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How to start earning with Flipkart Affiliate Program?

In this article, we will learn about affiliate marketing and how to earn money from Flipkart.

We will discuss three things before getting into our main discussion.

Firstly, what affiliate marketing actually is?

Secondly, how you can make money through Flipkart affiliate marketing?

And finally, tips on how to become a successful Flipkart affiliate marketer?

Let’s find out…

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing involves promoting someone else’s products or services for a commission or fee.

You can make money by giving special offers, running promotions, and referring customers.

You don’t have to have your own product or service – you just need to know how to attract customers and get them interested in whatever you’re promoting.

How do I promote my product as an affiliate?

There are many ways that you can promote your products as an affiliate.

You can use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. to share your content and attract traffic to your website.

You can also create YouTube videos and post them on your blog, or you can even host a webinar where you talk about the benefits of your product.

Another way to get people to know about your product is through email marketing.

There are many companies out there who offer great services for affordable prices.

You can also opt to become a distributor yourself if you have the time and resources.

Why join Flipkart Affiliate Program?

If you have a website and are interested in online business, then Flipkart Affiliate Program is for you.

You will get up to a 10% commission (depending upon the product category) for each sale that will convert from your referral link. Isn’t it great!

If your friend buys something from Flipkart worth Rs 1000, you will get Rs 100 as your commission.

The process of Flipkart affiliate marketing registration is very simple and there are many other benefits attached to it as well.

My latest earning proof as a Flipkart affiliate:

My latest earning proof as a Flipkart affiliate.
My latest earning proof as a Flipkart affiliate

How to become a Flipkart affiliate?

If you want to start becoming a Flipkart affiliate, you can do so by first visiting their official website for affiliates, i.e., affiliate.flipkart.com.

After that, scroll down till you reach an option saying become an Affiliate.

Once there, click on it and then follow all of their instructions as they ask you to do in order to become a Flipkart affiliate.

Keep on following their steps, and they will help you get started as a Flipkart associate. After going through all of these steps, if you are approved by them as an associate, then congratulations!

You can now officially begin promoting for them.

How cool is that?

Don’t forget about those great commissions that come along with being one, too!

Flipkart affiliate minimum payout

The minimum Flipkart affiliate payout is Rs 5,000.

If you are considering making a go at it as a Flipkart Affiliate, be prepared for long hours of hard work. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme.

You will have to put in effort and patience before you can make substantial money.

However, if you are successful, it could be very lucrative.

The amount earned through affiliate marketing depends on how much traffic your website gets (your readers) and how many sales those readers generate.

How much can I earn from a Flipkart affiliate?

For normal season Flipkart caps the earnings to Rs 25,000 only, but during Flipkart’s flagship event, Big Billion Days they increase the earning cap to 50,000INR.

Affiliate programs are a simple way for you to earn extra money and help support your favorite sites.

To date I’ve earned close to 30,000INR from Flipkart, I mostly review products from Amazon.

How do I register for Flipkart affiliate marketing?

To register for an Affiliate program at Flipkart, first, you need to have a website or own a YouTube channel or even a social media account where you’ve thousands of followers, you’d want other people to click and buy from your affiliate link.

You’re required to fill in an application form, where they will ask for some basic details like name, address, bank account number, etc.

How do I register for the Flipkart affiliate marketing program?

Total Time: 15 minutes

Step 1 – Register

Register yourself as a Flipkart Affiliate

Register yourself as a Flipkart Affiliate on their website affiliate.flipkart.com

Step 2 – Account Activation

Account Activation as Flipkart Affiliate

You will receive an activation link in your mail ID that you need to click on to activate your account.

Step 3 – Update Profile Details

How to start earning with Flipkart Affiliate Program? 1

You need to update three things. Account details, website details, and payment details. You can find these options in my account settings. Note: Your payment details will be verified after you’ve earned the minimum payout amount i.e., Rs 5000.

Step 4 – Choose A Product To Promote

How to start earning with Flipkart Affiliate Program? 2

Go to flipkart.com and choose the type of product you’re interested in India. I generally promote electronics. Once you have narrowed down the product to promote, copy the link of the product from the address bar.

Step 5 – Create A Flipkart Affiliate Link

Create A Flipkart Affiliate Link

Now, come to the Flipkart affiliate dashboard, and paste the link that you’ve copied earlier into the affiliate link generator.

Step 6 – Promote The Link

How to start earning with Flipkart Affiliate Program? 3

This affiliate link that you just have created is exclusive to you, share/promote the link using your social media accounts, blog, YouTube channel, etc. If anyone clicks and buys any product, you’ll get a commission for that.

Step 7 – Withdraw Money

Withdraw Money

The minimum payout is around 5000INR for the Flipkart affiliate program, if you hit this threshold then the Flipkart affiliate team will verify your payment details that you already have shared upon successful verification they’ll either send you a gift card of the amount or transfer the whole amount to your bank account depending on the option you’ve selected.

How do I create an affiliate link on Flipkart?

There are two ways you can use to create an affiliate link on Flipkart. First, you can use their affiliate dashboard to create links (more on that below) or download and install their bookmarklet on your browser.

Types of affiliate links you can create for Flipkart products:

  • Push content
  • Promotional Banners
  • Product Links

Copy the product URL from Flipkart’s main site and then log into your affiliate dashboard, in the dashboard you’ll notice an “affiliate link generator” option, paste the link there and click on “go”.

