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10 Best Digital E-writing Pad for Teachers & Students

Writing has been an element of passion to learned people. Just like we are going cashless in the economy, similarly now even paper use is also being minimized by the invention of digital e- writers.

They even come with a memory so practically it’s like having a notebook after all.

And Digital E-writers with memory is really a boon for the people of this century, especially for people who are passionate about writing.

E-writer pads can essentially save a good amount of paper. Hence it is both environment-friendly and economical as it replaces 10 notebooks.

Furthermore, it is portable and some have a memory that means you can carry it anywhere you want and can save your work in it.

It is good for official purposes, for taking notes in classes, and for toddlers.


We considered following criteria while selecting these electronic writing LCD notepads:

LCD size: A bigger surface area means for space, keep your palms and overall comfort to write, draw & do calculations. 

How words can you write: As they’re reusable to some extent and they you’ll need to replace them. So we choose the writing pads where you can write up to 50,000 words, that’s the maximum you can in the entire product lifetime.

Lock function: This is a very important feature for any electronic writing pad to have. This safeguards not only your work from accidental deletion, but also acts like a child lock.

In-built memory: It’s one of the most cherished features in a digital notepad by several users to have an option to save their work for future use. But unfortunately, almost none have this feature except Boogie, which it seems they have discontinued production.

Pressure sensitiveness of the screen: This is the key technology that comes into play while you’re using your notepad for writing or drawing.

The pressure-sensitive technology of the screen determines how thick characters or drawings should be.

For instance, if you’re drawing a line, if you put little pressure then it’ll draw a little transparent line, but if pressed hard then the line drawn will be darker or thick.

So we selected the products having the best pressure-sensitive screen

Real user feedbacks: Everything is wonderful, but how about some real-time feedback from customers who already have purchased the product?

Well, have that covered too! We took several user feedback before making the final product list.

Below is the list of 10 Digital E-Writing Notepads in India: Best for taking Notes

1. Portable RuffPad E-Writer

10 Best Digital E-writing Pad for Teachers & Students 1

Portable RuffPad E-Writer is a Paperless Child Study, Memo, Drawing, and Handwriting Digital Tablet with Stylus.

Write notes, lists & doodles without using paper or pen.

Following are the advantages and features of having this E-writer:-

  • The pressure-sensitive LCD writing surface lets you create lines of different thickness based on how hard you push
  • Erase your drawings or writings with the only touch of a button – erase option.
  • Green writing display on the LCD writing pad. They made it from durable plastic materials, safe for children to use.
  • Long-lasting battery backup, it lasts up to two months on a single charge.
  • Write over 50k words/times on this device.
  • This handwriting tablet is an ultra-thin and hence making it easy in your briefcase or backpack.
  • Feature lock and unlock, so that one can accidentally delete anything from the pad.

Portable RuffPad E-Writer Reviews:

It is a superb tablet for kids. Very well suited for writing, drawing, doing mathematics & even it can be used for business-related tasks. The modern-day alternative for slate. Go paperless.

Price is 1,660.00 | Rating 5.0 stars

2. Portronics Por-713 Portable Ruffpad E-Writer 9.0

digital e writers online india, geeky gadgets, cool electronic gadgets india

Portronics Por-713 LCD E-Writer has a bigger screen of 9 inches which provides a wide area for doing many writing tasks like memos, taking notes, drawing, etc.

Use this digital writing pad for online teaching as well.

This writing pad features:-

  • The pressure-sensitive screen lets you create thick and thin lines.
  • One-touch button: no need to worry, ease all of your unsaved or not needed work with a press of a button.
  • The durable case and recessed screen are, making it safe to take it with you anywhere.


Excellent for doing rough works. It definitely saves a lot of paper. The pressure-sensitive screen works perfectly the harder you press darker it draws. Also, a good digital notepad for kid’s drawing.

Price is 1,480.00 | Rating 4 stars

3. QAWACHH 8.5″ LCD Writing Pad Notepad

 QAWACHH MOBILITY 8.5-inch LCD Writing and Drawing Tablet

This drawing tablet can be called an all-rounder communicative tablet. This digital notepad feels like an actual paper.

