Rakhi

There are numerous online websites which are offering Rakhi services. You can order Rakhis online or by visiting stores that provide such services.

If you want to make a personalized Rakhi add an emotional attachment, you can select your sibling’s cute, beautiful picture and get it designed on the Rakhi.

You can also write their names on the Rakhi. Sometimes the Rakhis can be made into bracelets that can be worn for an extended period.

Gold or Silver Rakhi

If you want your brother to keep the Rakhi for a long time or even a lifetime, you should indeed consider silver or gold Rakhis.

You can go to a jewelry shop and buy the gold or silver, and then you can order to make Rakhis to whichever design you want.

These Rakhis can have a deep meaning and your love engraved in them for a very long time. 

How to Send Rakhis Online

With so many options, you can buy kid’s designer Rakhis that can appease them.

The sisters can buy designer Rakhi online and send them along with various gifts.

There are also plenty of ideas for gifts that you can choose from.

The brothers can pick clothes, coffee mugs, chocolates, and gadgets and present them to their sisters. 

You can order Rakhi hampers, too; there are a few websites such as IGP.com, Oye Happy, The Messy Corner, and Archies are offering out-of-the-box Rakhi gifts.

If you are a DIY girl, you can make handmade Rakhis and gifts and send them to your siblings in the same city through Swiggy Genie.

And if they are living out of town, then you can send them through speed posts.

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Make a Video Call or Throw a Virtual Party

How to Celebrate Rakhi Online

Suppose we were celebrating Rakhi under normal conditions.

In that case, we usually clean our rooms, decorate them with fairy lights and flowers, cover our cushions with stylish lines, and buy sweets, chocolates, and various other things to make the day special.

But now, our siblings might not be able to attend in person, but you can still create an ambiance and video call your siblings to celebrate virtually and not miss out on a single joyous moment. 

You could send your Rakhi gifts beforehand, and they can wear them during the call.

You can also select familiar favorite songs of you and your siblings and play them during the Video call. Not only that, but you can all vibe to the songs and have a tremendous experience.

Send an Online Video

Another excellent idea is to compile a video by picking the best pictures and clips with your siblings. There are a variety of video editing apps available.

They are easy to use, and you can comfortably compile the video even on your phone. 

You can Play Video Games

Before Rakhi, you can spend time with your siblings and play video games with them.

All your siblings can gather together on multiplayer online video games like Farmville, Township, Ludo, Free fire, Clash of Clans, and many more. 

You can come up with various vouchers for someone with the maximum number of wins. This could be a great option to keep you connected with your sisters and brothers. 

You Can Order Unique Dishes

Everyone loves food.

At least one dish that we constantly crave and festivals can be a valid reason to satisfy ourselves. Just like you, your siblings might be a foodie too.

Rakhi might be a good excuse for them. All you will have to do is open a food delivery app and order all the sibling’s love.

Food like waffles, pizzas, momos, fried rice, chicken butter masala, and coke are mouth-watering dishes that will surely make your sibling happy.

This idea shows your love and care, which can make your Raksha Bandhan experience splendid and memorable.

Final Words

These ideas might not make your Rakhi the best one. But they are definitely worth the try, and they will make it a unique Rakhi.

Even though the virus is spreading rapidly, and many get-togethers are canceled, it can be harmful and dangerous.

During this time, it is best to celebrate from home for your and your family’s safety.

We can only pray and hope for the pandemic to end fast so that we can spend a happy, memorable time with our loved ones.

You should adhere to the protocols of social distancing so that we can go back to the “normal” sooner.

By doing this, we can celebrate the next Rakshabandhan with our siblings in person.

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