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21 Best Corporate Gift Ideas for Employees & Clients

Gifting is an important aspect of the festive season that people take part in excitedly. Corporate gifting in India still stands as one of the most important things.

With Diwali round the corner. Sick of cracking your heads on what to gift your near ones on this Festival of lights.

Well then, here we present you with a list of 21 innovative & pocket-friendly corporate gift ideas for employees & clients which no wonder will make you the center of attraction among your colleagues.

Best Diwali Corporate Gift Ideas for Employees & Clients in India
Best Diwali Corporate Gift Ideas for Employees & Clients in India


Gift Hampers for corporate employees in India
Gift Hampers

What can be more amazing than gifting your corporate buddies amazing gift hampers on this auspicious occasion?

Gift hampers ranging filled with delectable goodies, organic delights, or your favorite teas have become a kind of a modern-day Diwali ritual.

A box of world-class luxury spirits and champagnes with some homemade macaroons, truffles, cookies and flavored nuts made out of love will indeed make an awesome corporate gift idea for Diwali.

Or go for an elegant hamper containing a small bottle of red wine, some Jasmine scented candles, yummy chocolate chip cookies, and some gourmet chocolate coated nuts.

Want to fill your basket with only food items?

Here is the best idea for you.

Get some amazing cookies with assorted macaroon boxes to lip-smacking sauces in your hampers.

Or you can make present a simple yet finger-licking box of a delightful assortment of sweets, cakes, chocolates, cookies and other sweet treats to create a personalized sinful hamper for this festival of light.


Customized gift ideas for corporate employees & clients
Customized gift ideas

Somebody once said, “Giving gift is more delightful than receiving them“. On this special occasion of Lights, if you are thinking of finding a gift that is special and meaningful, the best idea is to give customized corporate Diwali gifts.

Whether you gift it to your clients or to your employees, the gift has to be impressive since it carries your company’s brand.

Therefore, a corporate gift is to be chosen very carefully. An astonishing coffee mug printed with the company logo will be an amazing idea.

Even photo frames make a great business gift. Customized frames are also easy to make or order and they can deliver a personal sentiment with the greatest of ease.

The many varieties of photo frames available in the markets are easy to pick out and can also be customized to a great deal.


Handmade Chocolate Gift Boxes
Handmade Chocolate Gift Boxes

Searching for Diwali gifts for clients on a budget? Well, what can be more amazing than an assorted box of handmade chocolates from Choco Fantasy?

Grab a box of this amazing creation to make a Diwali gift of it to your corporate employees.

This box of assorted chocolate contains a variety of handmade chocolates starting from nut bars, dark chocolates, milk chocolate to this unique creation of layered chocolates.

This eccentric creation is a duo of milk chocolate and dark chocolate. These chocolates are preservative-free and thus even good for health.

The best part?

Get customized theme boxes made of good quality & delicious handmade chocolates for your colleagues & clients on this special occasion of Diwali.


geeky gadgets cover pic, electronic gadgets gift ideas
Electronic gadgets gift ideas

Tired of thinking about corporate gift ideas for clients this Diwali?

Well, worry no more! We are here to help you out.  In the 21st century what can be a better gift than electronic gadgets?

The market is flooded with these super gadgets which no wonder will be loved by all.

You have a great variety of options in front of you starting from smartwatches, Fitbit, earphones, cameras, mp4 players, portable DVD player, and so many other options.

This year make a gift of any of these cool gadgets and spread a smile!


Box of Dry Fruits as gifts for employees
Box of Dry Fruits as gifts for employees

A  box of crunchy nutty healthy yummy dry fruits is always enough to bring a smile on anybody’s face.

On this festive season, we often say our diet plan “Not today!

But with this box of dry fruits filled with ever loved raisins, cashews, pasta, nuts, almonds, walnuts you can not only satisfy your taste buds but also look after your healthy diet plan.

This can be an amazing corporate gift idea for Diwali this year. Not only it’s easily available but also really pocket-friendly.

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Home decor as corporate gift idea for clients in India
Home decor as a corporate gift idea for clients in India

An elegant idol, a good showpiece, dream catcher, wall hangings, handmade pen stand and the list of home decor goes on. Imagine how much happiness it would make your aesthetic decoration loving colleague.

Bringing home a gift of a silver idol is always considered auspicious enough on this good day of Diwali!

