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Best Liquid Detergents for Front Load Washing Machine in India

Liquid Detergents are the new trend setters, and it is time for you all to say goodbye to your powder detergents and soap bars that stand nowhere in contrast to the liquid detergents in terms of cleaning your laundry.

The thing about liquid detergents which makes it better than the rest is the hassle- free washing experience that you get.

Liquid detergents do not use any residues on your clothes unlike the powders, which cause you to work extra because you’ll have to rub the clothes hard to remove the powder.

This thing needs to be given considerable attention because what is the benefit of your automatic front load machine, if you again have to rub your clothes to get rid of unwanted stuff.

And when that unwanted stuff is a by product your cleaning agent, then it definitely is time to upgrade your shopping list.

So here we are to your rescue with a list of the best liquid detergents for washing machines in India. The list enumerates the best liquid detergents available on Amazon with their specifics.

There is a special buyer’s guide at the end of the article for your reference that will help you make a well- informed decision.

But before we go ahead, go through these quick points as to why you should choose liquid detergents:

  •  They are soft on your clothes and do not tarnish the quality of your beloved clothes.
  • The color of your clothes won’t fade because liquid detergents do not contain any harmful bleaches, that results in discoloration of fabrics.
  • Liquid detergents dissolve quickly in the water and do not leave any residue on the clothes.
  • They are best suited for automatic machines and removes all the dirt from your laundry perfectly.
  • You get the dry-clean sort of finish with the liquid detergents.
  • Usage of water is also reduced slightly with the use of liquid detergents.

MYTH BUSTER: They definitely do not ruin your washing machine; that is just a myth which people follow blindly!

List of 9 Best Liquid Detergents for Front Load Washing Machines in 2021

1. Ariel Matic Liquid Detergent

Best Liquid Detergents for Front Load Washing Machine in India 1

Ariel is an age-old brand which has gained enough popularity for its name to speak about its quality. The special features of this Ariel Matic Liquid detergent for front load machines are listed as below:

  • The washing formula is well suited to jam with the automatic washing machines.
  • Those stubborn stains and tough spots won’t be a problem anymore if you bring home this liquid detergent which is available just at ₹350 on Amazon.in
  • You also do not have to worry about your laundry getting discolored because of Ariel’s cutting- edge technology.
  • To add on, Ariel gives a refreshing fragrance to your clothes.
  • Ariel ensures you get the most out of everything. Simply speaking, if you buy a 1 liter pack, you need not worry because it is as good as 1 kg powder detergent.

Try out this pack which comes with a unique cap specially designed for the convenience of users, and ensures no ounce of your detergent is wasted or spilled in the process of washing.

BOTTOM LINE: You can choose Ariel Matic Liquid detergent without any second thoughts because of its amazing features and a reasonable price.

Get this product:

2. Surf Excel Matic Front Load Liquid Detergent

Best Liquid Detergents for Front Load Washing Machine in India 2

Surf Excel is a name that everyone trusts absolutely. Since the name needs no introduction, so let us straight away skip to the features of this liquid detergent well suited for Front load washing machines by Surf Excel:

  • Surf Excel claims “100% stain removal in the washing machine itself”, so you don’t really have to worry to rewash your clothes again after they are washed in the machine once like you have to do while using detergent powders.
  • The powerful cleaning technology of Surf Excel Matic Front load liquid detergent ensures removal of toughest of stains from your clothes.
  • Being a liquid detergent, it easily gets dissolved in water and there are no particles or residues left on clothes after wash.
  • Surf Excel, not only cares about your clothes, but also about your washing machine with its special design that produces just the foam your washing machine requires and ensures the pipes are not choked or clogged in the process.
  • The original color of your clothes is retained and a refreshing fragrance is added to your clothes at a price of ₹215 for this 1.01 liter packing.

BOTTOM LINE:  Need we say anymore!? We believe, Surf Excel needs no extra commendation because the name speaks for itself.

Go, buy this product:

3. Godrej Ezee Liquid Detergent

Best Liquid Detergents for Front Load Washing Machine in India 3

This liquid detergent by Godrej is specially designed to provide special care to your woollen wear, silk clothes and chiffon fabrics, that demand a little extra care. Here are some of the dominant features of this liquid detergent:

  • It has a special formula that contains no soda and is pH neutral; NO SODA = No SHRINKING of Clothes & No Discoloration of your FABRIC.
  • Ezee promises fresh fragrance for your clothes.  
  • The detergent has a micro conditioner. This micro conditioner is specially designed to keep your fabrics in the original condition; new, soft and fine looking. It ensures no damage is inflicted on the quality of the fabric.
  • The special formula also ensures avoidance of protein loss from the fabric and color retention of the clothes.
  • You get a measurement cap, which means you know exactly how much liquid is required to be poured in the washing machine and thus, there is hardly any wastage or spillage.

