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Computer Glasses: Are they really worth a try?

As we all know, spending an extensive amount of time staring at computer screens, smartphone screens or laptop screens can bring lots of harm to our eyes.

That is where computer glasses come into use.

Computer glasses are powerless glasses that are made with the purpose of protecting our eyes from developing digital strain, and to prevent us from developing computer vision syndrome.

Now let us delve deeper into this topic and learn more about computer glasses and their uses.

Features of Computer Glasses

Computers glasses are designed to provide the viewer with maximum viewing comfort. So for this, one needs to look for the following features while buying a pair of computer glass:-

Computer Glasses: Are they really worth a try? 1
Computer glasses for girls
  • Make sure your computer glasses have an anti-reflective coating, which is also abbreviated as AR coating.
  • The AR coating is to prevent reflection from the front or back surfaces of your glasses. Besides making your eyeglasses look attractive, they also contribute to reducing digital eye strain.
  • Glasses with AR coating are also known as Anti-glare specs.
  • Look for blue light filtering in your computer glasses.
  • Blue Light is a bunch of harmful rays emitted by any kind of digital screen, be it a computer screen, a laptop screen or a smartphone screen, or a tablet screen.
  • One of the primary purposes of a computer glass is a blue block or blue light protection. So without this feature, a computer glass is useless.

Types of Computer Glasses

Zero Power lenses with Blue Block

These types of glasses are computer glasses that are with no power.

Computer Glasses: Are they really worth a try? 2
Best eye protection glasses

The major purpose of these glasses is to protect your vision from the harmful blue rays emitted by any type of digital screen.

These are made up of special lenses to protect your eye from blue light. The lenses of these glasses are specially coated with some kind of blue-ray protection.

Anyone can use these glasses, no matter their age or whether they have power.

Computer glasses for people with reading problems

Any people who are above the age of forty and are suffering from reading problems can opt for these types of glasses.

Computer Glasses: Are they really worth a try? 3
Computer glasses for people with reading problems

They are glasses that not only protect your eyes from the harmful blue light but also have a blue block feature that completely blocks or absorbs the blue light and makes your screen time more comfortable than ever.

So if you have similar issues like these, then you can opt for these types of computer glasses. These types of glasses are one of the best eye protection glasses.

Prescription wear

If you belong to that group of people who have high powers and use the doctor’s prescribed glasses, then make sure to go for a blue-ray coating along with your powered lenses.

Unlike their name, blue lenses are completely clear and not blue. The blue here refers to the protection from the blue light feature of these specialized glasses.

So yes, they would not compromise with your vision in any way and rather might protect your eyes in a better way and help you get a clearer vision.

Single vision lenses

People who need correction from symptoms of farsightedness, nearsightedness, or astigmatism, are the people who require this type of lens for their glasses.

These glasses are specifically designed for people like those.

These types of eyeglasses with single vision lenses have just one single optical prescription correction.

Also, the eyeglasses distribute the focus evenly over the entire surface area of the lens.

Most people you see wearing glasses generally use these types of glasses, the ones with single vision lenses.

Occupational progressive lenses

Occupational progressive lenses are multifocal lenses.

Computer Glasses: Are they really worth a try? 4

These multifocal lenses are made with the purpose of correcting near, intermediate, and distance vision.

For near vision tasks, these lenses are mostly perfect as they give you a larger and more comfortable visual at the computer or mobile screens.

For longer distance tasks, these types of glasses are not generally recommended.

Advantages of Computer Glasses

Now that we know the basics about computer glasses, let us look at the advantages of using a pair of computer glasses.

Prevents Digital Eye Strain

While using a computer, tablets, or any other digital screen for a long period, you get this strain in your eyes that ultimately causes blurred vision, double vision, eye fatigue, dryness of eyes, red eyes, itchy eyes and such similar problems including headaches and neck and shoulder pain.

Computer Glasses: Are they really worth a try? 5
Computer glasses for men

According to certain medical reports, some observe that over 59% of people have been recorded experiencing the symptoms of digital eye strain.

So preventing digital strain on the eyes, computer glasses are necessary. There are computer glasses for kids as well as adults, so there is no age bar as to who can use these glasses. It is helpful for everyone.

Blocks Blue Light

Blue light is a bunch of harmful rays emitted by any type of digital screens such as computers, laptops, tablets, or smartphones.

Computer Glasses: Are they really worth a try? 6
Lenses to protect eyes from blue light

Upon prolonged exposure to these screens, the blue light harms our eyes in a plethora of ways. So to prevent this, we need to use computer glasses.