You can not only get these amazing home decors at a very reasonable price online but also you can go for a walk in the shopping for this at your nearest store!

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SAMSUNG Gear S3 Frontier Smartwatch, best gadgets for men india, best tech gifts for men india
SAMSUNG Gear S3 Frontier Smartwatch

Who is a better teacher than time?

As of gifting purpose, we often overlook the very amazing gift that of a watch. A ravishing watch worn properly can always add elegance to your personality.

With a huge variety of watches in the market like smartwatches, classic metal bands, digital ones, ethnic leather bands, raga elegant collections.

Be it your young tech-savvy young co-worker or your boss, a watch can always be a good option.

This festive year, wait no more! Wrap up the best watch for your colleague and remind him how amazing time is awaiting for him ahead!


Gadget Organiser Bag for travellers india, Tizum Gadget Organiser Bag (Gray)
Gadget Organiser

Wondering what to gift your amazing clients and versatile boss this Diwali?

Well, present him with this most versatile organization system designed to hold items firmly in place, endless configurations perfect companion for a laptop bag or travel case.

Order a good quality gadget organizer from any online store to surprise your boss.

These are not only easy to carry but also looks really cool. With this versatile organizer, this Diwali reminds your boss, how much potential he holds and how much versatility he has in him.


Gift Cards for Corporate Employees in India
Gift Cards for Corporate Employees in India

Gift cards are one of the handiest and easy go-to for gifting purpose of this generation.

No more spending days of thinking and researching on what to gift to your colleagues on this Diwali. For we present you with this amazing idea of Gift cards.

You can get gift cards from online as well as offline stores ranging from the different price range. celebrate this Diwali with your loved ones by giving gift cards.

These gift cards come in different categories like corporate gift cards, email gift cards, physical gift cards from various clothing brands and others.

Presenting jewelry has always been one of the many options of gifts in Indian culture. With this fast schedule of time, there are not so much of the time left to go to these shops and buy.

So here comes these amazing creation of gift cards from these shops which can not only save your time of searching for the perfect gift but also give your colleague the freedom to buy anything of her choice.

Check out some of the best gift card options available on Amazon India.

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21 Best Corporate Gift Ideas for Employees & Clients 1

Calendars are one of the oldest and the most common corporate gifts that most of the companies give their employees and clients.

These are not the normal calendars that you often see at home, what business owners can do is hire graphic designers and create custom-branded calendars with the company logo, with the motto, and a brief history.

Also, another cool thing that can be done is to add a specific company’s product, services, or achievement related images or quotes on pages of every month.

This will not only help you in branding but also it’ll help you to convey your company’s other interests too. Believe this is one of the most innovative corporate gifts that you can give.


21 Best Corporate Gift Ideas for Employees & Clients 2

It is now one of the luxury corporate gifts ideas that companies or business owners can give to their employees and clients.

Kindle is the most popular eBook reader in the world. With this gift, employees can purchase books from Amazon Kindle Store [ebook price starts from 29INR only].

Every category of books from business, finance to personal development are available on the Kindle store.

Employees can buy and read books in their free time to gain more knowledge and to upgrade their existing working skills.

If you’re looking at your budget, then I’d like to inform you that the price of a basic kindle reader starts from 4,999INR only.


21 Best Corporate Gift Ideas for Employees & Clients 3

A novelty gift and another most popular choice of gift for employees worldwide.

Especially while searching for some gift ideas I got to know that many startups or small businesses who are in the IT sector usually prefer this type of electronic gadget gift for their peeps.

In headphones you have so many options to choose from there are various types of headphones that can be found online.

TWS, Bluetooth, and wired headphones, you can select any one of these and order a custom gift package for each of the products and you’re done.

Typically the price of TWS earphones starts from 999INR, Bluetooth models from 699INR, and premium models start from 2999INR.

Choose the one that suits your budget.

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21 Best Corporate Gift Ideas for Employees & Clients 4

This is a simple yet very useful thing to give to your employees such as personal assistant, secretary, etc.

They are required to take notes very frequently, write down a checklist, meeting agendas, and what not? This notebook will be of great help to these types of employees.

There are various types of notebook available for professionals, some have specially printed pages for doing specific tasks like taking notes, creating memos.

Another good thing about this product is that it makes an excellent gift idea for women employees.

I have preselected this notebook for you. This is a premium quality notebook that comes with a VFM ballpoint pen packed in a gift box.

