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Top 10 Best Note Counting Machines with Fake Note Detection in India

Recently technology has gifted us another new invention to make our life a bit easier, the Note Counting Machine.

We are mentioning the best cash counting machines with fake note detection features in India 2021. Scroll down to know more.

Nowadays you all can see this small portable machine in many stores. These are mainly used for counting big bundles of cash. 

Though you will still find elder people who can count cash very swiftly using their hands only but still this machine does the work faster. And not only counting cash it also comes with other features like identifying fake notes.

If you are a store owner and you still don’t have a cash counting machine then you should definitely check this article as a cash counting machine will help you to a great extent. 

Suppose many customers are waiting in line and you just got a payment in the form of a large bundle of cash then instead of counting it on your own, give it to the machine which can do the work for you and in the meantime, you can attend to other customers and save the time.

What Are The Advantages Of Having A Note Counting Machine?

Saving Time

This is the first and most important advantage of having an automatic cash counting machine. These small machines with one click on a switch can count big bundles of cash within seconds. In return, it increases your own productivity.

Accurate Counting

While manually counting cash you can still make mistakes or you are inclined to check it twice to avoid mistakes. But with this machine, there is no such problem. You can be tension free as the machine will give you an accurate counting of the number of notes.

Convenient Usage

The cash counting machines have an automatic start and stop features so you don’t have to worry about learning any complicated procedure to operate the machine.

These are small, portable, and handy. You can carry it anywhere and it will take up minimum space. Some of them are battery operated so they will work even during power cuts and some also have touch keypads and graphic LCD display.

Additional Benefits

Modern cash counting machines not only count cash but they also have fake note detector technology. They can alert the cashier if there are any fake, torn or unusable notes.

They also come with self-examination benefits and can inform the user if there is any problem with their operations and can also detect different denominations. 

These are some of the finest advantages of possessing a bill counting machine.

Note Counting Machine Buyer Guide for Small Business Owners

Before you move on to buy a note counting machine have a look at what are the different factors that you should check in these machines.

Type of Cash Counting Machines

  • Battery Powered – These are battery-operated lightweight portable machines which you can carry anywhere. Though they count comparatively less quantity than the electric-powered machines, they still come with fake note detector alerts.
  • Electric Powered – These machines operate on electricity. You have to place it somewhere near a plug point. But these are very useful for counting huge quantities of notes and they also come with several other advanced features.

Counting Options

There are three types of counting machines – simple counter, mixed bill counter, and bill sorter.

  • Counter – It only counts and displays the number of notes that have been placed into the machine.
  • Mixed Bill Counter – This type of machine shows the number of notes placed along with the total currency value of all the notes given to the machine. For example, if you put together 10 notes of Rs. 500 and 10 notes of Rs. 100, altogether it will show that there are 20 notes and the currency value is Rs. 6000.
  • Bill Sorter – It’s a mixture of the two above mentioned machines. Along with all those features it also has multiple trays to keep the currencies separately as per denominations.

Counting Speed

The average speed of counting notes by these machines in India is 900 to 1500 notes per minute. So, check the speed before buying one.

Hopper  Size

Also check the hopper size, so that you can put an adequate number of notes as per your requirement.

Fake Note Detection

As the cases of fraudulent notes are increasing day by day it is advisable to procure such machines that can alert you if you ever put any fake note into the machine.

Read more about latest fake note detection technology here.

Other Features

You can also look for some advanced machines which can automatically update its software. Also in some machines, you can pre-set a number and the machine can count those number of notes and you can then manually strap it to make bundles.

Now that you have a fair idea let’s check some of the best machines available which you can easily keep at your store.

Best note counting machine companies in India

Below is the list of companies who manufacture these products in India. Check them.

  • Godrej
  • Kores
  • Ooze
  • Sulekha
  • Metis
  • Swaggers
  • Kavinstar

Now, let us look at the top-rated models that are currently available on Amazon & Flipkart to buy.

5 Best Note Counting Machines with Fake Note Detection in India under Rs. 15000 in 2021

Note Counting Machines with Fake Note Detection in India by Geeky Gadgets

Godrej Crusader Lite

Top 10 Best Note Counting Machines with Fake Note Detection in India 1

We all know Godrej for its high-quality lock system. So, what’s a better brand to trust when you are looking for something which will deal with your liquid cash.

Godrej Crusader Lite is the best of its class, which comes with a big TFT LCD screen display, which shows not only the number of notes but also the total currency value of all the notes.

The screen has a foldable dual display.

It has an automatic start, stop, and cleaning features. Its ultraviolet, magnetic, and infrared sensor detection technology enables its automatic detection feature. 

The stylish machine has a counting speed of 1000 notes per minute and can accommodate up to  300 notes at a time.

You just need to make sure that you have placed all the notes in the pocket properly and the UV and MG button is on and everything else will be done by the machine automatically.