It features:-

  • One of the best pressure-sensitive LCD screen for ultimate performance. Feels like an actual paper.
  • Write over 50,000 words on a single charge.


Nice device for taking/writing notes in tuition classes. The only thing missing is a save option.

Price is 1,790.00 | Rating 5.0 stars

4. Boogie Board Sync LCD eWriter with Memory

10 Best Digital E-writing Pad for Teachers & Students 2

This is one of the best LCD writing tablets with memory in India amongst the rest. It has the most features starting with a 9.7 inch LCD screen.

Probably the only digital notepad with storage & Bluetooth mentioned in my entire article. And that solely because they’re less available in the market right now.

Product Highlights:

  • Write memos, shopping lists, to-do, take notes just on this LCD writing tablet as you do on physical notebooks.
  • Save: As it is the only digital writing pad with memory in India. So you can effectively sync & share your important work in the internal storage.
  • Sync and Share: Only an e-writer pad to have this feature.
  • Share or sync your work using Bluetooth. Also, you can share your work with Evernote.


Hand to have this type of useful electronic gadgets. It feels like you’re writing with a pencil only not a stylus! The best part is that you can save your work.

As per my knowledge, it’s the only digital notepad with storage available online in India.

Price is 13,299.00 | Rating 4 stars

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5. Elepaio Wicue Portable RuffPad E-Writer

Best Digital E-Writing Pad With Memory to buy online India

Elepaio Wicue’s ruffpad e-writer is a class product to buy for many work ranging from writing memos, shopping lists to doing mathematics and taking notes.

This device is suitable for students, homemakers, office goers, etc.

Product Highlights:

  • Write up to 50k words
  • Lock & unlock Button
  • Pressure-sensitive screen
  • 10-inch display

It is a value for money product. One of the few LCD e-writing pads online that has over 4-star ratings. This tells how durable this useful gadget is.

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6. Kinsound LCD Paperless Memo Digital Tablet Notepad

10 Best Digital E-writing Pad for Teachers & Students 3

Kinsound’s LCD writing tablet with save option, is one of the most-selling paperless digital writing pads on Amazon India.

Ultra-thin and pressure-sensitive screen, made from highly durable abs plastic which safe to use by children.

Product Highlight:

  • Battery backup 1 year
  • Lock & unlock button
  • Easy to carry
  • One-touch erase option

This product lives up to the expectation but lacks certain aspects, anyway, it’s an excellent product most for children’s work.

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7. Proffisy LCD Writing Tablet

10 Best Digital E-writing Pad for Teachers & Students 4

I really liked this one from Proffisy, if you ask me it’s one of the best electronic writing pads to buy in India right now. It’s very good in terms of quality & durability.

Made from the latest and more advanced pressure-sensitive LCD screen technology, to make you feel you’re writing on actual paper.

If you’re a teacher and looking for writing tablets then this is the best digital writing pad for teaching, large & bright screen, & write over 1 lac words, yeah you read it right!

Product Highlights:

  • 16-inch best in the market screen
  • Write over 100,00 words on this device
  • Battery backup of 6 months

This device is excellent for drawing, writing, taking notes, etc, very much useful for office goers, kids, and school students. If you do a little search on Amazon, you’ll see that bestselling & top-rated e-writing pads on Amazon India are from Proffisy.

Note: There is also a smaller version of this device that has an 11.5-inch screen: Click here to view it.

8. Ohuhu LCD Digital Handwriting Pad for Kids

Best LCD e-writer for kids

This one from Ohuhu is specially designed for toddlers, kids, and school students who like drawing, practicing handwriting, and scribbling.

It comes with 3 different nibs/pens to create distinct lines of different thicknesses. The batteries are detachable.

One button to keep things saved and locked and another button to erase everything.

This is one of the educational gadgets to gift your children. He/She will love it very much.

