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Best Wedding Gift Ideas In India for Friends, Relative & Colleague

When it is India, every season is the wedding season.

Okay, that might have been a bit of an exaggeration. But yes, most seasons are wedding seasons when it comes to Indian weddings.

We Indians just need a reason to celebrate and spoil each other with loads and loads of gifts. But yes, deciding what to give to whom can sometimes be very long and tedious.

Let us face it, gifting options are huge, really huge, so yes, it is understandable that choosing a single gift to give to someone can be a tough decision.

But yes, with a proper guide and gift list, it might become a tad easier to choose a wedding gift for your loved ones.

So keep on reading this article to know about the various categories of gifts and what is a perfect wedding gift for whom.

Categories: Breaking up gift ideas based on your relation with the Bride & Groom

Now that we know what this article is going to be about, let us get started. So what do I mean by categories here?

Well, as you know, that a gift that is appropriate for a colleague is not at all appropriate for a close family member.

Also, you might spend a sizeable amount of money to gift your best friend something special on their wedding day, but you might be unwilling to spend that amount of money on some distant relative or a lesser-known colleague

So yes, it is very important to categorize your gift ideas. So below is a list of categories and under each category, you will get to know about specific gift ideas.

Best Wedding Gift Ideas For Friends

So the first category I am going to talk about is friends. So friends can range from a close friend to a batchmate or a colleague.

Right under this category, I will talk about the best wedding gift ideas for friends. Let us get into it one by one.

If the bride is your friend, then look at the best wedding gift ideas for the bride.

Furthermore, if the bride you are gifting to, you can always go for apparel.

Gift her a beautiful saree, or a pretty-looking suit piece, or lehenga.

Best Wedding Gift Ideas For Friends

You can also gift pieces of jewelry to her. For more jewelry gift ideas, keep reading this article where I will further discuss the same.

If both the bride and the groom are your friends, then look at the best wedding gift ideas for couples.

A beautifully personalized photo frame is a gift that can never go wrong.

Best Wedding Gift Ideas For Best Friend

It can seem too little, you can add a few chocolates and boxes of dry fruits and make it a whole hamper to gift them.

If you spend around 2k, then you can also gift a set of wristwatches of a reputable brand.

Best Wedding Gift Ideas In India for Friends, Relative & Colleague 1

Other than that, any kind of home decor is always a good gift idea.

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Best Wedding Gift Ideas For Best Friend

Now after we covered the best wedding gift ideas for friends, let us come to best friends.

Best friends are really close to our hearts and we cannot just gift them anything on their very special day.

Want to give the couple something thoughtful? How about a personalized hamper?

The hamper can contain things like personalized cups, keychains, wall clocks, wristwatches, and things that the married couple can use once they begin with their new journey.

Personalized gift hampers for friends wedding
Personalized gift hampers for friend’s wedding

If you want to gift them with something more memorable and extravagant, you can always go with a travel gift voucher that they can use to travel after their marriage.

That would be indeed memorable.

Other than that, you can gift them an all-expense paid dinner reservation at one of their favorite fancy restaurants.

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Best Wedding Gift Ideas For Relatives

If you are gifting something to your relatives on their wedding day, serving wares and home appliances is always a good idea.

Be it wedding gift ideas for sisters or wedding gift ideas for bhaiya and bhabhi, we got it all covered.

Wedding gift ideas for sisters or wedding gift ideas for bhaiya and bhabhi

What more can be a wonderful gift for a married couple than things that they can start using once they begin with their married life.

Home appliances like any electronics, or kitchen sets, or dinner sets, or home decor are the best wedding gift ideas for the bride and groom.

Best Wedding Gift Ideas Under 5000 Rupees

Having a budget for gifts is not at all something to be ashamed of. So yes, 90% of people have a budget for giving gifts.

Wedding gift ideas for electronics can fall under the Rs.5000 category.

Electronic home appliances such as a sandwich maker, a mixer grinder, an OTG, an induction cooktop, can be of your budget that is under Rs. 5000.

Best Wedding Gift Ideas Under 5000 Rupees

As useful as they are, they are also cheap and would be the perfect wedding gifts for the couple.