Pros –

  • It can detect fake notes, duplicate notes, cut notes, and chain notes.
  • It supports both old and new currency notes.

Cons –

No complaints so far.


Top 10 Best Note Counting Machines with Fake Note Detection in India 2

This machine weighs around 6 kgs is one of the best-mixed denomination money counting machines available in the country.

This electric-powered machine requires a power supply of 220 volts and has a power consumption of 75 watts.

This machine is built up of superior quality materials and a high powered motor for its top-class performance. 

It has a counting speed of 1000 notes per minute and has a hopper capacity of 200 notes.

With the latest dual-core CDS technology it can count a bundle of mixed denominations and can give its total currency value. These denominations include any legally registered notes.

It is equipped with the advanced counterfeit erection with the help of Ultraviolet, Magnetic, Infrared, 3D, MT, CDS technology.

The screen has a TFT LCD display.

It has a number keypad and a high-grade feather touch keypad.

The machine comes with a self-diagnostic facility in case of any error in the system and a software upgradable feature.

This machine is very suitable for banks.


  • It can sort old and new currencies using the iSort function.
  • Due to its sorting facility, it can detect a note of different denominations in the bundle of a specific denomination.
  • It can detect fake note, half note, and double note.
  • The machine can provide a detailed report of all the transactions that happened through it during a day.
  • It also has an intelligent batching system.
  • The machine works at a high speed and gives highly accurate results.


None until now.

Generic Alpha Value Counting Machine

Top 10 Best Note Counting Machines with Fake Note Detection in India 3

This model by Generic Alpha is another currency counting machine that comes with multiple features.

The machine is available in two different colors – silver and gold. 

It is perfect for any store as it comes with dual screens for the seller and the customers. The main screen has a multicolor LCD display.

The machine can count up to 1000 notes per minute.

It comes with automatic start, stops, and clear features.

The machine is equipped with different kinds of sensors for multifunction purposes.

Proximity sensor for auto-start,

IR sensor for detecting chain or double notes,

UG, MG, and MT to detect counterfeit notes, and 

Colour sensor for detecting notes of different denominations.

If there is a fake note then the machine stops immediately and shows the error message.

It is mainly designed for INR, USD, and EUR.


  • While counting a bundle of mixed denomination notes, it shows the number of notes present of each denomination.
  • It comes with self-examination and batching facility and software can be updated through RS-232 port for future note addition.
  • The machine can detect fake note, half note, double note, and chained note.


None so far.

COSBIX – C9300 Pro Mix Note Counting Machine

Top 10 Best Note Counting Machines with Fake Note Detection in India 4

This device with a high-quality mechanism, software, and sensors delivers the best currency counting and note detection system. 

It’s a mixed denomination counter machine that recognizes all registered notes both old and new.

It has dual screens both with LED displays. The main large front screen has a multicolor super TFT LED display and there is another large side screen. It also has a durable touchpad.

The counting speed is 1000 notes per minute and the hopper size and stacker size are the same, both 200 pieces.

It is equipped with UV, MG, MT, IR, 3D, CDS sensor technology.

The machine is built with premium quality material and heavy motor and other premium quality spare parts and sensors. 

It has smart remote upgrade assisted software for taking in new updates. The best mix note counting machine at this price tag.


  • The presence of all the sensors makes it an intelligent counterfeit note detection machine.
  • It can be used not only for INR but also for other currencies.
  • The main screen has an excellent viewing angle which gives a crystal clear view of the information on the screen.
  • The machine is robust and durable.


No complaints so far.

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Sulekha Automation System – PX 301

Top 10 Best Note Counting Machines with Fake Note Detection in India 5

This stylish compact designed cash counting machine comes with multifunction capabilities that can count all new and old notes and can also detect fake notes.

It comes with a single screen which shows the number of notes present in the machine, the total currency value of all the notes, and also the breakdown of the number of notes present of different denominations.

The counting speed is 1000 notes per minute and the hopper capacity and the stacker capacity are 130 pieces in each case.

The machine has an ultraviolet and magnetic sensor for detecting fake notes and also MT, IR, and 3D sensors technology for various other purposes.

It can count any old or new denomination which is registered.

You should arrange the notes properly in the stacker otherwise it can get jammed.


  • Along with fake notes, it can also detect half notes and double notes.
  • It also has pre-2005 note detection technology.
  • The machine is equipped with a sound system.


  • Compared to other similar types of machines the hopper capacity and stacker capacity are less.

5 Best Currency Counting Machines with Fake Note Detection in India under Rs. 10000 in 2021

Ooze Bill counter – JN-2040

Top 10 Best Note Counting Machines with Fake Note Detection in India 6

This note counting machine comes with a separate small box-shaped extension display which is suitable to show the information to the customers. The screens have an LED 8-8 display.

The counting speed is 1000 notes per minute and hopper capacity is 15 mm and the stacker capacity is 30 mm.

