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Best Kitchen Chimneys that’s Perfect for Indian Kitchens

Kitchen chimneys come with many benefits. As most people now have modular kitchens at home, they are keener on using chimneys to match the decor.

We are all technology enthusiasts. Day by day technology is surrounding us. Making us fall for it every day very tactfully.

Whenever we have to do something manually we wish for a machine to do the work for us.

In our everyday life if we notice carefully there is some kind of machine or electronic device to help us in every step and our kitchen is not an exception to this.

Electronic kitchen appliances are now making cooking a much more relaxing activity of the day than it was before. And for those who love to cook at home or are professional chefs, these appliances are just a platter of delight.

Mixer grinders and refrigerators were on the scene for a long time but in recent times we have seen some new products like kitchen chimneys, dishwashers, micro ovens, toasters, grillers, etc.

Each one of these is meant to reduce the amount of work we previously used to do for preparing our food.

However, today I am going to talk about one particular product i.e. the kitchen chimneys.

Benefits Of Having A Kitchen Chimney At Home

best kitchen chimneys in India

Let’s see some of the benefits of kitchen chimneys that we enjoy on a daily basis.

Keeps the kitchen clean

Chimneys protect everything in the kitchen from the fumes and oils. Without a chimney, you will notice that the walls, the tiles, and the granite in the kitchen will turn sticky and will get black within a few days.

Even the brand-new kitchen will look old and dingy within a short period of time. It provides ventilation so that all the smoke and gas from the fumes and oils get sucked out of the kitchen.

Reduces heat in the kitchen

The chimneys also let the heat get out into the outside air and thus prevent it from hitting it on your face. And thus gone are the days when we used to cook while sweating.

Removes unwanted smells

Many times we use such ingredients while cooking whose smells we don’t like. Chimneys remove all these odors with their strong suction capabilities. Thus, provides an odorless pleasant cooking environment.

Prevents sneezing

No one can deny that we Indians are in love with spices. Without spaces, none of our dishes are complete. However, while cooking such spices as black pepper, red chilies often cause people to sneeze because of their strong aroma.

Here’s where chimneys come to the rescue. They suck out all these aromas and thus prevent sneezing which in turn stops the spread of any unwanted bacteria in the cooking zone.

Beautiful & appalling kitchen

Most people now have modular kitchens. While setting up these kitchens they also install the chimneys to match the colors and the decors of the whole kitchen. So that it matches the walls, tiles, and other appliances and gives it an elegant and stylish look.

Overall these are the benefits of having a chimney in your kitchen. It not only keeps your kitchen clean but also benefits your health.

What should You Keep In Mind While Buying A Kitchen Chimney?

How to select best kitchen chimney in India

Ducts Vs. Ductless Chimneys

On one hand, ductless chimneys are cheaper as their installation cost is lower, but statistics show that as per performance ducting chimneys are 30% more efficient as ductless ones circulate the air back inside instead of releasing it outside.

Ducted chimneys use wire mesh and baffle filters whereas ductless chimneys use carbon filters for additional protection.

However, the suction power of ducting chimneys is higher than the ductless and the maintenance is also easier for the ducted ones, as the carbon filters of ductless chimneys require regular replacement.

So, overall we can say that ducting chimneys are more efficient, but in terms of portability ductless chimneys rank higher.

For commercial purposes, it is advisable to go for ducted chimneys while for residential purposes you go as per your choice.

Types of Filters 

  • Mesh/Cassette Filters – These are made up of overlapping layers of aluminum mesh, which have tiny holes to trap particles and purify the air. But the pores get clogged quickly so they need to be cleaned weekly otherwise the suction power decreases and noise increases.
  • Baffle Filters – These are made up of steel or aluminum and have multiple curve structures to change the direction of airflow. It separates oil and odor from the smoke, but the suction power does not get affected even if oil gets deposited on the first layer. This is perfect for the Indian kitchen due to the massive usage of spices and also a lot of frying.
  • Charcoal/Carbon Filters – These come with a layer of charcoal granules that eliminates the odor from the smoke and oil and smoke particles. These are mostly used together with baffle or mesh filters, not separately. These are nonwashable and need to be replaced within every 3 to 6 months based on the intensity of cooking. Hence it becomes pretty expensive.

So, for an Indian household it’s best to go for baffle filters.

