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Top 7 Finest DSLR Cameras for Beginners

You’re reading this article as you’re searching for the best DSLR camera for beginners in photography, well we have all the exact information you’re looking for.

Also, we’ve have written a DSLR camera buying guide to help new enthusiasts like you for choosing the finest product.

Life is full of moments. But we can’t hold on to those moments throughout our life. However, we can always capture those moments with a camera.

A camera is one constant thing that we all carry with us on any happy occasion.

Be it a wedding, birthday party or any other party however big or small there is always a camera present.

Though we all now have smartphones with great cameras but still the significance of a good digital camera is not all lost.

The camera has also evolved through the ages. The cameras that we see today are far from what we used to see our parents or grandparents using in our childhood.

Previously there used to be analog SLR cameras, in which separate camera reels were being used and unlike our digital cameras, the pictures were not visible immediately.

They needed to be washed later for getting the actual pictures. So, in short, it was a long period before you could see how good your pose was.

However, nowadays we don’t face these problems with the introduction of digital cameras. We can immediately see the pictures that are being clicked.

Nowadays DSLR cameras are considered to be the best. For professionals as well as for those who see photography as their hobby or passion having a DSLR camera is a great advantage.

DSLR cameras are available in a wide range of variations in terms of specifications and costs. There are separate DSLR cameras for the professionals and the beginners.

In this article, we will concentrate on those DSLR cameras with which the beginners can start their practice.

What is a DSLR Camera?

A DSLR camera i.e. Digital Single Lens Reflex camera has a mirror inside it which reflects the exact scene that the photographer is going to capture through the optical viewfinder.

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What are the Advantages of a DSLR Camera over other Normal Cameras?

Image Quality

Any DSLR camera has a much bigger sensor and very high megapixel counts than any point and shoot camera. A big sensor ensures much less noise and better picture quality.

Low-light Capability

These cameras can work in a much dim environment and provide such image quality that a point and shoot camera can never deliver.

Optical Viewfinder

Due to the presence of the mirror, you can actually see the real frame rather than relying on a digital LCD screen.

Shutter and Focus Speeds

A DSLR camera is equipped to acquire focus very quickly and can take multiple shots within one second.

Interchangeable Lens

The lens is the most important aspect of any camera. And the greatest advantage of a DSLR camera is that it allows you to change the lens as per your requirement.

Flexible Controls

There are various buttons and controls, which will help you to create excellent pictures once you learn to use all of them properly.

Control Over The Aperture

You can isolate foreground and background or can adjust the focus or blur the background however you want through the complete control of the aperture of the lens.

Weather Sealing and Strong Build

Some parts are made up of tough plastic while other parts are made up of magnesium alloy, which all over makes these DSLR cameras very much durable.

These are so strong build that they can withstand rough use and can also perform in any kind of extreme weather condition. These are resistant to dust, moisture, rain, snow everything.

Better Investment

Last but not least, it is better to invest a large amount in any DSLR camera than in any other camera as it has much higher resale value than any other camera.

These are some of the major advantages of having a DSLR camera over any other camera.

A DSLR Camera Buying Guide For Beginners – Find the right one.

Buying a DSLR is a big-time investment, so you should have a fair idea about all the things that need to be considered while choosing one.

Also we’ll answer a very popular question among newbies “best dslr camera for beginners canon or nikon“, continue reading to know more.

Setting the budget

The first and foremost thing that you need to do is setting the budget for the camera. Not only for the camera but you also have to think about lenses, extra battery, extended memory card, camera bag, filter for each lens. You should also look for proper warranties.

Purpose of Usage

You should also decide the purpose of your usage beforehand. That will help you to decide on what kind of features and accessories you will require.

Rather than getting confused after seeing so many specifications its better to enter the field with some prior idea.


There are variations available in the size of the DSLR cameras. While some may like to carry big, weighty cameras, if you are going to use it while traveling then it’s better to go for small and handy models.

Now that you have decided on these basic things, let’s move into the technical specifications.


