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Best Online Shopping Sites for Electronic Products in India

In recent times e-commerce has become one of the most profitable businesses.

People have gotten into the habit of online shopping. Whenever there is a need for any product, we instantly go to some online shopping sites like Amazon, Flipkart, etc to check them.

Also, there are many impulsive buyers, who scroll through a shopping site and immediately place an order if they like any product.

So, overall we can state that online shopping sites have made our work easier.

We can check for one particular product in multiple sites, compare the price and rating of the product in different sites, and then place an order where we are getting the best deal.

And all these can be done sitting in the comfort of your home. 

Gone are those days when we had to roam around a whole market, visiting different shops, bargaining with the sellers, and then we might get the product that we had wanted.

Online shopping sites are not restricted to any one particular product. It’s like a huge market that you need to explore. From clothing and accessories to electronic products, home, and kitchen appliances, gadgets and even groceries are also available on these sites.

However, this article is to enlighten you about some of the best online sites from where you can get your desired electronic products.

Before we move to the online sites first let’s see how you can make a safe online purchase of any electronic product.

Few Points To Keep In Mind For A Safe Purchase

Check for a new product

best online electronics shopping sites in india

While you are placing an order for a product, especially if it’s an electronic product, first check that it’s a new product and not any refurbished product or a first copy of the product.

A first copy means that it’s a fake product and those are available at a very high discounted price almost like a free good.

A refurbished product means that a particular product has been returned to the manufacturer for some kind of repair and now its been up for sale.

Those are also available at a highly discounted price. It is advisable to buy a refurbished product only at a manufacturer’s warranty, not a seller’s warranty.

Sellers’ ratings

All big e-commerce sites like Amazon, eBay have such a huge network of sellers, that it is always better to check the sellers’ ratings first.

You will get the same product from different sellers. So get it from that seller who has the best ratings and feedback.

Product review

Always check the product rating and customers’ reviews before buying any product. The customers’ review section discloses many things and will give you a fair idea about whether you should buy the product or not.

Also, check the review of those who are “Verified Buyers”, which implies that the person has actually bought the product, and it’s not any fake review.

Compare the price & return policy

It is better to check the price and return policy of the product that you want to buy in a few sites before you settle on one.

Compare them and see which site is providing the best deal and grab on that.

Warranty details

Another important factor is the warranty. Check the warranty period and what are the things that are covered under the warranty especially for any electronic product. Also, check whether it is a manufacturer’s warranty or a sellers’ warranty.

A manufacturer’s warranty is always more preferable, then you can directly go to the brand’s service center. But a sellers’ warranty means you have to approach the seller in case of any problem.

Unboxing the product

home appliances online shopping in india, electronic

Firstly do not open the package of an electronic product that requires installation. You will not get the warranty if anything goes wrong while you open it.

Warranty will be applicable only if any authorized service or delivery person unboxes the package. Secondly, for other products it’s better to make a video of the whole unboxing procedure.

Otherwise, there is a chance that the seller will not settle your claim in case of a damaged product or a different product or in worst case an empty box.

Protecting private information

It is advisable not to enter your personal details on any shopping site using any public wifi.

Also, it is better to delete your card details from any site after using it. There is always a chance of your personal information getting hacked.

Now that you have a fair idea about how to make a successful purchase let’s check the sites from which you can make a purchase.

List Of Top 10 Electronic Shopping Sites In India


Best Online Shopping Sites for Electronic Products in India 1

Amazon is by far the largest e-commerce site in the world. In India also it has a huge market share and its biggest competitor is Flipkart.

It is one of the best online electronic shopping sites in India. With a large variety of every electronic product be it a gadget or any home and kitchen appliances Amazon has it all. 

Generally, you will get discounts on the products and product reviews and ratings are also clearly shown.

The site comes with many filters that can make your search for products easier.

Amazon provides cash on delivery options mostly on all products in a normal situation, which may be a bit compromised due to the COVID-19 situation. Though they are now preferring online payment but still COD is available on many products.

Also for Amazon Prime users, they provide extra benefits.

It has become the leading online site for home appliances and consumer electronic products in India.

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Best Online Shopping Sites for Electronic Products in India 2

Flipkart was founded by two Indians in 2007 and the most interesting fact is that they used to work for Amazon and now Flipkart is the biggest competitor of Amazon in India.

