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Health is important. And our everyday busy schedule has an adverse effect on our health. Keeping your body fit is one way to keep your body healthy apart from eating good food and healthy vegetables.

To keep your body fit you should do some exercise regularly. And what better way to exercise than going to a gym. There are several benefits of doing exercise on a regular basis, a report by the CDC.

Gymming has become a new trend. Everybody is now visiting the gyms, not only for fitness but also for body-building purposes.

However, having some essentials gym equipment at your house is far more beneficial than going to the gym every day.

Benefits Of Having Gym Equipment At Home

Best Home Gym Equipment for Full Body Workout 1

Time Flexibility

If you have a busy work life, and you cannot visit the gym every day, then your home gym will come to your rescue. There you can exercise at any time of the day, as per your schedule.

Flexibility of Rules

There are no specific gym rules that you have to follow if you have your personal gym at your place. You can play whichever music you want on the loudspeaker, you can invite your friends and workout together.

Thus it will also give you a chance to spend some time with your friends. Also, it can be a private family affair, where you can workout together with your family and can spend some quality time with them.

Enjoyable and Relaxing 

You can be creative about your exercises. You can wear whatever you want and there will not be any judging eyes prying on you. You don’t even have to wait in the line for using any equipment.

Saving Money

You only have to a one time amount when you are purchasing any equipment. But you will not have to pay any monthly gym membership fee or your transport expense like the cost of petrol in case you go in your car, for visiting the gym every time.

Thus, you can see there are numerous benefits of building your own gym at home.

Now let’s see what are the things that you should keep in mind while shopping for home gym equipment.

A Buyers’ Guide For Home Gym Equipments


Before investing in any equipment you should always consider the space factor. What kind of space you have and how much space the machine requires. If you have a small space then avoid having big machines as that will only congest the space.


Do not buy any equipment just for having it. Only invest in those which are required for your fitness goal, otherwise, it will be a bad investment. Like, don’t buy cardio equipment if your goal is to increase body strength.

Workout Plan

Chalk out a workout plan for yourself and stick to those gears which are essential for your plan.

Requirement of Equipment

There are cardio equipment and strength equipment. Figure out what is the purpose of your gymming. Cardio activities help in burning calories whereas strength activities increase your body strength. So, buy equipment according to your purpose.


Always check the safety ratings or the safety features before purchasing any equipment. Do not compromise on your safety by getting some low-cost machines.

So, now that you have all these things figured out, let’s check some of the essential items for your home gym.

List Of Top 10 Essential Equipment For Home Gym in 2021

Best home gym equipment for a full-body workout

This list includes best home gym equipment for a full-body workout, for both beginners & ladies who’re looking for the best exercise equipment for the home in 2021.

Healthgenie 1HP Foldable Motorized Treadmill 

Best Home Gym Equipment for Full Body Workout 2

A treadmill is the most basic gym equipment that you can have at home.

It is suitable for all. If you are into slow walking, running, or jogging, a treadmill is your go-to machine.

Healthgenie is an Indian company which is into the healthcare sector.

Healthgenie Motorized Treadmill is a portable treadmill perfect for home use and also within your budget.

It comes in 95% pre-installed state and tools are provided for setting up the rest. Videos for installation procedures are also available on the company’s webpage and their official YouTube page.

The machine has a 1.0 HP DC motor, which goes up to 2.5 HP while it is at its peak.

It has a speed range of 0.8 to 10 Km/Hour and can support up to 95 kgs.

The running surface is 43 inches x 15 inches (L x B).

Other additional features are –

  • It has a LED display that shows heart rate, calorie burned, time, distance, speed.
  • It has quality MP3 speakers, with aux port and aux cable.
  • The treadmill has 12 preset programs.

The treadmill also comes with safety features. The emergency stop button on the board ensures your protection while working out.


  • The treadmill has a pulse sensor on the handles which measures the heart rate.
  • The MP3 speakers ensure a good sound experience while running.
  • The motors are powerful and noiseless.
  • It is also equipped with a mobile holder.
  • It minimizes space usage with its folding feature.
  • The wheels are of great portability.


  • There are complaints about the after-sale service system of the company.

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Cockatoo CUB-01 Smart Series Magnetic Exercise Bike

Best Home Gym Equipment for Full Body Workout 3

Stationary bikes are a great addition to your gym if you are looking for something to burn fat and also for strengthening for heart, lungs, and muscles.

Cockatoo is another Indian brand which imports high-quality sports and fitness products.

Cockatoo CUB-01 Smart Series Magnetic Exercise Bike is not something very fancy but it will do the job within a pocket-friendly amount.

The machine is built with PVC, rubber, and premium 14-gauge steel tubing finished with a powder coating.