Online courses

Day by Day new technologies is coming in the market and professionals working in the IT and other such sectors where the technology changes very frequently and they constantly need to upgrade their skills as per the market trend are hit by this problem.

If you’re a tech startup company or any such company where the employees need to update their working skills regularly.

Then as a business owner, you can give your precious employees or staff online courses from sites like Lynda, Skillshare & Udemy.

They provide corporate accounts for employees to learn new skills on the go.

For instance, Udemy has one of the largest collections of courses that they provide at throwaway prices. You can find courses for all sorts of popular topics on their platform.

Leather accessories

21 Best Corporate Gift Ideas for Employees & Clients 5

Leather accessories are classic gifts for anyone let it be friends, family, or others.

There are various types of leather accessories that can be given as gifts. Belts, money bags, laptop carry bags made from leathers are the most sought after items.

If you dig deeper you’’ find many online gift shopping websites that sell products made from leather in combos like wallet, belts, and so on.

You can consider buying those products as a token of love for your hard-working team. A combo of Wallet, Keychain & Pen price roughly starts from Rs 600INR and if you want personal branding over it then that’ll cost extra.

Grooming Kit

21 Best Corporate Gift Ideas for Employees & Clients 6

This is typically a gift idea for men, grooming kits have become very much popular in the last couple of years in India.

Now younger, as well as middle-aged people, also like to short new beard styles according to the latest fashion trends.

If you as a business owner or company want to separately buy gifts for male employees then you can consider this product as one of the popular gift choices for both employees & clients in India.

No one dislikes a gift like this.

I’d suggest you go with Man Company Charcoal Grooming Kit which is just perfect for male employees. This grooming set contains Body Wash, Shampoo, Face Scrub, Face Wash, Cleansing Gel, and Soap Bar.

Bonsai Plants

21 Best Corporate Gift Ideas for Employees & Clients 7

This one of the feng shui gifts for career success and that people also give each other good luck, prosperity, or Home decor.

Also, some plants are considered very religious in India, this also makes a strong contender for gift ideas for employees & clients.

This Ficus Bonsai Plant will be an excellent choice; they can survive in harsh conditions and also acts as an Air Purifying Bonsai Tree.

The price of this bonsai plant is also within budget and will remind your workers how much you care for them.

Leather Wallet Combo Gift Set

21 Best Corporate Gift Ideas for Employees & Clients 8

One of the most common problems every business or corporate faces is what is the best gift for female employees. Like many, most of the gift ideas that you can find online are men centric.

So if you’re looking for corporate gift ideas for women employees then this leather wallet combo gift set will surely be one of the contenders.

This leather gift set consists of a wallet, purse, & heart shape keyring made from high-quality grain leather.

One cool thing about this product is that it comes in pink, which is the favorite color of women.

The price of this gift set is under 1500INR which is very much cost-effective.

Apple Shape Clock, Card Holder & Metal Pen Combo Set

21 Best Corporate Gift Ideas for Employees & Clients 9

This one of the most budget-friendly corporate gifts for women employees. Small business owners or startup companies can go for this gift as a budget for them is the penultimate factor.

This is a 3-in-1 combo gift set under Rs. 500, but due to its low price is this a cheap item?

Well, wrong assumption. This combo gift set that I’m suggesting you has looks no less than any premium item.

It consists of a cardholder, an apple shared desk clock, and a metal pen all the three items come in golden color.

Believe me, it’s one of the best corporate gift sets that you buy for your team.

Corporate Updated Business Diary for Women Employee

21 Best Corporate Gift Ideas for Employees & Clients 10

One of the best gifts for administrative assistant & office secretary. The main job for administrative assistants & secretaries is to take notes, create memos, write down plans, etc.

And this executive corporate update business diary will be the perfect gift for such people.

This is one of the gift items that are suitable for both male & female employees. You don’t have to purchase separate items for team members.

Also, it can be given to clients too. They would surely love to have such a useful gift item that they can use for their day to day business-related work.

The page size of the diary is more than enough for writing purposes and it also comes with a premium quality pen.

Wrapping It Up

Getting tensed about gifts are over! The festive season is all about enjoying with your friends, families, and colleagues in the best possible way, of which Gifting is always apart.

Hope this article was helpful enough for you to select a gift for your corporate world which will not only beloved but also be remembered and used for a greater time period!

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