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Parent’s Guide to Educational Toys for Kids – Benefits & Reviews

What are Educational Toys?

Educational toys, learning toys, or instructive toys are toys that are specially designed for your children to stimulate their education.

They come to help your child develop a particular skill or enhance their brain development. Keep reading this article to find out more about educational toys.

Types of Educational Toys

There are several categories of educational toys. These categories include:-

Stacking and Building Block Toys

Every one of us has probably owned one or more sets of building blocks and stacking toys in our childhood.

What we are still oblivious to is the fact that these toys have a huge intellectual capacity.

You might wonder what a child could probably learn by just stacking buildings or creating objects with these blocks?

Parent's Guide to Educational Toys for Kids - Benefits & Reviews 1

Well, the act of stacking and sorting and creating something on their own shapes their imagination and builds their creativity.

Along with that, their motor skill develops and hand-eye coordination gets amplified.

By making their own houses and castles out of these blocks, they fuel their imagination and creativity and this helps them to learn.

Pretend Play Toys

Childhood is the only time in your life when you can dream of becoming anything you want. Be it a teacher, a doctor, a nurse, a pilot, an astronaut, whatever we want to be.

So yes, it is nothing new that kids love role-playing.

This is because through role-playing they can be anyone they want to be. If you buy them a kitchen set, for example, they will keenly observe you in your kitchen and try to replicate everything they see you doing.

You will be awed to see how much they learned in that process.

You will find a lot of pretend play toy sets available in any toy store.

These physical activity toys teach children about a lot of professions and also help them enhance their problem-solving skills.

Creative Art and Craft Kits

No kid in this world does not like art and craftwork.

If you give your child a paper and pen, they will begin scribbling away because they are eager to create. If you provide your children with colors, they will end up creating something or the other with a variety of color combinations.

If you provide them with clay or colored papers and child-safe scissors, they will spend their time with those trying to create something out of them.

Also, if you encourage them in whatever they do, it will boost their motivation and urge them to do more and that is how they will learn.

There are various types of art and craft toys for kids out there.

Choose them according to your child’s age and watch them turn into their own best artist.

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Musical Toys

Music is something that can teach a person a lot, be it a child or an adult.

The essence of music is such that it not only keeps you stress-free but in a child also enhances memory retention and social skills.

Toys like a xylophone, piano, and a guitar can bring out the hidden musician in your child while also giving birth to new interests within them which will later help them develop a certain skill set.

Advantages of playing with educational toys

  • Educational toys enhance the sensory-motor skills in children. Parents can provide these toys to improve sight and sense of their toddlers. Toys and games that are crafty and activity-based for older kids improve fine motor skills. Kids will become more personable and communicative because of these activities.
  • As well as boosting IQs and improving problem-solving skills, educational toys help kids develop. It also helps in memory retention, coordination, and increased literacy. 
  • Learning toys for kids engages their minds whenever they play with them. Kids can concentrate more on their tasks when playing puzzle games, for example.
  • With the help of educational toys, kids learn a lot through role-playing, puzzle-solving, and other stuff like that. It helps kids develop social and emotional intelligence.
  • Educational toys put your child in situations where they have to share, lead, bond, care, and wait.
  • In addition to developing their self-awareness, playing also improves their ability to respond to emotions such as anger, laughter, or sadness. This will enhance their social and emotional development because of these skills. 
  • Educational toys increase kids’ creativity and imagination. 
  • A child’s creative thinking is sparked by the toys’ various purposes. A lot of children’s creativity can be found in crafts and stuff.

Disadvantages of playing with educational toys

  • Having very advanced toys would make children appreciate simpler and ordinary things less.
  • If they get gadgets and wonderful toys in a large amount from a very young age, then they will not learn to appreciate all the ordinary and simpler things in life like the beautiful sky, or plants, greenery, flowers, nature and many more things like that.
  • Children might become attached to and obsessed with their toys in a very unhealthy way. But again, if you give them a lot of toys, then they will disregard the value of one toy and will not care if they get broken or destroyed.
  • That will lead them to value their possessions so less, knowing that they will get more if they break or lose one. This will be a very unhealthy development in a child. 
  • Too many toys at once will shorten a child’s concentration span, even if they are educational toys. For Example, if they have too many interesting toys with them, they will be so curious and eager to learn about each of them in such a brief period that they would not concentrate much on a single toy.
  • Last but not the least, too many toys can cause a sensory overload in children.
  • As discussed before, each toy and its unique, vibrant colors and sounds enhance the sensory-motor skills in children.
  • But if you give them too many toys at once, they cannot perceive the sounds and colors of all the things at once and end up getting a sensory overload which is bad for their health.