Types of Chimney Hoods

  • Wall Mounted Chimney – These are the most commonly used chimneys. They remain fitted on the wall just above the stove. 
  • Island Chimney – Based on the position of your stove they can be fixed on the ceiling. These are helpful if you have the stove counter in the middle of the kitchen.
  • Corner Chimney – These are adjustable chimneys that you can draw over your stove while cooking and can also push it back once done with one click of a button.
  • Built-in Chimney – To match with the modern decor of the moduled kitchen now most people installed chimney while building it inside the kitchen cabinets.

Types of Chimney Design

Curved Glass Chimneys –

  • Less noise
  • Separate indoor and outdoor unit
  • Additional suction power
  • Focus lighting provides additional lighting
  • Perfect for both small and big kitchen areas and suitable for deep frying and tempering

Straight Line Chimneys –

  • Very suitable for small kitchens
  • Removes smoke from the whole kitchen not only the cooking area
  • Has maximum suction power
  • Focus light
  • Removal filters which are easy to clean

Angular Chimneys –

  • Expert in extracting smoke and grease
  • Can fit into any type and size of kitchens.
  • Most suitable for Indian kitchens.

Pyramid Chimneys –

  • Contains baffle filters
  • Expert in reducing power consumption.

Box Type Chimney –

  • Made of high quality steel and glass
  • Dirt resistant surface
  • Does not need regular cleaning
  • LED focus light
  • Soft touch digital control

Chimney Size

Your chimney size should always be either exact or preferable greater than the size of your oven. But never less than that. The distance between the stove and the chimney should always be between 65 – 75 cm.

In India, most chimneys come in 2 sizes – 60cm for 2 or 4 burners and 90cm for 3 or 5 burners.

Suction Power

The suction power of your kitchen chimney should always be 10 times the volume of your kitchen.

The average suction power range available in Indian chimneys is 400-1250 cubic meters per hour and the best suction power as per average Indian kitchen size is deemed to be 480 cubic meters per hour.  

Auto Clean Vs. Manual Clean Chimneys

Auto clean chimneys are the best collector of oil and grease. With one click of a button, it cleans itself. Only the oil collector needs to be cleaned manually otherwise it is easy to maintain. These are perfect for heavy usage.

Manual clean chimneys are far more durable if maintained properly. But it requires a lot of time and patience for cleaning. It is perfect if you don’t cook much, then it’s easy to clean.

So, make your decision wisely on this as per your usage and time available.

Additional Features

  • Buzzer – It gives an alert that the chimney needs cleaning and replacement of filters.
  • LED Light Indicator – Notifies if there is any malfunction in the machine.
  • Push Buttons – These buttons come with different functions varying from brand to brand for convenient use.
  • Detachable Oil Collector – Since it is detachable so it’s easier to clean all the deposited oil particles. It also improves the filter’s efficiency.
  • Auto Heat Sensors – It detects the heat of the oil particles and automatically switches to on or off mode.

So, here is a detailed buyer’s guide for a Kitchen chimney. Now do a detailed study of all these points before getting a chimney. Choose something which suits your Indian kitchen the best.

Best Kitchen Chimneys Under Rs. 10000 in India 2022

Best Kitchen Chimneys that's Perfect for Indian Kitchens 1

Eurodomo Auto-Clean Chimney

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
Best Kitchen Chimneys that's Perfect for Indian Kitchens 2

Eurodomo is a European brand that produces a wide range of high-quality kitchen appliances with modern design and affordable prices.

This black colored curve glass wall-mounted chimney comes with the auto clean feature. Its size is 60 cm i.e. suitable for 2 or 4 burners.

The suction capacity is 1200 cubic meters per hour, which is suitable for any kitchen more than 200 square feet.

It is equipped with baffle filters, made up of high-quality stainless steel that needs cleaning every 6 months.

At its maximum suction settings, it can create up to 58 Db of noise.

Other features are –

  • Touch control panel with a digital display,
  • Auto heat sensors,
  • Two LED focus lights, and
  • Detachable oil collector.


  • This is perfect for heavy frying or grilling.
  • The powerful suction capacity ensures smoke and dust free cooking.
  • The oil collector can be cleaned with a basic wash.
  • The baffle filters are durable.
  • Overall the chimney has an elegant and stylish look.
  • It also comes with free installation products.



Our choice for the best kitchen chimney for a small kitchen under 10000 INR.

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GLEN Kitchen Chimney

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.
Best Kitchen Chimneys that's Perfect for Indian Kitchens 3

Glen is an Indian company that is involved in the production of modern kitchen appliances.

This is a wall-mounted curved glass chimney. The glass is black in color. The rest of the body is made up of black powder-coated stainless steel.

The size of the chimney is 60 cm, suitable for 2 or 4 burners.

