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Camera innovation lab to be built up at Hyderabad R&D centre by Oppo

Tasleem Arif, V-P and head, R&D OPPO India said, “Imaging technology has always been a focal point of OPPO India R&D.

With this lab set-up, while we work towards elevating the overall camera experience for our users, our focus is on localization of global solutions and developing new solutions which can be globalized.

What we will be developing in the India Camera lab will end up in the hands of millions of OPPO users across the globe.”

OPPO, a global smartphone company with an R&D centre in Hyderabad, has announced the creation of a photography innovation lab at the facility. AI-based camera systems and image software are among the goals of the lab.

There will be an emphasis in the camera lab on developing innovative solutions for difficulties such as night videography, changing surrounding light, different temperatures, and others.

Besides Middle East Asia, South Asia, Africa, Japan, and European countries, the lab will also lead innovation in other countries.

When it comes to high-end videography, OPPO is aiming to push AI capabilities as far as it can.

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All imaging effects will be carefully designed and optimized for Indian skin tones, including the use of AI algorithms, the development of AI facial reconstruction technology, and the enhancement of the application of beauty solutions.

In India, these developments are intended to deliver global solutions that are localized. Lab members plan to develop solutions for both video and photography, as well as research into Full Dimension Fusion (FDF) portrait video technology.

Specifically, the lab tests phone cameras in a variety of artificially created scenarios and analyses the results.

To improve the overall performance of the smartphone, the lab is equipped with specialized tools to evaluate different light sources and diverse photography/videography settings.

A total of 8,800 picture patents have been sought for and issued by OPPO as of June 30th 2021.

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