Micro Spy Kit XS1

Micro Spy Kit XS1
(Last Updated On: May 21, 2017)

Your child’s secret agent mission was never this exciting. Enjoy the new range of spy gadgets for kids with the Micro Spy Kit XS1. This gadget is going to give your kid a sensational. Now your child can have what he needs to become a certified spy. This spy toy for kids is equipped with a shoulder strap that carries everything.

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Five-Piece Mission Kit

A micro spy gadget solution is a five-piece kit that prepares your kid to carry out the secret agent mission fully loaded. The spy gearMicro Spy Kit XS1 has five micro-sized pieces that can complete any mission. The spy gear kit includes a utility belt that will hold the night vision, audio listening and enhancement gear, motion alarms and spy gear laser pen. Now everything is in your kid’s reach with this amazing Micro Spy Kit XS1. Your child can have loads of fun with this spy toy for kids.

Keep the Activity Covert
The spy kits for teenagers gear the kid up to enter the globe of spy games and supply an exhilarating expertise. All the items of the spy gear square measure micro-sized, that keeps the activities as secret as attainable. it’s specially designed for secret agents and for people who wish to bear in mind of what’s occurring around them.
The spy gear Multi Spy Kit XS1 is unambiguously designed, keeping in mind the comfort of youngsters. It is provided with a utility belt that helps them carry everything on their shoulders. This leaves the hands free for alternative activities whereas they’re spying on one thing or somebody. The belt clips secure the strap and make sure that it doesn’t fall off.
Key Features
  • A five-piece Micro Spy Kit
  • Convenient and easy to carry toy
  • Micro-sized pieces ensure the secrecy of the mission
  • Recommended age: 6 years and above

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Micro Spy Kit XS1

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