The suction capacity is 1000 cubic meters per hour, which is suitable for a kitchen of 100 to 150 square feet. It is perfect for medium grill and fry. Its maximum noise is 58 Db.

The chimney has baffle filters made up of stainless steel.

Additional features are –

  • Two LED lights on each side,
  • Three push buttons with different speed controls, 
  • An indication light, and
  • Auto heat sensor.


  • It has an Italian copper motor with a thermal overload protector for switching off the chimney in case of overheating.
  • The fans are made up of flame retardant plastic for safety purposes and also to reduce the noise.


  • Does not have an auto-clean feature.

Glen chimney review: This is a value for money product.

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Inalsa Classica 60BKBF 

Rating: 4 out of 5.
Best Kitchen Chimneys that's Perfect for Indian Kitchens 4

Inalsa, an Indian home appliance company that has now become a part of Spain-based Taurus group is a fast-growing company that is expanding at a rapid rate.

This is another wall mounting chimney but this one has a pyramid style with a black powder-coated body.

This is also for 2 or 4 burners as its size is 60 cm.

The suction capacity is 1050 cubic meters per hour which is a perfect fit for an approximately 175 square feet kitchen.

The chimney is suitable for medium to high frying or grilling.

The baffle filters are made up of high-quality stainless steel.

This chimney is also equipped with two energy-saving LED lights and 5 push buttons for controlling the power, light, and three different fan speeds.


  • The filters capture the grease and eliminate the odor from the air and keep it clean.
  • The filters are easy to clean with unlimited wash.


  • Does not have auto clean or auto heat sensor features.

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Best Kitchen Chimneys Below Rs. 15000 in India 2022

Eurodomo Classy HC TC 90

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Best Kitchen Chimneys that's Perfect for Indian Kitchens 5

Here is another one from Eurodomo which deserves a place on the list.

Though it looks the same as the previous one with black curve glass style and wall mounting feature, it is different in size and price.

This one is suitable for a 3 or 5 burner stove as its size is 90 cm.

Its suction capacity is 1200 cubic meters per hour which is suitable for a 200 square feet kitchen. This chimney is for heavy frying and grilling. At the most, it can produce 58 Db of noise.

The chimney has baffle filters made up of stainless steel which are perfect for the Indian kitchen. 

The touchpad with digital display comes with 6 different functions – switch on or off, light, auto clean, and 3 different fan speed setting options.

It also has two LED lights on each corner.

Pros – 

  • Its greatest advantage is the auto-clean feature, which reduces manual work.
  • It also has auto heat sensor technology.
  • Even the baffle filters can be washed at a 6 months interval.


Bit noisy.

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Hindware Nevio 60

Rating: 4 out of 5.
best kitchen chimney in the Indian market

We all know Hindware mainly for their sanitaryware but now it has also entered the market of kitchen appliances. 

This product of Hindware is an auto clean wall mounting chimney with curved glass design. This machine is made up of steel and glass and comes in a color combination of black and grey colors.

It is suitable for a 2 or 4 burner stove with its size of 60 cm.

The suction capacity is 1200 cubic meters per hour and the maximum noise level is 58 Db.

The baffle filters are made up of stainless steel and there is also a metal oil collector cup.

It also has a powerful metallic blower which allows maximum airflow.

Some other additional features are the two LED lamps and the feather touch control panel with digital display with which you can control the power, light, and different speeds of the fan.


  • The chimney has a thermal auto clean facility.
  • The metallic blower also ensures less power consumption and reduces noise.
  • This stylish chimney with its supreme features ensures smoke-free and odorless cooking experience and thus also keeps the kitchen clean.


Bit noisy.

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Rating: 5 out of 5.
Best Kitchen Chimneys that's Perfect for Indian Kitchens 6

Faber is globally known for its kitchen appliances like chimneys, microwave ovens dishwasher, etc. The company is well known in India.

This Faber product is a filterless auto clean chimney. It is a black curved glass wall mounted chimney made up of glass.

The position of the motor allows free movement of smoke and air.

It has a suction capacity of 1200 cubic meters per hour and the maximum noise level can be 52 Db.

You can control the on and off mode of the chimney with hand gestures. There are a digital display and a touch panel for controlling the lights and the 3 different fan speeds.

Faber Hood Crest Plus probably is the best kitchen chimney in the Indian market in this price segment.


  • Its noise level is lower in comparison to other same kinds of chimneys.
  • Being filterless makes the cleaning easy and thus lower the maintenance cost. 
  • It is equipped with an auto heat sensor and two LED focus lights.
  • The chimney also has hand gestures and touch control.


