Railwire free Wi-Fi review: Digital lifeline of Indian Railways

Railwire free Wi-Fi review, Railwire free Wi-Fi

The overall look and features of Indian railways haven’t changed substantially but little things grow up to bring a big change.

Now, when you enter any of the major stations across the country, you get to sign up with a free internet service that has jointly been provided by Railwire and Google.

Talk about the speed, you get an unimaginably fast speed where you can get access to different websites within the blink of an eye.

For international airports located inside the country, internet facility is a must, but this new change to a number of railway stations all over the country has changed the way travelers experience railway journey.

Railwire free Wi-Fi review: Pride-worthy digital lifeline of Indian Railways

Railwire and Google together cater this service to 400+ stations all across India. RailTel has planned to provide better network connectivity with high-speed Wi-Fi while Google will help with provisioning network-based radio access along with technological support.

Railwire free Wi-Fi review

After its successful implementation, this Wi-Fi project shall be termed the largest in the globe.

Before the initiation of the Railwire, Indian Railways projected the idea of introducing Wi-Fi connectivity for major trains that include Duronto, Shatabdi, and Rajdhani along with the likes of it for a selected route.

However, the idea is still under process given the lack of identification of any cost-effective solution that can bring reliable Wi-Fi inside the train throughout the journey.

With Railwire, Indian Railways have started to lay down a solid ground for making train travels attractive and productive.

If you are on a trip to Kolkata and opt to travel by Sealdah-Rajdhani Express that starts from New Delhi, you can connect to Railwire at 8 major stations along the way to Kolkata from New Delhi.

These stations include New Delhi, Kanpur, Gaya, Mughal Sarai, Asansol, Dhanbad, Sealdah, and last but not the least Howrah Station.

However, the connectivity at the train stoppages was obviously short given the minimal halt time, but yes, the speed is great.

Steps to connect

Connecting to Railwire is as simple as ABC. You need to open the Wi-Fi option on the smartphone and then select the Railwire option. Next, a chrome pop-up window shall ask for your mobile number.

After completing this step, you shall receive an OTP on the same number. Enter this OPT on the website and access the free internet service.

Every time you sign-in with Railwire, you will require a new OTP.
What are the limits?

The Railwire comes at a speed of 24 Mbps set for first 30 minutes post that the speed drops down to 1Mbps. You can connect your smartphone to the Wi-Fi all day long with no restrictions placed on the sites or content you access.

However, recent reports suggest that most users opt to access porn videos via this service. Many non-commuters have also been found accessing the Wi-Fi services inside the stations, especially in Mumbai, to watch some porn.

To deal with this, RPF drives away the non-commuters but given the rush inside the station, they manage to enter again.

Patna station has already started blocking these websites in order to stop the misuse of this free Wi-Fi service.

According to an official statement by authorities from Indian Railways, the Wi-Fi Railwire has been introduced at various stations of India to allow the commuters access to uninterrupted services for HD video, movie download, games, songs, etc.

However, using the free service to watch porn is a misuse of the Wi-Fi.

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The digital change

Railwire is the much-needed relief provided by the Indian Railways to digitalize the way India operates.

Given the high-speed of Google Railwire, people can easily opt to book emergency tickets, check train status, make e-payment, etc.

However, at times fluctuations have been seen given the intensive use of the Wi-Fi. Regardless, you can continue with the regular browsing, Facebook, WhatsApp, light games, etc with a slight buffer time for the HD YouTube videos.

Thanks to Indian Railways, now you don’t have to get bored when waiting for your train to arrive and yes given the history if Indian Railway with trains getting delayed, the introduction of Railwire comes as a major advantage.

You can watch your favorite movie or stream them while sitting down at the station while your train arrives.

Recently an increase in the number of non-commuters has been seen in the stations bringing in unwanted rush and traffic for internet use.

To reduce this, Indian Railways has increased the prices for platform ticket so that the commuters can use the internet services without any unwanted rush or traffic of users.

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