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EvoFox Warhammer Gaming Keyboard Review

I’m reviewing Amkette EvoFox Warhammer Gaming Keyboard, a budget gaming keyword.

Thus, I’d like to share my experience of using this keyboard for the past few days.

In fact, I am writing this review using only EvoFox Warhammer Gaming Keyboard.

There were a few areas where the product exceeded my expectations, and some areas where it fell short.

You can find out more about them in the paragraphs below.

To make everything as simple as possible, I have omitted any technical jargon so that everyone can understand what I’m saying.


  • Good built quality
  • RGB lights
  • Windows Lock
  • Breathing effect
  • Floating Keys
  • Braided wire

Design & Ergonomics

EvoFox Warhammer Gaming Keyboard Review 1

This is the first time I’m using a gaming keyboard with floating keys, the design is on par with its peers in its price range.

There are 104 keys with backlit and 19 anti-ghostling keys for gaming.

The frame of the keyboard is made of ABS plastic and also has a plastic feel, but no complaints as the price of this keyboard is only Rs 1499.

The size of the keyboard is the same as ordinary ones but a bit small in terms of both length and wide if you compare it with the membrane keyboard as they usually have more keys.

Therefore this size makes it very ergonomic to use and takes less space on your desktop table.

The floating switches are designed in such a way that cleaning the dust in between the keys is not that troublesome. And that’s a relief!


The build quality is sturdy even though it is made up of plastic. If you press hard enough then also the keyboard doesn’t bend at all.

The switches are not cherry MX but are of decent quality, none the less when you’re typing you will know the difference. The metal top cover is an added benefit.

There is a sweet sound when you press any key, apart from gaming this type of mechanical keyboard is popular among the masses because of the sound it makes with every keystroke.

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EvoFox Warhammer Gaming Keyboard Review 2

There is not much on offer as this one is an entry-level gaming keyboard, but that doesn’t mean you’re missing out on everything.

There is RBG backlit with breathable effect, the option to lower or increase the brightness is there. Windows lock is there that is useful while gaming as gamers tend to accidentally press on the Windows key with their palm.

Now coming to media control keys, there is no dedicated media control, which in my opinion is a drawback.

To be clear no other brand is providing that in this price category, but even if evofox warhammer gaming keyboard had those dedicated media control keys they’d have killed the competition.

To control media like volume increase-decrease, mute, etc., Evofox has 12 of them paired with f keys. Not bad, not good.

The USB wire is completely braided and has a magnetic unit attached close to the USB jack to aid in faster data transmission. This is indeed very helpful while gaming…

There are no macro keys present!

RBG lights

There are five types of backlit color shades in the keyboard visible to me, red, green, blue, pink & yellowish white.

Now, as far as the “Backlit Customization”, options are very limited. Only one customization is available, i.e. breathable lighting.

Also, the breathable transition is way too slowwwwwwww. Other brands provide faster transition, which also feels very nice.

No individual key color is available not that I expect from gaming keyboards under 1500INR in India.

LED light brightness, well it’s bright enough for people to notice it in a very lit room, also very bright in complete darkness.

You have the FN + page up/down for increasing and decreasing the brightness of the RBG lights.

There is a dedicated switch for backlit toggle, on/of, just after the FN key. Also, FN + this key combination activates the breathing effect.


EvoFox Warhammer Gaming Keyboard Review 3

Here I have some mixed feelings.

I’m having a decent typing experience on the evofox warhammer gaming keyboard.

To be honest, this is the first time I’m using a pc keyboard with a floating keycap, encountering some difficulty in faster typing.[Completely personal views]

The key travel is excellent people who are using this type of keyboard will not face any problem at all.

But the addition of a palm rest is required, because of only one reason i.e. height of the keyboard. From the surface of my computer table to the top of the spacebar, it is approximately 3cm high. 

As such, if your palm is medium-sized like mine, you may have difficulty reaching the numeric keys without hitting the alt or spacebar, or both, with the lower portion of your palm.

I was able to overcome this issue by using the stands provided under the keyword, which helped me in some ways.


EvoFox Warhammer Gaming Keyboard Review 4

Now we get to the part you’ve been waiting for.

How good is the Evofox gaming keyboard for gaming?

Well, it’s pretty good, actually. The key travel of the W-A-S-D & windows lock feature makes the experience satisfying.

I played three games, The Witcher 3, GTA San Andreas & Fortnite using Evofox [attaching some images], the left-hand operation is bliss as it is with most of these products.

I tested the anti-ghosting of the W-A-S-D keys, and it worked perfectly. In other words, the anti-ghosting keys EvoFox has are not problematic.

If you don’t know how to test an anti-ghosting keyboard, follow this tutorial by Microsoft.

Note: To view high-quality images of this product, please click here.

Muffle Notes

You’ll certainly miss out on some features and software customizations, though, since this is a budget gaming keyboard.

Yet Evofox Warhammer does not compromise on the build quality, nor the quality of the switches it uses.

It is a value for money product for heavy use such as gaming and official tasks.


Good built quality

RGB lights

Windows Lock

Breathing effect

Floating Keys

Braided wire

Magnetic unit for faster data transmission


No macro keys

No software for RBG customization

Breathing effect transition is a bit slow

No dedicated media control keys

Yay or Nay?


If you are upgrading your existing computer or purchasing a new one, you should consider Amkette Evofox Warhammer.

As I tested it, I found it to perform well, and I can recommend it without any doubt.

EvoFox Warhammer Gaming Keyboard

1499 INR
EvoFox Warhammer Gaming Keyboard review by Geeky Gadgets

Built Quality


Switch Quality







  • Good built quality
  • RGB lights
  • Windows Lock
  • Breathing effect
  • Floating Keys


  • No macro keys
  • No software for RBG customization
  • No dedicated media control keys
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