9. Portronics POR-796 RuffPad

digitsal e writer with memory india

Portronics POR-796 RuffPad, it’s a portable 10 inches re-writable LCD e- pad, a perfect paperless e- writer with a stylus.

It is also a digital notepad for kids’ activities like drawing, doing math, & handwriting practice.

It is the best tablet for taking handwritten notes.

Its features are as follows:-

  • A 10 inch LCD Drawing Pad: Very useful for certain activities like Writing, List Making, Memos, Reminders, etc.
  • One-Touch Erase Button: Erase your writings, calculations & drawings with just a press of a button.
  • Made from highly durable plastic which can easily withstand the pressure of your wrists while taking notes or drawing.
  • Light and Handy: The pressure-sensitive LCD writing surface is very rugged too.
  • Lock option: Lock your work so that no one can delete it.


Seriously, this one is the best product from Portronics till now. The content, the safety feature is a lifesaver. A 10-inch screen is good enough to perform certain tasks.

I’ve gifted this one to my cousin, who’s a college student. He said the performance is certainly overwhelming.

Price is 1,372.00 | Rating 3.5 stars

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10. VEIKK A15 Graphics Drawing Tablet

VEIKK A15 PRO Graphic Drawing Tablet, Best digital writing pad for laptop

If you’re looking for a digital writing pad for a laptop for online teaching, then the VEIKK A15 graphics tablet is one and the only choice for you under 10k in India.

Sadly, most of the writing pads that are available in India don’t have the feature of connecting to a pc/laptop.

So either you need to buy an iPad or Android tablet with a stylus that will cost you more than Rs 35,000 approx.

But there is a way around you can use this graphic tablet to connect to your laptop and write on MS Word or any paint apps.

If you’re a teacher and looking for a decent ruff pad for online teaching, then this is the most affordable & doesn’t the job perfectly type of device.

This is one of the best digital graphics tablets in India. The build quality is superior to others.

The tablet screen is very touch-sensitive.

You can effectively use this digital writing pad for teaching drawing or use it for personal works.


  • Connect to laptop & desktop
  • Comes with a Pen
  • No need to charge it
  • Perfect for both right & left-handed people.
  • 10×6 inch active area for writing & drawing
  • Works with all popular software.

Price approx: Rs 6,799.00 | Ratings: 4.2 stars

Final Thoughts

The mentioned 9 Digital E-Writing Pad are the best sellers on Amazon India. You can buy any of them that suits your budget and requirements.

These pads are great for kids and even for guys who are in content writing, content editing, and journalism professions.

Recently, I’m getting many queries regarding digital notepads for laptops and online teaching. Well, my intention is not to break your heart, but to provide you with as much accurate information as I can gather.

To my readers who’re looking for e-writers with storage, for you, there is exactly none, except Boogie.

And to those visitors who came to my website looking for a writing pad for a laptop, well to be honest only a handful or fewer models support this and are of very cheap quality so I didn’t mention them in this article.

So if you want to buy a digital writing pad for a laptop for online teaching purposes or education then I’d like to suggest you VEIKK A15 graphics tablet, only this tablet give you the option of connecting it to your laptop/computer for writing purposes too.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

How does an LCD writing tablet work?

LCD writing tablet working principle is very simple there are two elements involved in this. Electrodes & liquid crystals are inside the display.

When someone puts pressure or scribbles something on the surface of the screen the electrodes & liquid crystals go through some rearrangement forming new a reflective layer.

Put a dark background and you’ll be able to see what you have written.

Which LCD writing tablet is best?

Boogie Board Sync LCD eWriter is the best in the market. It can store and share your work using this LCD writing tablet.

How do I connect my digital writing pad to my laptop?

Some digital writing pads have USB connectivity inbuilt. All you can do is connect it using a USB cable, no need to think about the drivers’ many work well with windows & mac pc/laptop.

Which writing pad is best for online teaching?

VEIKK A15 Graphics Drawing Tablet is the best for online teaching. You can connect it seamlessly with your laptop/desktop. It has a wide and big screen to help you write and even do the drawing.

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