DSLRs have a wide range of megapixel ratings. But what kind of resolution you require will depend on how you are planning to use the images.

In the case of weddings or birthday parties where we generally print enlargements of the images, more the megapixels, better is the result.

But in case of small sizes print or storing them only in your laptop, then a low resolution will also suffice.

Sensor Size

DSLR cameras mainly have two sizes of image sensors – full-frame and APS-C. APS-C sensors are commonly found in all the beginners’ cameras. APS-C is smaller than full-frame image sensors.

Read this comparison of Full frame v/s APS-C.

Additional features

Here are some additional features that you may want to look into.

  • Burst Mode: The camera’s ability to shoot several images just by holding down the shutter release. You should check the number of images a DSLR camera can shoot in a single burst.
  • Shutter Speed: It indicates the number of shots that a camera can take within one second. On average, most DSLRs have a good shutter speed but if you are into action or sports photography then look for something with exceptionally high speed.
  • ISO Ratings: This indicates how well your camera will work with the amount of light available. A DSLR comes with an ISO ranging from 100 to 51200 and you can set the ISO sensitivity manually. For low light settings the camera requires high ISO settings.
  • Shooting Modes: The entry-level DSLR cameras are often equipped with an array of shooting modes like portrait, night, sports, etc. You can use these modes for delivering better pictures.
  • Connectivity: Usually cameras have a USB port for transferring pictures from the cameras but some cameras also have wireless connection nowadays.

Some other features that you can search for in a DSLR camera are the built-in flash, anti-shake feature, dust protection, etc.

Some of the well-known brands for cameras are Canon, Nikon, Sony, etc.

Now let’s check some of the best DSLR cameras on which you beginners can practice before to the professionals’ ones.

Is Canon or Nikon better for beginners?

Both are very well known brands of cameras and both have some of the best DSLRs available at reasonable prices, with some unique features.

However, if you are more into indoor shooting at low lights, then Nikon is a wise choice for its higher ISO and larger APS-C sensor than Canon cameras. And Canon is better for sports or action pictures.

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Best DSLR Cameras for beginners with price

ModelPrice (in INR)Ratings
Canon EOS 3000D Digital SLR Camera26,9994.4/5
Canon EOS 1500D Digital SLR Camera28,4904.5/5
Nikon D350029,9504.5/5
Nikon D560042,9994.5/5
Canon EOS 200D II Digital SLR Camera61,2854.4/5
Nikon D5300 39,9904.2/5
Canon 1300D32,9994.4/5

List of 7 Best DSLR Cameras for Beginners to Buy in India 2021

Best DSLR camera for beginners in India

Below are the finest DSLR camera for for beginners in photography.

Canon EOS 3000D Digital SLR Camera

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
best dslr camera for beginners in India under 30000

Canon is a popular name in the camera industry.

Canon EOS 3000D has an 18-megapixel APS-C size sensor with CMOS sensor and DIGIC 4+ image processor. 

The camera has 9 point autofocus with one cross-type autofocus point in the center.

The ISO ranges between 100 to 6400 and is also expandable up to 12800.

It is compatible with Canon EP and EP-S lenses.

Its recording format is the Design rule for Camera File System (DCF) 2.0. And pictures are also available in JPEG and RAW (14-bit Canon original) format.

Some of the other important features are –

An LCD screen of 2.7 inches
Optical viewfinder
1080p Full HD resolution
18 mm focal length
64 GB digital storage capacity
Wifi connection

Along with the camera, the package also comes with –

  • Zoom lens EF-S 18-55 F/3.5-5.6 IS II,
  • A strap,
  • Battery charger,
  • Battery pack, and 
  • A 16 GB SD card. 

The EOS Movie mode supports recording videos in Full HD 30P / 25P and the Shoot By Ambience function, allows you to simply select the word that describes your ambiance and the camera will help you to capture the perfect picture in the corresponding style.

It has both handheld and tripod mounting features and an in-built mic. This is the best dslr camera for beginners in India under 30000.


