ili – A Wi-Fi free instant translator for travelers

ili – A Wi-Fi free instant translator for travelers, logbar

They say we’re meant to be travelers, that we are meant to see the world and decide who we want to be or what we want to be.
‌We are after all made of what we see and hear and seeing places, meeting new people are things which shape us.

But tell me, how many times you wished you could be one with the culture?

Understand them?

Speak their language?

To not be just a guest among the strangers you meet?

Well, one Japanese company just may have found the solution to that. A company called ‘Logbar‘ has invented an instant translator device called ‘ili‘ ( they always keep the i small don’t they?) which can apparently translate your language to the language you choose to communicate with.

ili – A Wi-Fi free instant translator for travelers, logbar

All you have to do is speak to the device holding in your hands and it instantly translates the message in the required language (J.A.R.V.I.S is that you?).

They have assured a reaction time of ‘0.2’ seconds. It’s the size of your average smartphone but actually much narrower.

The Story behind ili translator (Interview with CEO Takuro Yoshida)

ili translator languages

It currently translates only 3 languages from English – Spanish, Mandarin and Japanese and 2 from Mandarin- English, and Japanese.

They are claiming in future you’ll be able to add your own choice of language for an unknown amount of money so let’s not rule any languages out.

It has it’s onboard ‘dictionary‘ of languages and has a pretty powerful intel processor which makes the instant translation more…well instant!

It also has active noise cancellation feature reducing the unnecessary sounds like when you try to speak on a recorder and then when you hear it you think your sailing in a windy sea?


Well, this is to stop that happening in front of strangers. So? It’s simple right?

Just hold it in your hands, press the button to speak in English and it speaks out the message in let’s say Japanese! But what if you want to roll the conversation and not just ask for directions or where to eat sushi? I’m afraid we have reached an impasse!

The ‘ili‘ can only translate one way. If you set it to translate English to Japanese it won’t reverse translate your friend’s Japanese to English.

But who says it won’t be added in the future?

I mean we are already probably seeing the rise of Skynet then what’s wrong with a bit of a late night conversation in French with a French with French fries?

Get it?

French fries?



ili translator price in india

Well then the ‘ili‘ is expected to be priced at $199 that’s approximately 13k in Indian currency but if you pre order it that’ll come down to 189$ which is approximately 12k in Indian currency.

I checked but it’s apparently out of stock for pre-order, not that I can afford it..or rather anything but that’s not the point. It’s a more advanced version of Google translate but that’s not as real time as ‘ili‘.

This cool gadget is a huge ‘must-have‘ for avid travellers who are enthusiastic about visiting places they know nothing about!

If you want to buy Logbar ili translator in India then click here you’ll be taken to to their website.


If you have any question regarding this gadget -> Check their FAQ page

Read real success stories of people who have used ili –> Stories of ili Travelers

How accurate is ili translator? –> Read here.

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ili - A Wi-Fi free instant translator for travelers
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