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MevoFit Drive R100 Run Smart Fitness band review

Okay, I got the chance to review this awesome activity tracker from MevoFit “Drive R100 RunSmart fitness band.

Mevofit sent me this fitness gadget to use and provide a review of my experience using it. So, I’m reviewing it after almost 5 days of continuous use.

MevoFit Drive R100 Run review, smart fitness band

I want to bring one thing to your attention is that if you don’t know about MevoFit, it’s a US-based company which makes products like Fitness Trackers, Wireless Headphones, Smart Fitness Watches, and much more.

But before starting my review let me list the technical specification of the MevoFit Drive R100 Run Smart fitness band.

MevoFit Drive Run Specifications:

  • Battery Capacity- Lithium Ion
  • Strap Material- TPU Strap
  • Weight- 30g
  • IP Rate- IP67 water resistant
  • Operating Temp. Range- 10°C- 50°C
  • Battery Life- 4-6 days [normal use]

Technical Features

  • MevoFit Run comes with professional NORDIC 52832 chip, which provides accurate and stable data monitoring.
  • It comes with 0.96inch big TFT colorful display screen with 6 customized UI faces.
  • This fitness band tracks your workout routes and activity distance for walking, running, riding and hiking without your phone.
  • MevoFit Run is a USB charge based device and single time charge lasts for 5-6 days based on normal usage.
  • It comes with 128*64 HD resolution so that you can clearly see 24 exercise modes
  • Including cycling, yoga, football, basketball, fitness, tennis, baseball, skiing, dancing and many more.
  • Works on all popular phone brands like Samsung, Apple, Xiaomi Mi, Huawei, Motorola, Lenovo, Oppo, Vivo, One Plus, LG, etc.

Now let the review begin..

MevoFit Drive R100 Run Smart Fitness Band Review:

First impression

It comes in a black & red box, in the box, you’ll find the Drive Run band with a user manual. The band looks beautiful.

I got the black color variant. It had some amount of charge left in it so I checked the screen brightness, the UI, features and overall functioning of the band after unboxing it.

The product looked very promising from the beginning. As it is the festive season in India & me being from Kolkata where Durga Puja is going on, I got to use the band for approx 5 days only.

I wore it while doing pandal hopping. It enabled me to test it’s step counter, distance measurement and battery back up.

Below I’m mentioning in detail part by part how did I feel using this activity tracker from MevoFit.

Read till the last to know it better.



I have used Mi & Honor fitness bands previously and what I learned is that gadgets like this with simple UI are the best.

It helps first-time users to get used to it in a short span of life. And MevoFit has just that kind of UI that you’ll like. It didn’t exaggerate anything.

N.B.:  It also can 6 customized UI faces.

Strap quality

One of the important things other than the accuracy of any fitness tracker is the quality of the straps it is providing. By far Drive R100 Run has the best quality of straps. If compared with my Mi HRX, this one is superior.


The screen of the MevoFit drive Run will not disappoint you at all. The 0.96inch big TFT colorful display screen which as 128*64 HD resolution. It is enough for any activity tracker.

I see many people complain about the brightness of the screen of their fitness band that they can’t see anything under sunlight. I found no such issue, you can see the on-screen activities under the sun.

The touch is also good too.

P.S. The whole screen is not touch enabled, a small bar is there below the screen, which works on touching over it. Touch for scroll, hard press to select or switching off/on the band.

Now it’s time to tell the real story, how’s the tracking? Very good.

Activity Tracking

Before I start talking about my experience of using it. I’d like to mention the types of activity it can track:

Normal day to day activities like: walking, running, riding and hiking

Sports activities like: cycling, yoga, football, basketball, fitness, tennis, baseball, skiing, dancing

Health: Heartbeat & Bp measurement

Steps counter

To test the accuracy of step counting I used my Huawei fitness app along with Drive R100 Run band to compare the reading at last. At first walked for around 11 minutes covering roughly about 100-200m. When I checked the steps Mevofit showed 1865 steps while my huawei app showed 1938 steps.


Used this band in cycling mode, it tracked the total distance traveled by me almost accurately did compare it with my Huawei fitness app. The cycling mode is very easy to set up just hover over to exercise icon hard press on the touchpad and then select the desired mode.

Heartbeat Monitoring

I haven’t found one prefect smart fitness tracking band that accurately trackers heartbeat. Yes and this too falls in the same category like all other ones.

I have noticed one thing that when you switch on this band the initial heartbeat rating is ZERO but after a few minutes it goes up to 76 and finally settled at 176 after 2 days. I did not used the band except to perform this experiment.

MevoFit Drive R100 Run Smart Fitness band review 1
Heartbeat showing 176 constantly even if you’re not wearing.

So magically it reads heartbeat out of nowhere!

Bp Monitoring

Bp monitoring is just fine. The blood pressure monitoring report doesn’t directly get sync to the mevofit app you have to input that manually. That not an issue though.

Charging & Battery

One of the good things about MevoFit Drive R100 Run is the battery. With average to some heavy usage the battery lasted for 3 days. Charging time is very less gets fully charged with 1 hour or so.

But one infuriating thing about the the charging process is that you need to charge it via desktop or laptop. It doesn’t have any usb charging port.

You need to insert one usb charging end of the smart band in your desktop/laptop’s usb ports to charge it.

MevoFit Fitness tracker App

MevoFit Drive R100 Run Smart Fitness band review 2

This is what impressed me very much. MevoFit Fitness tracker App is one such really good smartphone app that has all the necessary features, charts, performance analysis, etc. The app also includes a Coach section where you can get diet and workout recommendations to follow.

For Fitness Freaks: Best Fitness Trackers: Your Health in Your Hand

Overall impression of the band

This fitness band is of the best that you can get in the price segment. Currently, it has a market price slightly over Rs 5k. I highly recommend this activity tracker to people who looking for a dependable fitness tracker band.

Below are things that I liked and disliked about this device.

The Good

  • UI
  • Features
  • Accuracy

The Ugly

  • Charging

The Bad

  • App sync
  • Connectivity
  • Heartbeat monitor

Hope this pictures a clear overview of this MevoFit Drive Run smart fitness band.

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