Flipkart has the largest market share in India with Amazon in second place. Moreover, there is not much difference in the percentage of their market shares. 

However, in May 2018 Walmart had acquired the majority of the shares of Flipkart and became the controlling stakeholder of the company.

Though it has multiple options available for all kinds of products, it particularly dominates the smartphone market. People actually prefer to purchase phones from Flipkart rather than from retail stores.

For most electronic products they provide demo and installation facilities. 

With its flash sales and season sales from time to time, it certainly is the top electronic shopping site of India and also the most trusted one.

Reliance Digital

Best Online Shopping Sites for Electronic Products in India 3

Just like in everything else, Reliance has also made a mark as an online retailer.

Reliance Digital especially deals with only electronic products that include phones, tablets, computers, kitchen appliances, home appliances, cameras.

Personal care, and grooming products like hairdryers, shavers or trimmers, and also other accessories like pen drive, external hard drive or keyboards, etc.

They provide a wide range of products from some of the best brands.

However, unlike Amazon or Flipkart, Reliance Digital also has physical stores.

The site provides very detailed specifications of the products and they also provide discounts.

Reliance ResQ provides all the after-sale services like maintenance, repairs, or replacements.

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Best Online Shopping Sites for Electronic Products in India 4

Snapdeal was launched in 2010 by two Indians, Kunal Bahl, and Rohit Bansal. It is said to be the third largest online shopping site, with more than 60 million products available.

It covers almost the whole of India with its delivery services which reach more than 6000 cities and towns of India.

Snapdeal provides exciting deals for each day.

You will find every kind of product on this site from electronic goods to laptops, phones, computers, and even car and motorbike accessories like car speakers, car vacuum cleaners, etc.


Best Online Shopping Sites for Electronic Products in India 5

Like Reliance, TATA has also launched its online retail portal, TATA CLIQ.

It provides products from the top brands of India as well as from some of the best international brands.

This site gives the chance to do shopping from luxury brands by sitting at home. And it is one of the best sites to provide all the specifications in detail, in some cases even better than Amazon or Flipkart.

They also provide a good return and refund policy along with reasonable discounts.

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Paytm Mall

Best Online Shopping Sites for Electronic Products in India 6

Paytm first started in 2010 as a mobile recharge app and then they gradually expanded their services. Then in 2017 Paytm launched Paytm Mall.

Like other online shopping sites here also you will get electronic products, home, and kitchen appliances, personal care products, automobile accessories, etc.

The unique thing about this site is that you will get cashback if you shop from Paytm Mall and you can use this cashback for further shopping or for other Paytm services like mobile recharge, bill payment, etc.

It is one of the cheapest online shopping sites in India.


Best Online Shopping Sites for Electronic Products in India 7

Croma and Reliance Digital have more or less the same kind of structure but Croma was launched before Reliance Digital in 2006.

It also has physical retail stores along with an online portal with all kinds of home electronic products, digital gadgets, etc. from multiple brands.

It is a subsidiary of the Tata group. It operates in 32 cities in India.


Best Online Shopping Sites for Electronic Products in India 8

ShopClues is another Indian online shopping site that was founded by  Sanjay Sethi, Sandeep Aggarwal, and Radhika Aggarwal in July 2011.

It is rather famous among the Tier II and Tier III cities of India especially states like Punjab, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Assam, etc. for its exclusive highly discounted shopping deals.

It provides a huge variety of electronic goods, smartphones, home and kitchen appliances, and several other daily essential products.


Best Online Shopping Sites for Electronic Products in India 9

Unlike others Ubuy is not an Indian site, it is based in Kuwait. It delivers services to over 90 countries with more than 50 million products.

The site has a fair collection of mobile, home and kitchen appliances, other electronic products, and also books.

However, it does not have any rating system.


Best Online Shopping Sites for Electronic Products in India 10

AliExpress is an online retail market which is owned by the world-famous Alibaba group. It is an international site launched in 2010.

It was first started as B2B buying and selling but it has expanded its business to B2C, C2C, etc.

You can check this site for the latest electronic products, phones, and other accessories.


Here is the list of some of the best online sites for electronic products. Each of them comes with a plethora of products.

If you are new to online shopping don’t hesitate. Follow the steps for a safe purchase and you will be fine. Trust me once you start you will not be able to stop. It’s addictive, but shopping always gives the best feeling.

Happy shopping!

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