Miko – Companion Robot toy for Kids

Miko - Companion Robot toy for Kids
(Last Updated On: June 30, 2018)

Ever wanted a robot companion for your kid that can do a various task like education your child, being a personal companion, play games etc.

Then I have one of the perfect robotic gadgets for kids presenting “Miko, India’s First Companion Robot“.

This is one of the hottest product on Amazon India’s AmazonLaunchpad category, where high-end products from Indian startup companies are listed & sold online.

Miko robot is devised by 3 Indian IIT Grads, the name of their startup is Emotix.

Cool features of Miko:

Miko Robot Features

Voice Based Interaction: Miko uses voice recognition technology to interact with and responds to your child instructions.

It quickly learns what your kid like dislike and also their mood. isn’t it awesome?

Miko’s Classroom: This is one of the best features of Miko, here the interests you have listed for your kid basing upon that it helps to entertain and educated on various topics. Thus, helping in gaining knowledge.

Games: It is preloaded with some awesome games like Aap Banenge Crorepati, Story Time, & Code-Master which your child will definitely like.

Parental Dashboard: Monitor and guide the engagement of your child with Miko through a separate Parental Dashboard.

Miko robot app: Chat & play with your little robot buddy. Click here to view the app on play store.

Other Features:

Dialogues: Miko’s Classroom lets your children have detailed and guided discussions with Miko on their topics of interest.
Continuously Improving Knowledge Base: Miko knows more than a million topics to talk on. The breadth of knowledge is ever increasing and updates automatically.

Miko is completely safe and designed for children above 5 years of age. It will not engage in discussions on topics not meant for kids.

Miko robot review:

Miko Robot Features

It is not India’s first robot nor remote control robot toy, but one of the best gadgets for kids in India, which is very important in everyone’s life. You will definitely feel relief when you see your kid who got an excellent companion in a form of robots in disguise.

Some more detailed reviews: QZ & IndiaTimes

Miko robot price in India is a bit too high but good things come at a price.

If you’re looking for robot toys for kids, then you should definitely want to check out this one.

Miko robot price on Amazon & Flipkart is Rs 19000/-

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Miko Robot Review
Miko - Companion Robot toy for Kids

Product Name: MIKO - India's First Companion Robot

Product Description: Miko is your child’s new companion — a brain with loads of heart.

Price: 19000

Currency: INR

Availability: InStoreOnly

  • Voice Recognition
  • Miko’s Classroom
  • Miko’s Classroom
  • Parental Control and Safety

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