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Investigation by OnePlus revealed that the Nord 2 explosion claim was baseless

“We always take such claims very seriously and immediately look into each one to first verify the legitimacy of the claim. During our conversation with this individual, we were able to confirm that this alleged case was false and in no way involved any OnePlus product,” the company said.

According to OnePlus, when an Indian user posted a video on social media purporting that a OnePlus Nord 2 smartphone had burst, it has been determined this scenario was fraudulent and did not involve any OnePlus product.

On Twitter, OnePlus Nord 2 users reported an alleged blast. The prominent smartphone brand confirmed this in an updated statement to IANS.

Investigation by OnePlus revealed that the Nord 2 explosion claim was baseless 1
OnePlus Nord 2

Shubham Srivastava described the explosion in a tweet, which he then deleted, without posting any photographs of the item that he claimed to have exploded.

Srivastava had tweeted: “I am very angry to say that the Nord 2 I got for my father exploded just recently. He was afraid after this incident it would have cost his life if he was using that right away. Such a shame!! How can I get my phone back? You ruined my money!!”

OnePlus replied to him on Twitter: “We are truly dejected to hear about this incident. We earnestly hope that the untoward incident did not cause any harm to your father. We would like to have this addressed on priority and to further scrutinize this matter and ascertain the cause of this instance, please DM us.”

Within a few hours, both the post and his Twitter account were deleted. “All OnePlus products undergo thorough quality and safety tests to ensure that they are up to leading industry standards and are safe to use,” the company stressed.

“We also follow strict internal processes to ensure the health and safety of our users, while also protecting the reputation of our brand. We urge the public to exercise restraint in judging unverified allegations such as this.”

On the same day when the OnePlus Nord 2 exploded, Bengaluru-based Ankur Sharma tweeted photographs of the burned device. But he later removed it.

Sharma tweeted about the incident and the smartphone brand informed him that they will conduct an investigation to find out what had transpired.

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