The design of the bottle provides convenience while washing. It has a handy design with a handle which has great grip.

BOTTOM LINE:  Ezee Liquid detergent is the perfect solution for your warm winter wear and you’ll be assured of nothing short of supreme satisfaction after using this liquid detergent.

Check out this product at Amazon India and you can get this 2 kg pack at ₹288.

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4. Safewash Matic Front Load Liquid Detergent by Wipro

Best Liquid Detergents for Front Load Washing Machine in India 4

Safewash Matic Liquid detergent is well suited for front load machines. Some of the key highlights of this product are as listed below:

  • This liquid contains no acid, that implies your clothes retain their original texture after every wash and there is no damage caused to the quality of your clothes.
  • The original color of the clothes is maintained for a longer period of time.
  • The company claims, Your clothes will now look like new even after 75+ washes, with Safewash Matic for front load washing machines. Well, based on customer reviews and experience, this is a good to buy option!
  • The detergent removes the tough stains easily without deteriorating the quality of your fabric.

The scent is mild and pleasant.

BOTTOM LINE:  Safewash is a good option to consider because of its advanced formula and smart cleaning technique.

You can order this product now from Amazon.in for ₹320.

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5. Genteel Liquid Detergent

Best Liquid Detergents for Front Load Washing Machine in India 5

Genteel by Godrej is India’s first ever liquid detergent that was launched in 1975. Genteel has been used by many people since then and is known for its effective performance. The key features of this liquid detergent are as listed below:

  • A very handy design of bottle and a measuring cap that ensures you waste none of your detergent while washing.
  • The liquid contains fabric conditioners to soften your fabrics and retain their quality even after a number of washes.
  • The fragrance of this detergent is just perfect.
  • This liquid detergent is compatible with every kind of fabric; be it cotton, denim, silk or other regular wear clothes.
  • Good to go for your white as well colored clothes.
  • It is a complete package for your everyday casuals and other laundry and is available for ₹220 (2 kg).

BOTTOM LINE:  Genteel neither disappointed you anytime before, nor it is going to disappoint you now. So you can choose this liquid detergent without worrying.

Go get this product now:

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6. IFB Essentials Fluff Front Load Fabric Detergent

Best Liquid Detergents for Front Load Washing Machine in India 6

Fluff by IBF is a perfect solution for your tough stains and is the best partner for your front load washing machines. Let us have a look at some of its vital qualities that makes it superior:

  • Fluff contains low levels of alkaline; which implies your fabric is safe and will retain its shine and soft texture for a long period of time.
  • It is suitable for all sorts of fabrics and does not deteriorate the quality of your fabric.
  • Your whites are not going to get yellow now and bright yellow is not going to turn into dim yellow with the unique low foaming formula of Fluff.
  • No after wash residues on your clothes and machine; which makes us clear how Fluff is ideal for both our clothes and front load washing machines.
  • The pH neutral detergent will let you enjoy the new look of your clothes even after multiple washes.

It does not contain any ounce of phosphate or bleach, that is why it is highly recommended.

BOTTOM LINE:  A bit expensive, but totally worth it!

You can purchase this product right away for just ₹304 (1l pack).

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7. Bosch Detergent for Front Load Washing Machine

Best Liquid Detergents for Front Load Washing Machine in India 7

Bosch gives you superior washing experience with its premium quality liquid detergent specially designed for front load washing machines. Here are some of the features listed for your reference;

  • The unique “low suds liquid formula” removes the hard stains easily from your clothes without affecting the quality of the fabric.
  • This product ensures no harm to your washing machine as well with its low suds liquid formula as no residues are being accumulated on the vital parts pf your washing machine.
  • A mild and pleasing fragrance is the by product of this liquid detergent.
  • It delivers supreme performance with its deep cleaning technology.

BOTTOM LINE:  Expert formula for cleaning clothes by Bosch which is tested in Germany is surely going to give you a great washing experience.

 Go get this 1 lite pack now for ₹ 279.

8. Love & Care Shining Silks Expert Care Wash Liquid Detergent

Best Liquid Detergents for Front Load Washing Machine in India 8

Here is a detergent thoughtfully designed to give extra protection to your beloved and expensive silks. Who would want to see their silks getting adversely affected by the harsh detergent powders!