  • The CMOS image sensor can capture abundant light and details.
  • The DIGIC 4+ image sensor produces images with high color accuracy, rich contrast, and gradations, and the pictures have minimal noise even in low light conditions.
  • Due to the large CMOS sensor, the camera can capture the shallow depth-of-field and thus can create images with beautiful blurry backgrounds.
  • The camera has a large grip that provides a steady hole and dials and buttons are designed in such a way that it makes it easier to operate.
  • The device comes with many preset screen modes and creative filters.


  • The camera does not have any mic output or speaker.

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Canon EOS 1500D Digital SLR Camera

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
best Canon dslr for beginners

Here is another one from Canon. This is the best Canon dslr for beginners.

Canon EOS 1500D is similar to Canon EOS 3000D in many ways but it is a better version than the previous one.

It has an APS-C size CMOS sensor with 24.1 megapixels which is beneficial for large photo prints and image croppings.

The ISO ratings range between 100 to 6400.

The image processor is DIGIC 4+ with 9 autofocus points, which is beneficial for speed, accuracy, and burst photography.

The camera can be used for shooting video with Full HD 1080p resolution along with complete manual control settings and selectable frame rates.

The device is compatible with all EF and EF-S lenses.

Other important features –

An LCD screen of 3 inches
64 GB digital storage capacity
1080p Full HD display resolution
18 mm minimum focal length
Optical viewfinder
3 times more optical zoom
Touch screen interface
Built-in monaural microphone
Adjustable sound-recording level
Wind filter

The camera provides wifi, NFC, and built-in Bluetooth connectivity for both transferring images and remote control of the device.

Its flash mode is compatible with Ex-series Speedlites.

The package also contains –

  • EF S18-55 IS II,
  • Camera strap, 
  • Battery Charger, 
  • Battery Pack, 
  • AC Cable, and
  • 16 GB SD card.

It is one of the best DSLR cameras for beginners at a low budget.


  • The CMOS image sensor never fails to highlight even a single hair. Thus, you can use the camera to enhance your main subject by creating a beautifully blurry background.
  • The DIGIC 4 + image processor helps to create delicate, natural, high-quality images with minimal noise.
  • With high ISO ratings, the camera provides superb clarity even in a low light situation.
  • Using the Remote Live View Shooting function you can connect your camera with your smartphone and can release the shutter from a remote location to click a picture.
  • The EOS Movie mode along with the scope of using a wide variety of interchangeable EF lenses can help you to shoot movies.


  • Getting after-sale services can be a problem.

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Nikon D3500

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
Top 7 Finest DSLR Cameras for Beginners 1

Nikon and Canon both are competitors of each other. So, just like Canon, Nikon also has some of the best DSLR cameras to offer to the beginners.

Nikon D3500 also has an APS-C sized CMOS sensor with 24.2 megapixels and Expeed 4 image processor with 11 autofocus points.

ISO ratings are also much higher than the Canon cameras. It ranges from 100 to 25600.

You can make Full HD 1080p video using this camera which has complete manual control and a large selection of frame rates ranging from 60 fps to 24 fps.

It can be connected with other devices using wifi, NFC, or its in-built Bluetooth system for transferring files or accessing remote control of the camera.

This is our choice for the best dslr camera for beginners under 40000 INR.

Additional features –

3 inches LCD screen
Optical viewfinder
3X optical zoom
Automatic flash mode
Maximum resolution – 24.7 MP
Maximum shutter speed – 1/4000 seconds
Minimum shutter speed – 30 seconds
Shooting speed – 5 frames per second
Aperture – 22 f_stop
Minimum focal length – 18 mm
Display resolution – Full HD 1080p

Along with other things the package provides an 18-55mm lens.

This is one of the best DSLR cameras that you will get under Rs. 40000.

Pros –

  • It is one of the best choices for new learners. You can simply turn on the Guide mode and follow the on-screen instructions while shooting.
  • The menu system is easy and all the buttons and controls are carefully placed keeping in mind the ease of use.
  • It has a dust resisting system.
  • The AF-P DX NIKKOR 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR lens is suitable for portraits, landscapes, videos, and other wide shots.
  • The image sensor and processor allows clicking pictures in any kind of light settings.