Best Educational Toys For Kids in India

Now that we know what educational toys are and what their advantages and disadvantages are, let us look at the best type of educational toys for kids.

Sensory Mats

Sensory mats are mats with different textures on them.

hildren can use their hands or feet to feel those textures and play with them.

A parent can help children learn with these by telling them to close their eyes, feel the different textures with their hands and describe them in their way.

This is also one of the best educational toys for kids with autism.

Autism is a serious developmental disorder that hinders the ability to interact and communicate.

This disorder affects the nervous system and affects the overall sensory development.

Hence, sensory toys, like this, are the best kinds of educational toys for kids with autism.

Sensory Mat –

Parent's Guide to Educational Toys for Kids - Benefits & Reviews 2

This product from Amazon is the perfect sensory mat you could look for. It comes in twelve different colors textures and is perfect for your kid to learn.

It is not at all allergic to babies and safe to use.

Chew Toys

One might wonder that chew toys are only for kids who are teething, so will it help other kids?

Well, when chewing, a lot of muscles of your face are in use simultaneously, so it will provide some exercise and also strengthen your child’s teeth and muscles.

Another perk of chew toys is that they will provide your child with sensory stimulation.

Teethers for Babies

Parent's Guide to Educational Toys for Kids - Benefits & Reviews 3

This is a non-toxic rubber chew toy for babies of 6 to 12 months old. It is soft and will not harm the delicate oral cavity of babies.

Also, the cute shape and colors will attract the baby to this toy. Other than that, the special design of this toy will prevent babies from accidentally swallowing it.

Sand, Slime, or Putty

Sand, slime, clay, or putty, or anything of this category will help our child enhance their creativity and imagination.

Just like building blocks and stacking toys, this clay, or slime, helps children create something new using these.

The creative and inquisitive side of their brain will always be active when they play with these toys.

They will want to check their limits and see what they can create out of these. Along with a little encouragement from parents, these types of toys will help your children learn a lot.

Non Toxic DIY Crystal Clay Soft Slime Magic Mud Kit

Parent's Guide to Educational Toys for Kids - Benefits & Reviews 4

This is an assortment of twelve different shades of slime for kids above the age of five. They made the product with eco-friendly material and hence is safe for kids to play with.

Let the imaginations of your kids run wild as they play with the slime and make whatever they want to.

Pin Art

Pin art can be a substantial form of sensory development for kids and teens as well. This type of toy contains steel pins which are used to make impressions on boards.

These help children to look at the impressions and identify them. This develops their sensory-motor skills.

Classic 3-Dimensional Pin Art Board Toy for Sculptures

Parent's Guide to Educational Toys for Kids - Benefits & Reviews 5

This is good as a toy and as a decoration piece. You kid can put up anything against this board and get its impression. It is safe for kids and also nurtures the imagination and creativity of your kids.

Building blocks

Last, but not least, comes the building blocks about which I have discussed extensively above. They help children build and create.

Also, the bright colors from the block enhance their visual skills.

Besides, these types of toys help children focus on a single thing until they achieve perfection.

Building Bricks Educational Game Blocks Kit for Kids

Parent's Guide to Educational Toys for Kids - Benefits & Reviews 6

This is a set of 260 pieces of colorful building blocks of various sizes. This is perfect for kids above the age of three years.

They are non-toxic and hence safe for kids to play with. Watch your child make different things out of these blocks as they enhance their creativity and imagination.

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Some commonly asked questions:

Why are educational toys important?

Educational toys, as the name suggests, help a child with their preliminary education. With their various types and features, they help a child learn and develop skills from a very early age, along with keeping learning fun for them.

In what ways can toys be educational?

A toy can be educational. For example, art and craft toys teach a child to be more creative and imaginative. Sensory toys help children develop their sensory-motor skills and so on.

Are there educational toys for every age group?

Educational toys are mainly designed for children of the ages 1-5 and some for the ages 5-10.

This is because children above that age group rarely require educational toys to teach them.

But yes, you can find several types of educational toys for children of every age group. Even for teens.

What is the best educational toy for a kid?

Any toy that will teach a kid any skill is a good educational toy. But some of the best kinds of educational toys are building or stacking toys, pretend to play toys, clay, and other toys that help a child develop sensory-motor skills. I have discussed this in the article above. 


In conclusion, I would like to say that any toy can become an educational toy if it is utilized properly, but also too many toys can be bad for your kid.

I have discussed this extensively in this article previously.

Also, I have discussed some of the best types of educational toys for kids.

Sensory toys can be a great educational toy option for your kid, also for kids with autism.

Other than that, building blocks, puzzles, art, and craft toys can never be useless to your kid. They will always help your kid learn a lot.

So yes, gift your kids with toys and watch them learn.

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