The adjustable seat can accommodate different body types. It is suitable for users with height in between 4 ft 11 inches to 6 ft 3 inches and can support up to 100kg.

The LCD monitor is 6 inches which shows calorie burned, speed, distance, and the total time of working out.

This bike has 8 different levels of magnetic resistance which helps you to intensify your exercise by increasing or decreasing the level of magnetic resistance.

The flywheel of the bike is of 3kg with one PC crank and one-way bearing.


  • The sturdy structure of the bike can resist scratches and damages from the environment and can withstand heavy daily use.
  • The wheels on the bike provide maximum mobility which makes it easy to move the bike anywhere.
  • The company provides free installation services all over India.
  • The engineered structure of the bike promotes proper form during the work out so that the targeted areas get most affected.


No complaints till now.

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AmazonBasics Vinyl Kettlebell

Best Home Gym Equipment for Full Body Workout 4

AmazonBasics is a private label brand of Amazon which sells everything from kitchen tools to tech gadgets. It mainly deals with everyday-use small inexpensive products.

Kettlebell is an all-in-one total body conditioning tool which is a great non-running cardio alternative. These balls are mainly made of cast iron or cast steel.

They are very helpful for fat burning workouts and also for making strong muscles and enhancing body strength.

This Vinyl Kettlebell is a vinyl-coated iron kettlebell, this is must-have gym equipment for home.

It weighs 40 pounds which is around 18.14 kgs.

It has a textured handle.

These Kettlebells can be used for a diverse workout.


  • These balls are available in various weights from 10 to 60 pounds (4.5kg to 27.2kg) and various eye-catching colors.
  • The textured handle ensures a secure grip.
  • The vinyl coating protects the floor, reduces noise, and prevents corrosion.
  • These kettlebells are great for more weight training, lunges, squats, and more.


No negative comments so far.

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Aurion Set of 2 PVC Dumbbells

Best Home Gym Equipment for Full Body Workout 5

Dumbbells are mainly used for joint-isolation exercises like biceps curls, chest flyes and shoulder raises.

It provides a variety of strength outcomes. it can be used in various ways while working out. It gives muscle strength and improves body stabilization.

Aurion is an international brand that specializes in the manufacturing of sports and gym equipment.

This set of two dumbbells are a must if you are a fitness freak and looking forward to setting up your own gym at home.

These dumbbells are available in different weights each with sets of two – 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 kilos (total weights of two dumbbells).

The sets are available in blue color.

These are made up of PVC material which ensures their durability.

They have an ergonomic grip.

It can be used by both men and women. This is one of those portable gym equipment for home.


  • The PVC material makes these dumbbells tough, lightweight, with good mechanical strength, and also resistant to abrasion.
  • These are constructed in such a user-friendly manner that they provide a perfect grip and balance while lifting the dumbbells.
  • The smooth finish makes it feel good on the skin when held.


  • It could have been better if made of plastics.

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0.5 Kg Grey Wrist & Ankle Weights 

Best Home Gym Equipment for Full Body Workout 6

Ankle weights are an easy to use tool, which is mainly used by people for creating lean, toned legs and lifted hips.

You can use it not only during the workout but also while walking, running, and jogging. It helps in burning calories and toning the overall body.

Here is another product on the list from Aurion.

0.5 Kg X 2 Grey Wrist/Ankle Weights are designed for a hands-free hardcore workout at home.

The set has two weights each of 0.5 kg.

These are also available in various other sizes ranging from 1 to 10 kgs – 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 kgs (weight of each set).

These grey colored weights are made up of the highest quality robust poly materials.

The weights are attached with easily adjustable straps.

The straps have D rings which ensure a snug fit.

It comes in one size which is suitable for all – men, women as well as children.


  • The weights have long durability because of its material.
  • These are perfect for both beginners and professional athletes.
  • The weights can be used for both ankles and wrists.
  • The material with which it is built allows air circulation and also does not slip on the legs.
  • Using these helps to improve your core body strength and muscle rehabilitation.


As such no negative side.

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Jumping Adjustable Skipping Rope

Best Home Gym Equipment for Full Body Workout 7

The next one on the list is not so much of a hardcore gym equipment as it is more of a warm-up tool before starting gymming.

A jump rope primarily helps in burning calories but also improves heart health and strengthens bone density.

Sportland is an international brand involved in producing indoor and outdoor sports equipment.

This jumping skipping rope is a premium quality jump rope that is suitable for men, women as well as children. It is exclusively designed for sports and fitness lovers.

You can get this in three different color combinations –

  • Black and Red
  • Blue and Balck
  • Red and Black.

It is built with two foam handles on each side and has PVC ropes.

The rope is lightweight and it is also adjustable, which makes it perfect for everyone. 

The length of the rope is 10 feet from handle to handle and is suitable for people up to a height of 6 feet.