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Best Wedding Gift Ideas From Amazon India

As we know, Amazon India is a very popular site for online shopping.

Now if you search for the best wedding gifts to buy on Amazon, you will find a plethora of options to choose from and also, within budget.

From personalized wood blocks with LED lights to carved bowl sets and wall paintings, everything is available on Amazon.

So if you go to Amazon to look for wedding gifts, you would not be disappointed.

Even if you are looking for the best expensive wedding gift ideas, then Amazon India might help you out with that.

Best Wedding Jewelry Gift Ideas for India Wedding

Last but not least, let us discuss jewelry gift ideas for a wedding.

Best Wedding Jewelry Gift Ideas for India Wedding

As we know, gold is extremely expensive these days, so unless it is a very close family member, let us cross our gold jewelry from the list.

Silver jewelry is fairly affordable for anyone with a budget of 1k to 2k. Silver jewelry is also available for less than that, but that depends on the type of jewelry.

Other than that there is other alloy material jewelry that looks great, is stylish, and also affordable.

So if not gold or silver, then you can always go for those alloy jewelry.

Be it a complete set or just a pair of earrings or a finger ring or anything else, any kind of jewelry is always a magnificent gift for a wedding.

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Final Words

As we have seen so far in this entire article, the gift ideas are vast and varied.

So even after reading many articles about what to give to a newlywed couple in India and scouring the corners of your brain for more ideas, you might end up befuddled regarding what to give.

But yes, as a conclusion, it is now at least clear what kinds of gifts to give to certain people during their wedding.

Also, there is an idea of the budget for several gifts.

That will help you shortlist gifts according to the weddings please, if not help you choose a particular gift.

I, personally, would very much prefer to give or receive cash as a gift on any occasion, be it a wedding or a birthday or a promotion.

This is so prudent and desirable because, with some cash in hand as a gift, you can buy yourself anything you need and will be useful to you.

So it ends up being a wonderful investment.

Okay instead of buying gifts for someone that might end up being an unnecessary investment for you, you can always give cash so that you might end up getting used to buying something useful.

That might be the best gift for a newlywed couple. Other than that, as mentioned, household products are always useful.

So, following this guide, you can always end up giving the best gifts for your friends, family, or colleagues on their wedding day.

If this article helped you in selecting the best wedding gift, then if you share it with your friends on social media then it’ll be fantastic for us.

Some commonly asked questions:

What is the best gift for an Indian wedding?

Best Gifts for an Indian wedding usually range among the different household goods.

Be it a set of beautiful bedsheets made of good quality fabric or be it decors like ornamental lamps and wall hangings, or be it kitchen goods such as a teacup set made of China, everything counts as a perfect gift for an Indian wedding.

How much cash should I give as a wedding gift in India?

The amount of cash that you should give as a wedding gift depends upon the type of relationship you have with the married couple.

If it is a close family member, the amount should usually range from Rs.2001 to Rs.5001 or more if you are willing. If it is for some office colleague or friend, the amount can range from Rs,501 to whatever you want to give.

What’s a good wedding gift for an Indian couple?

If you are gifting something to an Indian couple as a wedding gift, then it might be good if you gift them some kind of household product such as a set of bedsheet of the highest quality or any kind of kitchen set that might comprise a set of a bowl or a set of dishes or a dinner set or anything of that sort.

Giving cash might be a prudent gift choice too.

What is the best gift for a newly married couple in India?

If you are looking to give something to a newly married couple in India, then giving them some good amount of cash might be the perfect wedding present for them.

Other than that, give them something that might be useful to them in the new life that they are starting. Give them any kind of household products like kitchen sets or bedsheets or carpets or blankets.

What are some traditional Indian wedding gift ideas?

Traditional wedding gifts for an Indian couple can range from anything like personal accessories to household products.

Personal necessities like a pair of shoes, a set of wristwatches, a jewelry set, books, perfumes, and so on are exceptional gifts for an Indian couple.

Other than that household products like kitchen sets or bedsheets or home decor are also great gift ideas. If you cannot decide what to gift to someone, you can also always gift cash.

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