Create A Flipkart Affiliate Link

Flipkart Affiliate Commission List 2022

CategoryNew Customer OrderExisting Customer Order
Flipkart Quick Grocery18%3%
Grocery- Flipkart Supermart3%3%
Books & General Merchandise10%8%
Home Decor6%5%
Electronic Devices & Accessories6%5%
Fashion & Lifestyle CategoriesFlat Rs.50Flat Rs.50
Large Appliances4%4%
Small Home Appliances15%10%
Premium Mobile PhonesFlat 2001%
Any Other Mobile PhonesFlat 2001%
Flipkart Gift Card1%1%
Gemstones, Gold & Silver Coins0.1%0.1%
Mobiles Refurbished10%10%
Flipkart Affiliate Commission List Table

How to promote Flipkart affiliate products in India?

Anyone who has ever been involved in online marketing or advertising of any kind knows that you need a website, email lists, Bing ads campaigns, social media accounts, and all sorts of other things.

This can be very costly in terms of both time and money.

Most people are not very successful in their endeavors and eventually give up.

With Flipkart Affiliate marketing there is an effective way to promote your affiliate products without a lot of work or cost!

You just require your WordPress website, and you are set!

The following are the steps involved in promoting Flipkart products using a website:

This can be done through various methods including social media marketing, email marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), etc.

Here are some tips that can help you get started:

– Create content about Flipkart and its products.

– Use your blog to share information about how to use certain products.

– Share how-to, buyer guides, and top 10, etc., types of articles to attract traffic to your website and articles.

You can earn money through this method, but it takes time. You need to build trust and credibility before people start buying from you.

Choose best offers

When starting out, you’ll want to select offers that pay a flat fee. This is important for two reasons:

1) Most of these offers will be easier and less time-consuming, and,

2) You can always switch your audience down the road if you want.

To find them, simply open Flipkart and see what offer they’re currently running.

If there are any present, that’s a good place to start; however, it can also be beneficial to try running search queries for affiliate networks such as Commission Junction or CueLinks if you have experience in using those platforms or are familiar with any other referral systems.

Once you’ve found something that works, it’s time to sign up!

Which products to promote as a Flipkart affiliate?

The best way to make money from Flipkart Affiliate Program is to find products that are selling well and then promote them.

If you can find products that have good reviews and are selling well, then you should consider promoting those products.

You can do this through your own website, social media accounts, blogs, etc.

There are many ways to get traffic, but I’ll show you how to choose the right product to promote.

I’ve been using these methods for years, and they work great!

Find Products That Has Good Reviews

You can easily find products that have good ratings and reviews by searching Google. Just type in the name of the product and add the word “reviews”. This will bring up results like this:

This search shows me that people really love this product.

My personal experience with referral links

Most of us have been there.

We want something on Flipkart, and we search for it, then find what we want (or think we want) and click on buy without a second thought.

Flipkart pays affiliates who refer new buyers to their product a certain percentage of their revenue (up to 10% commission on purchases, category no bar).

If you can bring someone in as a buyer, that means more money for you!

Do follow the steps discussed above & earn handsome money as an affiliate in India.

How can I join the Flipkart affiliate in 2022?

Well, I’ve some bad news Flipkart is not accepting any direct affiliate for their affiliate program.

So is this the end? Well of course not!

Flipkart still runs its affiliate program through premium affiliates like EarnKaro, Vcommission & Cuelinks.

Sign up for any of these sites and start promoting Flipkart products to earn some good cash.

Cuelinks – Currently providing 8.50% commission on Flipkart affiliate sales. Cuelinks is a trusted platform. I’m using it for a long time.

EarnKaro – They’re giving 7.56% on every sale that you get by promoting Flipkart products. EarnKaro is backed by Ratan Tata fund.

CueLinks and Earnkaro Flipkart Affiliate Commission Rates
CueLinks and Earnkaro Flipkart Affiliate Commission Rates


It is advisable that you register as an affiliate on their marketplace. Once you do that, you will be eligible for their ‘Flipkart Affiliate Marketing Program’.

You can sign up by clicking here.

They’ve got a wide range of products from several categories, select popular products that people are buying online, promote them, and earn a commission.

FAQs related to Flipkart Affiliate Program

How do I become an affiliate marketer on Flipkart?

There are two ways to become an affiliate marketer with Flipkart, one is by directly signing up for Flipkart’s own affiliate program, which currently not taking any new sign-ups. The second way, which is recommended is to sign up for other premium affiliate programs like EarnKaro & Cuelinks which also provide Flipkart affiliate program via their platform.

Is Flipkart Affiliate Program closed?

Over the last couple of months, Flipkart has stopped taking new affiliates on its platform. By the way, if you want to promote Flipkart products then try other platforms that are providing commission on Flipkart sales like EarnKaro and Cuelinks.

How much commission do you get from the Flipkart affiliate?

Commission from Flipkart affiliates varies from category to category in grocery for a new customer that you refer you’ll get an 18% commission but for a returning customer, it is 3%. Check out the commission list that I’ve shared above.

Is PAN Card mandatory to join the Flipkart Affiliate network?

Yes, a PAN card is required to withdraw the money earned from Flipkart to your bank account. However, you can join without providing your full payment information, but when you reach the payout limit, you will need to provide your PAN card details.

Does Flipkart pay for clicks?

No. Flipkart pays only when you get a sale from your affiliate link.

Is Flipkart affiliate free to join?

Yes, absolutely! You don’t need to spend any dime from your own pocket to join the Flipkart Affiliate program. It’s completely free to join.

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