This machine runs on electricity which requires a power supply of 220-volt and power consumption is 60 watt.

It has ultraviolet, magnetic, and watermark sensors technology which helps in detecting fake notes.

The “+” and the “-” options on the screen are for increasing or decreasing the batch counting number.

The restart button is for clearing the present information and to start for the next transaction.

It also has an automatic start and stops feature.

In case of any error, the machine shows the error code, follows the manual, and gets your solution.


  • There are the additional feature and the batch feature to count bills in adding and in batch respectively.
  • It comes with a self-diagnostic feature in case of any error in the system.
  • Along with fake notes, it can also detect narrow notes and broken notes.



SToK ST-MC05 Note Counting Machine

Top 10 Best Note Counting Machines with Fake Note Detection in India 7

This black color machine comes with a large frontal screen that has an LED display and an extension display to show your customers what you are counting.

The machine can count up to 1000 notes per minute and has a hopper and stacker capacity of 200 notes individually.

It can count all registered old and new denominations.

The machine has UV, MG, IR sensor technology for the detection of counterfeit notes.

You can use all these three modes separately or simultaneously to get the most accurate results.

Along with the machine the package also contains a dustproof cover, a power cable, and a dust cleaning brush.

If it detects any problem in the notes given, it stops along with a beep sound.

The machine can be used for USD and EUR along with INR. 


  • It comes with six different modes with multifunction purposes – Count, Add, Batch, Reset, Auto, and Clear.


  • It does not provide any breakdown of the different denominations present in a bundle of bills and also no total currency value.

Kores Easy Count 440 Currency Counting Machine

Top 10 Best Note Counting Machines with Fake Note Detection in India 8

This grey colored stylish compact machine has a color-changing digital display.

The counting speed is 900 notes per minute.

It has Mg, UV, IT sensor technology for detecting fake notes.

Some of the other features are –

  • Automatic currency feeding function,
  • Automatic counting,
  • Preset counting, and 
  • Automatic self-checking feature.

The machine can also detect half notes and double notes.


  • You can use it also for counting USD and EUR along with Indian currency.
  • There is a counterfeit alarm that prevents clamps in the machine.


  • The counting speed of the machine is lower than the other similar kind of machines.

GOBBLER PX-301 Note Counting Machine

Top 10 Best Note Counting Machines with Fake Note Detection in India 9

This black and white machine looks stylish and is designed in a compact way.

The front screen has a color-changing LCD display.

It comes with advanced counterfeit detection technology which consists of UV, MG, IR, and MT sensor technology.

The machine is equipped to count all old and new denomination notes. 


  • The intelligent fake note recognition technology makes it impossible to miss any fake note.
  • It can also detect old currency notes prior to 2005.
  • The high-quality rubber wheels ensure stability and accuracy.
  • All the sensors are properly covered so that they remain clean and hence can last for a longer period.


  • While counting notes the machine can show only the number of notes present in the bundle but neither can it show the total currency value of all the notes nor the breakdown of the number of notes of different denominations.

KROSS IS5900 Note Counting Machine

Top 10 Best Note Counting Machines with Fake Note Detection in India 10

KROSS IS5900 is a premium model of cash counting machine which is has been designed mainly for bank use.

This stylish machine comes with a color-changing LCD display, along with a feather touch keypad, and has robust build quality.

It can recognize all old and new registered denominations.

Its advanced counterfeit detection system has UV, MG, and MT sensor technology.

The machine is powered by electricity.


  • It delivers highly accurate counting.
  • The machine is not only equipped with fake note detection technology but also a half note and double note detection system.
  • The numerical pad is there to provide an enhanced batching experience.


None so far.


Don’t wait anymore quickly to get one of these for your store. This will help you to save a lot of time and also have a mental peace that nobody can do any fraud with you by sliding a fake note in the middle of a huge stack of cash.

You can check this video on how to use a cash counting machine with all the features –

Common questions regarding these note counting machines.

What is the best fake detection technology?

The fake note detection technology that these cash counting machines use are magnetic sensing & UV light. This two technology is widely used.

Which is the best cash counting machine?

If you want a portable machine then you can go for Ooze, for heavy usage & value counting go for Godrej Crusader Lite, and for mix note counting go for COSBIX – C9300 Pro.

Are money counting machines illegal?

Nope, not at all. If you notice you can see that every financial institute like government or private everyone uses these note counting machines. They’re not illegal.

How much does a money counting machine cost?

A typical portable model price starts from 5000, and for advanced note counting machines with fake note detection price starts from 7-8k INR.

How accurate are the cash counting machines?

Cash counting machines are made in such a way that provides 100% accurate counting each time including sorting & checking for fake notes.

How does a cash counting machine work?

Their working is pretty simple, all you need to do is put some notes in the counting machine & it’ll count the notes individually using an internal beam of light.

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