So, here it is for you, Love & Care liquid detergent that is being widely used by people for their soft fabrics like; silks, chiffon, crepes or georgettes. Let us have a quick look at the following specifics of this liquid detergent:

  • Special clothes deserve special care; so, love & care is just what you need designed with an expert formula.
  • It is gentle on your soft clothes and cleans them with absolute finish.
  • The detergent contains no enzymes or bleach which ensures the color and shine of your fabric is preserved.
  • It is designed with low foam technology that means along with your fabrics; the machine is also at no risk.

BOTTOM LINE:  Do not compromise on your beloved silks and go for this superb liquid detergent for love and affectionate care that your special fabric deserves. Although it is quite expensive, it surely ensures value for your money.

Go get this product now for ₹212.

9. Azafran Tropical Breeze 6 in 1 Eco-friendly Liquid Laundry Detergent Refill Pack

Best Liquid Detergents for Front Load Washing Machine in India 9

This one is especially designed for the soft and sensitive baby clothes, for you do not require any harsh detergents for these delicate fabrics. Here is what it has got for you:

  • Specially designed to cause no harm to mother earth and the environment.
  • Eco-friendly formula makes it appealing for the socially responsible consumers.
  • The pack does not contain any harmful dyes or perfumes.
  • It is made from all natural and biodegradable ingredients.
  • Extremely safe and harmless to use for baby clothes.

BOTTOM LINE: Go ahead and try this eco- friendly product by Azafran and experience a great washing experience. Check this product, get it for ₹315.

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BUYER’S GUIDE: Tips for choosing the correct Liquid Detergent for washing machine

Here is a quick and crisp buyer’s guide for your reference which will help you choose the best liquid detergent easily as per your needs:

Tips for choosing the correct Liquid Detergent for washing machine
Type of Washing Machine1. Fully Automatic Washing Machine
2. Semi- Automatic Washing machine
You can easily get various liquid detergents in different brands as listed above for your type of washing machine.
Load of Washing machine1. Front Load Washing Machine
2. Top Load Washing Machine
We have listed a wide range of liquid detergents for front load washing machines in this article.

You can also get liquid detergents for top load washing machines in the similar brands.

Usually, top load washing machines consume more water as compared to front load ones, that is why there are different detergents available for both of them.
Type of fabric1. Cotton and other regular wear
2. Woollens
3. Silks, crepes, chiffons and georgettes
4. Others
There are some detergents that are best suited for all types of fabrics and cause no harm to the quality of your clothes, be it any!

But there are others specifically designed for particular types of fabrics with expert formulas. You’ll find the best ones listed above
The combined companion of your laundry and washing machineAll listed above.We have tried to list out the best of brands available out there in the market.

These detergents are extensively used by the customers and have got amazing reviews.

They do not ruin your washing machine, so they are surely the perfect companion for your laundry and washing machine as well.
What’s in your detergent?Caution: Try not to buy the detergents containing high volumes of following:
· Acids
· Alkaline
· Phosphate
· Bleach
· High foam creating elements
All the liquid detergents available contain different levels of the items listed in the previous column and some contain none as these are not very good for your fabrics.

So it is highly recommended to go through the ingredient list of your detergent, before buying it

Hope this buyer’s guide helps you!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Which detergent is best for front load washing machines?

We have listed out different brands that are the best available in the market today. These liquid detergents are the best you can get; serving all your requirements and are best suited for front load washing machines.

Can I use liquid detergent in a front loader washing machine?

Yes, liquid detergents are highly recommended for front load washing machines because they easily dissolve in the water and do not cause any harm to your washing machines. They are specially designed with no suds formula so as not to leave any soap residue on your clothes as well as the washing machine.

Do you need special laundry detergent for front loaders?

It is recommended to buy special detergents for front loaders because they are designed differently from the top loaders. They definitely consume less amount of water and hence the detergents are also designed in such a way to gel well with these smartly designed machines. You can get these easily in the market and online.

Is liquid or powder detergent better for front load washing machines?

We highly recommend liquid detergent for front load washing machines. They use less water, so it will become very difficult for you to get rid of that detergent powder from your laundry if you use the same.


We have tried to cover all the relevant information in this article so that you are not left perplexed as to what is best for your laundry. You can purchase these liquid detergents easily online at Amazon.in at quite reasonable prices and also make use of the attractive schemes. Happy buying, folks!

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