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Co-Volunteer – A website to find COVID-19 volunteers & Oxygen Services

Co-volunteer is a contribution to the nation. In this COVID-19 pandemic situation, this website has been launched to help the people of our nation with detailed and proper information.

People can find contact information of their nearest COVID-19 warriors like COVID Volunteers, Doctors, ambulance service providers, oxygen services providers and all other Emergency Service Providers in a single platform.

Co-Volunteer website for covid19 volunteers and oxygen services
Co-Volunteer website for covid19 volunteers and oxygen services

It is an initiative of a web development and Digital marketing company of Barasat, Kolkata, namely Xmartech Solution.

This website is fully content with the block, village or city and also pin code wise searching facilities.

People can search for volunteers and also service providers. People also can search within their nearby location.

A worldwide pandemic is going on. People are suffering from the lack of information. Co-volunteer will help people to find proper helplines in this pandemic situation.

As it is a pandemic situation, so for now co volunteer is a platform for covid effected people to find helplines.

But after surviving the situation, in future co-volunteer will be a platform which will help people to find blood, nearby hospitals, ambulance, emergency vehicle services in emergency situations.

Also, it will be a platform for everyone where those people who live alone can contact those volunteers who are always ready to help others.

At least in emergency situation those people will be brought to the hospital and will got proper medical facilities. People will at least think they are not alone. There is always someone to help them.

In the upcoming days, additional features will be added.

As It’s COVID 19 pandemic situation, everyone is doing hard to overcome the situation. But using this situation many dishonest persons are doing fraud.

Co-volunteer represent the volunteers and service providers name and services with proper identity proof.

As if unfortunately, any of the trying to even do the fraud they will be caught.

COVID-19 effected people who are not getting the proper information it is for them.

Sometime helplines are busy because everyone is constantly trying to contact in those phone numbers.

People are doing panic.

It is the time to extend a hand to help.

So, it is an initiative to help those people who need help.

Visit the website: Co-Volunteer.

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