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OnePlus, Vivo & Realme is going to launch their first ever tablets

The time is not far when we’ll see that the top Chinese smartphone brands launching their own tablets for the Indian subcontinent & global markets.

Xiaomi already has a tablet under their portfolio now their Chinese tech rival BBK electronics’ sister brands are also following the same footsteps.

As per records of a European Union Intellectual Property EUIPO website we came to know that premium Chinese smartphone maker OnePlus has filed a trademark for the name, “OnePlus Pad“, so we can guess that’ll be the name of the tablet they’re going to launch.

OnePlus, Vivo & Realme is going to launch their first ever tablets 1

There is no information leak about what will be the specs.

Also, Vivo too followed the same path and registered a trademark for the name, “Vivo Pad“, for their upcoming tablet. The trademark is registered with the same website as OnePlus.

OnePlus, Vivo & Realme is going to launch their first ever tablets 2

Another sister brand of BBK electronics, Realme also gave some hints on launching their first ever tablet, their CMO for India & Europe, Francis Wong posted a poll on Twitter asking users which name they prefer, Realme pad or Realme tab. FYI: Both names got almost equal response.

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These Chinese smartphone makers are known to venture in to different product categories, and it was just a matter of time for them to launch their own tablet to compete with the likes of Apple & Samsung, the only two global market leaders in this segment.

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