No complaints so far.

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Best Chimneys under Rs. 20000 for Indian Kitchens

Whirlpool AKR6666

Rating: 4 out of 5.
Best Kitchen Chimneys that's Perfect for Indian Kitchens 7

Whirlpool is a common name in our Indian household. We all know Whirlpool for their various home appliances like washing machines, refrigerators, microwave ovens, etc. Similarly, kitchen chimney is another of its products.

This ducted wall-mounted straight line chimney is made up of stainless steel. Its size is 60 cm i.e. for 2 or 4 burners.

It has a suction capacity of 1000 cubic meters per hour and the maximum noise level is 72 Db.

It has baffle filters that use separate panels for grease and spices.

The chimney also has a multi-functional touch panel and 2 LED lights.


  • These are very effective in eliminating odor.
  • Along with two in-built lights, it also has 4 LED speed electronic lights.


  • The suction power is less and the maximum noise level is more than the other chimneys in the same category.

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Kutchina Curvy Excel

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.
Best Kitchen Chimneys that's Perfect for Indian Kitchens 8

Kutchina is one of the leading brands of kitchen & home appliances in eastern India. They are specialized in small products like mixer grinders, hand blenders, toasters, OTG, etc.

This unique looking wall mounting curved glass chimney has an auto-clean feature.

It is filter-less and uses heat or water to auto clean the collecting chamber.

Its size is 60 cm and has 1200 cubic meters per hour of suction power.

The chimney also has five push buttons for various functions.


  • As there is no filter, so the chimney instantly opts for the auto cleaning without any button press.
  • It has 3rd generation dry heat technology.
  • Successfully eliminates odor.


  • Width is a little less

This is the best Kutchina kitchen chimney under Rs 20k in India in 2022.

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Elica Auto Clean Chimney

Rating: 4 out of 5.
Best Kitchen Chimneys that's Perfect for Indian Kitchens 9

Elica is a multinational Italian company that is one of the leading manufacturers of cooker hoods in the world.

This stylish black-colored angular wall-mounted chimney is made up of stainless steel and has an auto-clean feature.

This ducted chimney has a suction power of 1100 cubic meters per hour and the noise level can be up to a maximum of 58 Db.

It’s a filter-less chimney that has a sealed motor so that the oil does not get deposited there.

Using hand gestures you can switch on or off the chimney and for controlling the light and 3-speed controls of the fan there is a touch panel.


  • Its noise level is lower than the others.
  • The high-quality metal blower keeps odor and smokes out of the kitchen.
  • It has touch control as well as motion-sensing technology.


  • 6-inch hole is needed for the pipe to fit in.

Elica chimney review: Right now it is the best seller on Amazon India. Easy to clean & has good suction power.

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These are some of the best chimneys from different price ranges that you can look into for your kitchen.

Almost all of these are wall mounted curved glass chimneys with baffle filters, as this combination suits our Indian kitchen best.

If you are setting up your new home and need a chimney for your kitchen or need a change of your existing chimney go ahead look into these products.

I can guarantee you will surely find something that will fit your criteria.

Also, check this video on how to clean chimney filters at home.

Some common queries related to Kitchen Chimneys

Which chimney would be better: with filter or filterless?

Filterless chimneys free you from the hassle of cleaning the filter regularly. So, if you don’t have that much time to clean the filters at regular intervals, then filterless chimneys are definitely for you.

Which chimney brand is better, Elica, Faber, or Hindware?

Each brand has its own USP. On one hand, Elica gives aesthetically good chimneys whereas Faber has a three way suction system and three layered baffle filters. Also, Hindware has chimneys with double auto clean technology. So, you have to choose as per your criteria.

What is filterless technology in a kitchen chimney?

Some chimneys are available which do not have any filters. These are usually easy to clean, and the maintenance cost is also low for these. These chimneys mainly have the auto-clean feature.

Which chimney (horizontal or vertical) is good for Indian kitchens?

Horizontal chimneys, especially curved glass style with baffle filters, seem to be the best suit for any Indian kitchen because of all the spices we use and heavy frying and grilling.

Is an auto clean chimney better?

It is a better choice if you don’t have much time for cleaning. You only need to clean the oil collector from time to time.

Which chimney is the best auto clean or manual?

Both have their own advantages. While for auto-clean chimneys the hassle for cleaning is far less than manual ones, the manual chimneys are more durable.

Which type of chimney is best for Indian Kitchen?

Studies have shown that for Indian kitchen Curved Glass styled chimneys with Baffle Filters are the best.

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