Cons –

  • The package does not provide any external memory card.

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Nikon D5600

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Top 7 Finest DSLR Cameras for Beginners 2

Nikon D5600 is also kind of similar to Nikon D3500.

It has an APS-C CMOS sensor with 24.2 MP and an Expeed 4 image processor with 39 autofocus points all across the screen. It is useful for burst photography.

The ISO of the camera has a 100 to 25600 sensitivity range.

The camera provides a 1080p video resolution recording at 30p.

The device is compatible with Nikon lenses.

It can operate in 0-degree to 40-degree celsius and 85% or less humidity.

Wifi, NFC, and built-in Bluetooth 4.0 can be used for connecting the camera with other devices.

Other important features –

A TFT LCD screen of 3.2 inches
Optical viewfinder
16.67X optical zoom
The minimum focal length is 18 mm
Auto flash mode
It supports PEG and JPEG RAW image format
Video format is H.264/MPEG-4 Advanced Video Coding
Built-in flash with multiple modes & features
Shutter speed is 1/4000 to 30 seconds
Continuous shooting speed is 5 frames per seconds
It has release modes & self-timer, night vision modes, & dust reduction technology

The package provides a 16 GB external memory card.

Pros –

  • You can connect the camera with the SnapBridge app and can easily share your still images with your other devices through wireless connections.
  • The camera can work in a dim-lit environment and the ISO range ensures sharp and crisp images with minimal noise.
  • It has a touch interface, which makes it easy to scroll through the images or other menu settings.
  • The LCD monitor can be used from various angles as per your artistic needs and can swivel up to 180 degrees.

Cons –

  • No complaints so far.

Our choice for the best Nikon DSLR camera for beginners.

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Canon EOS 200D II Digital SLR Camera

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
Top 7 Finest DSLR Cameras for Beginners 3

Here is another one of Canon from the same series.

Like others, Canon EOS 200D II also has an APS-C sized CMOS sensor but with 24.1 MP. However, unlike other Canon DSLRs, it has a DIGIC 8 image processor with 9 autofocus points.

It also has Dual Pixel CMOS autofocus and Eye detection autofocus.

The ISO ratings are higher than the others we have seen so far. it has a 100 to 51200 sensitivity range.

The biggest difference of this camera with all the others mentioned previously is that it has 4K resolution for video recording while all others had 1080p resolution.

Available additional features are –

The package provides a bonus of an EFS 18-45 IS II Lens, 16 GB external memory card, a camera bag along with other things.

Fully articulated LCD touch screen of 3 inches
Supported image formats are JPEG, RAW, C-RAW, RAW + JPEG, and C-RAW + JPEG
3X optical zoom
Aspect ratio – 4:3
Shutter speed – 1/4000 to 30 seconds
Minimum focal length – 18 mm
Continuous shooting speed – 5 frames per second
It also has a self-timer and flash mode is compatible with Ex-series Speedlites


  • It has a 3975 AF points position available for AF point manual selection.
  • The Creative Assist feature of the camera can help you to change the look of any image.
  • You can select the degree of background blur, brightness, and color vividness.
  • Its Guided User Interface helps you to go through the basics of photography and will also provide instructions on how to operate the camera.
  • The LCD screen can be moved in various angles to click better pictures.


No negative points so far.

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Nikon D5300

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Top 7 Finest DSLR Cameras for Beginners 4

The last one on the list from Nikon.

Nikon D5300 has an APS-C CMOS sensor with a 24.2 MP resolution and Exceed 4 image sensor with 39 autofocus points.

The ISO ratings range between 100 to 12800.

It has a Full HD quality video recording feature with manual control and a wide variety of frame rates.

You can connect this camera with other devices through wifi, NFC, and Bluetooth system.