Computer glasses are specifically designed to protect our eyes from this harmful blue light that is emitted by digital screens.

Gives you a comfortable screen experience

Discussing the previous points proves that computer glasses are essential for us as it protects our eyes in so many ways.

Computer Glasses: Are they really worth a try? 7

They are computer protection glasses, as their primary purpose is to provide us with protection and prevent any eye discomfort because of prolonged exposure to digital screens.

So yes, having said that it is safe to assume that with the added protection, computer glasses can make you comfortable with increased screen time.

Where To Buy Computer Glasses

Well, if you are looking to buy a pair of computer glasses offline, you can visit any of your local eyewear shops or medical stores with an eyeglass section.

Computer Glasses: Are they really worth a try? 8

You would not need a prescription to buy a pair of computer glasses. You can get it from any nearby store without a prescription. 

If you are looking to buy your computer glasses from online sites, then some of the best websites for this purpose are lenskart (look for lenskart computer glasses), titaneyeplus, Amazon India, specsmakers and coolwink.

While buying glasses, you need to specify if you are buying computer glasses for men, or computer glasses for girls, or kids.

The specification does not make any difference except for providing you with frame and color choices according to your age and gender.

So, happy buying!

Here are three products to help you in choosing your computer glasses.

Intellilens Spectacle with Anti-glare for Eye Protection

Computer Glasses: Are they really worth a try? 9

This pair of glasses from Intellilens is one of the best choices for your computer glass. This comes with a blue light filter which is an important feature of computer glass.

Because of its anti-blue light feature, it helps reduce strain in the eyes and headaches. Also, with its sleek white frame, it will give you a professional look.

Check it out on Amazon India

CHEERS DEVICES Spectacles Anti-glare Computer Glasses for Eye Protection

Computer Glasses: Are they really worth a try? 10

Another best choice for your computer glasses would be this product from Cheers devices.

They have anti-glare UV protection which will provide maximum protection to your eyes along with blocking the blue light. This product is available in five colors.

Check it out on Amazon India

CHEERS DEVICES Zero Power Computer Glasses for Blue Light Blocking

Computer Glasses: Are they really worth a try? 11

Another last product to help you buy your computer glasses is another product from Cheers devices.

This pair of glasses is anti-glare and anti-reflection, which will provide all kinds of damage protection to your eyes.

With their added blue light protection and UV400 ray filter, these glasses will be perfect to protect your eyes.

Check it out on Amazon India

Most Frequently Asked Questions About Computer Glasses:

Now that we know all about our computer glasses, let us discuss some frequently asked questions about the same.

Do Computer Glasses Really Work?

This is the most frequently asked question about computer glasses and it is valid. Why would anyone invest in something that has no use?

So yes, to answer your question, computer glasses work. They lessen the digital strain on your eyes and help protect your eyes from the blue light filter. They can also help you prevent computer vision syndrome.

Are there special glasses for computers?

Yes, there are special glasses for computers that are specifically designed to prevent any kind of eyesight issues caused by excessive digital strain on the eyes.

They also specifically prevent your eye from blue light exposure. They do not have any power and can be used by anybody.

Which glass is best for computer users?

While you work on your computer, it is best to use computer glasses known as eye zen lenses.

They are specifically made to protect your eyes from strain while you work on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

With the help of these glasses, you will view the screen more clearly whether it is a large or a small screen.

Also, these glasses help protect your eyes from the harmful blue light that is emitted from computer screens.

What is special about computer glasses?

Computer glasses are specially designed to optimize your eyesight when you are looking at any kind of digital screen.

Their design is specifically for these purposes- to reduce glare that is a major cause of eyestrain, make your vision clearer so that you can see the screen better, and also to make it easier for you to look at screens for a longer period.


In conclusion, I would like to say that, anyone who has the necessity of constant usage of computers, laptops or mobiles for their work or anything, all of them should buy a pair of computer glasses for themselves.

As you all have read and learned from this article, no harm can come from getting a pair of computer glasses for yourself because they have an immense number of benefits.

They protect you from the harmful blue rays emitted by the digital screens, of course.

Not only that but also, they reduce the amount of strain on your eye that you get from spending an enormous amount of time in front of the computer, laptop, mobile or tablet screens.

So yes, with only advantages and no disadvantages, computer glasses are a must-buy for students, office workers and everyone alike.

It will prevent you from developing serious eye disorders in the long run.

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