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Prices of Next-Gen iPhones Could Be Similar To That Of The iPhone 12 Pro According To iPhone 13 Leaks

Every year, Apple unveils a new generation of iPhones in September. iPhone 13 leaks and rumors have already begun to circulate in the tech sector as the American tech giants prepare to release their latest iPhone.

Apple 13 could be introduced at the same price as the current generation of Apple iPhone 12 according to a recent study from a well-known market research agency, TrendForce.

As a result, the tech community is interested in knowing the iPhone 13’s price. Everything you need to know about the impending iPhone 13 that you can find on the internet. 

The iPhone 13’s price has been leaked.

A new report from TrendForce reveals that the iPhone 13’s price will start at Rs 1,22,900 and will be subject to changes.

Because the current edition of Apple iPhone 12 Pro costs roughly Rs 1,19,900, this does not appear to be a significant increase.

A new report from TrendForce says that Apple is actively working on expanding the battery capacity of the iPhone 13’s smartphone.

Compared to the iPhone 12 series, the phone’s display is said to have a high refresh rate and stronger 5G connectivity.

After witnessing new innovations like Samsung’s first under-display camera, Apple could potentially start working on minimizing the size of their notch.

High-end models are said to include LTPO displays with a 120Hz refresh rate. Also equipped with LTPO displays, but with a 60Hz refresh rate.

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What’s New with the iPhone 13?

Prices of Next-Gen iPhones Could Be Similar To That Of The iPhone 12 Pro According To iPhone 13 Leaks 1

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has confirmed that Apple Inc will introduce a total of four flagship phones in September.

Among them are the iPhone 13, the iPhone 13 small, and both versions of the iPhone 13 Pro and the iPhone 13 Pro max.

In addition to the MagSafe magnets, the wireless charging coils will be larger, according to other sources from Weinbach.

The new Apple iPhone 13 reverse charging capability can be enabled by adding these to the phone.

It’s unclear what else will be included with the next iPhone 13. Keep an eye on Apple’s official social media handles for any changes.

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