Gadgets That Will Make Your Smartphone Even Smarter

Gadgets That Will Make Your Smartphone Even Smarter

Have you ever thought why they called the gadget you are holding in your hand a Smartphone?

Of course, you did, and the obvious answer suggested itself. With modern smartphones you can listen to music, surf the Internet, post photos to social networks, play video games, communicate with friends via various messengers, etc.

Still, if we look at all those things closely, we’ll see that, in fact, there is nothing exceptionally “smart” about posting pictures and playing games…

Being sophisticated users aware of the rapid developments in technology, we demand more from our gadgets, smartphones, in particular. We want to own really cool things capable of making out lives much easier.

Therefore, uploading pictures or listening to music on the smartphone is not enough to proudly call our most popular gadgets “intelligent.”

So, the question is “what can really make out smartphone even smarter?” Of course, in a year, our answer to this question will become outdated.

Nonetheless, for now, all those gadgets listed below can be rightly considered as those contributing to your smartphone’s intellectual superiority.

Mophie Powerstation A


Those people who travel much and consequently, have no access to outlet know how important it is to have a reliable power bank to keep your smartphone charged.

With Mophie Powerstation AC, you will be able to keep your smartphone, laptop, tablet PC or any other device going for hours.

This gadget boasts of 22,000 mAh of power storage, which is more than enough to fully recharge your 15″4 MacBook Pro. This power will also suffice to juice up your iPhone 8 or X eight times.

You can avail yourself of different types of tree power ports. They are a USB-C, a USB-A port, and an AC plug that can help you charge up various gadgets simultaneously. A special LED indicator will inform you when the plugged-in gadgets are fully charged.

You will be attracted by Mophie’s classy exterior, which undoubtedly deserves being spoken about.

Clad in dark grey cloth, this guy looks particularly stylish and welcoming. It also feels good and doesn’t show stains (just in case you forget to wash your hands after grabbing a hotdog).

The cloth also prevents scratches. Thus, you may just toss it into your backpack and go hiking.

Yep, Mophie is quite a practical thing, but may seem pretty heavy. Though it looks like an ordinary paper-back book it weighs twice as much. Therefore, some people may find it inconvenient to carry this powerstation with them all day long.

Huawei CV60

Huawei has managed to create a relatively inexpensive 360-degree camera you can connect to any smartphone equipped with USB-C port.

It cannot work autonomously, does not have built-in memory and a battery, which, consequently, leads to a photographer’s constant presence in the frame, which may be quite annoying for some users.

On the contrary, a certain category of people including bloggers and active users of social networks may be delighted by this device.

CV60 is easy to directly connect to your favorite smartphone, which in combination with what we call a “digitally laconic” interface makes it more user-friendly than Samsung Gear 360.

Technically, Huawei CV60 is a cool thing that can help your try your hand in shooting 360-degree videos. Nonetheless, you should not demand exceptionally high quality of this small kid. The camera will shoot well in bright sunshine, of course.

Still, the shooting quality may disappoint you under insufficient light conditions. And one more thing! Some protective phone case definitely will not hurt, if you plan on using it actively.

Hyperkin SmartBoy

There are many people who think that using their smartphones is more than enough for satisfying their on-the-go gaming needs, whereas there are those old-school fans of retro games eager to turn their ultra modern phones into retro consoles.

Thus, true connoisseurs of Nintendo’s retro Game Boy system will definitely appreciate HyperKin Smartboy, the gadget that can be easily connected to your smartphone via and USB-C connection and be used as a controller.

Those who value retro game style will be pleasantly impressed by the way the gadget looks. It really resembles the gaming alien from the past.

Still, there is one more surprise! If you have an ancient Nintendo cartridge stashed somewhere in your closet, it is high time you retrieved it from there and put right in the back of your SmartBoy.

Voila! Now your Android phone is officially turned into a retro video game console.
Still, despite the obvious SmartBoy’s advantages listed above, there are some pitfalls that should be considered by users prior to purchasing the product.

Many users who have already availed themselves of SmartBoy tend to complain of their inability to run original Nintendo cartridges on the gadget.

Still, in such cases, downloading GBA ROMs will be the best solution, since, SmartBoy can work surprisingly well with the games downloaded from the Internet.

Apart from compatibility issues, there is another problem you can experience while playing the games on the chosen peripheral. Those are unforgivably frequent freezes and lags occurring during the gameplay.

Moreover, every time you want to swap, stoop the game or exit the running application, you will need to yank your smartphone out of the peripheral, since there is no other smooth process to do those things.

Nevertheless, it you have firmly decided to take advantage of Hyperkin SmartBoy to rekindle old-school game nostalgia, you are free to buy it, of course.

Merge Blaster

Currently, Merge is removing the clunky expensive VR headsets and bringing an affordable virtual reality to the toy market.

Mixing the digital and physical game, Merge’s 6DoF Blaster fully plunges you into the game by means of your smartphone and a blaster, of course.

This gadget is an ordinary a plastic gun, which utilizes the capacity of our smartphone to present you with a chance to experience all possible advantages of playing a VR/AR game. There is no need to play through goggles anymore.

Now you can keep track of your game watching your phone screen on top of your blaster. No goggles means that you have a great opportunity to move in different directions around your room and dodge the bullets as you would in real life.

Many AR toys are on the market today, but this is definitely the best VR / AR toy in 2018.

With Merge Blaster you will be able to play anywhere: in your bedroom, school, park, or a backyard.

You will be able to challenge your friends in multiplayer matches and demonstrate your skillfulness to the world!

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Withings Blood Pressure Monitor

This appliance would be of particular interest to those who take care of their health. With the help of Withings Blood Pressure Monitor you will be able to measure your blood pressure and compare the results with the WHO recommended figures.

This smart device is very easy to use. Suffice it to wrap it around you arm and connect in to any Apple device you have at your disposal. It wouldn’t be necessary to tinker with connection.

The Monitor will boot up automatically. Make sure to follow all on-screen recommendations to perform the operation of measuring your blood pressure properly.

After the app measures your systolic and diastolic blood pressure, as well as you pulse, it will immediately provide you with obtained results.

The app can save your results for you to keep track of your progress. You are also recommended to visit Google Health and upload your readings to it.

By doing so you will let the system run a more detailed check on your health stats and provide you with useful recommendations on improving your condition.


Now you see that having a smartphone alone is not enough to feel “fully-equipped” and protected in our fast-moving world.

Still, with so many gadgets available on the market today, you can satisfy your every whim, whether it is playing a retro console on your smartphone, shooting enemies in a virtual reality mode, making fascinating selfies, or monitoring your health using intelligent appliances.

You can have it all in your smartphone!

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