Other important features are –

A vari-angle LCD screen of 3.2 inches
Optical viewfinder
Supports JPEG and RAW image type
Optical image stabilization
3X optical zoom
Auto flash mode
Shutter speed – 1/4000 to 30 seconds
Minimum focal length – 24.2 mm
Continuous shooting speed – 5 frames per second


  • It has a dust reduction system.
  • The camera has a travel log function that records the GPS and the altitude of the location of the pictures clicked.
  • It comes with 9 special in-built effects including the toy camera and HDR painting.
  • It has an intelligent D-Lighting function that adjusts the background light while maintaining the natural ambiance.
  • The camera has a variety of autofocus-area focus modes and along with its 3D tracking mode, it maintains focus even when the subject is moving to or far from the camera.


  • Unlike others, it does not have the self-timer feature.

Canon EOS 1300D Digital SLR Camera

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
Top 7 Finest DSLR Cameras for Beginners 5

Like other Canon cameras, this one also has an APS-C size CMOS image sensor with a resolution of 18 megapixels along with a DIGIC 4+ image processor with 9 autofocus points.

You can shoot full HD videos using the camera and can manually control and select frame rates. This helps to create high-quality videos with great precision.

The ISO rating is 100 to 6400 sensitivity range, which helps in getting grain-free pictures and works efficiently in low light.

As usual, this Canon camera is also compatible with all EF and EF-S lenses.

Other important features are –

3 inch LCD screen
Optical viewfinder
Minimum shutter speed – 1/4000 seconds
Minimum focal length – 18 mm

The built-in NFC and wifi connectivity allows the camera to share images with compatible smart devices and provides remote control of the camera.

Along with the camera, the package also delivers –

  • 18-55mm IS II Lens,
  • One 16 GB memory card,
  • A battery charger, and 
  • A carry case.


  • With this image sensor you can print photos up to A2 size or can crop them and you will still get high-quality photos.
  • Using the built-in NFC, you can connect the camera with your smartphone through the Camera Connect app and can control and click photos using that app from a distance.
  • There are many filters like Toy Camera and Miniature.
  • Through the Video Snapshot feature, the camera can combine all the video clips and can create a long movie of your memories.
  • The Screen Intelligent Auto feature takes into consideration the ambiance and prepares the settings for the shot by itself. Though you can manually take control if you want.


  • The battery of the camera could have been improved.


These are some of the best DSLR cameras available online for beginners. These are from various price levels, ranging from Rs. 20000 to Rs. 60000.

If clicking pictures is your hobby or if you are just starting your career with photography then you should definitely try your hands on one of these before moving forward to some high end professional DSLR cameras.

Also, the above-mentioned cameras are mostly lightweight and portable, so you can easily carry them with you while traveling. And we all know that there is no better scope of photography than in traveling.

So, hurry and get one of these before you go for your next vacation after this Corona fiasco.

Some commonly asked questions

What is an APS-C sized sensor?

APS-C refers to a particular size of image sensor in the cameras. It generally measures 23.50 – 23.70 * 15.60 mm, however Canon’s  APS-C size sensor measures 22.2 * 14.8 mm.

What is a good sensor size for a camera?

Most DSLR cameras usually have either an APS-C size sensor (22.2 * 14.8 mm for Canon and 23.5-23.7 * 15.6 mm for others) or a Full Frame sensor (36 x 24 mm).

What is the difference between DSLR and SLR?

Though DSLR and SLR cameras work on more or less the same principle, there are some differences in technical aspects like shutter speed, storage capacity, and other functionality.

Which DSLR camera is better for beginners?

This article has a list of Nikon and Canon cameras which are all suitable for the beginners. And you can choose one as per your budget and other criterias.

What is ISO?

ISO ratings determines how a camera will work in its ambient light. Higher the ISO ratings, higher will be its capability to work more efficiently in low-light.

Which one is better, a digital camera or a DSLR?

A DSLR is better in terms of storage capacity, video recording, and you can even check the photos immediately instead of waiting for it to get printed. Also DSLRs have good resale value if you ever want to sell it.

Is it worth getting a DSLR camera?

If you are a lover of photography then it’s definitely worth a try. With its advanced features and available filters for every situation it will only make you fall in love more with photography.

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