  • The rope has high durability.
  • It is useful for cardio training and also for improving body flexibility and core body strength.
  • It rotates fast and smoothly and because of its compact design, you can even carry it in your pocket.


No complaints regarding the product.

This is the best exercise equipment for home weight loss.


Double Spring Body Trimmer 

Best Home Gym Equipment for Full Body Workout 8

A body trimmer is one tool that you can have at home for its easy use and minimal space coverage. The tool comes with great benefits.

Pulling off the springs with your own hands will improve your core body strength by making your arms and chest stronger. Moreover, it primarily helps in trimming your thigh, hips, and tummy.

ZOSOE Double Spring Body Trimmer is a portable lightweight ab exerciser which comes fully assembled ready for immediate use.

It is made up of high-quality plastic and the springs are made up of heavy-duty carbon springs which creates resistance and hence builds your muscles.

The longer springs are for upper and lower body muscles while the shorter springs help in developing the hands, wrists, and forearms.

It can be adjusted to varying levels of fitness and resistance. The springs can also be removed or added back to adjust the resistance as per your convenience.

You can use it while sitting or standing.

It can be used by both men and women.


  • The trimmer has long durability.
  • It helps in burning calories and reducing abdominal fat around your waist and flattens your tummy.
  • This is also great for working out on your thigh, hip, stomach, and legs.


There is no complaint about this trimmer.

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Strauss Anti Burst Gym Ball 

Best Home Gym Equipment for Full Body Workout 9

Anti-burst stress balls are primarily used for relieving stress. It also boosts blood circulation, gives you relief from back pain, and improves your body posture.

Strauss is a fairly new startup brand which is mainly manufacturing gym and exercise equipment.

Strauss Anti Burst Gym Ball is perfect for yoga and pilates routines.

These are available in two different shapes – round and peanut shape, along with various colors – blue, grey, red, black, and purple.

Some are also available with small stands below which provides stability.

These balls are made up of PVC materials which are anti-burst in nature.

It comes with a foot pump.

The size of the ball is 55 cm.


  • The ball is durable.
  • It is easy to inflate the ball.
  • The material is slip-resistant.
  • It is useful for back and lower body exercises like back fly, back extension, leg raise, single-leg press, etc.
  • The ball promotes active sitting and strengthens your posture and back muscles.
  • Also ensures blood flow to all parts of the body.


  • Sometimes there is the problem of leaking from the ball.

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Push Up Bars

Best Home Gym Equipment for Full Body Workout 10

Push up bars are a highly portable tool that you can keep anywhere and start to exercise. It doesn’t even take much space.

Push up is the most basic weight training exercise.

Regular use of push up bars increase the strength of your wrists and improve the grip of your hands.

Doing push-ups using the bars helps in burning more calories than regular push-ups, as the body remains at an elevated level.

Here is another one from Zosoe, which deserves to be in the list of home gym equipment.

ZOSOE Push Up Bars are small in size, lightweight and require minimum space. These are available in two color combinations – Balck – Blue and Black – Red.

It has an ergonomic design.

Each bar weighs around 300 gms and each has a size of 8.66″ long x 5.51″ wide x 4.72″ tall.

The bars are made up of good quality polypropylene, which is very hard.

The handles of the bars are made up of soft rubbers, which the users can hold comfortably.

These are for both men and women


  • The built material, polypropylene can support any weight.
  • The base of the bars is very stable.
  • Holding the bars at different angles like close, wide position, one arm position, elevated position, etc. you can do various upper body exercises

Cons – 

No negative point so far.

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Multi-Purpose Blend Weight Bench

Best Home Gym Equipment for Full Body Workout 11

The last one on the list is a big one. It’s a multi-purpose machine that you can keep at home and will benefit you in several ways.

These combo sets are mainly for fitness freaks. This is a professional gym equipment for home.

Protoner is a brand that provides a variety of gym equipment and accessories.

Protoner Blend 8-in-1 Multi-Purpose Weight Bench is a combo set that comes with many outstanding features.

The bench can be used in flat, inclined, and declined positions. 

The whole can be used for bench press, dips, push-ups, leg pully, dumbbell fly, and dumbbell press.

The weight bench can support up to 250 kgs.

The whole set is made up of 2×2 inches pipe structure.

It requires 4×5 feet space.

It also has leg curls and leg extension.


  • The machine has a stable base.
  • The padded cushioning on the bench provides a comfortable base for performing various weight exercises.
  • The pipes are quite durable and sturdy.
  • The whole thing has been designed mainly for using it at home.


  • There can be some problems while setting up the machine.


Now that you have a fair idea about how you can set up your gym at home, go ahead and check some of these exercise equipment for the home in India, and place an order for them.

In the current pandemic situation having a personal gym at home will really help you to keep your body fit and your extra calories in check.

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